Bondage Baby 2 — Jessie’s story

My name is Jessie. I’m 13 years old.

And I’m in Hell.

That’s the only real explanation for what’s happening to me. I don’t know how I got here. I don’t even know where here is. All I know is, I don’t like it.

Well, that’s not all true. I guess, I do kind of like it. Well, some of it, anyway. But I don’t want to.

The last thing I really remember is getting off the school bus near my house. A guy asked me to help him find a lost dog.

Now, I’m not like retarded or anything. I know not to trust strangers. But that’s just the scary ones, right? This guy was young, well young-ish. And he was, like, REALLY cute! And he did have the leash that he said his dog got off of. I remember thinking he wasn’t scary at all.

Guess I was wrong.

We walked into the park together. He’s behind me and we’re calling the dog’s name. All of a sudden, like, he puts his hand over my face with this rag in it. The rag smelled funny. Then everything went black. I remember thinking I was dying. But I guess I wasn’t.

When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was at first and my head was, like, really pounding. I got drunk once with some friends and it felt kinda like that. And my mouth felt like I’d been sucking on an old cloth, all dry and fuzzy like.

I tried to move and I couldn’t. It took me a minute to realize I was stuck on this X-shaped thing. My wrists and my ankles were tied and there was this belt thing around my waist. And, I was naked. My little nipples were rock hard cause it was kinda cold in the room. They stuck out like little pencil erasers from my boobies.

I’ve always liked my boobies. I’ve got like almost the biggest boobs in my class. And they’re always so sensitive. Sometimes, the nipples’ll get hard, just from rubbing on the insides of my bra. Now, though, I just wished they’d go down. With them all hard like that, they looked like I was really turned on.

I looked around the room. There were no windows, so I didn’t know if it was day or night. There was just like one bare light bulb, hanging from a wire from the ceiling. The only things in the room were me on the X-thing, a little table with a cloth over the top of it and a straight-backed wooden chair.

I don’t know how long I just hung there, trying to get my hands loose or get off the X-thing somehow. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours. Finally, I heard the lock on the door click open in the wall in front of me and a man walked in. I was getting ready to ask what was happening to me when I saw him.

This guy WAS scary. He was, like, huge! He was bigger than Trey, the center on the high school basketball team and Trey is like more than 6-feet tall. This guy was way bigger. And he had these huge shoulders and like giant arms. He looked like he could tear me in half, if he wanted to.

Part of me thought, “God, he’s gorgeous!” But, the rest of me was just scared that he was going to kill me or something.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I begged as he walked slowly towards me.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said in this quiet-like voice that was really scary. “I’m not going to hurt you. Much.”

I tensed up and began to cry. I started begging him to let me go, promising that I wouldn’t tell anyone what he and his friend had done, that I wouldn’t get them in trouble. He started rubbing my arms and hands, gently caressing me. It tickled a little bit and it felt good as his hands moved down and started rubbing my boobies. He rubbed and pinched the nipples until they were rock hard. I know I moaned, even though I didn’t want to.

I didn’t want to be enjoying this. There was no WAY I should be enjoying this!

“Please, don’t make it feel good!” I begged.

He just ignored me and walked over to the table and flipped the cloth covering it out of the way.

I didn’t know what half the things on the table were. But I recognized this like huge, black dildo. It was sitting there in the middle of the table, surrounded by like whips and other stuff I had like no clue what they were.

I’ve seen dildos before. Well, once. A girlfriend of mine, Tiffany, has one and she’d showed me how she uses it on herself to make herself get her tickle. We were at her house, just hanging one day after school. We’d started talking about boys and what we’d done with them. I haven’t done anything except kiss. Oh, and there was that one time I let Max feel my boobies while we were kissing at this party. But that’s it.

Anyway, Tiff said she wanted to show me something. She went into her closet for a minute and came out with this thing in her hand that looked like a boy’s thing. It was about six-inches long, kinda skinny and kinda a pale pink color.

She laughed at the shocked look on my face and said, “Say hello to my little friend. Wanna try it out?”

I just shook my head. I told her I didn’t know what she meant. Tiff’s like my BFF, so I knew she wouldn’t make fun of me. She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’ll show you.”

She laid out on her bed and asked me to pull her panties down. I looked at her for a minute then reached up under her short skirt, grabbed the waistband of her panties and tugged them down. I’d seen Tiff and some of the other girls naked in the school locker room, so it wasn’t a big deal. But this was a little different and I started getting that funny tickle feeling in my kitty.

Tiff’s a red head and she had this like little patch of red hair just at the top of her kitty. It was like the size of an iPod nano, but it was only kinda thick in the very middle and it thinned out near the edges, where her tummy met her thighs. Her kitty lips didn’t have any hair on them, at least that I could see.

