Hey Guys,

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself.  I'm 23, 5'9", and about 160.  And in pretty good shape.  I would say on of my best assests is exactly that!  Now, I've been attracted to womenall my life, I even have a girlfriend.  But lately I've been fantasizing alot about a nice, big , sexy dick!  And there'e just some things a girl can't satisfy.  Let me tell you a little about this nice cock I've been dreaming about.

It was a saturday afternoon, I was sitting around my apartment just chillin out.  Having a few beers and smokin a little green, if you know what I mean.  A couple of weeks ago I met this guy on the internet.  His name was phil and he was in his thirty's and I kinda liked the idea of flirting with an older man so we hit it off pretty good.  We really had some hot conversations, the way he flirted with me really made my ass hot.  I finally got the courage to give him a call that day and he was excited to come hang out.

 Knck Knock.  I got up to answer the door.  In walked Hank, and man... did he look good.  I offered him a seat and asked if he wanted a beer.  "Sure."  He looked at me with his piercing and sexy eyes.  "Alright, hold on a sec."  I came back to find Hank examining my piece.  "You smoke?" i asked.  "Well not a lot, but I do enjoy it when I do."  I wasn't an avid smoker, just once a week or so.  But when I do I get super horny!  "well I'll pack us a little treat then."

We smoked a little and had a few beers while we watched TV and conversed for a bit.  I hadn't eaten much that day so I was getting pretty buzzed.  And really horny!!  I noticed that hank was giving me some pretty sexual looks, and I suddenly realized I was doing the same thing.  "I'm bored how bout you?"  I asked, lying of course, cause I wasn't bored at all.  In fact all I could think of was reaching into his pants and feeling how big his cock was.  "Well, what do you feel like doing?"  "I kinda have the munchies, but I don't feel like any food."  At that he reached his arm aroung me and said, "well, I can think of something you might like." 

With that I wasted no time hand moved my hand to his crotch.  I slid it down his leg first and gently around his bulge.  His pants were getting tighter as his cock began to swell.  I couldn't tell exactly how big it was yet, but I knew it was gonna feel good in my mouth.  Slowly, i unzipped his pants and reached my hand around his shaft.  I played with it a first, circling my hand around gently and teasing.  I looked up at him and our eyes met.  He slid down and kissed me deep and hard.  I managed to slide his boxers down enough just so his cock could spring out.  I put my hand around it at first, it was big and strong.  And he had a really nice , thick head.  I couldn't wait to put it in my mouth.  I damn near drooled over it.  I slowly bent down and slid my tounge in a circle around his sexy dome.  "Mmmm" he moaned as he thrust his hips up and pulled his pants down a little further.  I let his cock slide into my lips, keeping my tounge pressed firmly on his shaft.  He grunted with pleasure.  Sucking on his cock, I started getting really horny and my ass was lusting for his dick.  I moved down onto the floor and positioned myself a little better.  I sucked harder and faster, as he pushed his hand on the back of my head.  His cock was hitting the back of my throat and it still barely fit.  He pushed me down further and further, his cock sliding deeper, and deeper down my throat.  He started to really moan and buck his hips, I think he almost came in my mouth!  I stopped sucking and looked up at him with a playful smile.  He motioned for me to climb up on the couch.  As I did he pulled my clothes off.   Everything but my briefs.  I usually wear boxers but chose the briefs cause I knew I looked great in them!  He directed me on to all fours, and slowly slid my underpants down to my ankles. 

I arched my back and and stuck my ass in the air.  It was so ready for that big rod of his.  "I'll bet you want so more of this don't you?"  "Uh huh" I responded.  He  was gentle at first.  Sliding his hand up the back of my leg and around my torso.  He moved in closer and I could feel his warm breath on my skin.  I got goosebumps all over of course.  He pulled my cheeks apart and slid his tounge around my tight little hole as he slid one hand around my waist and one hand between my legs to my, now rock hard, cock.  He stroked me back and forth as he lubricated my hole with mouth. 

Once I was good and wet he pushed me over the arm of the couch and moved my legs to the side, my underwear still wrapped around my ankles.  he held my waist firm as he slid his finger into my tight little hole.  I moaned with delight!  He worked his finger in far to warm me up a  bit.  It felt so good and I started to feel a little teased.  I wanted that delicious cock in me NOW!  but he let me squirm a bit first.  Then when he was satisfied I was ready he pulled his finger out and pushed his dick into me.  His head was throbbing as it forced its way into my tight virgin ass.  I couldn't help but moan, it felt so big.  He let my ass adjust for a little, and get used to him.  He lowly slid into me farther and farther as I yelped in painful pleasure.  He thrust into me over and over till I was good and stretched. 

He pulled out of me and layed sortof diagonal on the couch.  My ass got a sense of relief adn I realized how sore I was.  But I still wanted more.  He pulled me around layed me on his lap.  I took control for a bit and grinded my hips around his lap, his cock was pushing between my legs.  I let it slip between my cheeks a bit and play with it for awhile.  It must have drove him crazy cause he quickly got impatient and grabbed me, firmly.  He slid his cock up into me and penetrated!!  With his strong arms wrapped around me he pulled downward.  Deeper, and deeper into my butt. 

His pace quickened and I soon found myself bouncing on his lap, up down his rod.  It felt sooo GOOD as it slid in and out of me.  Just as I thought we were both about to explode.  He lifted me off him and onto all fours agian.  This time he wasted no time as we switched positions.  His cock quickly found my hole and forced its way deep into me agian.  He really started to pound me now, and I couldn't help but yell.  His hips were slapping into me and making my cheeks red.  His cock felt gigantic!!  He pounded and penetrated me over and over for what seemed like hours as the painful fucking drove me to climax!!  Hot, creamy cum shooting out of my dick made my pelvis clench in tighter around him.  And soon he too was shooting warm man juice deep into my body.  He held me close as his cock spasmed inside me.  We layed there for a bit in exhaustion, we kissed long and sensual.  "So, do you wanna stay the night?" I gave him a hungry look.  "Of course!"  We had to wait awhile, of course, but eventually he was back at it.  And he fucked me long into the night.


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