As you know from my earlier story, my sister Beth, who was running cross country track was getting massages from our local boxing gym owner.  He nearly got caught eating her pussy by my dad who stopped in one night.  When my dad came into the rubdown room Joe was done but his face was wet from her juice.  Beth was laying with her legs open and didn't have a towel covering her.  Dad didn't make a big scene and thank goodness I was walking out of the can so he didn't have anything to say to me but we all knew that 'fun with Joe' was over as far as Beth was concerned.

Things were a little tense around the house for a while but then kind of settled down.  I was really amazed one night at dinner when Beth asked me, right in front of the folks, if I thought I would be able to give her a massage.  She talked about  how she was still all stiff and sore from all the running and conditioning she was doing and her legs and back where just killing her.  I about choked on my burger thinking either of the folks might have something to say.  But neither one spoke up.  So after a few seconds I told her that I would be happy too.  I followed that up with some remarks about how maybe that would help her time and stuff like that.  She suggested that this take place after her shower later that night.  Thinking about how this might go I went to my room and got a pair of loose legged shorts and longer t-shirt on. 

A little later Beth came out of the shower wearing her towel.  She came into the living room where the rest of us where watching TV.  Immediately Dad told her that she wasn't going to be getting no damn massage while he was trying to watch his show.  He told us both to go downstairs to the basement, there was a TV we could watch there. To this day I still don't have a clue why my folks never once remarked about her prancing around with that damn short towel on.  You could always catch a glimpse of either her pussy or her ass or both, if she bent over.  Maybe they thought it was all innocent and it would  embarrass her if they said something, I don't know.  Anyway, down the stairs we went.  I had grabbed a bottle of baby lotion and carried it down with me.  Beth had another towel with her and laid it on the floor and then she promptly laid herself down on it.  Turning her head she asked me to turn on the TV.  Which I did.  She had loosened the towel so she wasn't laying on it so I could do with it what I wanted. 

At first I had the towel folded in half and covering her ass.  As I got a little bolder and a little more turned on I took the towel totally off.  She was absolutely totally naked laying on the floor watching TV acting like she didn't have a clue that I was sliding my hands through her wet slit and rubbing her tight little asshole while pretending to massage her thighs.  Wanting to tease her a little I moved up and worked on her shoulders.  And was I glad I did.  We hadn't heard Mom come down the stairs and there she was! Right there in the room with Beth buck naked.  I just acted like this was a normal everyday thing and kept working on her shoulders.

Mom looked at us for a minute.  Then she told me how nice it was that I was helping Beth like this.  Then she told Beth, "It's real chilly down here honey.  Why don't you put that towel over yourself?" 

Beth mumbled an "ok" and reached back and pulled the towel somewhat haphazardly over her ass.  Mom didn't say anymore and went back upstairs.  I waited a minute or two before I remarked what a close call that was. 

Beth didn't reply but I was amazed when she reached down and pulled towel right back off.  Fuck this was making me hard.  Beth always loved the taboo and the dangerous.  Fucking her brother, nothing turned her on more.  Letting a much older black guy eat her pussy in the boxing club with guys in the next room, even better.

As I went back to work on Beth I reached down and freed my cock from my loose legged shorts.  I let my bare cock rub against her ass and even into the crack of her ass as I massaged her shoulders.  She would arch her ass up which let my cock touch her little round butt hole.  I purposefully would put the head of my cock right against her little hole like I was wanting to ass fuck her.  I could tell the idea of her brothers greasy cock pistoning in and out of her little ass was really getting to her.  I let my cock slide down the length of her slit.  As usual, she was incredibly wet. 

As I moved back and forth making it look all innocent while massaging her I was really just getting my cock in the right place to slide it inside her tight cunt.  It was well covered with her lube and her pussy was opening in anticipation of receiving my cock.  I got my cock at a little better angle and slid it in.  In one quick slide it went totally deep in her.  That's how wet she was.  It felt so incredible.  Her pussy was hot, wet, tight and so indescribably smooth.  I just held my cock in her while I massaged her.  She would move her ass up and down a little but I was going to make her wait.  I knew if I teased her with my cock inside her but not move it, she'd go nuts.  I looked down and because of my shorts you couldn't tell I had my cock in her!  It was fantastic.  And unbelievably dangerous. 

Wouldn't you know it, we heard the doorbell ring.  Beth quickly turned around and looked at me.  I knew she wanted me to stop fucking her, just in case.  But I wasn't about to stop.  I just kept sitting on her and left my cock buried inside her tight little pussy.  Which was getting even wetter.  She REALLY liked the idea of getting caught.

We both listened carefully to see if we could figure out who it was at the door.  We heard our Mom say the name of Beth's best friend, Cindy.  Who, wouldn't you know it, came immediately downstairs.  She acted a little surprised of course when she saw me straddling Beth who was totally naked. Beth acted real nonchalant about the whole thing and told her in a very bored voice how I was just giving her a massage.  Cindy kind of nodded her head and sat down.  On the footstool sitting immediately beside me.  I needed a minute to try and figure this out so I just kept working on Beth.  Beth and Cindy started talking like I wasn't even there.  I decided to be a little bold.  I slid my cock out of Beth just a little.  Looking down I could see Beths pussy as it gripped around my rock hard penis.  She was doing an extremely good job of keeping it wet, too.  Leaning forward like I was going to work on her shoulders I jacked my cock hard, back inside of her.  You could hear our sex squish together.  Cindy immediately looked down but because of my shorts, couldn't see anything.  I could tell from her expression that she was doubting herself as to what she really heard.  

It was really turning me on that Cindy was so focused on where Beth and I met.  I decided I had to go for broke.  I leaned back so I could work on Beth's lower back.  As I moved back a bit my cock slid partially out.  I heard Cindy take in a quick breath.  Looking down I could see almost half of my cock.  The other half was inside of my sisters wet cunt.  The half that was out was coated with a white creamy lube that Beth made when she was really turned on.  I loved to see it because I knew what it meant.   Cindy wouldn't take her eyes off of my cock and Beth's pussy. So...I started fucking Beth real slow but made real sure that my cock would come out almost all of the way.  Cindy started jiggling her legs back and forth.  I wasn't stupid, I knew what that meant. Beth kept talking to Cindy like she didn't have a clue that her brother was sliding his cock in and then back out of her pussy the whole time. She was creaming like no other, Cindy and I could see it.  Beth was feeling it but acted totally innocent of getting brother-fucked right in front of her friend.

After a little while I could help it.  I started fucking Beth for real.  Forget all the pretenses, I just fucked my cock in and out of her hot little cunt.  I could see how tightly it gripped and how she made some much cream on me.  I started slamming my dick into her.  I looked over and Cindy was coming, I could tell by her eyes.

Leaning forward I pulled Beth's hips up and got her on all fours and deep fucked her.  My shorts somewhat muffled the sound of me slapping my cock in and out of her hot cunt.  You could still hear the liquid sound of our incestuous fucking though.  Beth arched her ass and came on my cock.  Her spasming was more than I could handle so I pulled out my dick and shot my hot load onto her back.  Some of it even landed in her hair.  I quickly stuffed it back inside of her and fucked her some more.  Beth wasn't the only one that got turned on when she was caught with her brothers cock fucking her.  I pumped her a little more and then my spent cock slipped out.  I tucked my cock back into my shorts and reached over and placed the towel on Beth's ass.  Just in case someone came downstairs....

As I was getting up to go upstairs to take my shower Beth said to me "You know, Cindy's staying overnight.  She might want a massage later....."  It turned out that she did. 




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