Fucking Angelina Jolie

My dreams were fulfilled one day when Angelina Jolie announced a sweepstakes for a
one-on-one private dinner with her. The proceeds for the sweepstakes would benefit several African charities Angelina was fond of. For a $300 ticket, you would be entered for a chance to win! Of course, I immediately bought a ticket.

Two weeks later, after the sweepstakes ended, I anxiously awaited the results. Angelina Jolie herself would call the lucky winner. When the phone rang, I was nervous with giddy anticipation.

When I picked-up the phone Angelina was on the other end. “Congratulations Daniel! You have won the sweepstakes! I will be sending a first-class plane ticket to you shortly so that you can come meet me for dinner at my mansion.”

“Alright!” I said. “When is the Dinner going to be?” Angelina replied sweetly: “It's going to be this Thursday at 7:00. Do you mind if I cook?” “No, I don't mind. I'll be looking forward to it!” I replied.

When Thursday finally rolled around, I boarded a plane for Los Angeles. When I got there, Angelina Jolie herself greeted me at the airport. She escorted me to her waiting limo.

We chatted in the back until we got to her mansion. We got out and I watched one of her movies on her home theater system while she fixed dinner. When dinner was ready, we ate and chatted at her elegant dining room table.

When we finished dinner, she said something unexpected to me. “Daniel you're so nice and considerate. Here we are, you an average guy, talking to the sexiest woman on the planet and you aren't trying to put any moves on me. This deserves the ultimate reward. Follow me.”

Angelina then led me to her master bathroom. Once we were inside, she shut the door and undressed. “Want to join me for a shower?” She asked, knowing my answer. I couldn't get out of my clothes fast enough!

Once the shower was started, she let me wash every inch of her sexy body; And then she washed mine! She let me suck on her gorgeous breasts after everything was clean. Then we made out. Eventually we shut-off the shower and she led me to her master bedroom.

She lay back on her bed and spread her legs, telling me to fulfill my wildest fantasies with her. I suggested a hot 69 to start with and she agreed. Her pussy tasted every bit as good as her body was beautiful. She was also an expert cock-sucker.

Soon we both came into each other's mouths, filling them with our sweet nectar. We continued sucking until I was hard again, at which point I told her I wanted to fuck her. We moved around and I could see a big smile on her cum-streaked face as she spread her legs.

I slowly entered her with my engorged member and began to slowly make love to her. As I fucked her, she started moaning in pleasure. Her moans became more and more intense as I continued to make love to her. She climaxed over and over.

Finally, we both were getting close to orgasm. Suddenly she came hard, three different times. I couldn't resist this onslaught and came hard in her pussy, my spasming cock sending spurt after spurt of hot cum into her pussy, until it oozed out onto my balls.

When we had regained our composure, Angelina leaned over, kissed me fully on the lips and asked me if I was ready to go again, saying: “You are the best lover I've ever had!”

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