About 2 months ago I had a little baby boy, but I had chosen to give it up for adoption.  I went to California to start a new life again.  My uncle had invited me to come stay with him until I got on my feet.  As I got of the airplane I could feel that my shirt was all wet.  I guess that my milk was still coming in.  I would always pump my own breasts because I loved the natural bigness I got from it.  I was double D's.  I was a bit embarassed when my uncle saw my shirt.  I needed to pump. 

"What happened to you?" he asked

"Oh I just spilled a drink"  I said, trying to be as normal as I could.

We soon pulled up to his house and I ran to the bathroom.  I began squeezing my breasts at the same time into the sink.  Milk was just flowing everywhere.  I guess I didn't close the bathroom door because all of a sudden I saw my Uncle standing there. 

"What are you doing?" he asked all confused.

"Im sorry, but I needed to get the milk out it was making my damn tits so hard."

I could see his big bulge in his pants.  

"Let me help you."

"oh no, its okay."

All of a sudden he came up to me, turned me around, stared at me through the mirror while he placed his big hands on each of my  breasts.  I all of sudden became turned on.  My big eraser nipples got sooo hard so fast.  He squeezed each tit and pulled a little.  My milk was flowing fast.  coming down all  over my stomach and his hands. I let out a small moan.

"Yea, you like that?"

"mmmm hmmm" My breaths getting deeper.

He started rubbing my nipples making them so hard they were starting to hurt.  I loved it.  I began breathing heavily and didn't care that this was wrong.

"Are you going to be my little titty slut?"

"Fuck yea, anything for you."

"are you going to keep giving me all you milk? like a good little whore?"

"hell yea."

He turned flipped me around and picked me up.  He carried me to the kitchen and placed me on the counter and took off my shirt.  

"Let Daddy see how Mommy's milk taste."

He let my left tit into his mouth. Fuck, it felt good.  He began sucking nice and hard.  My breast were starting finally feel relief.  

"That's it daddy.  Drink all the milk its all for you."  I kept rubbing his hair.  He reached down and pulled out his cock never letting my tit go. I was surprised by the size of his cock.  But he loved sucking my tit.  He finally moved to the next tit and sucked eagearly like a little baby.

"Oh fuck yea daddy suck it all!"  I couldn't resist and placed my hand on my clit and began to rub it furiously.  

"fuck your a fuckin little slut.  I knew you would be my perfect little whore."

he finally grabbed me and placed me on his cock.  f\

"oh shit, your cock is nice and big."

"look at your milk.. Im  not even touching your big tits and they are still letting milk come out."

All his dirty talk turned me on and I started to cum all over.  Screaming and moaning wanting more and more.  I couldn't help myself. He kept fucking me and fucking me. telling me that I was his little slut and that he couldn't wait to nut all inside.  

"Your going to make me cum again."

"Cum all over daddys cock for me.  Make it all wet."

I fucking nutted again.  

"Are you ready for me? Im going to nut in you, you little slut. ? Tell me how much you love my big cock pounding your whore pussy."

"I love it daddy, Nut in me and make me yours.  YOu like my tits bouncing and leaking all over? Yea, all this milk is for you."

He couldn't hold it in any longer..

"Squirt your milk all over me bitch."

I grabbed my titties and started squeezing.  As soon as the first drop of milk landed on his face I felt him release his load over and over again.

"thats it slut. give me your milk."

I squirted evey last bit all over him. He loved it.  And he just couldn't get enough of me and my tits. 

To be continued... 

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Sam Walter avatar hey that's good! if u have some snaps of yr milky tits then plz send me on ashishguss@yahoo.com. i am interested in u!
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