My name is Brunie, I'm 17 and I live in Portugal. I am 5'6 ft tall, white skin, a very nice body, my boobs are medium size but very tasty and my ass is round and very nice.
I have a boyfriend named Richard, he is also white and he is 21 years old. He was the first man I have been with and he is the one who took my virginity. I go to school, singel daughter and I live with my parents near Lisbon.

Well everything started when one day I logged in my MSN and there was someone who wanted to add me. From the mail I got to know that that someones name was Ivan, I didnt know anyone with that name but I was curious and I decided to accept to see who he was. I accepted and he was online on the MSN and he talked to me. From his photo I saw he was a black boy, on the photo he was on the beach with his shirt off and I saw he had a nice and ripped body, and his hair was like a cornrow not too long.
I am not racist, not even close, actually I always had some curiosity about black guys, because everyone said they were different from the white guys in things related to sex, but I never tried to know was just curiosity. So we talked for a while and he told me he was 18 and lived near Lisbon on some ghetto. He was very naughty, he said he had seen my hi5 and asked my email to a friend of mine that he also knew because he thought I was very pretty and hot. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend and I said I did and then he asked if he was white or black. When I said he was white he laughed and said that it was a waste that a girl like me was dating a white guy instead of a black one. I understood where he wanted to get but I tried to avoid that subject..but he kept insisting on it. He wanted to know if I had ever been with a black guy and when I said I didnt he asked me if I was racist, I said i wasnt and he asked if I would lke to be with a black guy then. I simply said that I had a boyfriend and I didnt want to be with anyone else than him. He laughed and said that I should be with a real man and not with some white guy. I said my boyfriend was a real man and then he asked if he was good in sex, I just answered yes but he got aware of my hesitation and laughed. He then asked something that got me surprised and excited at the same time...he asked me the size of my boyfriends dick. I said he was being stupid and I wouldnt tell him that, and he laughed and started teasing me saying that if I didnt want to say it was because he was right and my boyfriend couldnt satisfy me. He insited alot and me already annoyed finally answered him, my boyfriends dick was 5.1 inches. I knew it wasnt a big dick but I never really cared about it, sex wasnt that important to me but sometimes he managed to satisfy I thought..

When I told him the size of my boyfriends dick he laughed and joked alot, and asking if that was what I called a
real man. I was getting upset and asked him what was a real man then, and he answered he was a real man. I decided to play along and asked him the size of his dick. He proudly answered 8.5inches. I laughed and didnt believe him, 8.5inches was alot but he kept saying it was true and asked if I wanted him to prove me. I asked how was he going to do that and he said he would turn the webcam on and show me. I prontly said no and that he was a perv but, curiosity kept growing inside of me and it was getting me excited. He kept insisting and teasing and I finally accepted.

When he turned the webcam on, he was sitting on the bed with the computer between his legs. He was only in boxers and he must had put on one of those body olis because his body was shinning with the light. Those defined abs, those not too big but well defined muscles, and his boxers..actually the bulge inside his boxers...he started massaging that bulge to tease me and asked me if I was ready to see the big one. I said yes and he pulled the boxers down and when he did it, a big fat cock jumped out..very dark and with a huge head. As soon as I saw it, my pussy got immediatly wet...he started jerking that big piece of black meat up and down and my mouth was wide opened as I was seeing that cock, up and down...and I started playing with myself. I was dripping wet, just from watching that cock I was so fucking horny. " it big or what?" he asked and I said it was. He teased me more and more and asked me if I wanted to see it personally. Of course I wanted to...I was crazy about that freaking cock..I just wanted to feel it...but I had a boyfriend and before I did something I would regret I closed the MSN.

That night I had torubles falling asleep, my pussy was always wet and I couldnt stop thinking about Ivans big black cock. In the next day I logged in my MSN hoping he would be there, and he was. "Here is my little white slut, you came looking for the big fat cock wasnt it?" he said as soon as I logged in. "Dont talk to me like that!" I angrily said because he called me slut but at the same time, excited. He kept teasing me and calling me slut and bitch, I was getting very excited and he asked if I wanted him to turn the webcam on again. Firstly I said no, but when he said his cock was already hard and waiting for me I accepted. There he wasa gain. with the computer between his legs, his balls were huge and falling down, and that cock..that fat veiny black cock pointing in the air. When I saw it I couldnt avoid and I furiously stuffed my fingers in my soaking wet pussy. "You cant resist this black dong isnt it my little bitch?", "Yes I can" I lied. "Oh can you? So if you wanna see it ever again, go meet me tommorow in the train station parking lot at 1pm" he said and immediatly logged off. I got mad, he gone away and left me there super excited and alone. I fucked my pussy with my fingers a little more untill I cummed. Obviously I wasnt meeting him tommorow...I had a boyfriend and besides that I also had classes by that time tommorow. I was never going to meet some black boy I barely knew. I had troubles to sleep again that night, I couldnt stop thinking about that cock..I couldnt stop masturbating...