They looked like two fingers clenched tight together with the little kitty bump at the top. You know what I mean? The little bump that feels REALLY good when you touch it and gives you your tickle.

“Hello!” Tiff said. “Where’d you go?”

I realized I’d been like staring all lezzy at her. My mouth was hanging open and I was like practically drooling over my BFF’s kitty! I shook my head, then went and pulled her panties the rest of the way down and off over her feet. Tiff just giggled and spread her legs wide apart. Her kitty spread open a little and it looked like she’d peed some. The inside of her kitty was all pink and it looked wet and shiny.

Tiff just stuck the head of “her little friend” in her mouth. I know my mouth like dropped onto the floor when I saw her do this. She was like giving the thing a BJ! She pulled it out after a few strokes and it was all shiny with her spit. Then she just put it between the little almost-bald lips of her kitty and pushed it right inside. She let out this big moan as the thing just split her wide open.

I watched her as she started pushing it in and out of her kitty. She was moaning like crazy as her kitty lips pushed in and pulled out, clinging to the shaft of the thing. She started rubbing her little tickle-bump with the fingers of her other hand and soon she was arching her back up off the bed, moaning out loud as she got her tickle.

When she caught her breath, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I asked her why she thought I’d want to push that thing into myself and she looked down at my crotch. I realized suddenly my hand was in my panties and I was rubbing my tickle-bump! I’d touched myself before, so this wasn’t so weird, but I’d never done it in front of anyone else.

Tiff just laughed and said, “It’s OK. I won’t tell anyone. Go ahead and make yourself cum.”

“Cum?” I moaned.

She had to explain, as I continued playing with myself, that was another word people used for getting their tickle. I hadn’t even realized I was touching myself while Tiff pushed the thing in and out of her pussy, but I must have been doing it for a while, because my kitty was all wet and it felt like I was really close to cumming.

Tiff jumped off the bed again and went back to her closet. She came out a minute later with this hard plastic thing. It was kinda shaped like a bullet (my daddy’s a hunter) but longer. She turned a knob at the base and it started to hum.

“Use this,” she said. “It’ll feel like amazing!”

I told her I wasn’t putting anything inside me and she said I didn’t have to. She showed me how to just hold it against my kitty bump and rub it up and down. I did and she was right. I got my tickle big time almost right away. It just kept coming and coming as I rubbed the tip of the hard plastic thing around my bump. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and dropped the thing on the bed.

All this ran through my mind in like five seconds as I watched the big, scary man looking over the stuff on the table. I really hoped he wasn’t thinking about shoving that big black dildo into my body. His hand lingered over the thing for a second. He looked like he was trying to pick out a sandwich from a tray or something. All I could do was hang there on the X-thing and watch.

He finally nodded his head and picked up this like chain thing. It had these clip things on either end and it looked to be about a foot long. He dangled it from the tip of his first finger as he looked over at me and smiled.

“What’s that thing for?” I asked him. I guess that was the wrong thing to say.

He pulled back his hand and slapped me, hard, across the face. My ears rang and my jaw clamped shut. I’m just lucky I didn’t bite my tongue off.

“No questions!” he said.

He walked toward me. I still couldn’t figure out what the thing was. He just held it in front of my face with one hand while he reached out with the other and started playing with my right booby. He pinched and twisted the nipple until it was as hard as it had ever been.

I felt this big tingly feeling run from my boob, right down to my kitty. I guess I moaned a little, cause he grinned again as he brought the hand holding the one clip thing closer to my chest.

My boob exploded as he clipped the thing tight around my nipple. I couldn’t believe the pain as he tightened it way down, pinching my nip between the jaws of the thing. I didn’t think any pain could ever be any worse, until he just dropped the chain. The weight of it jerked my poor little nipple as he stepped back to look at what he’d done.

He must not have liked the way it looked, cause he pulled it off and grabbed my nipple again. He pulled it out even harder this time and reattached the clip thing with even more of my nipple between the jaws. My boob exploded in pain again, then the other one as he grabbed it and put the clamp on the other end of the chain in place.

I shook my chest and shoulders, trying to dislodge the clips that were tearing my nipples from my boobs. He just grinned, walked back to the table and picked up something else. The pain in my boobies got even worse as he attached some kind of metal weight to the chain and just dropped it. I swear, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the chain fall all the way to the floor with my nipples still trapped between the jaws.

I begged him to take it off my boobies, telling him that it hurt, asking him again why he was doing this to me?

He didn’t answer. He just kept playing with my boobies, swinging the weight, picking it up and dropping it so it pulled on my boobs. All I could do was hang there, crying and begging him to stop, wishing I could die so the pain would stop.

The worst part of it was, it was starting to feel good. I could feel my kitty getting wet, like it does when I play with myself, or when I watched Tiff pushing the dildo into herself. I couldn’t help myself, but I moaned when he reached down and rubbed his rough finger between the lips of my kitty and over my bump. I knew he could feel how wet I was and I was so embarrassed.

