In that afternoon, Flower Andrews a mother of 42years old, got fucked by Eddie, a 17years old black boy, Mike (me) a 17years old boy and her son, Frank also 17.
Nothing much changed since then, besides some afternoons spent fucking Mrs Andrews, but nothing else but that.

One day, I was at home having nothing to do, I logged in the messenger but nobody was on, I turned on teh tv but there was nothing interesting.
"God damn what am I gonna do today?" Then something came to my head....Mrs Andrews! I decided to go to her house to see if she was there and whising Mr Andrews wasnt there. Well not that his presence would make anything impossible since Mrs Andrews had already gave me a blowjob in the kitchen while Mr Andrews was in the living room watching tv.
I walked to Mrs Andrews and Franks house, I rang the bell and after some seconds Frank came to the door.
"Hey man whats up?"

Frank came to the door just in his boxers, he was a little overweight,6.16ft tall, his belly was flacid but he had broad shoulders. I looked at him just in his boxers and noticed a huge bulge, Frank was a hung guy, he had a 9inches cock covered in throbing veins.
"Damn you're fucking your mom already?? Looks like im just in time to join in!"
"Hey Mike! No my mom isnt even at home. I'm inside playing some computer games with John. Wanna come in?
"Hmm yeah sure"
Why the fuck was Frank just in his boxers playing computer with John???
Well John is 18years old, he is the intelectual of the group he is kind of a bookworm, and we all suspect he is gay. Because of the way he talk and acts and he never had a girlfriend. Hes not a bad looking guy, hes 6.1ft, dark hair and like Frank, e is a little overweight too. He was a rich boy, his father is retired from air force but he is very ill, hes been at the hospital for the past few months.

"Oh hey Mike!"
"Hey there John!"
"So you're all alone?" I asked
"Yea mom and dad are out. Hey wanna play some fifa?"
"Yea sure"
Frank turned the playstation on and we both sat down on the 2 person sofa, John was standing.
"John get here and continue what you were doing!"
"What?? But...Mike.."
"Mike is our bro man! And if we fucked my mom together he certainly can see this!"
"What the fuck but see what?" I was getting confused.
"Just get here John!"
John walked around the sofa and got in front of Frank, he looked at me and back at Frank with some doubts.
"Man just do it its ok, Mike is cool."
He got on his knees between Franks legs and pulled his boxers down, his veiny 9incher pointed straight in the air. John looked at me afraid of my reaction.
"Damn! I always suspected you were gay John! I have nothing against it but I never thought you were in that stuff too Frank!"
"Well man I'm not gay! I just get my cock sucked and sometimes I give his ass a fuck, nothing else!"
Meanwhile John lost his fear and put his hands on Franks cock and started hungerly sucking it. Its was a bit weird at the beggining to see my friend JOhn sucking Franks cock, but it was getting me horny too, seeing a man being so humiliated by another.

"How did this start?"
"Well you remember that time that I got really drunk that I had to stay at Johns home for the night? In the morning after I was having a shower, and he just walked in and started sucking my cock in the shower. Lets start playing now!"
We were playing playstation while John was sucking Franks cock the slurping and sucking sounds were making me lose my concentration, and Franks too.
"Damn this fag his a good cock sucker! You should try it Mike! Hey John why dont you suck Mike too? He has a big cock too just like you like them!"
John stopped sucking Frank and moved between my legs now and unzipped my pants pulling ym 8inches fat cock out. He stroked it and after admiring its thickness, he started sucking it.
After some minutes of sucking the game was over, Frank stood up while JOhn was still sucking my fat cock, stripped him down exposing his ass in the doggystyle position.
"This is like a womans ass you see, he even shaves it!"
Frank spit on his cock and on Johns asshole, and sticked his 9inches in Johns ass, strugling his way in he finally made it all in.
"Ooooh fuck! Its so big Frank!"
Frank kept ramming his cock harder and harder for some more minutes untill he invited me to try it too. I got behind John and I tried to put my cock in his ass, but it was very fat, after some more tries I finally made it in.
"So how is it Mike?"
"Well its not as tight as your moms ass, but its still a good fuck."
I kept pumping his ass for some minutes, untill Frank blew his load on JOhns face and I cummed inside his ass.
"Ooh so good! I love your big cocks, thanks guys I was realy needing it, I'm having a bad time at home because of my dad you know! Moms really down too"
"Well maybe some big cocks would do your mom some good too!"
"Hey my mom is not a bitch she wont let you fuck her so dont even try it!"
"Ahaha chill out man" I said.

