In the middle of August, me and two friends spent one week at another friends house. We were all 18 at the time and my friends parents went out on a vacation trip to Mexico leaving the house all alone to my friend and his 15 years old sister.

 We moved in and we unpacked our bags in the bedroom where we were all going to sleep, while the girl was going to sleep alone in her bedroom. Let me tell you about everyone:

Me, my name is Mike and I am a 6.03ft guy who plays football for a long time, so I have this ripped muscular hairless body that had a lot of success among girls.

Tom, he is the owner of the house, he's short, 5.57ft and he used to swim but he has quit so he now has a bigger belly than before. His friends from the pool call him Tommy, we heard it's because he has a small dick but we never really knew the truth.

Frank, he is very tall, 6.20ft, he never played any sport so he has a flacid body. He is always saying that he has a big cock and actually, he used to date one of our girl friends and she never said he was liyng but she never said it was true either, so we never knew for sure.

Zeke, his mother is black but his father is not, so he has this brown skin and curly african hair. He's 5.75ft tall and very slim, his arms and legs are half of mine but he has a ripped chest. He is kind of hairy in his arms and legs and chest.

Claire, she is Tom's sister, she is 15 years old but has a great body. She is 5.37ft and a long brown hair. Her ass is big round and full and her tits are kind of big, not too big though but they are big for her age. She was very outgoing but she also spent lots of time locked in her bedroom surfing on the net.

 In the morning, we the boys went to the beach on Tom's car while Claire stayed home alone, and we got back in the middle of the afternoon because Tom works part-time on a restaurant. So when we came from the beach, Tom had a quick shower and left for work. After that Zeke and Frank had their shower and I was the last one to go. When I got to the bathroom that was on the second floor right between our bedroom and Claire bedroom, I got undressed and when I was going to put my dirty clothes aside I noticed the dirty clothes basket and I thought maybe there would be some dirty panties of Claire. And there they were, a little pink thong, I held it and smelled it and I noticed a small stain on the pussy spot, I noticed too that there weren't any hairs on the panties, nice! I put them back in the basket and turned myself to the mirror. I was admiring myself, my gorgeous muscular body and down to my cock, my cock was 8inches when hard and really fat, but it wasnt hard now, it was soft hanging down, bouncing around while I moved along with my huge hairless balls. Suddenly the door oppened and I was caught by surprise and quickly turned to the door. And there was Claire, when she saw me there she looked me into the eyes with her mouth oppened with surprise because she thought the bathroom was empty, the I saw her eyes moving down from my face, through my chest and down to my fat piece of meat, her mouth oppened even more.

"Holy shit! Mike I'm sorry I thought there wasnt anyone here, sorry!" And she rushed herself out of the bathroom closing the door behind her.

 I looked back to the mirror laughing at what has just happened, and two minutes later when I was going to turn the water on to take my bath the door oppened again but this time it was no accident. Claire got in locked the door behind her and looked straight at my cock.

"Damn Mike can I just touch it? That is fucking huge!"

"Claire what are you doing? You better leave before someone comes here!"

"No one is comming, they are downstairs playing playstation and they just think I'm in my room. I just wanna touch it!Please!"

"I dont know Claire, you're Toms sister.."

She didnt even hear me, she walked at me, not even looking at my face, just my cock, she gently touched it with the tip of her finger, the she moved her hand like she was cleaning it and finally put her hand around it, actually, tried to put her hand around it because her little hand couldnt get aroung my fat cock.

"Damn it's so big and fat, and heavy too!"

She stroked it up and down twice, and dropped on her knees, stroked it some more and started playing with my heavy balls with the other hand. She kept admiring it, every inch of it, from the balls to the tip of the big head.

She moved her head closer to it, kissed the tip of the head. I was losing control, it was my friends sister kneeling in front of me, my friends 15 years old sister with my cock in her hands, but I couldnt avoid it. She gave it another kiss and the oppened her mouth wide and swallowed the whole head right down her throat.

"Holy shiiiit! Oh my God Claire!"

She kept it inside her mouth and I could feel her licking it, sucking it up and down, harder and harder. I grabbed the back of her head and started pulling her down my cock, fucking her young throat deeper and deeper until she was gagging, there was spit all over my cock and her chin.

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum in my mouth, I'll swallow it!"

She put one hand on my butt pulling me to her and with the other hand she stroke the rest of the cock that she couldnt take in her mouth. I put my hands on her head and fucked her mouth like I was fucking a pussy, as hard as I could, slurping sounds filled the bathroom.

"Aaaahhh here it goes!" And I cummed so hard! I tried not to scream and she never took her mouth from my cock. She kept sucking even after I cummed, she swallowed it all!

