Wife's horny moment.

 Yes this was one such occasion. We were young,enjoyed sex and experimented. Both were what I'd describe as average looking,but when it comes to the naughty bits,I had 6 inches slack making about eight hard. My wife was quite deceptive down there. Following on from a nice firm pair of large nippled titties,she had an almost girlish pussy,it looked so small in the hole you'd think it was unused,surrounded by a small pair of labia lips with a matching hood over her clitoris. That clitoris was equally surprising,at rest,again it looked almost childlike but arouse it and it stood proud out through the hooded lips,tempting man or beast to lick it.Marion,my wife made full use of this attraction by shaving her mound and pussy completely naked.

 It was all as bold,as the day she was born. To achieve this,she often let me join in her hair removal session and I always finished up with a very sticky knob which she in turn finished off with a good sucking. This is not about that though,its about an instant unrelated.


 Now,at certain times I found my Marion was exceptionally horny and I could always recognise when this was. When I say exceptionally horny,I mean just that. So,one tell tell sign is when I arrive in house to find her playing with her clitoris and on entering,she invites me to join in her tormenting of that exceptionally horny now large bean shaped clitoris of her's. "Wanna play some big boy? God its been driving me mad all day,I'm so horny I'd fuck my dad if he was here" I knew she made this claim on many occasions,and I'm sure it was too shock,because she thought that that was about as shocking as it could get in her mind,or so I thought.

 This day on my way in our dog was in his usual place on the back lawn doing what many men envy about dogs,he was licking his own cock, - Bastard! - Three or four inches of pink was being diligently cleaned. In I go through the back door and there's my wife sprawled out on the settee with her knicker's on the floor and her fingers slowly exploring her ginital's. Out comes her usual invitation, "Wanna play big boy? etc.etc." accompanied by a very sexy smile. Without further ado I sit on the floor and join in her exploration of those nether regions. In very short shift I hear, "God,my pussy needs something and it needs it quick" I knew she wasn't up to an imminent orgasm but I was tempted to go down on her and suck her brains out so to speak and bring her orgasm on.

 But no,my mouth took over. Not licking and sucking but uttering a thought that just popped up in my mind, - 'the something and it needs it quick'- was what lit this spark. 'Something different you mean? - before she responded it was out, - FUCK RUSTY' Her eyes transmitted it all,shocked disbelief! - looking at me she said. "Our dog! That's fucking filthy,what made you say that,you must have such smut in that head of yours I can't believe you said that" I broke the eye to eye contact and ducked my face down towards her pussy and started to blow my breath on her quim as I held the lips apart.

 Fuck!! I've fucked myself with that one I thought and made no further comment. I could tell my blowing on her cunt was taking her back to where we'd been as she started fingering her clit' with circular motions. Then she stopped and covered her very slippery slit to stop my blowing hitting her sticky pussy parts. For a second,I thought she'd turned off through my utterance. But now a very seductive low almost whisper came to my ears, - I'd heard right,but not to drop in the shit I responded. "Say again lovee,my brain was deep in your lovely love juice" - "I S-A-I-D,Do you think he would,that's all!" - I shouldn't have,but I played it for what it was worth. - "Would? Would what?" - "Fuck a woman? Alright! F-U-C-K M-E Dummy"

  Her emphasizing the point was not in annoyance. I knew it was in urgency,she was in need of an ending to her orgasmic moment. - "Go on,go and get him in,he'll surely lick me even if he--" Her voice trailed off I was out of the starter blocks and heading to our back door at a rate of knots. My heart was pounding,my cock was like an iron bar and I felt all panicky. She was,she intended to let me watch her try and fuck our dog. I whistled a low whistle I tended to use to get Rusty's attention without anyone else knowing. By the time I reached the door he was on the other side with his mighty tail swinging in expectation. "Come on,No,no lead,listen,play your cards right and in the next half hour you'll have that brute of a cock of yours deep up a woman's cunt you horny bastard"

 With that quiet stupid whisper,I'd put my still juice covered hand by his muzzle,he licked her juice from it. "More in there,its all yours,go fuck the bitch" By the time I got to them,he had his muzzle deep between Marion's thighs and he had already delivered a number of licks that was making her ass jerk about on the seat. "Fuck,not so hard,go steadier you brute,I want to cum gently not in an instant. Now with her hand steadying his head he licked first one side and then the other deeply penetrating her small hole and making her jerk upwards as he licked her bum hole in his efforts.