He took his hand of my kitty and did something to the X-thing and, suddenly, I was upside down! The weight hanging from the chain on my nipples smacked me in the face. God, I felt like it’d broke my jaw!

Then he started touching me between my legs again and the good feeling came back. He was rubbing over my kitty bump and my hips were kinda hunching back and forth. I begged him to stop making it feel good. It shouldn’t feel good, I thought. I was being molested and I was liking it.

He pulled his finger away again and I slumped against the X as best I could. Then, my kitty exploded again, not with pain but with pleasure. He had his head between my legs and he was licking my kitty.

I kinda heard him telling me I was a slut and I was loving this. Only sluts would love this, he kept telling me. I kept denying it until I couldn’t deny it any more.

“Yes, I’m a slut!” I cried. “I’m just a little slut!”

He kept licking me and I was just moaning like a slut. It felt sooooo good. I could feel myself starting to get my tickle. He could feel it too, I guess, because he stopped. He just left me hanging there for about a minute before he started licking me again. I felt my tickle start to build again and, just before it hit, he stopped again.

“God, give me a tickle,” I moaned. “I gotta get my tickle! Please! Give me my tickle.”

He just laughed and went back to licking my kitty. I felt something, I thought it was his finger, touching my butt hole. But I was too close to my tickle to care. Then the thing started pushing into my butt hole. Before I could protest, I felt this enormous pain back there as he shoved something deep into my butt!

It felt like there was a baseball bat up there! Nobody had ever put anything in my butt! I cried and begged him to take it out, telling him it hurt too bad. He pulled it out, but not all the way, then shoved it back in my butt. It was like Tiff and her dildo. He was fucking my butt.

It eventually stopped hurting so much, but it still felt weird. He kept moving the thing in and out of my butt for a while. I guess I loosened up some, because it was moving easier. Then he just shoved it back inside and left it there.

It felt so strange. But kinda good, too.

He did something to the X again and I was swung right-side-up again. He reached up and started untying my wrists. Thank God, I thought. That’s all he’s going to do. He’s going to let me go.

He got me untied, then turned me around and tied me back to the X. But this time, I was tied so I was facing the thing. My boobies were kinda pushed together by the two bars my hands were tied to, and I still had the thing up my butt.

He walked back to the table. I could hear him picking something up, but couldn’t see what it was. Then, he walked back and put this stick like thing in front of my face. He pushed it into my mouth told me to hold it between my teeth.

“You drop that crop and I’ll shove it so far up your ass, you’ll taste leather,” he said. “Understand?”

I started to answer, but I felt it start to slip out. Afraid of what he’d do if I dropped it, I just nodded.

Then, my whole world exploded as he started hitting me with some kind of whip. It felt like he was tearing all the skin off my back as he started beating me, over and over again. I was trying to beg him to stop, to please let me go, but I couldn’t really talk with the stick thing between my teeth. I don’t thing he’d have stopped, anyway.

He just kept hitting me and hitting me for I don’t know how long. It got to where I couldn’t feel the individual hits. It was like my whole body was being battered, but especially my butt.

After like forever, he finally stopped. I heard the whip thing hit the floor as he reached out and took the stick thing from between my teeth.

“Don’t hit my butt anymore,” I moaned. “Please, don’t.”

He was quiet for a minute, then said, “Alright.”

I slumped against the rough wood of the X, thinking he was going to let me go. Boy, was I wrong.

I heard a “smack” sound and it felt kinda like he’d pushed on my kitty. I couldn’t quite figure out what had just happened. Then, the pain reached my head and the whole world like exploded! He’d hit my kitty with the stick thing. Nothing had ever hurt me t bad before in my life!

I was crying and screaming as he kept hitting me on the kitty with the hard leather stick. He’d flick the tip against my kitty bump, then hit the bottom of the thing in my butt. I thought I was going to go crazy! I couldn’t get away and I couldn’t do anything to make him stop.

I think I started begging, pleading with him to stop, promising him everything and anything if he’d just stop hitting my kitty. He finally stopped and walked around me. I saw his feet first, then forced my head up to look at him. I watched as he raised the stick over his head and brought it down, hard, on my right boob.

I jumped, trying to pull away. But I couldn’t get loose from the leather strips or the belt holding me to the X. He just kept pounding on my boobs, going back and forth, until he’d knocked the clip thing of my right nipple.

The pain all ran together as he started hitting just my left booby. The look on his face was horrible! It was like he was driving nails, or something. He just kept hitting my left boob until the clip flew off and the whole thing thumped to the floor. He dropped the crop next to it and stepped away.