 "Damn Claire! Best blowjob ever!" She didnt answer because she was still sucking my cock.

"Come on you better go to your room now"

She took my cock out of her mouth but not her hands.

"Shit I want more of this cock!"

"Yeah but not now Claire, they might get suspicious because I'm taking too long."

"Ooh... ok!" She gave my cock a last suck, then got off her knees and kissed me in the mouth and finally went to her room.

 The rest of the day went on normally, me and Claire pretended it never happened but she kept teasing me around the house. Tom was still at work and the rest of us were just in the living room watching tv and talking. Zeke was saiying how good he was at school and how he gets what he wants from his ex-girlfriend, Claire saiyng that most of the boys she knows have something for her, I was just listening to them praising but, when Frank started to say, as he always do, that he bets he has the biggest cock of us all, I saw Claire getting specially interested. He said that it was so big that his ex-girlfriend could only fit half of it in her mouth. Meanwhile Tom got back home from his job and we stopped talking about those things because Tom wouldnt like us talking about that with his younger sister. Time passed and we went to sleep.

 In the middle of the night I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. I got up trying not to wake anyone up and made my way to the bathroom. I was half asleep so I dint noticed light comming from inside and I oppened the door. I found Frank with his back against the wall, his shorts and boxers around his ankles and Claire on her knees in front of him, with 9inches of hard meat inside her mouth. Frank wasnt lying! He sure was huge! 9inches of straight hard cock with two huge balls hanging down and completely hairless were shiny wet of Claire's spit. His cock was bigger than mine, but wasnt as fat as mine.

"Give me your fat cock too Mike!" she said, and I got it out of my shorts straight down her throat.

"Wow great cock you have there Mike" Frank said.

"Thanks, I can see you were talking the truth too."

And Claire was taking turns sucking our cocks, she was a mess, her mouth and chin had spit and pre-cum all around, her eyes were red from the gagging and spit was running down her face to her chest. We kept fucking her mouth harder and harder for several minutes.

"We better finish this before someone wakes up and find us here!" Frank said. And we got ready to cum, she sucked our cocks and stroked them harder and we aimed to her face, we were going to cover her face with cum.

"Oooh fuck open your mouth bitch!" I said exploding inside her mouth and all over her face, and Frank did the same. I slapped her face with my cock "Suck it clean now!" and so she did, she sucked our cocks clean and we left her there, with her face and mouth full of cum and we went back to our bedroom to get some sleep.

 In the day after, after Tom left to work again, the four of us just stayed in the living room, drinking alcohol and watching tv. We got bored of watching tv untill Claire suggested we played Truth or Dare. We all agreed and let Claire start the game.

"Zeke, truth or dare?" 


"HHmmm...Is it true that all black men have big dicks?" Claire asked and Zeke oppened his mouth with surprise.

"Oh.. ungh.. not all.."

"Ok next! Zeke your turn!" Frank said.

"You Frank, truth or dare?"


"Was Jesse a good fuck?" Jesse was one of our friends, the one that used to date Frank.

"Hell yeah! A dirty bitch I would say! Claire I choose you!"


"How many cocks have you sucked?"

"Four! My turn now... isnt any of you man enough to choose dare?"

"I am!" Frank said right away.

"Hmmm... I know! I dare you to prove that you really have the biggest cock!"

"What? How do you want me to do that?" Frank asked.

"Well you boys just all get your cocks out and measure it!"

"Ahaha no problem!" Frank said pulling his 9inches out.

I got up and pulled my fat 8inches out too, and Zeke did the same with his dark 7inches of cock, it was kind of thin too.

"Ahaha looks like I was right! Claire truth or dare?" 

"Dare" Claire chose.

"Well..I dare you to suck my cock!" Frank challenged and Claire got on her knees right away and took his big cock in her mouth."

"Oooh thats it bitch, suck it nice! Its your turn by the way!"

"How about a final dare round?" She asked and we all agreed.

"Ahaha well Zeke I dare you to suck Mike's cock!"

"What the fuck???" He said.

"Its the rulles Zeke!" Frank said laughing. I layed on my back on the floor with my fat cock pointing in the air and Zeke crouched down, slowly wrapped his hand around my cock and took it in his mouth. At first he just held it there but then it looked like he had liked it and started really sucking it. 

"Oh thats right, Frank I dare you to suck my black cock!" We all laughed and Frank layed next to Zeke and hesintantly swallowed the black 7incher.

"Claire I dare you to deepthroat my big boy!" Frank said. And Claire oppened his mouth as wide as she could and slowly swallowed all 9inches down her young throat. Frank pushed her head down and held it there, her eyes were getting red and tears started running, she was running out of air and he finally let her go.

