Thursday night

Angie couldn’t get to sleep, she was so excited. Cara was to pick her up after school the next evening and her parents would both be out of town during the upcoming weekend. They actually had plans that spanned more than a few hours of one day, and Angie couldn’t wait. She lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. For two hours, she had been trying to sleep. Nothing, from hot tea to the ubiquitous counting sheep cliché, was helping.

Something caught her attention. The house had been utterly quiet since she had gone to her room for the night, but she heard a noise. She got out of bed and tiptoed across and down the hall to her parents’ room. Their door was shut, but she could hear them inside – or she could hear her father, at least. She wanted so badly to see what they were doing. She dared herself to open their door. The hinges were in good shape, they didn’t make noise, so maybe…

She knelt down to the side of the doorjamb and put her hand on the knob, turning it as slowly as possible, ready to bolt back to her room if she made a sound. After what seemed like forever, she got the knob turned enough to push the door open. To her relief, her parents weren’t facing the door full-on. She let the knob ease back to its resting position and edged forward a little.

Her mother sat on the edge of the bed and her father stood facing his wife. Her mother’s head bobbed slowly, then faster. He yanked her hair, pulling her off his cock, and slapped her face. Once, then again, harder. Angie put a hand over her mouth to quiet her gasp, but saw her mother grinning. He reached down and squeezed her mother’s breasts, digging his fingers in and making her flinch, then drew his hand back and slapped the right one hard. He repeated that slap, as well, then did the same to her left breast. Then, quickly, her mother was on her knees on the bed, with the covers bunched up at her head, which was against the mattress. Her father had a hand fisted in her mother’s hair, pushing her face down as he rammed into her from behind. Angie couldn’t tell from the angle she had to watch from whether he was in her pussy or ass. She could hear the smack of flesh against flesh as testament to how hard he was fucking her mother. He came fast, grunting low, and sat back on the bed. After a few moments, he reached forward and grabbed her mother’s hair again, pulling her across his lap. Angie watched, eyes wide, as he held open her mother’s pussy lips, exposing her clit. He took firm hold of the little nub between the second knuckles of his index and middle fingers, jerking on it harshly.

Angie could feel the cool air on the wet fabric of her panties against her skin. Her pussy throbbed. She adjusted, moving her knees apart enough that she could get her hand between her legs, then slipped a hand beneath her nightshirt and into her panties. She pushed two fingers inside herself, moving them in and out and spreading the wetness up her slit. Curling her fingers and pinching hard, she worked her clit as much like the way her mother’s was being worked as she could. Biting her lips together so she wouldn’t make a sound, she watched as her mother whined and tightened the muscles of her legs, coming against her father’s hand. Angie squeezed her legs together as she came, just barely choking off a groan.

Leaving the door open, afraid to close it now that they were finished and wouldn’t be as distracted, she got up and snuck unsteadily back to her room. After washing her hands, she crawled back under her blanket, falling asleep within minutes.


Cara’s car was in the back parking lot when Angie begged her way out of her last class fifteen minutes early. She threw her backpack and overnight bag into the back seat. “I can’t believe I get to stay all weekend!” she squealed excitedly.

“You’re sure your parents won’t be suspicious?”

“Yep. They’re both away at conferences. They left this morning. Guess what?”


“I got my report card.” She reached down the front of her shirt and pulled a piece of folded pin-feed printer paper from her bra.

Cara took the paper and unfolded it. She grinned and put a hand behind Angie’s neck, pulling her forward and kissing her hard, possessively. “Good girl. Looks like you’ll deserve the little surprise I have for you on Sunday.”

Angie’s eyes lit up, both because she knew her owner was proud of her and because of the little forewarning of something special. “Ooh, surprise?”

“You’ll have to wait until Sunday.” She let Angie go and handed the paper back to her, then put the car in gear and pulled out of the lot.

They stopped in town at the supermarket. “I need to pick up some things to cook for Jonathan,” she explained before getting out. She walked around to Angie’s side of the car and opened the door for her.

“Just for Jonathan?” Angie asked, purposefully injecting a little jealousy into the question.

“I have more than enough of foods you like,” Cara said, narrowing her eyes. She swatted Angie on the butt and closed the car door. “But I didn’t know he was vegetarian until this morning. Lacto-ovo, I think? Eats eggs and dairy, anyway.”

“So he’s staying all weekend, too?”

“Mmhm.” She backed Angie up against the door and leaned into her. Cara looked around the parking lot to make sure there was no one paying particular attention before sliding her hands up both of Angie’s hips, beneath her skirt, and dragging her panties down.

Angie turned a bit pink. “What are you doing?”

“Starting our weekend,” Cara smirked, letting the panties fall to Angie’s ankles while she found the waistband of the plaid school skirt and began rolling it up until the back barely covered Angie’s ass.

Angie reached down and took her panties off her feet, handing them to Cara, who stuck them in her pocket. She followed Cara around the grocery store and put things into the cart as she was directed. Cara found particular amusement in dropping unbreakable things in populated aisles and having Angie pick them up. She smiled to herself as Angie blushed harder when people were able to look right up her skirt to see her shaved slit and all.

When they got to Cara’s house, after everything was put away and dinner had been set in the oven to cook, she went to the living room. Angie had installed herself on the sofa to watch television until Jonathan arrived. Cara picked up the remote and turned the TV off, standing in front of it. Angie smiled under the look she was getting from her Mistress.

Cara licked her bottom lip, looking down at Angie’s skirt, still rolled up. “Touch yourself,” she instructed.

Angie unfolded her legs and pulled up the hem of her skirt, sitting on one hand while using the other. She pressed two fingers between the lips of her pussy, rubbing up and down her slit, lingering over her clit and spreading her outer lips apart on the way back toward her hole.

“You masturbated last night.” Cara raised an eyebrow.

“How can you tell that?” Angie’s smile would have given her away even if nothing else had.

“That’s my secret. I think you might need a little spanking – you’re not nearly wet enough.”

Cara sat down on the sofa beside her, jerked the redhead over her lap and flipped her skirt up, then proceeded to spank the soft curve of Angie’s bottom with her bare hand. Angie squealed and wiggled when the handprints began to sting as they landed in the same place. It was just beginning to burn when there was a knock at the door.

“It’s open, come in!” Cara called.

Jonathan opened the door and looked around it before coming inside. He smiled at the display of Angie’s bare bottom. Angie turned her face against Cara’s side and giggled. She got one last smack before Cara pulled her back up to sit.