 Cooing now and sexily giggling,O-H Y-O-U G-O-O-D D-O-G Y-O-U. While looking at me then rolling her eyes up into the top of her head and sucking short breaths in at the same time. OO OO OO Its marvellous,I wanna piss, no N-O I want him to make me cum C-U-M-M I'm C-U-M_M-M-I-N-G! She went into an orgasm and try as she did to stop his licking he persisted until she gasped,STOP HIM.FOR FUCKS SAKE! DONT LET HIM DO ME ANY MORE!

 I held him back and as she lay with eyes shut I put my hand round his knob and gave him a starter by wanking his fattening hardon to make sure she wasn't disappointed by him not taking her. Her eyes flipped open,then looking at me suspiciously,"Were you wanking him then?" - "No 'course not,I was just making sure his hairy part was out of the way in case you wanted him to,you know ,fuck you" Saying nothing she pulled her quim lips apart, "Go on then,see if he will,I wont get pregnant with puppies will I?" I looked at her small opening,then at the fatness of Rusty's cock and had my doubts about her being able to take it,yeah I was no small thin dick but I could tell his knob would be twice as thick as mine.- "No of course not" - At this moment,I thought a woman couldn't be impregnated by a dog,but in my excitement to see Rusty fuck her,that was the last thing in my mind. By now I'd already decided that should she try to renege I would hold her down and let Rusty rape her.

 I needn't have worried,her mind was set on being dog fucked of that I was reassured as she said, "How do you think it would be best to help him do it" - Kneeling into the seat with you tits dangling just off the edge so you can arch your back if it hurts or is to long. With the mention of to long she looked back towards me as she turned to kneel. Her face said it all,there was no way his cock was not going to go completely up her,she'd made her mind up. Ready now,she waited as Rusty sniffed,licked and then licked his own cock some. "He isn't going to the stupid mutt,come on Rusty,fuck me for christ sake. Do summut to get him to,I need a cock now,get him to FUCK ME"

 I moved to her and pulling her lips open I got my fingers soaking and offered them to Rusty and at the same time started pulling his cock,in seconds he started dry humping. This horny fucker was a big heavy animal and I had to lift him or tried to lift him just as he got the message and climbed up on Marion's hips. That done it,his cock hit spot on and in an instant he gripped into her waist and rammed the fastest hardest pink going on purple length of dog cock straight up to the top of my wife's little pussy. I was amazed how easy her hole stretched open to accommodate what I could now see was a hugely thick piece of K9 flesh. - "That's fucking burning hot,fuck its boiling. Ugh! Ugh! AAAAH! Fuck what's the hard bit pounding my lips?" - "His knot" - "Knot?" - "It holds his knob inside as he cums" - "Its outside. OW! O-W-W!" - "Not now its not!" - "I, I, Think I don't know that now,Fuck it huge I can't feel his cock sliding its just jammed inside. OH! OH! OH! OH! I'm C-U-M-M-I-N-G! I-T-S M-A-K-I-N-G-G-G ME C-U-M-M-M!  A fearful squelching was coming from her rear as they shot off an orgasm together. What little dog sperm that managed to leak past his knot trickled towards her clitoris and gleamed on her labias.

 "Fuck,he can't get it out,he's stuck. Fuck what do we do?" - "Nothing,just wait and he'll be able to pull it out in a while. Take a lesson though. Only do it with someone here so if he can't pull it from you I can make him soft again" She didn't question how,just as well,because short of throwing a bucket of cold water over their asses I had no idea how and didn't even know if the water was just an old wives tale. The swollen pussy I was staring at looked rather red and anguished,I thought perhaps the knot had bruised her just inside,then as the swelling deminished a now half size ball of K9 knot plopped out. My wife had just enough time to look back and smile before her pussy was again filled up with cock. My cock! I was determined to shoot my sperm in amongst all the doggy jism still deep inside her and that I did.

 In no more than fifty strokes my balls erupted a mass of man sperm to mix with the globs of dog spunk still hotly swilling around inside her. I was pleasantly surprised to feel her arch her back as a massive orgasm loosed off inside her vagina,making the muscles milk my cock like a cows tit. We lay still as Rusty cleaned my dick and her cunt,having sorted his own before hand as we'd fucked. I finished up patting his head and discussing what a good fuck she'd given both of us. Dogs don't smile? This bugger did!


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