"Eheheh nice one bitch! Your turn now, last round!"

"Well Mike, I dare you to eat my pussy!"

I took her pajama pants and panties off and spread her legs wide, her pussy was really tight and pink and completely hairless, it was dripping wet as I slowly slide my finger inside, then I just eat her cunt out. She started screaming on Franks cock from the orgasms I was giving her. After ome licking I decided to fuck her.

 "Do you want my cock inside this pink hole bitch?"

"Oh yes I do!"

"I know you're liking it Zeke but I have some pussy to fuck, here is a last suck for goodbye!" And I held his head with my two hands and furiously fucked his throath as deep as I could, then I just let him go and he was coughing and spiting all around. Then I positioned myself between Claires legs and put the head of my fat cock in the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it just to tease her.

"Oh fuck Mike I want that cock so bad! Just start in slowly because thats too big!"

I forced my head inside her tight young pussy, I had to push hard so I could get inside, then slowly fucked her just with half of my cock. She was moaning really hard just with half of it. That feeling of tight young pussy wrapped around my cock made me go crazy, I started fucking her really hard and she started screaming in orgasm. I could feel her explode on my cock and juices running down to my balls and my balls slapping harder in her asshole. Meanwhile Frank was having his cock sucked by Claire and sucking Zekes cock.

After some minutes of hammering that 15 years old tight pussy I had to swap with Frank because he wanted to fuck her too so I just got in his place and Claire sucked my fat cock wet of her pussy juices and Frank, slide his 9 hard inches inside her. He fucked her and I could feel her screaming with my cock deep down her throat. Then Zeke swap places with Frank and she got fucked by his 7inches black cock. We kept fucking her pussy in several positions for large minutes when I decided to go for something different.

 She was in doggystyle position with her ass sticking out, calling for my cock. I put my cock inside her pussy and slowly rubbed her asshole, I spat on it and got it really wet before I slowly fucked her with my finger. After getting her ass worked up for the real deal, I put my cock in the entrance of her ass.

"Oh shit Mike I dont know if I'm ready for getting assfucked!"

"Ahahah you better be then, you will lvoe it bitch!"

I forced myself in, it was sooo tight! After some effort I finally managed to squeeze the head in. She screamed in pain and I held it there so she could get used to it. She felt her ass burning with my cock inside but after some time getting used to it, I could slide my cock in and out and she felt no pain anymore. I was now fucking her ass really hard.

"Ooh more! More! MORE! GIVE ME MORE MIKE!" And I started fucking her as hard as I could, shoving all 8inches down her ass, down to my balls, she was going crazy, started to lose strenght in her arms and she fell with her chest on the floor. I pushed her head against the floor with one hand and with the other I fingered her pussy really hard. Her eyes rolled behind, she screamed like I've never heard anyone scream before, it was a mix of pain and pleasure, she was out of herself, like she was possessed! Our bodies were jamming against eachother really hard.

"Is this hard enough bitch???" I scramed in her ear.

And she finally cummed, she let go of one final loud scream and fell completely in the floor. There was a pool of her juices in the floor and when I got my cock out of her ass, it was gapping! Her ass was all red and sore and she was like fainted. But I got in front of her and pulled her head up.

"Here, taste your ass out of my cock!" She was half KO but she oppened her mouth and sucked my cock, the taste of her ass made her regain her strenght.

 The boys were tired of just watching so Frank got under her and his way up his cunt, she was riding him and Zeke, got behind her and easily got inside her sore ass. We kept fucking for so much time that we didnt noticed the time passing by. So just when Claire was screamming loud with another orgasm that Frank gave her with his cock in her pussy, me with my cock in her ass and Zeke in her mouth, someone got in the living room where we were: Tim has just got back from work!

"What the fuck is this???? You rapping her??"

"No brother!" Claire said immediatly "They are not rapping me!"

She didnt stop riding us while she was talking to her brother.

"Fuck it brother! Why dont you just join in??"

"Joing in?? I'm your brother for God sake!"

"So what? Dont I have a pussy and tits? Just get here!"

She pulled him to her and while she was still riding us, she pulled his pants off showing his almost 5inches cock, so thats why they call him Timmy!

"Awwww bro your cock is so cute!" And she sucked on it.

 After some hours of fucking, everyone got to fuck every hole of that 15 years old girl, she was all sore of our cocks and we were getting to tired to go on so we all just cummed on her. She laid on her back and we all cum on her, she was all soaked in cum and juices, there was a pool of it around her.

She is going to need a really long night to heal those fucked up holes of her.

But there was more to come...


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