My husband and I just bought a house in the old historic area of Shoreview. The house we always dreamed about but it needed a lot of work on the outside. Tim worked for Target Corporations and had to travel once or twice a month. He had a trip coming up several weeks after moving in but wanted to get the work started on the outside of the house.

So before his trip he started interviewing several contractors to start repairing the wood trim and paint the house. After several interviews he selected a contractor and scheduled the work to start while he was out of town. I have always considered my self-attractive and keep my self in great shape; I am 5’-4, 110 lbs, and blue eyes with blonde hair shoulder length and 36-C breast that are nice and firm. Tim always said my best feature was my long sexy legs; it drove him crazy when I wrapped them around him as we made love pulling him deep. Tim was an average man well built with a nice 6-1/2 cock, he is not the only man I have slept with but his 6-1/2 was the biggest cock I ever had and I loved it.

It was a hot morning in June and I was working in the kitchen and since it was hot I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink halter top trying to keep cool when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was the contractor my husband hired to work on the house, he introduced himself to me and said his crew was setting up to start work. He was going to hang around to help and then he needed to go off and check on another job.
He introduced me to his crew when I saw this young black man about 29 years old lifting the scaffolding out of the truck. Ben was every bit 6’ plus with huge arms and shoulders and a very muscular body, he was totally sexy and hot, I could not take my eyes off his body.

I went back to work in the kitchen to finish what I was doing when Ben raised a ladder in the backyard to work on the roof trim. I could see him clearly through the kitchen window the view of his strong tight body was excellent. Little by little he was moving the ladder down the house until he was in front of the kitchen window. When he climbed up I ducked out of the way as I did not want him to know I was watching him. While he was scrapping the trim I got a good close view of Ben and that is when I noticed the nice large lump in his pants. My mind was taking off wondering what was underneath those tight jeans. Later that night as I lay in bed I was stroking my wet pussy fantasizing about Ben and his hard sexy body and wondering if he had a big cock like the rumor of all black men. Soon I had my vibrator going pretending Ben was fucking me with his big black cock. I had an orgasm like I never had as I laid in bed wondering what it would really be like.

The next day I showered and fixed myself up, dressed in a pair of tight pink shorts and a low cut tight white tee shirt. The crew showed up early to get a jump on the heat, Ben was working in the back again so I went out on the deck to water my flowers. When I went out I said good morning and went about watering the flowers. I could see Ben’s reflection through the window and I could see him checking me out like I was with him yesterday. We talked a bit and I made sure he had a good view of my breast from the ladder; the low cut shirt gave him a nice view from the ladder. As I finished I told him if he needed anything-just yell. The doorbell rang around mid morning and when I opened the door to my delight it was Ben. He had removed his shirt due to the heat and I had a fine view of this young mans muscular upper body and was total caught up in the view.

Ben explained the rest of the crew had gone to the paint store to get the paint and he was wondering if he could get some ice for his water jug. I invited him into the kitchen and showed where the ice was. When he finished filling his jug he looked up and caught me staring at his sexy body. He asked if there was anything wrong I said "no" but he knew what I was doing. "You want the same thing that all your white sisters want" and then he move closer to me and looked me in the eye. "Relax I know what you want and I am prepared to let you have it." I started to get nervous about what I was about to do as I reached to touch his hard chest. Ben pulled me close and kissed me has his hands grabbed my ass. "I will take care of you" and he kissed me deeply. My hand fell down to his crotch and squeezed it to let him know I wanted it. Ben pulled my top off and kissed my breast and then my neck, he whispered "your going to have a real man now."

My hand was shaking as I unfastened his pants and reached in to find a thick long black cock that was still soft. Ben forced me to my knees and pulled is black cock out for me and held it to my mouth. I took the thick shaft and started to suck the head getting my lips around it and it was still soft as he grew so did my eyes. Soon Ben was fully erect to at least nine inches and at least two and half to three inches thick. He pulled me up and ripped my shorts off and lifted me onto the breakfast bar, spread my legs open and started to finger fuck my pussy. He looked at me and said "I know what you rich white bitches want, you have these rich husbands with tiny dicks and you want a real man." My heart was racing as he spread me open and started to lick my clit as I became wet with anticipation for his black meat. Ben soon had me gushing as he rose up and positioned himself between my legs; I reached down and guided the head of his cock to my slippery slit. "You cant wait, can you bitch?" as he pushed the head of his cock in my pussy stretched wide open. At first it hurt but my juices started to flow as he slowly buried his black meat into me inch by inch. He had about eight inches in me as he pulled out and pushed back in deep. I screamed and moaned out load as the head of his cock hit the back wall of my cervix. Ben slowly picked up the pace soon he was fucking me hard deep and fast. All I could do at first was spread my legs wide so his thick black cock could had its way with me.

<>I soon started to reach at orgasm and wrapped my legs around his hard ass pulling him in deep. I threw my arms around him rocking my hips to his every thrust. I exploded like I have never before; I just kept coming in waves of pleasure. Ben pulled me down off the counter turned me around and positioned himself behind me. He forced my legs to spread by positioning his feet between them and pushed his cock in deep this time I took it all as his ball slapped my ass as he drove in. He grabbed my hips as he fiercely fucked me to another exploding orgasm, slapping his balls against me each time he plunged into my wet dripping white slut pussy. Ben’s breath increased as I new he was about to explode, I yelled out "yes, baby fuck me, fuck my white pussy and I started to slam up against his thrust. The head of his cock swelled deep inside of me as Ben droved in and moaned, I could feel his cock erupt deep inside of pulsating with every shot of cum.
Ben remained in me for what seemed a full minute as his cock jerked and throbbed.
As we pulled apart, I remained laying on the counter feeling his hot cum drip out of my gapping stretched pussy and run down my inner thigh. Ben took his fingers and wiped it up and stuck them in my mouth for me to lick clean. He looked at me and said "now you have had a real black cock and a mouth full of black seed."

The contractors worked on the house for a week and during half  the time I let Ben fuck me several times. In fact one night he stayed overnight, I figured he might as well since my husband wasn't coming home yet and I couldn't help resist this cock.

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