In the following day, I went to classes in the morning as normal, but I was thinkin about Ivan all the time. Already desperate I called my boyfriend who was also having classes, we were in the same school, and told him to come with me to the back of the school because I was very horny. He almost exploed in happiness, I had never asked him something like that. We went to the back of the school, we started kissing and touching each other, he put his hand in my panties and touch my pussy...but I wasnt getting excited..I then decided to get on my knees and give him a blowjob. When I pulled his dick out he seemed tiny compared to Ivan. It was much smaller, much thiner...much less exciting. I even sucked him for some minutes, but I couldnt hold it anymore. I stood up, told him I had to go, and I ran outside the school. I caught the bus heading the train was almost 1pm. When I got there, I ran to the parking lot and searched desperatly for some sign of him...There wanst anynone there, just some cars. I felt desperate, did he give up from comming? Then a car give me some light signs, it was and old grey car in the furthest side of the park. I walked there..was it him? When I got closer I could see inside the car very well yet beause there was a lot of smoke inside, but he oppened the passenger door. I walked slowly to there, peeked inside and saw his hand laying on the passenger seat. A big black hand with golden rings on his fingers, he tapped twice on the seat to invite me to seat. I found what where all that smoke was comming from, he was smoking a joint. I sat down shaking in fear, but at the same time my little pussy was dripping all the way down my legs. I sat, closed the door and looked at him. It was really him, the cornrow hair, those full lips, those mean eyes...
"So you did came hein bitch? You couldnt resist the nigga han?" I kept quite.
"Ahaha dont be scared girl...wanna feel the cock now?" Once again I couldnt answer him and kept looking down. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock that was yet inside of his trousers.
"Feel it bitch, thats why you are here right?" I could feel the heat from that cock from inside his trousers...I could hold it and started rubbing it. He also started feeling my body, he run his hand on my back, he played with my tits, whose nipples were hard as a rock. Meanwhile I was already rubbing that cock with both hands. He took my hands of his pants and pushed me away.
"Want that dick bitch? If you do you gotta ask for it"
"I want it..." I said without taking my eyes of that bulge.
"Ask harder!" He screamed to my face.
"I want that cock!" I almost screamed burning in desire.
"Harder you fucking slut!!!" He scream even more louder.
"I WANT THAT HUGE BLACK COCK!" I screamed in despair and attacked his trousers, unbottened them furiously, pulled them down, the boxers too and that monster jumped out right in front of my face. I immediatly hold it with both hands and jerked it off up and down. It was freaking huge! I could feel that power running on his veins of that black monument. Burning in desire I opened my mouth and swallowed that black beast.
"Thats it bitch! Suck that cock nicely! You nasty little white slut!" He said forcing my head down on his cock. 
"Lets go to my home so I can rip you up with that cock?
"Hum hum" I agreed with my mouth full.
"I didnt understand you bitch!" He screamed and pulled my head up by the hair.
"YES!" I screamed and went back on swallowing that delicious black meat.
He drove back home always speeding up while I sucked on his cock, I dont know if the people on the street could see me but I really didnt care. When we got to his hood he asid he was cumming and filled my throat with his cum, I swallowed almost everything but a bit went to his leg but I licked it right away.
He lived on a ghetto and most people were black so they stared at me wondering who that white girl was. We went up the stairs to his home.

He told me to go to his bedroom and I did, after a while he came too, layed on the bed and started to smoke another joint while I was looking and waiting for him to say something.
"What the fuck are you waiting for bitch? Suck it!"He didnt need to say twice, I took his pants offand went back on sucking that wonderfull black cock. He pushed my head down, rubbed me tits and ass, I felt like a real slut..but I didnt mind it. He started undressing me and touching me all over. Then got on his knees on the bed and started to face fuck me very hard. He was stuffin that big cock all the way down my throat and I was chocking and spitting when he gave me the chance to breathe. Then got me on my back and tit fucked me while I sucked the big black head. Then he moved down and licked my pussy untill I cummed and when I did, he positioned that now scaring huge cock in the entrance of my tight pink pussy.
He started forcing his way inside my tight little hole, when the head got in i felt my pussy ripping apart, I felt that head stretching my dripping wet little pussy. He was getting more and more of his cock inside and I could only scream in pain and pleasure. I was being all stretched out by that 8.5inches black monster cock and I was loving it. 

When I was getting used to all that size he started fcking me harder and faster, he was calling me bitch and slut and was chockin my neck and I loved it. I cummed 3 times just in that position, then he fucked me doggy while he spanked my ass. He said he wanted to fuck my ass my I said no because I never got it in the ass, so he just put one finger in my ass while he kept slammming my soaking pussy.Then he layed back and I rode that black pole untill I couldnt anymore.
"Get on your fours again bitch" He said while it got all the way off his cock. I got on my 4s and thought he wanted some more pussy but instead he spit on my ass and got only the head of his cock on my pussy to get it wet.
"I said I didnt want it in the ass!"
"But who asked you anything bitch?" And started forcing his way inside my virgin little ass. In the beggining it hurt like hell! It felt like my ass was burning. But when I got used to get my ass all stretched out and abused by
those fat 8.5inches of black meat it started to feel wonderfull. He groaned while he buried himself in my ass and I screamed to in delight. When I started to feel his cock to pulsate and he spanking me harder I understood he was about to cum.
"Get on your knees bitch!" He screamed and unburied all that cock from my abused ass and I got on my knees. He made me suck his cock that tasted a bit bad and after some seconds he exploded on my mouth and on my face. My face was full of cum and he made me suck his cock clean.
"Well done slut, you did a good job. Thats it for today but when I call you again, you will come understood? You belong to me know bitch." I didnt answer him, I was catching my breath, I felt like a real slut, I was all sore and my ass was burning. He gave me a towel to clean myself up and threw my clothes at me. I got dressed and he sent me away. I walked back to the train station.My pussy was all sore, my ass was burning and it felt like I really needed to go to the bathroom, and I had the taste of cum on my mouth, but I was satisfied.

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