My brother in law and his wife lived in the annix on the side of my house. So naturally we would see a lot of one another and just walk in and out of our parts of the houses when bored.

My brother in law does night shifts as does his wife Sophie, but she can be a lazy bitch and half the time calls in sick or with some lame excuse and that used to really piss me off. Steve would then have to work extra shifts for the money lost, while she stays in bed watchin TV or sleeping.

Now one thing about Sophie that everyone knows is that she likes me... a lot and always flirts or just talks forever to me, even though I'm usually not listening. Steve doesn't mind, just finds it funny and my wife finds it amusing to watch me distressed and wanting her, which she never does.

Anyway one late evening I'm at my computer watching porn, my wife upstairs, fast asleep and of course I'm getting aroused and start to give myself a bit of release. After a few minutes, my momentum has built up and am fixated on the task in hand, when something to my right grabs my attention by the door. I stop and look to see if it's my wife who has come down, but can't see anything... I tried to focus on the door which is open but as it is dark, can't see anything and after a few moments, decide to continue.

I begin to approach my climax and then shoot wads of cum into a tissue, as I leaned my head back in relief, I notice someone in the gap of the door and I quickly jumped up and run to the door. Foot steps rushed off and as I got to the door and turned the light on a robe was lying on the floor.

My heart was pumping as I thought it was my wife that had spotted me and had ran off, but picking up the robe I then realised that it was Sophie's. She must have noticed the glare from my computer knowing I was up and walked into our side of the house to then find me masturbating. She must have watched me for 10-15 mins as I stroked myself until I came. This made me smile and I wondered if she was playing with herself while I was jacking off.

I decided to pursue, (after cleaning myself up) and opened the connecting door to the annix. It was pitch black, no lights on, so she must have run to bed. I walked to their bedroom very quitely and pushed the door adjar, I could see her laying in the quilts but her breathing was noticeable. I knew then that it was definitely her and there and then decided to be equally as bad if not, worse.

I walked into the room and began to take my clothes off, my cock was twitching back to life with impure thoughts and possible actions I was about to commit to. I got to the bed, pulled the quilt back slowly and then climbed into bed. Sophie startled a bit, scared as someone was gettting into her bed.

I laid down and waited for a moment to see if she was going to move again or scream or something... but nothing. I then moved over to her and then put my hand on her thigh, she was trembling but still not moving. Daringly my hand started stroking up and down and around her leg and very quickly realised that she was not wearing any undies! My hand moved to her tummy and stroked her bare skin, my cock was now fully errect knowing that we were both naked.

I then moved my hand up to her small but damn sexy B cup breasts and began squeezing and feeling her. The trembling had died down and she was now lying motionless playing dead. I wanted to see if she was willing to go all the way with this, so I moved my hand slowly down her body and then onto the top of her pussy. Her hips moved in surprise but still nothing, so there and then my fingers began rubbing up and down her slit, which to my surprise was soaking wet!

She had been turned on and had probably been playing with herself whilst watching me. What a slut! Well she wanted to watch me stroke and cum, it's only fare that I get something in return.

My fingers were now fully playing with her clit and she was letting out small sighs, I smiled and moved close up to her and my rock hard cock rubbed against her leg. There was a quiver again from her and I continued to stimulate her clit, then pushed a finger into that amazingly soft pussy. I leaned over and began to kiss and lick her nipple, this made her moan out and made me suck hard on her breast putting it all into my mouth.

She was still not moving, her body was stiring a bit, but no real movements. I wanted to see if she would be able to keep this up, so I stopped eating her breast and finger fucking her moist cunt and sunk under the sheets between her legs. As I parted them furthur, she had gone stiff with fright. I began to kiss her soft legs and tongued my way slowly up her legs between the things.

She soon loosened up and I began kissing her sweet sticky lips, lapping up her cunt juices with my now hungry tongue. Her hips stired as my tongue parted her lips and was now thrashing at her clit. I was now hungry for this dirty snooping bitch who had annoyed me for so long in the past. I was set on fucking her and she new what was coming.

After what felt like 20 minutes of pussy licking and making her even more soaked, I decided now was the time to fuck her. My cock was aching now and twitching bad. I began climbing up, kissing her body as I moved slowly upwards, she had become stiff again, probably wondering if I was actually going to fuck her.

I laid on top and began kissing her lips, my cock now resting firmly ontop of her pussy and griding. She opened her mouth slightly, enough for me to slide my tongue in and began sharing her pussy juices from my lips. Still she did not move much, though her kissing became a lot more reactive. I pulled back after a minute of kissing and parted her legs, with my hand firmly on my cock and the other holding her leg open, I rubbed the tip of my pre-cum cock all over and around her slit. She ground out and began to shake, it was then that I commited 110% to my infedelity and pushed the tip of my throbbing cock into her sweet soft cunt.

We both groaned as I continued sinking myself into her tight pussy. When I got to the base, I kept still for a brief moment to see what her reaction was... I heard her very quietly say, "Oh God!" and with that, began a firm build up of pumping my cock in and out of her.