We played some more playstation while John sucked some more cock and then we decided to go for a walk. We walked around town for some time and we decided to have something to eat at Johns house. John lives with his mom and his 14years old brother since his father is now at the hospital, When we got there only his mother was at home, we found her sitting on the sofa crying.
"Mom whats up??"
"Ooh boys hello! Sorry I wasnt expecting anyone"
"Whats wrong mom?"
"Nothing honey just the usual you see. I'm always alone now, I miss your dad around.."
You miss a cock I thought, I walked next to her.
Mrs Connors, is a 47year old mother of two sons, she is kind of short, 5.3ft tall. She hasnt got big tits, theyre small and perky, shes not too fat or too thin, she has dirty blonde short hair and her ass is fine for her age, quite firm, not too big, just great. they are a rich family so she is a snob woman that think that they are better than the others, little did she know that her loved son has just been drooling on my fat cock a couple of hours before.

"Dont be sad Mrs Connor, everything is gonna get better" I said standing next to her, her head was at the height of my cock, I placed my hand on her head while saiyd her some comforting words.
"Aww thanks Mike, I just miss him.."
"What do you miss most Mrs Connors?"
" know..I miss him around and stuff..couples do"
John looked at me with a fierce look, I just gave him a smirk.
I placed her head on my waist and she kept on crying, her head was right next to my cock still not touching it.
"Mom you better go get some rest to your bedroom!"
John was scared of the way things were going and was trying to stop it.
"John your mother doesnt need to be alone, she needs people around here, so let her stay here" I said.
"Yea honey Mike is right!" She moved her head a little and finally touched my cock. She freezed when she felt the volume of my fat cock. Then she rubbed gently feeling a little more of it, and I was getting hard and bigger.
"You know Mrs Connor, we can make you feel really better. You need people around you, we can stay around, you miss your husband and sex, and you see...(I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard 8incher out) we can give you the best sex you have ever had!"
"Oh God Mike what are you doing???" She jumped away and sat back on the sofa scared with the sight of my fat cock.
"Shit man stop it!" John said.
"You see ma'am, this big cock can give you what you are missing, a big piece of young hard meat up inside you hungry pussy!"
"Watch your tongue boy!"
"Come on I know you want it!" I slowly started to stroke it, her eyes wer wide oppeneed looking and my cock.
"Put it back in Mike, this is disrespectful, I'm a married and serious woman!"
"Come on Mrs Connor you wan're liking it" I placed my hand on her head, and gently pulled her head next to my cock, with the other hand I guided my cock to the entrance of her mouth. She slightly oppened her mouth, she was afraid, then I rubbed my cock in her mouth, and she started oppening her mouth more and more, licked the tip of the head, the around it, and finally she took the head in her mouth.
"What the fuck mom! Stop this!"
"Shut up faggot!" Frank said, comming next to Mrs Connor and unzipping his pants too. Again, Mrs Connor eyes oppened wide in surprise when she saw Franks 9inches veiny cock.
"Holy shit how can you young guys be so big!"
She kept sucking my cock and stroking Franks, then she switched. I started to undress her, licked her nipples and made them rock hard, then I moved down and undressed her pants and panties revealing her unshaved 47year old pussy.