“Go to the bedroom and put your things down. We’ll start going over rules for this weekend,” Cara told him. She nodded to Angie, “You, to the bedroom, too, miss thing.”

Angie scampered off. They were sitting side-by-side on the bed when Cara came in after them. She smiled, noticing that Angie had taken her stuffed bunny and set it with the pillows again.

“No clothing all weekend, unless we happen to go somewhere. You don’t wear anything that I don’t put on you,” Cara began, arms crossed in authority. “I want all body parts accessible to me at all times.”

Angie squirmed a little in anticipation.

“You don’t have to call me Ma’am the entire time – only if the situation warrants it. I’m sure you both can feel out when it’s appropriate and when leaving it off won’t get you into trouble.” She stopped and looked at them expectantly. “Well? Strip.”

Having already shed her socks, shoes, and bra upon entering the house, and being relieved of her panties earlier, Angie didn’t have much to strip from. She got rid of her shirt and skirt quickly, then bounced back onto the bed to watch Jonathan remove his clothes. She grinned at the fact that he was already just as hard as she was wet.

Cara stepped closer to him. “Jonathan,” she said, getting his attention fully on her as he dropped his underwear onto the pile of their combined clothing. “I want you to show Angie your back.”

Angie knew that every time she’d seen him before today, except the first time, he had been naked to the skin. She had been too preoccupied, though, with her own situations or other parts of his body to have taken special notice of his back, and it was turned away from her even now.

He shook his head slightly, pleading to Cara with his eyes and mouthing, “No…”

“Yes. She needs to know this. She’ll notice it eventually and ask you anyway.”

He wrapped his arms around himself defensively and turned, his eyes cast downward. Cara put her hands on his arms and backed him toward the bed so that Angie could see. The younger girl saw his jaw tighten and release anxiously.

There were scars on his back. They looked a couple of years old, silvery and long, all going diagonally across. Angie frowned.

“You asked me what happened with his previous Master,” Cara reminded her.

Angie reached out and touched him with her fingertips. He flinched, his posture jerking a little more upright before Cara touched his shoulder again to ground him.

“Why?” Angie asked.

He looked to Cara again, imploringly, but she nodded once in answer. He sighed. “He used the buckle end of his belt to punish me.” Jonathan swallowed hard. “He was angry about something else and took it out on me after he had me in restraints.”

Angie pulled a pained face. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He shrugged. “It’s okay. Doesn’t hurt anymore. I found out later that he’d had a couple of other subs leave him for pretty much the same thing.”

She put a hand flat on this back and ran it down gently, then got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Cara reached up to pet his hair. “The guy was pretty much ousted from the BDSM community in this area. Nobody will so much as play with him, much less attach themselves to him.”

He relaxed and put his hands on Angie’s arms, suddenly grateful for the acceptance.

Cara went to her dresser and took something out of one of the jewelry boxes that sat on top, turning and keeping it behind her back so that neither of them could see. It made a little tinkling sound that Angie thought was familiar, though.

“Were you ever collared?” Cara asked.

“No,” Jonathan shook his head. “He always just told me I wasn’t good enough for his collar.”

“Kneel down for me,” she commanded.

Angie let her arms slide from around his neck as he dropped to his knees in front of her owner.

Cara ran her hand over his hair again and touched his face. “You’re more than worth collaring. I’ve known you for a few years now, and I’ve been thinking about collaring you since before I met Angie. But I wanted to wait until you were ready to be owned again. I know of your past experiences. A ‘kind Domme’ is not an oxymoron, sweetheart. I’m whatever you need me to be, same as I am for Angie. Do you understand?”

Jonathan beamed lovingly up to her. “Yes, Ma’am.”

She took her other hand from behind her back and let them see what was in it: a collar much like Angie’s new one, with his name engraved on the inside. She held both ends and put it around his neck, buckling it at the front and securing it with a little lock, then turned it around so that the lock was on the back.

“Since I have two of you now, there are some new things to consider. There’s a new permanent rule. You can have each other any time you want, with one stipulation; when one of you is actively submitting to me, you have to have my permission or command. Any other time is up for grabs. There might be more rules added on as we feel things out. You both got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” both replied.

Cara smiled. “Okay, then. Time for dinner. Come on.”

The dinner table was set informally and Cara put the food in the middle of it. Angie and Jonathan began eating quickly, both excited to get on with the evening. She scolded them, telling them to slow down, that if one of them got sick, she would make them sit out playing tonight and punish them later for making her miss playing with them, and “It will not be the fun kind of punishment, I promise you.”

After a few more bites of her dinner, Angie’s hand began to sneak toward the wedge of chocolate cake that had been set near her.

“Ah-ah, no,” Cara shook her head firmly. “You eat some more of your dinner first.”

Angie blinked, then frowned contrarily. “Eat my dinner first? You sound like my mother.”

“No, I’m your Mistress. Which means you will actually do what I tell you to.” Cara raised an eyebrow.

Angie did her best to keep down a smile and ate her dinner quietly, only reaching for her cake when Cara bumped the saucer toward her. When she saw they had eaten as much as they were going to, she got up and started out, beckoning them after her. They followed obediently to the bedroom.

Cara was already putting a gag on Jonathan when Angie straggled in. She recognized it as a gag that had been used on herself before – the black gag with a short cock on the inside, giving just enough room to breathe past its presence in one’s mouth.

“We’ll go easy tonight. Lie down,” Cara told him.

While he was placing himself on the bed, Cara took her clothes off. She picked up a larger, pearly, purple dildo from the top of the dresser and crawled over him, straddling his chest, and snapped it onto the front of the gag. Jonathan moved his head a little, feeling the weight of the dildo as it moved. Cara put a hand around it to still his head, giving him an amused but admonishing look. She turned around, facing his cock, and kneeled on his arms so that he couldn’t grab at her. Her pussy was open right over his face. She lowered herself down onto the dildo, moaning a little, a blissful expression taking over her face.

Cara began to rock her hips and let a hand slide down her abdomen to her open slit, rubbing her middle finger hard against her clit. “Come on,” she said to Angie, giving her a slow wink, “you can do whatever you want with the rest of him.”

