It first started when they stayed over with my daughter for a sleep over. I was going to the bathroom and Catherine (13) came into the bathroom while I had my cock out. I seen her looking at it in the mirror and all of a sudden a smile comes on her face. I turn around and say to her what are you looking at. She says nothing, are you finished in here. I replied yes.


Later on that night I was downstairs wanking to some TV girls on those porn channels. Had my cock out, going at it and Catherine walks into the living room. She stands in front of the TV and says if you want to wank do it right. So he puts her hand on my cock and spits on it, rubs it in a little, then all of a sudden she starts stroking me hard and tight as hell.


My balls begin to tighten and she takes out her tits and tells me to imagine I am rubbing my cock up and down between her tits. So I do, and all of sudden I start to get more excited. So I bend down, whisper in her ear, I want to be inside you. She looks at me with total lust, stands up, takes of her pj bottoms and pulls down her knickers.


Then she goes over to the sofa, lies face down in it and says “Go for it”. So I put the head of my cock in towards her pussy, then I slide it in. All of a sudden it get this burst of please right were my temples are in my head. To my surprise I thought I could only get please like that in my cock. So I try to stroke my cock in and out of her but and I take a deep breath and start pounding her cunt as hard as I could holding her shoulders. She turns back to me with her eyes rolled up into her head and says hit me. I think why not and start smacking her as hard as I could on the ass and she says no I mean hit me in the face. So I do and she is shouting all over the place fuck me, fuck me, rape me, and rape me. I am getting that excited that I punch her in the face to stop my wife and daughters from hearing, pull my cock out of her, grab her by the hair and empty my hot, creamy cum into her mouth. She looks at me and swallows it with delight, then licks her lips.


After I finished, I pulled my shorts and boxers back up, she got dressed except for her thong which she gave to me to wank over. I sniffed them and the smell of her cunt turned me on a came all over my boxers.


The next morning I was down stairs making coffee for me and my wife and her and my daughter and her sister come down. They sit at the table except for Catherine; she walks over to me at the breakfast bar where I was sitting and whispers in my ear its Jessie’s turn for that juicy cock of yours. Jessie is my daughter, and then it occurred to me that they set this up all along. Catherine then turns around and grinds her tight out ass up against my cock while my daughter watches and smiles at me.


My one to fuck the next young girl. My Daughter.


PS. If you liked this story let me know and I will write more.

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