.............................as the cum was drying on the table, I was finishing another bong hit. Should I clean it or just leave it and get it later. The questions that hit an inquisitive mind. I finished another bong hit and heard the water running in the shower. My little Wendy was there and I was just starting to get horny again thinking of that lovely gap between those legs.

    I put my bong away and strolled toward the bathroom. The water was spraying and Wendy was humming just a little. I pushed open the door and it scared her slightly as she jumped back from being startled. She saw me and immediately looked down at my cock and saw it was full staff again.

    " Oh daddy please not any more. My mouth is real sore and hurts. "

    " Don't worry baby your mouth is safe for now. "

    As I opened the shower door and stepped inside.

    " Are you coming to take a shower with me daddy ? "

    " I'm going to take more then a shower my little whore. "

    A look of panic came over her face. She wasn't sure what I meant by that statement. When I grabbed the soap and puff and lathered it up real good. She just watched as I took the puff and started to rub gently up and down her body. Spreading soap bubbles everywhere. I would stop by her nipples, those gorgeous puffy nipples and pinch and pull on them. I would run my finger up into her pussy as I slid down past lathering her thighs. Her moans were of pleasure and joy as she remembered back when I use to give her a bath as a baby and slide my finger in her pussy then. She was loving every minute as I moved over her body. My cock hard and pressed against her shoulderblades.

    " Now baby daddy is going to fuck you like the lady on the video. "

    The pleasure of the moment left just as quick.

    " Please daddy don't. It is going to hurt real bad I can tell. "

    " It will only hurt for a little bit baby, then it will be the most exquisite pleasure you'll ever experience. "

    " NO Daddy I don't what to ! "

    " Come here my little whore. "

    With that I picked her up in my hands and held her up against the shower wall. The warm water cascading down our bodies. I positioned my cock at the entrance to tunnel of complete ecstacy. That bald pussy was soso small, my head soso big, as I spread her sweet little lips apart. I slowly lowered her onto my cock as I lifted up.


    " Only for a little while longer my little whore. "

    I wiggled and moved her and myself, as each movement got a little more in. Then suddenly I pushed up hard with my cock as I rammed her down onto my cock. All in one swoop the pop and blood and horrific scream came out.


    As tears poured from her eyes. I continued to move her up and down slowly and as gently as my masculinity would allow me. Her pussy was wrapped around my cock like a latex glove. there wasn't even room for an oxygen molecule. Her pussy squeezed my cock so tight I almost blew my load.


    We were beyond reason now. This is where primal instinct takes over and the world does not exist. I took her and started fucking her like a crazy man. I was lifting and slamming her down on my cock like a runaway locomotive. Just driving those pistons. Her screams filled the bathroom, but soon they screams of pleasure. The tears had stopped and she was a bit more relaxed.

    " See I told you baby it would hurt only for a little while. "


    I had shifted into high gear. I was ramming that virgin pussy like a soldier at Gettysburg ramming his flintlock. I was pounding my meat as deep as I could push it in. The damage I was doing I didn't know and I didn't care. Two more strokes and I blew. Cum shot out of my cock like a rocket. It must have lifted her about an inch or more up. The hot jism just swooshing around in my new found heaven. I grabbed her and held her tight to my chest as I finished blowing load after load deep into her womb. I gently sat us both down in the tub, still holding her tight to my chest.

    " Now daddy's little whore is a real woman. "

    She looked up at me with her teary eyes and smiled.....................................................................................

All comments, questions and interests reply to " lilgrrlperv@yahoo.com "

    Have a wonderful day

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metal-boy avatar little girl teens are just so fucking hot, I can imagine the whole scene in my head while reading. I love imagining how she cries, how she screams and beg for stopping.
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jdk301 avatar loved the way u just fucked her and she got into the pain should write about getting her knocked up
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