I'm going to give a brief background and then dive into the meat of the story.

 My mom became pregnant when she was only 16. She divorced my father when I was little. She was 5'6" and had the pefectly voluptuous figure. Not stick thin, but soft and so fuckable. She just begged to be pinched, grabbed, squeezed, bitten and banged. Her measurements were 36, 28, 34. Her leg and feet were perfect, long, lean, tanned, smooth, and always sexily pedicured and in adorning sandals or high heels. This made her the object of every man's desires.

I caught her fucking my english teacher when I was still in grade school. He still failed me. She still fucked him. In fact, she invited him over our house where he proceeded to fuck my mom over the dinner table so hard, she started crying when she came, all while forcing her to say her son was stupid and that she was a filthy slut. Pretty humiliating.

I caught her fucking my principal when I was 16 when she came to pick me up for detention. He decided to tie her hands behind her back and cane her ass while I was still in the room. Then he gave me another week of detention after cumming in her ass. He would then give me regular detentions and then choke her with his cock while spitting on her face when she came to get me. She would also leave with a red ass and one hand print in the middle of her back. This was from the principle shoving his cock into her ass while holding her head up by her hair. Then, while in the middle of randomly smacking each ass cheek in irregular intervals, he would wind his arm back and then slap her back with enough force to knock the wind out of my mother. Invariably, she would scream in pain, burst into tears, have an epileptic orgasm, and make him cum in her ass all at the same time. The principal liked to then throw her head down onto the desk, slap her ass again, making her wince even more, and then go around and jam his cock into my mom's mouth till it was clean. Since my mother was an immigrant into this country, the principal would always like to shove the end of a flag into my mom's ass while fucking her cunt raw, shouting, "How do you like America, bitch?!"

My mother would reply back between moans, "oooh yes sir! I love it. AAAAAAHHH!" Usually she would come again from this humiliating treatment. Only then could we go home.

When I wa shy of 17, I found out she was fucking my school janitor while I was at wrestling practice after school hours. She would come two hours early and the janitor would take her to the boiler room. He would drag her by her hair close to the furnace and begin stripping her while biting her in random places. She would yelp in pain, screaming "OOWHH!" and "OOOOHH" each time. Once, while munching out my mother's pussy, my mother was moaning like a bitch and a whore. Since the school was empty at the time, due to practice being cancelled, only I heard her yelping repeatedly as she came, "OOH OOOH AAIEEH! AAAAHH!". Then, I watched as the janitor suddenly moved from lapping at her cunt to biting her inner thigh right next to her pussy lips. She screamed with pain and started to come, while also recoiling from the bite. But the janitor held fast with his jaw and started to gnaw on the side opposite the first bite. My mother whimpered and moaned like a cheap slut, "mmmhhh AAahhhh OOOOHH! YYYYYEAAAAAOOOOWWHHH! AAAHHHAAAHAAAOWWWHhhh!"

Finally the janitor let go and grabbed my mother by the back of her neck. With tears streaming down her face, she started to make out with the janitor, letting him invade her mouth with his disgusting tongue. He then turned her over and quickly aligned his malignant cock with her pussy, but decided to change to her ass. Before my mother could protest, he shoved his entire shaft into her tight asshole, making her shriek in pain. The janitor wrapped up her arms and her neck in order to subdue her and bit the side of her neck, causing more pain. Slowly, my mom started to fuck him back, enjoying the sensation in her ass. Then all of a sudden, the janitor grabbed both sides of her ass and started hammering her, drawing his cock all the way out, then thrusting it in with such ferocity, my mother screamed each time he buried his cock into her asshole. "AAAAAAH! You bastard! FUCK ME! OWWWWHH!! YEAAAAHH! HARDER! MAKE IT HUR-- YEEEEAAAAOOOOWWHH! UUHHH UHHHHH MAKE ME CUM WITH THAT ROD, BABY! OOOOOOHHH!"

As the janitor reamed my mom's ass he was slapping her ass, her back and also gnawing on her neck and shoulders. He then started to smoke while fucking her at a slower pace with my mom constantly moaning.

"I'm gonna leave my mark on you, you slut! You're nothing but my whore to use!"

"MMMhhm. Anything you want, baby! I'm all yours! Treat me like the slut I am." replied my mother.

"What if I wanted your son to watch?" queried the janitor

"Ooooohh yeaahh! Anything, darling! Make me your whore!" squealed my mom.

"Alright, but you asked for it!" With that, the janitor gripped her hair, exposing her neck and pinning her head down to the ground. He then switched from her ass and drove his dick into her hungry pussy. This made her scream with delight and she started to cum almost immediately. He then took his cigarette with his free hand, flicked the ash, and screwed the red hot end right into the center of the back of my mom's neck.

She was not ready for this and her eyes went wide, and then shut closed with pain! She let out a blood curling scream and burst into tears. Oddly enough, the janitor starting to fuck her pussy harder and harder, making her cum at the same time. Then, he pulled out and creamed into the fresh burn in the back of her neck, leaving her sobbing, sweaty, cumming, and moaning on the floor of the sweltering boiler room.

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[#5571] saddygoops ( 1639 days ago )
saddygoops avatar man i just want more maybe she gets fucked before her son and maybe her son even joins the party..................sorry for putting my ideas into ur story line ...................but certainly want more......

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u should put in the milf c
[#5571] lance2476 ( 1639 days ago )
lance2476 avatar why is this under incest?
[#5571] sullivant3 ( 1639 days ago )
sullivant3 avatar It was a good story but it is not an incest story. To make it one just edit the story and have her son fuck her like the slut she is and you know what she would prolly enjoy it too, because she is such a slut, however this is just a suggestion but until y
[#5571] saddygoops ( 1639 days ago )
saddygoops avatar Man my fantasies came true! thank you!
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