Gang-banged by Wolves

They say a full moon can make animals behave strangely, but I had never put much stock in that until recently. It all happened last fall, during the second breeding season for wolves and when it was still pretty warm at night. Most importantly, there was a full moon that night. What happened that night changed my life forever.

I had gone backpacking, as I loved to outdoors, and had set up my tent in the middle of a clearing in the forest. I find it a huge turn-on to be naked in the wilderness and so was sitting naked by my campfire. I started feeling horny, as I hadn't had a boyfriend in several months.

I slipped my fingers into my aching pussy, rubbing my clit with my thumb. After some frantic fingering, I brought myself to a semi-satisfying orgasm. After I had calmed down a bit, I thought I saw something watching me from the edge of the forest. I decided to take a closer look.

As I got closer, I could see by the moonlight that it was a wolf. Suddenly, the wolf lurched out of the forest towards me. I turned and started to run back to my tent, but the wolf overtook me and jumped on my back, knocking me on all fours.

My breath was coming in ragged gasps as I pondered what the wolf would do to me. Suddenly, I felt the wolf's whiskers tickling the inside of my legs as it sniffed my still wet pussy. Then the wolf wrapped it's front legs around my chest and rammed it's cock into me.

I resisted at first, but the wolf wouldn't let me get away and pounded away at my pussy. Finally, I gave in and started to enjoy the fucking. With ever thrust the wolf made, my 36D breasts swayed in time with it. Finally, the wolf released it's cum inside me and pulled out.

Almost immediately, another cock was rammed into my pussy and I looked back and saw a whole pack of wolves waiting to fuck my pussy. I orgasmed this time and eagerly awaited the next wolf. As each wolf fucked me, I began shouting: “Yes, fuck the bitch, fuck the bitch in heat!”

Eventually all the wolves had planted their seed in my hot cunt, causing me to orgasm over and over and giving me a satisfaction I hadn't had in months. Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, the wolves left, leaving me craving more. I spent the rest of the night lying on my back in the grass, letting wolf cum ooze out of my well-fucked pussy onto the ground, merrily dreaming about my encounter.

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[#2216] Petar3000 ( 881 days ago )
Petar3000 avatar Hot but too short writ more
[#436] Minion ( 1269 days ago )
Minion avatar Some more detail and a little more build up would have turned a good idea into an amazing story.
[#5571] steviecom ( 1642 days ago )
steviecom avatar Well written,short and hot.
[#1046] mysticrebel ( 1642 days ago )
mysticrebel avatar loved the story please write more n make them longer
[#5571] Wormmel ( 1642 days ago )
Wormmel avatar love the story please make more
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