A thrill went through Angie at the permission. She had never gotten to simply look at and play with a cock at her leisure, before. His looked painfully hard. It was turning a delicious shade of red, erect up against his belly, dripping pre-come onto the soft skin there. She nudged at his knees and he opened his legs for her, enough that she could kneel between them. He was shaved as cleanly as her pussy was. Angie leaned forward and licked the droplets off his abdomen, then wrapped her hand gently around his cock, holding it toward her and licking the head. She heard him groan from behind the gag. She played with his cock, running her short fingernails up the underside, licking up more pre-come as it dripped slowly down.

Coaxing his legs open further, she reached down with her other hand and ran her fingers over the puckered little entrance there. His hips jerked again and she heard another moan. She looked up, looking between Cara’s legs, at the wetness that was coming out of her. Cara was rocking harder, moving up and down on the dildo, riding Jonathan’s face. She saw juices from Cara’s pussy beginning to drip down, over his chin.

Angie put her fingers in her mouth, but decided that her saliva wouldn’t be slick enough. She put the hand between her legs, finding more than enough wetness there, and worked her fingers in and out of her cunt until she was satisfied that they were coated well. She moved her hand between Jonathan’s legs again, pressing her index finger gently into his rectum. He moaned loudly, encouraging her to keep going. She moved her finger in and out slowly, leaning forward to lick the head of his cock again. She squeezed the head gently to make the tiny hole gape open, then pressed the tip of her tongue into the slit.

She sealed her mouth over the head and began sucking his cock properly just before she heard Cara groan “Fuck…” as she came, pushing down hard to drive the dildo deep into herself as she did. Cara raised herself off the purple cock and removed it from the gag, but left the gag on him and stayed on his arms.

Angie pushed a second finger into Jonathan’s ass, making his hips buck harder. Cara leaned forward and put her hands on his hips to keep him still. Angie moved her fingers in and out as she took more of his cock into her mouth, sucking slowly, beginning to notice how hard her pussy was aching. It only took a few more moments before he moaned and she felt him come into her mouth. She tasted it before swallowing – it wasn’t bad. Salty, mostly, but there was a sweet tang beneath it that was far from objectionable.

Cara got up and got off the bed on Angie’s side. She pulled Angie off Jonathan and handed her the slick dildo. “I want to watch you fuck yourself with it.”

Angie sat against the headboard and pulled her legs up so that her feet were flat on the bed, then pushed the purple dildo in hard, bottoming it out on the first stroke. She rammed it in, pinching her clit with the fingers of her other hand in time with the motion. Orgasm washed over her and she ground the dildo hard against her cervix, the muscles in her legs tightening and spreading her wider.

Cara smiled and slapped Jonathan’s leg gently to get his attention. “Go clean her cunt up,” she ordered, watching as he happily obeyed.


Angie woke up and stretched her arms wide, finding Jonathan’s shoulder with her hand and pushing against it for traction, making him grumble sleepily. When she had finished and gone limp again, he had a turn, pushing against her hip with his knee and making her whine back at him. She went back to snuggling against him until she smelled food cooking.

“Where you going?” he mumbled sleepily, opening one eye at her, then both as he was visually reminded that she was very naked and he was getting a pleasant view of her bottom as she crawled over him and walked away.

“Breakfast. C’mon,” she said.

Cara smiled at them wandering in, rubbing their eyes and giving the stovetop lustful looks. Angie perked up when she saw bacon, and Jonathan did much the same when he saw that Cara had gone to the trouble of making him an omelette with cheese and fake sausage inside.

“Can I play with you?” Jonathan asked Angie a bit shyly, after Cara had finished and began cleaning up. He smiled and chewed at the center of his lower lip.

Angie grinned back and nodded her head excitedly.

Cara went into the living room a while later to find Jonathan kissing Angie up against the wall. Her legs were open a little and the head of his erect cock pressed up against her slit. Angie reached down and held her pussy open, moving her hips so the head was rubbing right against her clit. He took her hand and led her over to the living room carpet, pushing the coffee table away from the sofa where Cara had just seated herself, and sat down. Jonathan pulled Angie down beside him and pushed her to lie down before scooting down and lying on his stomach between her legs. He nuzzled and licked at her pussy with his hands broad and hot on the underside of her thighs. Angie wiggled her fingers into the carpet and watched Cara watching them.

It made Cara wet to see them behaving so gently with each other, while knowing that later she would be anything but gentle with their bodies. She fingered herself slowly as she watched him run his tongue firmly up the length of Angie’s slit. Angie reached down to hold her pussy lips open and he sealed his lips around her clit, sucking at it for a few seconds. He stopped and worried it between his teeth, then sucked at it again. Angie came, fluid visibly leaking from her cunt, and Jonathan moved down to lick into her hole.

“Get up and return the favor like a good girl, Angie,” Cara told them. “Stand in front of me while she sucks your cock, so I can get a good look. Keep your hands behind you, both of you.”

Jonathan clasped his fingers around his wrists and Angie folded her arms behind her back, getting up onto her knees. Cara put a hand on the small of his back and held onto the back of Angie’s hair, pulling sharply until she opened her mouth. She pressed Angie’s head down on his cock, pushing until her nose was against his abdomen and holding her there until she began to struggle instinctively. Cara moved Angie’s head back and forth, pushing him down her throat every few strokes.

“Keep your mouth open. I want to see him spurt into it,” she said, moving her hand up and down his cock until he came, aiming the ropes of come. She watched as the white fluid slid down Angie’s tongue and into the back of her mouth, then ordered her, “Swallow.”

Angie did as she was told and licked her lips.

Cara turned Jonathan around by his wrist. “Get on your knees and bend over.”

He kneeled down and put his head down on his arms, his ass sticking up in the air right in front of Cara and his face turned toward her, so that she could see it. Angie watched as Cara drew her hand back and began spanking him. She struck both cheeks, a half dozen spanks at a time, right on top of one another. Cara watched his face, speeding up and going a little harder when his eyes began to water. He didn’t whimper; only his fractured breathing told her how much it hurt.

“That’s it, come on, cry for me. Break for me, sweetie,” she cooed quietly to him. She kept going as Angie lost count of the strikes and his breath began to hiccup, tears spilling over the bridge of his nose, and his bottom was blazing hot under her own stinging hand. She was intent on getting a noise out of him, stopping only when he began shaking and let go of a sob.

“Good boy,” Cara said, leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to his searing skin, making him gasp. “Both of you will stay on your hands and knees for the rest of the day. Nothing touches between your legs and you ask if you have to go to the bathroom.”

