My wife and I recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary. We were unable to get away for the evening, so we stayed at the house, had some drinks, and ended the night with great sex. Although the sex was amazing, it would set up a series of events that would lead to a night I will never forget.


We were pretty drunk as we walked back into our bedroom. My wife excused herself and put on a sexy see-thru outfit. She came back into the room very excited. She said, “I look hot in this outfit, almost like a stripper.” My wife had been actively working out for over a year, and has a tight little body. She is 5’-4” weighs about 105 pounds. She has 6-pack abs, a tight round ass, and 34D tits. She looked amazing in her outfit, but her newfound confidence in her body is what made the night really hot. She sucked my cock like she was a porn star and decided to strip for me before we fucked our brains out.


Since we were unable to get away during our anniversary, we had planned on spending a few days in Vegas in a couple weeks. For the next couple weeks, we talked about the fun we would have. We had amazing sex several times, and kept up with her little “stripper” fantasy.


Finally, the trip was here and we were off to Vegas. We had our first day in Vegas having a great time. We had cut loose and been drinking since boarding our plane. As the night got later, my wife said we should go to a strip club. This was very out of character for her, but a major turn-on. There was a club down the street from our hotel, so we headed for it. As we walked in the door, there was a sign stating that tomorrow night was amateur night. We watched the strippers and had some more drinks. I suggested to my wife that she could be good at that, and tried to convenience her to try the amateur night. She was very reluctant, but I said, “Look we are hundreds of miles from home. There will be no one you know, and it will be sexy as hell.”


“You really think I should?” She said.


“Yes! Come on baby. It would be incredible, and then we will go back to the hotel and fuck like crazy.” I reply.


I almost choke when I hear her actually reply. “OK, I’ll do it.” We spoke with the club and got her signed up. She had to provide her own outfits. She would get 2 songs to strip to in the first round, and then 2 for every round she advances. She can work the crowd and receive tips for the evening, including private supervised dances if she likes. Winner would receive $2000. I was very excited seeing the look on my wife’s face as she heard the rules. We stayed in the club a couple more hours, as my wife watched the stripper’s moves and thought about tomorrow. Afterwards, we walked back to our room talking about tomorrow and fucked like crazy.


The next day, my wife was pretty nervous, but determined to follow through. We went out to buy her some sexy stripper clothes, and then went drinking. She wanted to have a good buzz before taking the stage.


Finally the time arrived, and we headed to the club. She went backstage with the other girls and I took a table a couple rows back from the stage. The club was filled as the event began and there was several sexy women stripping before my wife. When her dance started, my dick got rock hard. She was seductively playing the crowd for tips. Finally, her bra came off and she was down to just her thong and heels. I noticed that there was one guy in particular sitting at the stage that kept tipping her. She began a sexy gyrating of her pussy inches from his face with only the thin fabric of her thong in the way. The guy was a tall black man with long hair and a muscular build. I can tell he was really enjoying her show and had a thing for my wife.


Finally, her dance ended and so did the first round. My wife would advance to the next round. Again, the same guy kept a strong interest in her. After her second dance, the guy motioned to speak with her. He asked her for a private dance, but she turned him down and came to my table. She told me about the proposition and that the guy looked kind of familiar. As we were sitting there, the guy came to our table. Holy crap, the guy was someone that we both used to know when we were first dating in college. His name was Josh. Josh used to have the biggest crush on my wife. It was good to see him, but quite awkward under the circumstances. Josh had been a skinny guy back in college, but had built himself up to a very muscular build. We spoke for a while longer and Josh left for his seat back at the stage. My wife ended up getting one more round, which was the finals. Again, Josh heavily tipped her to get some extra dances from her.


My wife joined me at the table, and we ordered another drink. Josh came over to the table and said, “Look it has been great seeing you guys again, and I know this is forward of me, but it was a huge turn-on seeing you dance. I will give you $1000 for a private dance.” We looked at each other and were amazed by the offer. After discussing the offer, we decided that the $1000 would be great and would pay for a good chunk of our trip. We decided that Josh would come by our suite in a couple hours for a private dance.


We left the club and headed back to the suite. I told my wife that I would leave them alone for the dance if she liked, but she would have to tell me everything. That is what she preferred.


The time came and Josh arrived. I excused myself and left the room. I pretended to leave, but actually hid around the corner and then went to the loft area of the suite. From my spot I can see the entire dance area. She had set up a chair in the middle of the room for him and asked him to sit. She turned on music and began to dance slowly around him. She was wearing a skintight micro dress with very high heels. She danced in front of him shaking her ass and teasing him with her body. Slowly, she would brush his body and even sit on his lap and then stand back up. She continued to dance, and slowly kneeled to her knees between his legs. Slowly she stood back up and lowered her dress to the floor.


