"Bathroom Grind"

The day was moving along. A real physical lusting made it's way beyond the deviant words exchanged over 1,100 miles of internet connections. I grew up in this house and knew all the nooks and crannies, putting in my hands the covert exchanges we craved. To solidify my mind of her continued desire I found an opportunity, while we passed in the hall, to pull her towards me for a kiss with a tight embrace. DAM! Her tits felt so hard against my chest. This only lasted 10 seconds. Getting caught was not an option! No longer doubtful, Dina was shivering with the same nervous desire as I.

I was spying whenever finding D (Dina) in view. I've mastered the ability to watch people around my yard with stealthy care. I love to watch people. I'm a voyeur and I can't get enough! Growing up I enjoyed many summer time pool parties filled with teen girls bouncing around in wet, tight, bikinis and 1 piece suits. One piece swim suits are good for a tight ride on the pussy, revealing the shape and development. D was in a blue bikini with a silky sheen. It must have been from the year before. Her boobs were straining against the blue, triangular, top. They fell out every side exposing the shape and form they had. Even my father couldn't help being drawn into a stare at the soft, youthful, cleavage she knew was arousing. It was obviously intentional. What a fuckin sight to behold. I'm in full hunt mode to find the perfect opportunity for our next encounter.

It was dark out but she was still splashing around swimming with her younger sister Candy. I peered through a space between the shade and window amazed at the innocent, girlish, romp D was enjoying. This girl is built like a woman, hornier and naughtier then any girl I've been with yet retains a child-like naivety. She bounced her way up the ladder, giving me a frontal view from head to toe. Wrapping a towel around her waist, she moved towards the other end of the house, as I followed from inside. Keeping track of everyone’s movements, not only hers, I made assessed the situation and it was perfect. Dina went from her room to the downstairs bathroom. All the parents were getting buzzed poolside with drinks in hand, I quickly made my way down the basement stairs. Wanting to catch her before changing out of her bikini I knocked lightly. "I'm in here!" she clearly said. "It's me. Open up." I whispered with my face and lips pressed against the door and frame. Nervously and wide eyed she opened the door. Before she could protest I said smiling and moving towards her, "It's all good. I'll just lock us in and no one will know. If someone does knock you're getting out of the shower."

Once again her hard breasts pushed against my chest as we locked into a deep tongue fondling that quickly engorged my pulsing cock. It was trapped downward in my board shorts. I reached into them and maneuvered myself upward then pressed my member against D's mons and stomach. She turned her hips up and forward so her clit could rub on my shaft. Little whimpering moans came from her mouth, muffled by the seal our lips made as I poked at her swelling clit with my cockhead. I have a fetish for wanting to be behind a chick so my hands experience the sensation she does from touching herself. We had countless chats that involved taking her from behind. She enjoyed my rough scenarios. Writing out how I would pin her against the wall grinding my cock against her ass, reaching around finger fucking her to orgasm so I could drop my cock in her wet little hole with one good push. Now here she is. No more words. We knew each others sexual desires intimately from chatting.

I needed to feel her body from behind. Realizing my mouth from hers she looked at me with her lusting eyes. I moved towards the sink, slowly turning her around. Lifting her arms and wrapping mine around her waist I nibbled at her ear lobe sending shivers down her spine. The vanity mirror allowed me to watch my hands explore her and enjoy the reactions from the touch. I slid my palms up and across her firm mounds with ease from the silkiness of her bikini top. Taking my pointer fingers I slid one between the skimpy cloth and each of her 15 year old boobs. Slowly I ran the backside of each finger across her tender, ripening tits. Hooking the bottom of each cloth covering, anxiously watching in the mirror, I pulled the tight material quickly to the outside popping free her fresh, growing, treats. Barely a bounce from my tug they responded with a rebounding shiver. Licking my finger I rubbed it on Dina’s undefined, puffy areolas then blew on it. Just a small tightening of the circle and slight outline of her nipple arose. I love watching nipples harden. It's one of my favorite, and arousing, things to make happen or just watch it occur. Nothing is more delicious then a pert little, tear drop boob with a up-turned, half dollar sized, light brown areola that perks up into a tight, pointy eraser shaped nipple when aroused. Yet I can't help but enjoy the endless variety of shapes and sizes of breasts, especially young and hard as D's.

"You gotta ease up a bit." she said due to the vigorous kneading of my two new toys. "Sorry. I could play with them forever." I whispered while licking softly around the edge of her ear. Reaching down. I untied my shorts and slowly pulled open the Velcro fly. She heard it and reacted with a nervous glance back at me. Already shirtless I let my shorts drop to my ankles. With an upward stoke I pushed my cock between her, tight, fifteen year old, ass cheeks. I grabbed her by the hips grinding into her virgin bum. With a little resistance from D I was sliding off her bottoms. "I want to feel my cock on your skin. I won't do anything you don't want. OK baby?" I reassured her. "I'm not going to fuck you." she responded. "I don't want to fuck right now anyway. We have 7 days together to enjoy. You've already given me more then I could ever dream of." Truthfully saying to her. The panties fell to her ankles. To extend the moment I positioned my hot, pulsing, mushroom cap on her asshole, running my entire cock across her sphincter with deliberation. We were the same height. It was effortless to make our bodies rub and stimulate each other. I reached around to her shaved mons using it to push her against my cock while I eased my way to her pussy. She was grabbing my hand but with no force to pull me away. She was shaking from the ecstasy of a dream becoming a reality. With my whole hand I ran 4 fingers between her legs. My middle finger slid between the top of her opening as the rest played with the puffy outer lips. As she fought back the desire to moan My finger was swallowed by her lips. Rubbing D's clit with 3 or 4 strokes I dipped my middle finger straight down and curled it into her hole. "You're pussy is so wet." I groaned with delight. I pushed my rod down and said, "I wont stick it in. I just want to rub across it cuz it's so wet." The top of my dick was actually rubbing her 15 year old pussy lips and she was grinding back. I took her hand and placed it on my shaft, showing her how to push me against her wet lips and clit.

We've been at this for a while and needed to unlock our bodies from the intense, deviant, lust we secretly shared. "I'm gonna go jerk off." I said looking down at my erection. "Don't do it! I want it" She strongly responded. "OK baby. I'll wait." I said. Dina is the best cock sucker I've ever experienced and she's only fifteen! She LOVES to suck dick, anywhere, anytime. That's the preclude for the next chapter.

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AnnIronwood avatar A story with description and depth. :] Enjoying it very much - already got off!
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