My sister was 19 and i was 17 when i had *** with my sister.

That day my parents went to my uncle's house.They usually do it in every weekend and return home late at night .That fortunately the AC in my sister's room went out.That was summer.She couldn't bear the heat so she took of all the dress and lay naked int he bed. I went with my friends to play when this happened.When i returned home it was five O' clock and she didn't know i returned and she roamed the house naked. We had a big house with double floors so it wasn't easy to find her.But when i went to the living room there she was in front of the mirror admiring herself. She saw me int he mirror and quickly turned but didn't cover herself. She stood there naked and allowed me to saw her naked.She had a perfect body. She too had big apple ass.

Then she went to her room as though nothing happened and i went to my room to sleep.The thought of my sister made me awake and i thinking of herself as though fucking her i masturbated and i cummed in my bathroom. This was enough i thought. I couldn't control myself. So i went to her bedroom where she was still lying naked. If she allowed me to saw her naked will she allow me to fuck her? i thought . Then i kissed her suddenly while i hugged her. We hug many of our relations but this one was different. This was hot i thought (not because of summer though!) She didn't resist to push me away but she too was liking it. Then while i kissed her i moved my hand to the breast of hers and began caressing them. i stopped kissing and began to squeze her breast and she moaned. This made my 5 inch cock stronger and longer.

"You have big boobs sexy sis" i said excitedly.

I still caressed them and she suddenly grabbed hold of my cock and began rubbing them. Within minutes i cummed all over her breasts.

Then i moved down her legs and began to eat out her vagina and she moaned deeply.

She moaned "Aaahaaa aaahaaa"

"I want you to do this very badly" she said.

After about five or seven minutes she reached her orgasm and cummed all over me.

This was wonderful i thought. Not licking her but the feeling i had around my penis when i was eating out her vagina.

 The  i inserted my penis into her very slowly and took out slowly until she didn't have much pain

Then i began to fuck her very fast and she too was liking it. It was a wonderful feeling having my cock inside her and that idea overpowered me and i began to fuck very fast. I was about to reach my orgasm when took out the cock and then i inserted into her asshole. She began to moan in pain and began to fuck slowly until my cock fitted into her asshole and began to fuck fast.

Then i changed the position and then sat on my cock and began to jump up and down. She stopped it for a moment to catch breath and she kissed me while i caressed her breasts again. It made my cock stronger .I reached orgasm and blowed my load into her asshole. She liked it and when she got off me the cum was leaking from her asshole and dripped down her legs. She went to the bathroom to wash and i entered to have more orgasm and we began kissing each other and i rubbed her cock in the gap between her legs and she too liked it and i reached my orgasm only after 15 minutes of doing it. It was good we said.

Then my parents came at seven O' clock and my sister said "I will sleep in nick's room because my AC is no longer working"

My parents accepted that.

We will have more fun when we are going to sleep in the same room i thought and i think she will too have thought  it before asking to my parents.

I waited for the night to come.(because i can cum)



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