At Cara’s order, Angie put her hands on the carpet. She crouched low, her body close to the floor, and rubbed the tip of her nose back and forth over Jonathan’s heated, pain-flushed cheek, then nuzzled against his neck. She moved back and watched him blink slowly as he came back down.

Around dinner time, when both of her charges were getting very hungry, and when Angie was getting tired of trying to hint for attention, Cara sat back down on the sofa with a book.

Angie crawled up to Cara’s legs and huffed out a frustrated breath, making her bangs flutter. She nudged Cara’s thigh with her head and made a ‘meow’ noise.

Cara laughed and finally put down her book, reaching to pet Angie’s hair. “So now you’re a kitty? I thought you were my puppy.”

“I am your puppy,” she smiled, taking Cara’s attention as permission to speak.

Cara reached down and gently scritched Angie’s neck, just above her hairline. Angie suddenly wished she could purr, because she couldn’t express her contentment in words. She gave a plaintive little whine when Cara stopped and got up to get her pet humans something to eat.

Cara cut up a pair of chicken breasts that she had marinated in Italian dressing and baked, making bite-sized pieces out of them, and put them on one plate. On another plate, she heaped homemade macaroni and cheese, loosening the noodles into smaller chunks with a fork. She put the plates on the floor near the table, where she sat with her own dinner, and watched Angie and Jonathan. Both tried to eat neatly, but it was near impossible to be careful when not allowed to use their hands. When they finished, she washed their faces and let them drink water from glasses.

They sat kneeling in the kitchen, hands on the floor, while she washed up and cleaned the baking dishes. She went slowly, giving them plenty of time for their dinner to settle.

“Feel ready to play, now?” she asked. She was answered with two bright smiles and nodding heads. “Okay, then. Go to the bedroom and wait for me.”

Jonathan crawled onto the bed and laid across it on his stomach, while Angie sat on the edge. When Cara came in, she pushed Angie so she was lying on her back and moved her legs apart. Jonathan turned to watch as Cara slipped two fingers into the redhead’s pussy.

“Squeeze as hard as you can,” Cara told her. She was pleased to feel Angie contract firmly around her fingers. She had Jonathan lie on his back, then pulled Angie up onto her knees, positioning her to straddle his hips. Cara stroked his cock until he was hard, then pushed Angie down, very slowly, lowering her onto his cock.

“The only thing you’re allowed to do, Angie, is use your internal muscles to squeeze him. I want you to milk his cock until he comes. Jonathan, you aren’t allowed to thrust up into her.”

Angie closed her eyes to concentrate. She tensed and released the muscles around her vagina rhythmically. Jonathan’s hands rested on either side of her knees and she could feel his fists tightening in the blanket as he struggled to obey Cara. After Cara’s preparation by hand, it didn’t take very long before he groaned and Angie felt the warm pulse of his fluid inside her.

“He came, Ma’am,” Angie said, smiling.

“Good girl,” Cara praised, then left the room.

Angie stayed where she was until Cara came back with Joey trotting beside her. Angie turned to look, her pussy clenching in anticipation.

“Not tonight,” Cara told her. “You’ll get to be his bitch tomorrow night. Tonight…” she trailed off.

She put her hands on Angie’s arms, not ungently, and pulled her off Jonathan. She guided Angie off the bed, then onto her knees beside it, so that she leaned forward and her small breasts pressed against the top of the mattress. Cara took the cock cage from the top of her dresser and put it in place on Jonathan, then beckoned him to follow her. He got up and remembered her instructions for the day, dropping to his hands and knees. He crawled behind her until she stopped about six feet from the foot of the bed.

Cara bent and reached under Joey, massaging his cock until it was well out of the sheath. Jonathan gasped at she patted his hip, letting Joey know he should mount. She held onto Joey’s cock and positioned it so that pre-come sprayed over Jonathan’s asshole, then aimed it until the dog was thrusting solidly into him with every hump.

Jonathan whimpered at the continual stretching that came with the slick cock widening and lengthening as it fucked him. He dropped his head, tucking it into the bend of his arm on the floor as his body was jarred with the dog’s frantic humping. He felt the knot bumping at his hole. When the dog felt it, he tightened his front legs further and redoubled his fucking efforts, intent on tying. Jonathan grunted and gasped in surprise when it popped in past the tight little ring of muscle. When it was in, it swelled against his prostate, making his cock harden again and leak pre-come heavily.

Cara turned her attention back to Angie, who was watching, rapt and breathing heavily. Her parted thighs were sticky with a mixture of the come that had leaked out of her cunt and her own arousal. Cara took out the cane she had used on Angie before and told her, “Keep watching him.”

With the first strike, Angie jumped hard and gave a surprised little yelp. She was distracted and hadn’t been expecting it. Cara followed it with nine more, keeping them even and steady.

Cara mentally catalogued the differences between her two subs; Angie cried and made noise easily, but it took a good bit of pain before she went into subspace; Jonathan could fall into subspace at the drop of a hat – or paddle, as it were – but it took a lot to push him into crying out. Angie was a bit of a brat and loved pushing to test her boundaries; Jonathan was very well-behaved, though Cara figured that was out of some fear, still. Angie was completely trusting; Jonathan was protective of her already. She knew their personalities would be good for one another.

She alternated between giving Angie ten stripes from the cane at a time and watching Jonathan for a few moments. Before long, Angie was crying. She jerked her hands behind her once on instinct and got them right in the way of the cane, but it immediately taught her to keep them under control. Jonathan was whimpering almost continuously, gasping breaths, desperate for some kind of release.

Cara caned from just above the back of Angie’s knees to the top curve of her bottom, then from the middle of her back to the back of her shoulders, catching the backs of her upper arms. Angie put her mouth against the blanket to muffle her own whimpers. The endorphins that kicked in around the twentieth strike had worn off and her entire back side felt like it was on fire.

Jonathan felt Joey’s hot come pour into him. He enjoyed the spreading warmth even as the dog started tugging to get his knot out. He tried to relax, but he was stretched wide, painfully, as Joey pulled his cock out.

Cara put the cane away and turned back to Angie, very carefully running the pads of her fingers down the raised, bright red welts criss-crossing the pale back, making her give a high-pitched moan. Cara got up, going to Jonathan. She petted his hair and spoke softly into his ear. Angie couldn’t hear what was being said, but Cara took the cock cage off him and he nodded.

