The School Girl Slut


this story is complete fiction. First story, leave comments


Hey my name is Bradley Bovert, and I am a science teacher at a High School in Missouri.  I am about 5’ 10” inches tall with a normal shaped body at the age of 28.  I had only been teaching for three years now.  And I am not married, yet but have a girlfriend for three months.  She is gorgeous and all but I just seem not to get my “fix” if you know what I mean.  It’s plain and simple, that I am a horny guy, love sex, and hot women.  Working at a high school, lets me see tons of it.  But it was one day that really threw me over the edge, and giving into my urges.


It was a sunny afternoon at the high school, and boy were the girls looking good today.  I teach biology and chemistry for freshman and sophomores.  It was warm outside today, so when I got to school, the 14-16 year old girls were dressed so sexy, I could hardly stand it. My penis was just inching in my pants, as went to my office, right next to my classroom.  I sat down, as I was hard as a rock thinking about all of those girls. “Boy it would be nice to get one of them to fuck me.”


So classes started, and today was again like I said hot, as I taught in the front of the class, I could see some of girls, spread eagle, showing their tight panties, and even some were showing some nice cleavage.  It was just so nice seeing their nice small developing breasts inch out towards me.  I had a hard time teaching all day.  At lunch time, I went into the office, and thought long and hard on how to get a girl to fuck me.   And I thought, and I found a good solution.


It was the last class of the day, and I always remembered her face.  Her name was Marie; she was a sophomore, only 15 years old.  But man she was smoking hot with tan skin, 5’ 5” tall, C sized boobs that pooped out of her shirt, and a slim body that made all the guys drool, including me.


So getting to the part of the story, I was just about to pack up and head to my apartment; I wanted to relive myself early, as I heard a knock on my office door:  It was Marie.


“Mr. B I was wondering if you could help me with some of my chemistry homework,” she said twirling her hair.  She dropped her pen, probably on purpose, as her breasts, were just inching out of her shirt.  Also, he short denim skirt, lifted up as I saw a nice shaved pussy.  Wow she wasn’t wearing any panties.  This was too good to be true.  I was now hard, but I tried to hide it as I sat down.


“Do you want to study here or in the classroom?” I asked.  I could tell she was in the mood to fuck, but I had to start off slow.


“I want to stay in here, it more private,” she said in a voice that was amazing to my ears.


I told her to pull up a chair next to me, as she didn’t cross her legs, but left them wide open for me to see.  I couldn’t blow it now, I had to do it slowly, but I just wanted to taste it.


“So what do you need help with?” I asked.  She was actually a B student, so I really knew she really didn’t need that much help.


“Well I don’t get this problem here,” she pointed to a problem on my desk, reaching over top of me, as I felt her boob brush up against mine.  I was getting horny, and as my dick rose, she felt it touch her hand.


“Mr. B, what’s that?” she teased. I felt so embarrassed as my face went red.


“Its okay, I know what it is,” she said in a sexy way as it continued to grow harder and harder.  I wanted to take her right then and there.


I couldn’t take it anymore, as I slowly unzipped my pants, to reveale my 6 inch cock to her.  She looked at me in astonishment.


“Wow I have never seen one, real before,” she said.


“Well now you have, do you want to suck it?  If you suck me, I will suck you,” I said.


“Mr. B you are naughty.  But I haven’t ever done it before,” she said looking a little anxious.


I calmed her down and said, “Don’t worry it will be awesome.  Just do it slow.”


So she eased over to my dick as she slowly opened her mouth and started to suck on it.  Her warm mouth felt so good in my mouth, as she continued to suck it slow.


“Wow, this awesome,” she said as she was now on her knees by my desk, sucking my cock.  She continued to suck my cock, her warm mouth was covering it.  It just felt so amazing, I wanted to cum, but I decided to save that for later.  I told her to stop, just before I was about to cum.


“Now it’s my turn Marie to return the favor, as I could see her horny boobs and face in front of me.


“Be gentle, I don’t masturbate that much,” she said.


I then went down on my knees and pulled up her skirt.  Her pussy was already partly wet.  I could tell she was starting to enjoy herself.  I put my lips of clit and moved around my tongue on it.  I could hear her moaning, “OOOOO!!!” up above, as I could see her massaging her breasts up above.  I kept on licking, and showiving my finger down her tiht pussy.


“Don’t stop!!!  Please keep going that feels fuckin incredible!!!” she would say as I continued to massage her clit with my tongue.


“I am, OH MY GOD!!!” she screamed as her wet pussy was buried in my face.  She now had her shirt off, and bra, as I licked her pussy and massaged her breasts.


“THIS IS AMAZING!!! She screamed as she was inching towards an orgasm, as I stopped.  She was huffing and puffing as pussy juices were leaking down her pussy.


“Please don’t stop, I want your dick in my pussy.  You are so fucking good; I want you to take me right now.  I want your seed deep inside me!” she said as I couldn’t disagree.


“Are you ready?” I asked.


“Yes, I want you right now,” she said as I pulled off my shirt, and was ready to fuck her.


I stepped towards her, laid her on my desk, pushing everything off I inserted my dick slowly into her pussy.  “I will take it slow, you are so tight, but warm and wet, just like I like it,” I said.  So I slowly rocked back and forth, as I fucked her on the desk.  Her pussy was tight, warm, and wet, as she screamed in pain and in enjoyment.


“OH MY GOD!!! FUCK ME HARDER MR. B!!!” she screamed as I quickened up the pace, rocking my dick back and forth in her.


“Oh God yes, you are so tight,” I said as I kept up the pace, as I reached for her boobs, and grabbed them, squeezed them, and sucked them.  I was so intoxicated by this 15 year old girl, as I fucked her harder and harder.


“YES YES YES!!!” she screamed as I fucked her harder and harder.  My dick was larger than it had ever been as I fucked the inner walls of her vagina.  I couldn’t take it much longer.


“I AM GOING TO CUM!!!” she said. “ME TOO!!!” I said.


“I WANT YOU DEEP INSIDE ME, FUCK ME FUCK ME, OH YES!!!” she said as we were both huffing and puffing.  I could feel my sensation in my chest, as I released my cum deep inside her pussy, as she screamed in orgasm.  I have never dumped so much cum ever in my life, as we stopped, were huffing and puffing, as cum seeped down her leg.  I slowly pulled out, as we cleaned up in my sink in my room, and got dressed.


“I hope you were on birth control,” I said.


“Yup I am.  My mom makes me go on it,” she said as I looked at her.


“Then we shall do this more often, and plus I am upping your grade to a B+, come back and we see what you can get up to,” I said as she smiled and whispered in my ear, “I will make it up to a A++++,” she said as she walked out.

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chekms38 avatar It must be hard seeing as so many of the sluts are cock teasers.
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Ranger316 avatar Enjoyed the story, uniform and everything was extremely sexy. Would love to hear more of the later adventures.
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Trefor229 avatar Yes schoolgirls are really good - this one was very good, and just one of the many who love to fuck older men
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emma11 avatar Nthing better than a sexy 12.13.or 14 year old girl especially in her school
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1spike avatar love to fuck one of the girls i teach, shes a horny 12yr old so cute and sexy.
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malcg avatar dam i wish i was a teacher so young and so bad but so fucking hot i hope you have more like this mmmmmmmmmmmxx
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