All accounts are based on real events. Some names, locations, and other identifying characteristics may have been changed to maintain anonymity.

This is an account of my first time sharing my wife (mmf).

At the time my wife Stacy and I had been married for 8 years.  Our sex life as most couples was on a decline for typical reasons work, stress ext.  For the duration of our marriage we were a pretty normal couple sex wise, nothing fancy.  Like most men I always had fantasy’s of sleeping with other women, but in the last few years I began to fantasize more and more about sharing my wife with another man.

Stacy’s definitely above average looks wise 5’6 around 115lbs long brown wavy hair with a pair of perfect hand sized tits.  
Sharing my wife all started one night on our way back from a ski trip upstate.  We decided to spend the night at a hotel in a small sleepy town.  Not an overly fancy place.  It was around 8 pm. She had been teasing me the whole ride by the time we got into the room I just wanted to fucked the shit out of her.  We knocked back a few shots of vodka we had left over from our trip to loosen things up alittle.  Shes so small it only takes a few shots till shes totally hammered.

She gets feisty when shes drunk. She started undoing my belt in an effort to get to my growing cock. Once she gets through my belt she pulls my jeans down to my kness and quickly takes me into her mouth. She starts gently running her teeth over the head of my cock down my shaft, all the while lubricating the bottom of my cock with her tongue. She takes me deep inside her mouth. I grab her hair and guide her tongue along my now fully erect shaft. She alternates between clenching my cock with her hand and guiding me into her mouth.  After about 15 minutes of this, I can hold back any more, and blow my load into the back of her throat. She hates the taste of cum.  “lets take a few more shots wash out the taste” I suggest, she obliges.  
The vodka really started to hit me. I wanted to fuck her so hard. I was so horny and un inhibited. She was pretty gone at this point.  Stacy then strandled my lap and started nibbling on my ear before she ask “what do you wanna do to me”. “I wanna see you fucked” I said. I couldn’t believe the words actually came out of my mouth

“what you mean?” she answered

“ I  want to see someone fuck your cunt” I said

“are u sure? Honey? Are you alright?”
“Yea, iv been thinking about it for a long time, I wanna watch as you get fucked”
“You wanna see another cock inside me, is that what you want?”
Just hearing her say that made my cock spring back to life
“Yes more then anything, lets get some room service, and see if you cant order some cock.” I said
She kissed me deeply while squeezing my dick.
“If that’s what you really want” she said

I jumped at the opportunity. I grabbed the phone and order up some sandwiches. After about 15 mins there was a knock at the door. I looked through the hole. Luckily, it was a guy. I slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind me so that my wife could try and work some magic.

They started to talk but I couldn’t make out what they were saying through the door. After a few minute I decided to peak out. Holy shit I thought to myself.  There was my small innocent wife kneeling on the ground in front of this stranger stroking his cock. When he sees me he yelled out “what the fuck!” really panicked.

“shhhhh just relax” my wife said as she took his cock into her mouth.

Still frightened and looking at me he gradually regained focus on my wife’s mouth locking around his cock.
I laid down on the bed besides them. The sight of my wife devouring this guys cock was just amazing, my cock stood at full attention.

She started to speed up, pushing his cock through her tightly wrapped hand into her mouth. Then she paused and stood up. She took off her top and revealed those amazing tight tits. He knelt down pulled off her pants revealing her now moistened pussy.  He looked shocked by he perfect little pussy. He began caressing her pussy lips with his finger.

She looked at me in satisfaction.  There she was my slut wife. I was so fucking horny at that point.
I motioned her over. She removed the stranger hand and climbed onto the bed. She kept looking me straight in the eye with a slight smerk or grin on her face as she positioned her cunt over my fully erect cock.

She slowly lowered her wet pussy onto my cock. It was like fucking her for the first time again. She moved her hips up and down ever so slowly, allowing me to feel the tightness of her pussy encircling and moving along my shaft. I we started to fuck faster and faster. I pulled her ass cheeks tightly towards me so I could fully penetrate her. I then remembered our visitor who was standing in front of the bed admiring how my wife was being impaled on my cock.  

I spread her ass cheeks so he could get a clear view of cock penetrating my wifes pussy, and so that he could see her ass.
I continue to thrust my way deeper and deeper inside her womb. Then with her cock in hand he made his way onto the bed without saying a word. I wondered what he was about to do. I slowed my thrust for a moment.

He then positioned the tip of his dick at the entrance of my wifes asshole and ran it up and down her crack.
My wife moaned in anticipation.
“fuck my ass, please fuck it” she begged
I stopped thrusting so I could watch him enter my wife.
He slowly pressed the tip of his cock into her asshole. Once penetrated he allowed the head to move slowly back and forth.  My wife dug her nails into my chest.
“O my god, its too tight, its too tight, take it out” she yelled
he continued
“stop, stop its too tight” she continued.

Panicked, she looked at me for help.
I looked him in the eye “fuck her” I said
He pushed the length of his cock into her ass.
“O my god!” she yelled
He continued to pump her ass as I spread her cheeks, giving him clear sight of his dick penetrating my wife’s tight little ass. He pumped harder and hard as I start fucking her pussy again.

“fuck my ass, o god fuck it!”  Stacey screamed
We fucked both her holes in unison. I could feel the pounding of his cock into her tight ass through her whole body.  She continued to moan in approval as we used her holes.

He began to moan and slow the fucking of her ass. He grabbed for her hair and pulled her head back. He buried his dick even deeper into her ass now putting all his weight into it.  This drove my cock even deeper into her sobbing wet cunt. He let his cock sit in her ass as her shot his hot cum up into her asshole.

We all lay for motionless for a moment.  He then slowly withdraws his cock from my wife’s abused ass and takes a seat in the chair on the side of the room.

The sight of another man Cumming in my little wife’s butt was indescribable. I continued to fuck her pussy from underneath as she smiles up at me.
Once again I spread her ass cheeks, I can feel the heat of the recently deposited cum, coming from her hole. I stick a finger inside her butt. Its sticky and wet.

As I continue to fuck her the mans cum oozed from my wife’s butt and rolls down her crack onto my balls and cock.  The feeling of another mans cum coming from her asshole mad me cum deep inside her womb. I clenched her ass and spread her cheeks to reveal more of his cum and to allow it to make its way out of her opening down to her slit.
I withdrew my cock and both my, and the cum fell onto my belly.

I left my wife face down and fully used on the bed as I went into the shower. Little did I know the fun had only just begun.
Too be continued….

I hope you liked this story.  This was one of the best experiences in my life.  If you want to drop me a line or trade some wife pics or just give some feedback Id love to hear from you…shoot me an email at

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