“Go on, take your shower and clean yourself up,” Cara told him as he slowly got to his feet, the crawling restriction apparently lifted.

She went back to Angie again and knelt down, leaning her face close to the redhead’s, and reached between her legs from the front. She rubbed gentle circles against Angie’s clit until orgasm squeezed one more quiet moan from her. Cara licked her fingers and got up, looping a finger around Angie’s collar and walking her into the bathroom. She waited until Jonathan had finished his shower and dried off. She had him sit on the edge of the bathtub, then guided Angie to crawl to him.

“Suck him, so he can come before bedtime,” Cara told her.

His cock was hard again, standing up against his belly and hot from the shower. She took it into her mouth obediently, massaging the underside with her tongue, swallowing against the head when it pushed into the back of her throat. He groaned and leaned forward as he came. Cara pulled Angie back, put the cock cage back on Jonathan, and told him to go on to bed, then sat down in his place, spreading her legs and holding her slit wide open with the fingers of one hand while she held onto Angie’s collar with the other.

“My turn,” she told Angie, pulling her head forward.

Angie licked and sucked at the pussy presented to her, nuzzling Cara’s clit as she pushed her tongue as far as she could into Cara’s cunt. Cara let go of her collar and put the hand on the back of Angie’s head, moving her hips to grind herself against Angie’s face. Angie lapped up the fluid coming from Cara and angled her head up to suck at her clit. She felt juices coat her chin and drip onto her chest as Cara came.

She pushed Angie back and leaned down to kiss her, sucking at her sub’s lower lip and tasting herself there. She instructed Angie, “Stay,” and got into the shower. Cara bathed quickly. “You can stand up, now. Take your shower and come to bed,” she told her.

Angie yelped in pain as the warm water stung her back.

“You okay?” Cara asked from the bedroom.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Angie answered and edged carefully under the water again to wash her hair.

She dawdled around after her shower, drying her hair and enjoying the warm air on her skin, turning her back to the mirror and looking over her shoulder at the already darkening marks there.

Cara called again, “Come to bed.”

“Is that an order?” Angie grinned.

“Does it need to be?” She could practically hear the raised eyebrow in Cara’s voice.

Angie turned off the light and returned to the bedroom, climbing into bed obediently and snuggling down between Cara and Jonathan.


Waking up in the morning was very pleasant. Angie woke to her owner’s fingertips nestled into the top of her bare slit, massaging gently. Cara’s breast was right in front of her face when she opened her eyes, so she did the only thing that made sense. She opened her mouth and stretched her neck the tiny distance, taking Cara’s nipple into her mouth and suckling firmly at it. She felt a little jolt of pleasure when Cara moaned at the suction, then came right after it. Cara raised her fingers to Angie’s mouth to be licked clean.

The day was mostly uneventful. Cara sent Angie and Jonathan to her bedroom a few times, telling him to not allow Angie to peek out. She shook a finger at Angie, telling her that she’d ruin her own surprise, if she looked, and Angie obeyed.

Near noon, Angie began looking sleepy and behaving a bit sullenly. “Why are you being so whiny?” Cara asked after lunch, during which her redhead had thrown a French fry into Jonathan’s glass of soda.

“I’m not being whiny.” Angie gave her a petulant little glare.

“Oh, I beg to differ. I think you need a nap,” Cara clipped and gave her a look.

“I don’t need a nap. I’m not three.” Angie crossed her arms over her breasts.

“It’s either a nap or a spanking. Those are your choices. And I’m not talking about fun. I mean a spanking for your behavior.”

Angie frowned, but caved. “Yes, Ma’am.”

She went to the bedroom and crawled back into bed. Jonathan wasn’t far behind. When Cara looked in a little while later, they were snuggled up together, fast asleep.

Angie was awakened from her nap by the front door slamming closed. She got up, careful to not wake Jonathan, and went to the end of the hall to peer out. Daniel stood with Cara, one hand up the front of her sleeveless blue shirt to squeeze one breast. She turned around and leaned over the back of the sofa, pulling down her panties. Daniel unzipped his dark gray trousers and pulled them down his thighs, his cock springing free of them. He ran his hands over the curve of Cara’s hips and pulled her cheeks apart, then pushed his cock into her. Angie heard Cara grunt with the first entrance. She went into the room slowly, not hiding, giving either of them time to tell her to go away.

Cara turned her head to look at Angie, a breath huffing out of her with another thrust. “It’s okay, he’s just here to make a deposit,” she winked.

Angie watched as he pumped in and out of her Mistress. It seemed as if he were all business. He stopped and held Cara’s pussy tightly against him as he came, waiting a few moments before pulling out. Cara pulled her panties up and immediately went to lie down on the sofa, her hips tilted up with a throw pillow.

“Mind if I use your slut here to clean up?” he asked.

“Only her mouth. I have plans for the rest later tonight.”

He pulled Angie nearer to him and put a hand on her shoulder. She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth as he held his limp cock up for her. She licked his shaft from the root to the tip, until it was clean of come streaks and Cara’s juices. He pulled his underwear and pants up.

“Stand up,” Daniel told her.

She obeyed and he pressed his index finger into her slit. It slid right inside her.

“Nice and wet. What is your pussy getting ready for, hmm?” he asked.

“It’s always like that, Sir,” Angie answered, her eyes glazing over.

He raised an eyebrow and looked over the back of the sofa at Cara.

“She had to be warmed up at first, but after the first few months after she was officially my sub, she’s been wet constantly. She’s a very good girl.” Cara grinned.

Angie blushed and smiled at the praise her owner was giving her.

“I have to go,” Daniel told Cara, zipping and buttoning his trousers. “Just stopped in for a quick ‘deposit’, as you said.”

After he had gone, Angie sat on the floor beside where Cara lay. “I didn’t know you were still trying to get pregnant.”

“Of course.”
“Have you been trying the whole time?”

“On and off. Casual trying, I guess you could say. No charting periods or anything, except this month. I’m supposed to be ovulating today. Well, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

“Cool.” Angie smiled more brightly.

“What were you doing peeking in here, though?”

Angie tried to put on an innocent face, but she knew she’d been caught.

“You thought you might get a peek of your surprise.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Angie admitted.

“I won’t forget that, but I’m not going to punish you for it right now. You’ll get your punishment before your surprise tonight.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Later in the evening, though an hour or so earlier than the last couple of nights, Cara fed Angie and Jonathan. She let them chop ingredients for the vegetarian lasagna she made and let them sit at the table to eat. She allowed them to watch television while she cleaned up, then sat with them for a little while. At nine, she turned the TV off and beckoned them to follow her to the bedroom.