Now she is dancing in just her thong, bra, and heels. She once again sits on his lap and this time grabs his hands in hers. She slides them up her legs, then up her chest and on to her tits. At this time, I find my self incredibly hard, so I pull out my cock and start stroking. She removes her hands, but lets him squeeze her tits over her bra. My cock is so hard. She stands back up and turns around to face Josh and give him a wicked smile. She runs her hands down his chest and slightly brushes his crotch area. Then I notice that Josh is very hard. It was widely known in college that Josh was very hung. From the look on my wife’s face, I see she notices his length too. He sees her looking at his bulge, and then places her hand on it. She is suddenly rubbing his cock over his pants. As she is rubbing it, I can tell she is increasing getting turned on. She wastes no time and begins removing his pants. Is this really happening right now? As his pants come off, I can see that his cock is huge. It is sticking up a good 3 inches past his waste band in his boxer briefs. My wife sees his cock and grabs on to the head. She starts stroking it while pushing down his underwear. She can barely reach her hands around it, but definitely cannot take her eyes off of it. Josh is a good 10 inches and very thick. As my wife strokes it, I can see her head slowly lowering. Slowly she starts sucking his balls as she jerks his cock. She licks her way up the shaft and places the head in her mouth. She can barely put any of it in her mouth, but is still working it like a pro. As she does this, I see Josh remove his shirt and reach down to remove my wife’s bra. As her bra falls off, her beautiful tits bounce free. Josh wastes no time in squeezing them, and begins playing with her nipples.


She stands up and says, “Do you want your tongue in my little pussy? It is so wet for you.” Josh removes her panties and starts licking her for a few minutes. “I want to fuck that huge cock of yours. I know you want to put it in this pussy. You used to dream about this moment, and I want to feel that huge cock right now. I heard about your cock and am so turned on to suck it, now I want you to fuck this pussy. Come on make my pussy cream.” My wife walks over to the couch, sits down, and spreads her legs. She looks at Josh, and slides her fingers to her pussy. Slowly she starts fingering herself, and I can see that she is actually dripping wet. Josh walks up between her, and she grabs his cock and places it in her mouth once again. She takes it out, and says, “does it turn you on that you are about to fuck your friend’s wife?”


“I am so turned on. I used to have the biggest crush on you, so seeing you up there dancing, I just knew I had to fuck you.”


My wife pulls Josh downward, so that his huge black cock is only inches from her wet pussy. She rubs the head of his cock over her pussy and moans. She does this again, and moans louder. She looks at Josh and says, “I have never cheated on my husband before, but your cock has my pussy so wet that I need you to fuck me.” Just then I see her grab his cock and begin to slide in her wet pussy. She let’s out the loudest moan I ever heard from her. Then he pulls back out. He does this once again, and again she moans. He pulls back out.


“Should I get a condom?” Josh asks.


“I want to feel all of you. You can fuck me without one if you want to. I just feel so slutty that feeling you bareback would add to it.” She answers back. With that he pushes back in her and then deep in and out of her. She is screaming in pleasure. She starts moaning, “Oooohhh Shhhhiiiittttt. IIIiiii’mmm going to cum.” She cums so hard and yells for him to fuck her more and harder. “Fuck me like a slut, give me that big cock.” This is too intense for me and I cum all over my self. It is only minutes of watching them again, that I am hard again and stroking my cock some more. My wife cums again. Josh pulls out of her and turns her around. She is now standing in front of the couch facing the wall. She bends down and grips the back of the couch. Josh enters her again. She screams with pleasure again. “Yeah fuck me from behind. You like the way my pussy feels?” Josh is fucking her very hard again and she cums once again. This next one was so intense that I can tell Josh is going to cum soon too. My wife senses it to and pulls him out and sits on the couch in front of his cock and starts jerking his massive cock in front of her open mouth. “I want to swallow your cum.” He is getting closer and final she gets his cock to explode. He starts cumming so hard, and it hits her chin. She strokes the rest of it on to her tongue and then places the head in her mouth and sucks him clean. She then takes the cum on her chin, and rubs it on her tits. What a slut. They lay there in pleasure for a moment and then Josh hurries to get dressed.


It is only minutes afterwards that Josh leaves. He is probably expecting me at any time. As my wife is slowly getting dressed, I walk down the stairs and tell her I saw everything. She is embarrassed and a little scared, but I tell her how hot it made me. I tear her panties off her, leaving her naked and begin fucking her. She is so stretched out and wet, and I can see the cum still on her tits. The thought of the earlier events make us both cum very quick. It was an amazing night watching my wife transform into a slut. 





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