Horny bitch; Yes I soon found out that's what my young wife was,I say young,we both were. I had been suggesting for a while that she could have fun with our dog. She'd get real pissy and tell me to piss off,there was no way she'd do anything with a dog. My instincts told me otherwise though. I'd got the feeling she was at it with Surge - our dogs name - but couldn't get her to admit it. Her pissyness was such that I was sure I'd touched a nerve and she was ahead of me when it came to K9 adventures. But how the hell do I get her to admit it so I can watch her doing it. I concluded short of catching her red handed,there was no way she'd admit anything. But how? As it was it didn't happen like that at all. I'd first latched on to the dog thing and in concluding she was at it,I wondered if Surge would respond to myself. So when I was home alone with just me and Surge,I stripped my lower half to see if he'd notice my cock. The thought of it had put precum on the end and within no time Surge clocked this and planted his tongue on it as my now half hard cock flopped too and froo with his mouth chasing my pre cum. I got so wrapped up in his interest and asking him if he licked my wife's love juice off her cunt as he was getting hard like he was with mine. His cock was pokingfrom his sheath and with about four inches of pink peeping out I was debating whether to kneel in front of him and see if he copied on me what I was sure he was doing to my wife. By now he'd gripped my leg and was dry humping it with fluid squirting on my leg from his cock end. "Go on Surge show me what you shoot in the horny young bitch and I'll show you what I shoot in her as well" FUCK! I tell you I shit as in my concentration,my wife's voice chipped in. "Go on then Surge,squirt into his ass what he thinks you squirt into my horny pussy. Go on Surge get him down and fuck him. That'll teach him if you get that cock of yours up his hole" I tell you I shit out,there was no way of getting out of this. I'd been caught red handed. My wife didn't go crazy,she just stood looking as Surge kept humping at me. "Go on then, get down and let him try,you're always telling me too" Meekly I looked at her then the dog, "GO ON,See if he will. That's what you say to me. GET DOWN ON THAT FLOOR NOW. Then I'll tell you if I had" I submited and knelt waiting for Surge too,well surge in my ass. "Come on Surge,good boy,please mummy" I knelt watching as Surge left my leg and pushed his muzzle up my wife's dress as she pulled her panties to one side. "There,that's what you've been going on about,I never believed you go to such a length to get me to admit what I do. But God seeing him licking your cock made me nearly cum in my knickers you bastard" In a few minutes she was wriggling and panting in orgasm. Reaching a point where she could take no more tongue from Surge she indicated to me to kneel down. My mind whizzed, FUCK She's going to let him have me. I admit with a hardon up to my chin all things were possible but I never believed she'd take me up on my intention. As she guided Surge up on my back she clearly was relishing seeing me getting his cock. "Go on Surge,fuck the horny bastard,stick it right up his ass till he yelps,go on screw him,fuck him hard" I couldn't believe what my wife was saying,she'd never showed this side of her character before. She was relishing me loosing my anal cherry to Surge. Try as he did he could only probe at my ass but it was becoming ever more unsucccessful. "Oh,you're useless,just get up on the chair and let me put the poor dog out of his agony. Come on Surge,up on mummy,lets show him how its done" Without further ado,my wife moved her bum about under Surge until as I shot off on the floor Surge pressed his full length up my wife's virgina. I couldn't blink as I watched her small pussy swallow his very thick large length without a murmur from my wifes mouth about the thickness and length. "Go on Surge,make mummy cum,come on dog,faster! Harder! That's right,AAAGH! AAAGH! I'm CUMMING! CUMMING! Oh you fucking dog,you're cumming up me now. OOOH! OOOH! ITS SO FUCKING HOT GOING UP MEEEE! As I watched my dream come true,I marvelled at the fact he'd rammed his knot deep inside her and there was no way it was coming back out her tight lips as he turned and pulled. "NO SURGE! Wait like mummy told you,you're to big now for mummy's pussy,go on spitting your cum in mummy" I kid you not! With her talking like that my cum oozed from me again. She turned her head looking at my sperm spilling too the floor. "You're a bastard,that's exactly what you done to me showing me Surge licking your cock,YOU BASTARD! Okay so I fuck our dog! What now?" - "Nothing babe,I think its magic the way you done that,I want to watch for ever more" - "Yeah,I bet you do and I'm going to see your ass get it and that's going to happen tomorrow,get it? I DID AND ALL,DEEP oOH SO DEEP INTO MY RECTUM. But I was too tight to take his knot and god did she frig her clitoris,still do each time I take Surge's cock deep into my bowel and I admit his spunk is scalding to my tender assholes membrane.

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