Cara had them stand at the door while she prepared the room. She put towels on the floor beside the bed, layering four of them and putting two extra on top of the dresser. She took four long, thick, light blue ribbons out of the toy drawer and put them on the bed, then took out a buttplug – not quite the thickest she had used on Angie – and the cane, putting the first beside the ribbons and holding the latter.

“Come here,” she told Angie, pointing to the floor beside the bed. When Angie had obeyed, Cara backed up a couple of feet. “I told you that you were going to be punished for trying to peek when I instructed you not to. Clasp your hands behind your head.”

Angie did as she was told. Cara drew the cane back and landed a burning weal right across the lower border between her areolas and the curve of her breasts. She whimpered loudly and jerked forward, but pressed her lips together and straightened. Cara gave her four more and the stripes showed almost immediately. There were two above her nipples and two below, all of them darkening red.

Cara put the cane back in the drawer and slapped each of Angie’s sore breasts once, making her whimper again. “Get on your knees and put your arms on the bed,” Cara told her, then turned to Jonathan, “Go bring me a chair from the dining room and kneel beside it.”

Angie knelt on the thin padding of the towels and stretched her arms out across the bed. Cara grabbed her left hand roughly and made a tight cuff around Angie’s wrist with one of the ribbons. She did the same to Angie’s right hand with another piece and tossed them across to the other side of the bed, then took the last two and tied one end of each around the redhead’s legs, just above her knees. Cara tied the free ends to the left and right feet on that side of the bed, pulling them tight enough that Angie’s legs were held wide, leaving her unable to protect her cunt by closing them.  She went around to the other side of the bed and tied the ribbons attached to Angie’s wrists to the far bedposts, pulling them short, the tension making the muscles of Angie’s upper arms ache a little.

Angie’s back, bottom, and thighs burned from the caning she had gotten the night before, but her breasts outright hurt from the new one as they pressed against the mattress. She tested her bonds and found herself very securely tied town. She hadn’t expected anything less. There was a cold toy pressing against her pussy, all of a sudden. She jumped a little at the temperature of it, but Cara gave a sharp spank to the purpling stripes on her ass, telling her non-verbally to stay still. Cara got the buttplug good and slick, then pushed it all at once into Angie’s ass, making the entrance to the hole burn with the sudden stretch.

Angie heard the chair legs as Jonathan came back and put it on the floor near the foot of the bed.

“Sweet little pussy, isn’t it, Jonathan?” Cara asked him.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Such a pretty little cunt, just for me to use.” Cara leaned down and cupped her hand over Angie’s mound, squeezing hard. “Who does this belong to?”

“Y-you, Ma’am,” Angie whispered.

She ran her fingers down each side of Angie’s slit, just the outer lips, to keep from stimulating it too much. She squeezed gently, making Angie groan and push against her hand.

“Do you remember what you did the other night, when I told you that you could do anything with my boy whore’s body, while I rode his face? Do you?” She slapped Angie’s face with her other hand, the sound it made being more shocking to Angie’s ears than the pain itself. “You sucked his cock. You could have put it up your cunt, but the first thing you went for was putting it in your mouth. But this sweet little whore cunt… it’s going to get a treat tonight. It’s going to get a real workout. Tonight, your cunt is nothing but a hole. That’s all you are, to a dog – another bitch with a free hole.”

Cara ran her middle and ring fingers lightly down the center of Angie’s slit. She felt the lubrication that was quickly growing. “And your hole is just plain hungry isn’t it? It gapes open for anything that wants a fuck at it. And dogs know just what it’s good for, don’t they? Don’t they?”

Angie grunted, twisting her hips, silently wishing that her Mistress would either put fingers inside her or take them away. But she would never say such a thing out loud.

Cara stepped back, licking her fingers quickly. “Your surprise,” she began, and Angie could hear the glee in her voice, “is a gangbang. I’ve been planning this for a while, but everyone just got their schedules in a place where they could participate.”

Angie gasped and tried to look over her shoulder.

Cara petted her hair. “I managed to get four dogs over for a little party, and their owners won’t be picking them up until morning. Just imagine all the fun they can have with you in all that time.”

Cara went out of her limited eyeline and left the room. She could just barely see Jonathan where he was on his knees, hands obediently behind his back, watching her. He licked his lips. Angie was suddenly nervous. She heard Cara coming back with a set of dog nails clicking against the hall floor beside her.

“Davey can have a go first, since he’s the smallest. And he was your first, after all. I sort of dog-napped him from your yard, but I’ll take him back tomorrow.” Cara took the leash off of Angie’s dog with an audible click.

The black Labrador knew what to do. In no time, he had mounted Angie and his knot was slipping in and out of her pussy. She was so wet that the knot popped in and out until it was nearly full size. The tip of his cock barely nudged against her cervix. She felt pre-come run down her thigh in a thin rivulet, then felt a rush of warmth inside when he came. His come ran around his knot and spilled down her legs, as well. When he had finished with her, he pulled his knot out easily and gave her slit a couple of swipes with his tongue before sitting down to lick himself.

Angie hadn’t let Davey fuck her in a long time – nearly six months. She felt badly for neglecting him so, but now she realized that she had grown physically in that time. Her vagina had lengthened, obviously, because she remembered vividly the way it felt when he had penetrated her cervix the first time he had fucked her. This time, his fully erect cock didn’t even seem as if it had gotten all the way through.

She heard Cara put the leash back on him and lead him out of the bedroom again. A couple of minutes later, her Mistress came back with a slightly heavier set of dog paws accompanying her.

“I couldn’t have them all in the room with you at the same time,” Cara told her, grinning with pleasure at the sight of Angie. “They’d end up fighting. They all see you as their property.”

Angie stretched to look over her shoulder. Seeing the spots of a Dalmatian, she knew that it was Bacchus. He pulled at his leash and pranced his feet in anticipation of getting to fuck her. Cara unclipped the leash and he trotted over, sniffing at her hole, then nudging his nose against the buttplug as he licked at her pussy lips. She moaned and angled her hips back a little. Bacchus hopped up and wrapped his front legs around her waist, humping at her exposed cunt as his sheath slid back. It was soft at first, but it rapidly swelled enough to firm up and enter her. Angie felt the long, thin cock stroking the back wall of her cunt. His knot widened until she could feel it pushing just into her entrance.

