hii......i am here to tell you my real story about initiating my real sister into sex at very young age.it happened when i was in mbbs 2nd yr and my sweet sister was in 8th std.i came from hostel for week end holidays.my mom and sister were discuusing about study.my sister was complaining about her teacher who left the last chapter of biology for the students to self study she was saying ?i tried my best but couldn,t understand<i was amused at the conversation as i knew that chapter was regarding reproduction and female teachers usually feel shy to teach this to co-ed classes.my mother immediately came with a sugestion why she don,t get the help of her brother?who is fortunately at home.my sister blushed but didnt say anything.my mom very innocently asked me to help my little darling sister out of the mess created by her teacher.i was more than happy to teach my sweet sister but she was reluctant obviously.

                             at last i manipulated my sister to come on terrace as we can discuss the problem there at night.my sister came on the terrace and i made an immaculate plan to enjoy the budding beauty tonight..i talked to her aboit her studies other than this topic slowly she was opening up .ultimately i came to the SUBJECT concerned and asked her what she didnt understand?she said nothing is clear....i made a point that science cannot be understood without practicals..she nodded in agreement ................i sat on the bench and asked her to sit beside and started enquiring if she new about the  anatomy of female organs (she being a female)she said .....not properly.it was a god sent opportunity for me and i grabbed it at once....i told herwhat is vulva ?and placed my hand in between her thighs to explain......she shuddered a bit .i asked her to relax.then i went ahead to explain about labia majora ,mons pubis and ant post commissures........she was not aware of these words ..she felt elated at the knowledge i was giving her .then i whispered into her ear that it wont be possible to explain further as she was wearing a panty.i sugested her to remove it.she was reluctant first but relented after sometime.now my sister was sitting inly in her top lingerie without a panty below.i asked her to sit in my lap so that i could explain easily.she obeyed my orders and my hand started to touch her vulva,s internal portin and i explained each and every thing about female anatomy to my sister by touching her clit etc.then she got an info from me that there are two openings in her vulva one for urie and other one one for reproduction........she laughed heartily at this as she was not knowing that she herself was having two openings there.........i put my finger into her vagina slowly and told her its significance..........her eyes were wide open when i revealed to her that child will come out of this canal...............she said --how is this possible?its too small......

               then came the turn of male oegan ................i put my penis in her hands.......she blushed again and refused to take it in her hand.....but i told her it would be easy for her to remember its structure by doing so...then she felt a bit comfortable with my 6 inch dick..i explained to her the significance of erection and glans,perpuce etc...testicles

then came the real thing....................the coitus.i explained to her the process of coitus intentionally in a complex way...she asked me that she didnt get it ...............then i took her to the annexe on terrace where a bed was there i asked her to lay down there i will explain it to her.....i started with significance of foreplay...she didnt know about it...i took my swet sister in my arms and explained that this different feeling she is having while in my arms ismeant to prepare her body for sex..i kissed her lips and cheeks..after a few minute she started enjoying my foreplay then i came over her to explain the correct  position for coitus...and subsequently i separated her legs and placed my fully erect penis in her pudendal cleft and slowly directed it to her depth .......till now she was on cloud nine with her eyes closed and breathig heavily..i took this opprtunity and pushed my penis into her vagina after breaking her hymen............ouchhhhhhh...ahhh......ayeeeee.......such sounds were coming from her lips whenever my lips slipped from hers ....but i made it sure that my lips kept hers tightly closed till the end of the game................after 10-12 strokes i felt her vagina squeezing on my penis and her nails were making me feel on my back..........with this i shot my semen deep in her vagina to teach her the final step of coitus....................

while in my arms i asked her if she learnt everything about this topic or something is left.........she smiled mischiviously and sad i think we will have to repeat COITUS

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