I just collapsed. If I hadn’t been tied to the X, I would have dropped to the floor and rolled up into a ball. I really wanted to. I wanted to rub my sore boobies and pull the thing out of my butt. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I wanted to hide and never be found.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

I didn’t think I said it out loud, but I guess I did.

“Because I can,” he answered. “And you’re loving it. Aren’t you?”

He was sitting in front of me, drinking a beer. I just let my head drop and hung there. My whole body hurt and I wished again that I could just die and make it stop. He spun the X around again until I was hanging from it, held in place by the leather straps and the belt around my middle.

I heard a rustling sound. I opened my eyes and I saw his feet as they stepped out of his jeans. I thought, God, he’s going to rape me, now. I looked up and couldn’t believe what I saw.

There, right in my face, was his thing. And it was HUGE! It was bigger than Tiff’s dildo. It looked like it was a foot long and as big around as a soda can. He told me to open my mouth.

I didn’t register what he was saying right away. I just shook my head and kept saying, “No, no, no, no.” I started trying to pull away from the X, trying to break loose so I could run. But I couldn’t get loose.

He picked up the stick thing and threatened me with it again. Anything to stop him hitting me again, I thought. I slumped back against the X and opened my mouth. I almost gagged as he pushed his thing between my lips.

He put one hand under my chin and the other behind my head and shoved his thing hard into my mouth. I gagged again as it hit the back of my throat, scared he was going to choke me to death with his thing.

He was trying to push it all the way down my throat but it wouldn’t go. I’d seen that in some of the magazines Tiff and I used to look at. But there was no way I could do that. He was too big and I was too little.

He pulled back, and then pushed forward again. He told me to swallow. I tried and all of a sudden, his thing was deep in my throat and my nose was smashed up against his stomach.

He just held his cock there, deep in my throat. I couldn’t breathe! I struggled and tried, but I was choking. I was so scared! I was trying to scream, but nothing would come out. I heard him moaning as my throat gripped his thing.

Then, everything started to go, like, black. My whole body started to tingle and I realized this is what dying feels like. He’s going to kill me with his thing!

But, he pulled back at the last minute, just before I passed out. My lungs hurt as I pulled air into them again and my head was pounding as I realized I wasn’t going to die. Not yet.

He let me get a breath, then pushed back in. His thing just went straight down my throat this time with no problem and I was choking again. He did this over and over, choking me with his thing, then pulling out just before I passed out, then jamming it back inside me and starting all over again.

Suddenly, his thing was gone. My mouth was empty and I could breathe. But I couldn’t move. I was almost out cold until he threw a glass of ice-cold water in my face.

I looked up, spitting water all over the place, but I didn’t see him. He’d spun the cross around again and I was spread out, face up, staring at the blank ceiling as I tried to catch my breath.

I tried to look around. I felt him touching my kitty. He worked one finger in and chuckled when he found my cherry. He worked his finger slowly in and out of my kitty, probing at my virginity but not breaking it.

His replaced his finger with his thing and just shoved it deep inside me, all at once. He pushed right through my virginity, ripping it away. I screamed as I felt it tear and he started pounding me.

“God, please, take it out!” I cried. “It hurts so much! I can’t take it! Please, take it out!”

But he just kept shoving it in to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew the words for what he was doing to me. He was raping me. He was fucking me.

Somehow, the pain started to get less and it started to feel good. I was so disgusted with my body. I’d been kidnapped and beaten. I was tied to a cross, being raped. And I was starting to enjoy it.

I heard a girl’s voice, begging to be fucked, begging someone not to stop fucking them. I realized it was me.

“Oh, shit!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum!”

My whole body clenched up. Every muscle in my body suddenly tightened up and I got the biggest tickle of my life. No, tickle is a little girl word. I’m a woman now. A well-fucked woman. I got the biggest cum of my entire life.

And I could feel him, shooting his stuff — his sperms — inside me. He was cumming, too. It seemed to go on for hours.

Finally, though, his thing — his cock — stopped spitting inside me and he collapsed into the chair. I couldn’t see him, but I could hear his heavy breathing as he sat between my legs. I just knew he was staring at my kitty and watching his sperms run out of my well-fucked hole.

After a few minutes, he spun the X around again until I was face up, standing like I’d been when this whole thing started. Except, now, I had black and blue marks all over my body where he’d beat me and whipped me. My nipples were bruised from the clamps and from where he’d knocked the clamps off them. And I had his sperm, leaking out of my just fucked kitty and running down my legs.

I watched him get dressed. He walked toward the door.

“Are you going to let me go now?” I asked him, still groggy from everything that had happened today.

He paused with his hand on the doorknob.

“No,” he said. “You’re just getting started.”

I watched as he reached out and flipped the light switch. As the door closed and the room went completely dark, I muttered the only thing that came to my mind.

“Why me?”

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