She grunted happily as the knot swelled enough that it wouldn’t pop right back out as he thrust and the tip pushed just through her cervix. She tightened the muscles inside her vagina and Bacchus panted harder against her shoulder, redoubling his efforts at breeding her. He went still and she felt more warm come pool. He left his cock inside her for a few minutes before beginning to tug to get it out. Angie felt her pussy stretch a bit as he gave a good, hard pull and un-tied from her.

Bacchus’ come running out was pleasant, in a strange way. Her clit throbbed with the desire to come and her cunt contracted involuntarily as she remembered that she still had two more dogs to go.

Cara let Bacchus finish licking himself clean before she reattached his leash and led him out of the room. Joey sniffed the air as Cara brought him back with her. His cock began peeking out almost as soon as he came into the bedroom. It had begun spurting thin jets of pre-come before he’d been led all the way to his bitch.

“Can I come, Ma’am?” Angie begged as Joey mounted her.

“Be patient,” Cara told Angie, giving her sub a stern look.

Joey’s cock stabbed at her, leaving wet streaks that cooled quickly high on her thighs and made her shiver even through the heat of extreme arousal. She tried to arch her back upward and downward, trying to help him slide down against her clit or up into her cunt, anything to get more stimulation. Finally, Cara reached between them and helped Joey’s aim. Angie grunted as he slipped in and began to hammer more quickly into her. His cock was already good and thick, and she could feel the tip widening her cervix further as it pushed in.

Cara could see Angie’s lips moving. She leaned closer to listen and heard Angie saying under her breath, “Please let me come, please let me come, please let me come…”

The redhead moaned, long and drawn out, as Joey knotted in her. He continued humping at her, pulling at the entrance to her sore cunt. She felt his come drain into her, adding to the come still inside. He panted and she felt his tongue loll against her back, just below her shoulder blade. Angie felt him move back, pulling at his knot, trying to free himself. She whimpered as he succeeded on his third attempt, stretching her hole painfully.

She closed her eyes tightly, concentrating on catching her breath and recovering somewhat while Cara led Joey back out of the room. Her cunt burned from over an hour and a half of constant use and ached from being stretched wide and being yanked by knots. After Joey had finished with her, she was decidedly sore. There was scoring over her ribs from all three medium-sized dogs, thin welts that were turning red and beginning to feel raw.

“Valentine hasn’t gotten to fuck anything since he fucked you last,” Cara said from right beside Angie. She hadn’t realized that her owner had come back so quickly. “Since Daniel’s Melissa is pregnant, she can’t take a dog cock safely. Just imagine how excited he is to get to use your whore cunt.”

Angie was suddenly overcome with fear. She wasn’t in enough pain to use their safeword, but she remembered what it was like the last time Valentine had been allowed to use her, and she was far sorer right now than she had been then.

As Valentine tried to mount, Angie tried to dodge around with her hips, trying to get just a little more time to rest. Cara stepped forward again, telling her “No!” very sharply and pulling on the dog’s collar until he sat down, cock already hanging out of his sheath. Cara grabbed the cane again and whipped it across Angie’s ass once. Angie gave a choked off little scream in shock.

Cara put the cane down on the mattress in front of Angie with a snap of the rattan against the blanket. She grabbed Angie’s face tightly between her thumb and forefinger, telling her, “You’re a fuckhole tonight. Nothing else. You’ll keep your cunt still and take it.”

When Cara let her go, Angie pressed her face against the blanket, ashamed of her behavior.

Cara patted Valentine’s head and he approached Angie again. He nosed at her pussy, then licked his nose. He began to lick her, washing her mound and part of the inside of her thighs, which had been coated with come. He curled his huge tongue into her raw cunt and Angie could feel it reaching deep. When Valentine stopped licking, he mounted her again immediately. His front paws hit the mattress on either side of her head with heavy thumps. He moved his front legs to clamp against her shoulders, holding his bitch down for breeding.

He didn’t hit home right away. His cock slid down her wet cunt and rubbed the length of it. There was just enough stimulation against her clit with his humps – she came, her cunt clamping down on nothing and her womb pushing out a little more or the come that still rested in it. She groaned low and her hips jerked involuntarily, forcing humping motions out of her sore body. She felt the warm fur of his chest against her back and heard him beginning to pant over her head. He adjusted his stance and succeeded. His cock slammed against her cervix with his first thrust inside, making her grunt and clench her hands into fists, pulling at her restraints.

Cara, still close, spoke again and Angie could hear the smile in her voice. “Mmm… I never get over the beauty of seeing that plump little mound split in half by a cock.

Angie whimpered loudly as the tip of Valentine’s cock found the cleft of her womb entrance and he began ramming his way into it. It felt like a rush of hard cramping as he wedged her cervix open to get his cock inside and she could feel tears flood her eyes as he pushed inch over inch of thick red cock through.

Cara turned and went to the chair she’d had Jonathan bring in. She sat down and spread her legs, resting one over the dining chair arm, and beckoned Jonathan over. Holding the outer lips of her slit apart with one hand, she instructed him, “Lick while I watch.” She ran the thumb of her other hand over one nipple as he began to lick and suck at her wet pussy.

The huge ball of flesh that created the dog’s knot pushed and pushed, finally cramming into Angie and making her whine. It finished swelling just inside her vagina, sealing it off and leaving no way for come to leak out. The knot stretched the walls of her cunt wide, making it ache. She could feel when his come had filled her womb completely, but he didn’t stop spurting when she was full. Her womb stretched to accommodate the thin dog come that was continually pumped into it.

Her cunt was so full that she couldn’t squeeze around his cock. Her tears spilled over and she let herself begin to cry steadily, half of her face pressed against the dark blue flowered blanket. Distantly, she heard Cara moan.