Her cunt lips were tight and firm around my shaft, I could feel her pussy contract every time I thrusted deep into her. Both my hands were now holding her by the anckles as I pounded deep and hard into her, making her body jerk up hard on the bed. I grunted as my balls tighted, the feel of them slapping against her pussy was getting me very close and by the now noticealbe moaning sounds coming from Sophie, she was on the way too.

Nothing would be said to one another all through this fucking session. Only our moans of pleasure as we brought on and other closer to climax.

I moved back down to her and began kissing her lips and now exchanging tongues firmly. We gripped our hands together and I held them abover her shoulders. Her hips and mine were now grinding and pushing against each other, both of us wanting to fuck hard as we could with everything we had.

I leaned back up and leaned forward holding her legs crunched up at either side, this was amazingly deep and began to drive us both wild, especially Sophie who was now moaning out very loud and made me worried that my wife could here. Her moaning became obvious anticipation of her now imenant climax and I was sure to follow.

I pumped my thick raging cock harder than I knew was possible and almost became light headed from our frantic fucking. She bucked her hips on mine and with that screamed and began her ogasm on my cock. I pumped a few more times, she was moaning out so loud and I then exploded the most painful and most enjoyable wad of cum into her hot slick cunt... spirt after spirt firing into her as she dug her fingers into my waist and began slowing her climax down. I fell onto her and we kissed as my cock twitched inside her now totally floded pussy.

We slowed down to a stop and I roled over onto the empty part of the bed. We laid there for a few minutes without moving or speaking nor touching each other. I was very light headed, but was in total bliss from the most frantic and bind blowing climax of my life to date.

Once my head had come back from cloud 9, I pulled the sheets back off and got out of bed. I staggered around to find my clothes and dressed myself very clumsily.

I turned around to see Sophie laying there, eyes closed but her head was looking in my direction. I went to the door to just leave but then decided to go back. I walked to the bed and leaned over, stroking her mousy brown hair from her face, I kissed her softly on the lips where our tongues slowly touched for a moment and then I parted away and walked out of their bedroom. I closed the annix door on my way out and got back to my chair and colapsed.

The porn had finished and I just laid back in my chair, eyes closed composing my thoughts of what had just happened.

I smiled knowing that this had really been innevitable and knew that if she wanted me that bad, that I had nothing to worry about in the morning.

I turned off the computer and went to bed next to my sleeping wife. I had a great night sleep and slept all the morning. When I finally got up to go down stairs, my wife and Sophie were down in the kitchen chatting. I approached cautiously and they both looked at me as I walked carefully towards them.

They looked at each other with an expression and I just said, "morning all". They said almost at the same time, "you mean afternoon?". I replied with a grunt and walked towards the kettle to make a tea. My wife came up behind me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck, "you have a good lie in hun? Must of had a late one?" she said caringly behind me.

My heart jumped and I just agreed and continued making me tea. The girls continued chatting, but my brain wasn't that well yet. I looked over at Sophie as my wife put the milk I had just used into the fridge and she just looked at me with deep content eyes and smiled deviously. My eyebrows raised and I sat at the breakfast bar with the girls.

"Hungry?" my wife asked, "I'm good hun thanks" I replied, "ok, well there's omlette in the fridge if you do, I'm just going to put the washing out" and with that grabbed the basket on the side and went out into the garden.

Sophie and I sat there quitely for a moment as I sipped my tea with my head down, but feeling my head being stared at. I looked up and she was indeed looking right at me. I smiled and she said, "I hope your going to be on your computer again tonight!" Her face grinning so deviously. "I have work tomorrow, I dont usually go on late". "That is a shame" she replied, I was hoping to watch with you... perhaps under your desk while you watch your movies?" Her hand moved onto my crouch. I gasped and looked out the window to where my wife was, she was just starting to hang the clothes up on the line. I looked down at her hand on my crouch and said, "why wait until then?". She pulled back and looked at me and then out the window to my wife.

"Mmmm, what have I gotten myself into?" she said. And with that, began unbuttoning my jeans. In seconds my trousers were open and her hand was already in my underwear stroking my cock. I groaned as she was jerking my cock and then she moved down off the stool and sunk her lips down my shaft in one swift go before I even new it. I looked panicked at the window and my wife was happily hanging out our clothes.

I tried not to close my eyes as her tongue slid up and down my forskin and licking the tip of my now rigid cock. She put her hand cupped around my cock and began groping my balls, her head was now frantically bobbing up and down on my cock, hungry for me to explode in our brief play time.

She deep throated me a couple of times making me moan out loud as I tensed up and said I was about to cum! She pulled out for a second and said, "good, do it now!" she demanded at me and with that I released a big thick wad of spunk int her hungry mouth, I gripped her hair as I went bright red and light headed again. She swalloed every drop I had and cleaned the tip of my cock. She made an mmm sound and moved back up onto the stool.

I quickly put my cock away and she sat there smiling sipping my tea. "Sure you cant make it tonight?" she said with a puppy dog face. "Mmmm, I think I can accomadate you." And with that she got up and said that she would see me tonight.

She walked through the annix doorway looking at me back, she smiled and I smiled again and then closed the door.

And guess what, that night was even more mind blowing!

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. ;)

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