"Hey look here John, this is where you came out ehehe!"
"Join in man!" Said Frank.
"No! I cant fuck my son!"
"So what? I've fucked my mom too!"
John moved in closer a little afraid. Meanwhile I was eating Mrs Connor pussy with my mouth.
"Come on man! If you dont want her to suck you at least help her suck me!" Frank said.
"What?? Are you gay son? I've always suspected it!"
"Eheh yes he is! He has just sucked me and Mike a while before, and I bet his ass is still sore from our big cocks!"
"Oooh honey come here! Let me suck you then!"
John moved next to her mom, she pulled his pants and boxers down. Johns cock wasnt as big as Franks or mine, he was 5 and a half inches and really hard. Mrs Connor started sucking her sons cock that lasted only 2 minutes untill he came hard on his moms mouth.
"Wow that was fast honey, you'll just get used to it!"
"And now you'll get used to another thing! Spread your legs bitch!" I said.
I guided my fat cock inside Mrs Connor pussy that felt so tight around me.
"OOOOh fuck its so big Mike!"
I started pumping her harder and harder while she sucked Franks cock, John was hard already and her mom sucked him too.
"Let me get some of that pussy too man" I switched places with Frank and now he was stuffin 9inches of hard young meat deep inside her dripping pussy.
"Come fuck me now honey!"
JOhn was inside the hole, from where he came out, Mrs Connor wasnt getting much of pleasure from her sons dick since her pussy was already stretched by the previous big cocks, but the image of her son fucking her made her really horny.
After some minutes of fucking her in missionary style, I sat down next to her with my cock pointing in the air.
" Come sit here Mrs Connor!" She sat on top of me and felt my 8inches filling her inside and stretching her 47years old pussy. She rode my cock while sucking on Franks and JOhn, was licking her pussy and my cock going in and out of it. I pulled her legs up in the air sticking her ass out.
"Lick your mommas ass faggot! Make it wet for me!"
"What?? You're not gonna fuck me in the ass!"
"Oh yes I will! You'll love it just ask your son! He loves it!" JOhn was licking his moms ass. "Now put my cock in her ass fag!"
He grabbed my cock and forced it in her wet asshole, it was really tight and took me a while to get inside her but finally we made it in.
"Arggg its hurts! Take it out Mike please! It burns!"
"It'll get better just relax!"
I pumped her harder and harder and now her ass was already used to my cock.
"Oooh shit its so tight! Isnt it better now bitch?"
"Oh yeah! Fuck it Mike! Fuck my old ass boy!"
"And you suck my dick bitch" Frank said.
I didnt need to pump her ass no more because now, she was jumping on it, furiously riding my cock down to the balls, while sucking Franks along with John.
"Let her ride me now Mike" Frank said. And Mrs Connor moved to Frank and sat her pussy on his cock and I took his place in her and Johns mouth.
She was having the best fuck of her life, she was loving having two young big cocks fucking her, and her gay son helping her with the sucking.
After having my cock sucked for a while, I moved behind Mrs Connor and put my 8incher in her ass.
"Ooh shit!!! Two at the same time! I cant handle those two monsters at the same time! They're filling me so much!"
She started screaming wildly, and me and Frank went harder on her, really furiously fucking her ass and pussy. She was having several orgasms and we were reaching ours. She was going crazy, she was shaking all over and her pussy was running like a fountain.
"Fuck I'm gonna cum!" Frank said.
"So am I" I said.
And we both got out of her, and with her laying on her back, we cummed all over her face and tits, as well as John did. We then realised that Mrs Connor had fainted! The 47years old woman has fainted with the orgasms that two of her sons friends, two hung 17years old boys had just gave her.

"Come suck my cock clean John" Frank said.
"Yeah and clean mine too!"
John sucked the rests of cum out of our cocks and when he was done, we got dressed and prepared to leave.
"Well we're leaving man" I said "I bet we cheered your momma up a bit, actually we'll come cheer her some more times ehehe"
"Ehehe cya John"
And we left the house, with Mrs Connor still fainted on the floor soaked in our cum and with her sore ass and pussy, and John licking our cum out of her.


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