Cara put a hand on the back of Jonathan’s head and pressed his face against her cunt as she came, then pushed him back. “Good boy,” she told him as she got up. She stood and rubbed gently over her clit, enjoying the slight overstimulation. She went back to Angie and took the last clean towel, folding it into quarters and putting it on the floor beside her sub, then kneeling down on it. She reached down and rubbed Angie’s clit very, very gently. The pad of Cara’s finger stroked in long motions over the dusky pink, engorged little nodule. Angie gave a long, low whine. Cara continued, not allowing herself to be hurried, intentionally drawing Angie very slowly closer. When Angie finally did orgasm, it came in heavy but languid waves. It was like drowning in pleasure. She buried her face in the blanket and groaned through it. Cara didn’t stop, though. She changed the rhythm of her strokes, making them a little shorter and just a little faster. Angie came again, though not as gently this time. Her womb cramped as it tried to spasm around the dog cock and come that stretched and overfilled it. Her hips jerked in a more pronounced humping motion and her vagina clamped down around Valentine’s cock, the pressure on his knot making him begin thrusting against her again on instinct. He began shooting more come into her, making the pressure inside her increase, She grunted all the way through the second orgasm, her face turned to the side and unmuffled by the blanket, unaware of just how much like an animal she sounded.

By the time Valentine was ready to unmount Angie, she was nearly sobbing. He moved, pulling at her full cunt as he put his front paws on the floor and pulled one leg back over her to turn the tie. He stood ass-to-ass with her, waiting for the swelling of his knot to go down so that he could begin trying to separate from her. She hiccupped one sob after another as Valentine started yanking at her hole, attempting to get his knot out. She could feel that it was a bit smaller, but not nearly enough to pull out. After a couple of tried, he stood still again, but only for so long.

Cara rubbed Angie’s full, swollen abdomen, pressing against it and making Angie whimper. Her belly was tight. Cara took just a moment to entertain a fantasy about her sub being full of puppies. But just knowing that Angie was so full of come and cock that it hurt made Cara’s cunt ache and grow click again. She leaned her face close and kissed Angie’s wet cheek, telling her, “You’re so pretty when you cry like this.”

She backed up as Valentine started trying to pull out again and was glad that she did. He freed himself, his knot coming out with an audible sucking sound, and come surged out of Angie’s well-used hole.

Angie groaned, greatly relieved at the release. When Valentine sat down near the doorway to lick his cock, Cara went back to Angie again, putting the dry towel back down. She pressed firmly against Angie’s lower abdomen and smiled as more come drained out with the pressure. She put her fist into Angie’s cunt very easily, pushing her hand in as deep as she could. She extended her index and ring fingers while the rest curled against her palm, and pushed the two fingers through Angie’s dilated cervix, moving her fingers to stroke the inside of the redhead’s womb gently. She stopped stroking upward and just fingerfucked the cervix good and hard, listening to Angie’s fatigued moaning. She used her other hand to rub Angie’s clit roughly, forcing her through another orgasm. Angie grunted and pulled on the sturdy ribbons that held her down as her body jerked. Cara could feel Angie’s cervix clenching hard against her fingers. She pulled her fingers out while Angie was still spasming, keeping her hand up to the wrist in Angie’s come-slick cunt. After a few moments, after Angie’s orgasm had finished, Cara used one fingertip to push against her cervix again and found that it had shrunk down almost completely closed. She eased her hand out and removed Angie’s buttplug.

Cara had Jonathan take his shower while she sat and petted her exhausted sub. Angie drifted in and out of sleep, not quite catching anything that either of the others said until Jonathan had finished. Then she was being untied and walked to the bathroom.

Cara stood her in the shower and asked her, “Can you push out, like you’re trying to pee hard?”

Angie did, still in headspace to do exactly as ordered. She felt the last of the warm come, save what would just coat her insides for a while, run down her legs. She then felt her bladder release, but couldn’t bring herself to care in her exhaustion, especially since Cara didn’t say anything about it. Angie let herself be put in the bathtub and scrubbed from head to toe, then taken out and dried. Cara shook her awake enough that she would sit up by herself while her hair was blown dry and stand still without swaying off to one side as Cara smoothed baby powder over her warm skin, then massaged tightening cream deep into her cunt.

She petted Angie’s bare mound gently, kissing the spot where the slit began. “I love your sweet little cunt,” Cara told her, smiling. She looked at Angie’s sleepy, pleasure-drunk face. “If I ever say anything that bothers you afterward, you tell me. Okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Angie replied, nodding slowly.

“You don’t have to ‘Ma’am’ me now.”


“Okay what?”

“I’ll tell you if something bothers me.” Angie smiled and wobbled a little. “I like the way you talk to me during everything, though. It’s a really amazing turn-on, while I’m in that place mentally.”


Angie’s smile turned sleepy again. “Yeah, that.”

When she went back to the bedroom, Jonathan had cleaned up the area where she had been tied. Angie crawled into the bed and curled up in the middle. She was past exhausted and just felt limp, having been thoroughly worked over in more ways than one. She was sore pretty much everywhere, but it felt good, like she had run laps around the school track until her legs turned to jelly. She was dead to the world by the time Jonathan and Cara joined her.

Monday morning

Clattering on the bedside table nearest Angie woke her. She looked and saw Jonathan fully dressed, putting on his watch.

“You’re going?” Angie asked muzzily, eyes only half open.

He squatted down beside the bed. “I’ve got to go. I have to be at work in an hour.”

She poked out her lower lip in a pretend pout. He shook his head, smiled, and kissed her on the nose before picking up his things and leaving.

Angie turned over and wiggled until she was under Cara’s arm, soaking in her owner’s body heat. “Where does he work?” she asked.

“He doesn’t really work in a ‘where’. He’s a photographer, does freelance for pay and shoots artsy stuff for himself. He’s very good. I’ll have to remember to tell him to bring some things for you to see sometime.”

Angie had another hour before she needed to leave for school. She nuzzled against Cara’s arm and told her, “I’m glad I have you for my Mistress.”

Angie got dressed slowly, sore in muscles she didn’t realize she could make hurt. Once she moved around for a while, the stiffness relieved and it turned into a not altogether unpleasant burn.

Cara drove her to school. Before she got out, Cara pulled her close with a firm hand, pushing her collar up high. Angie felt it rub against the bone of her jaw. Cara leaned in and licked Angie’s neck, then kissed it and sucked at the spot a little. She bit the soft, pale flesh, holding it for a moment as Angie gave a little hiss in pain, then sank her teeth in just enough to make an obvious bite mark. When she let go, she licked over the area again and grinned, admiring the deep red, individual tooth indentations before lowering the collar back into its place, the strip of leather just barely covering her mark.

“Have a good day,” she said, smirking, and reached across Angie to open the door.

* * * Sorry for the long wait. I did not intend for this chapter to be so long! Those of you who said you liked longer chapters will be happy, at least. ;o) Feedback is almost as good as sex, so you can e-mail me at

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