it was another busy day in the griffin house and louis had just put stewie to bed when brian walked in the house drunk with a glass in his hand "BRIAN I TOLD U TO NOT COME HOME DRUNK, GET TO BED" louis shouted as brian walked up stairs he walked past stewies room and went in "hey stewie wat u doin" "IM TRYING TO SLEEP YOU STUPID HOUND, GET OUT MY ROOM" as stewie stood up to hit a drunk brian his blacket fell off him to exspose his dick erect and pointing at brian "hey stewie u got a erection want me to sort that out for u" "I SAID GE... o ok then" with that bian dropped his glass and walked over to stewie and began to suck him cock stewie thruw his head back in pleasure he then grabbed brians ears and started to fuck his face harder and harder until he shot his load into brians mouth. after brian licked his lip and was about to walkout stewie shouted "OI DOG IM NOT FINISHED" stewie jumpped out his cot and pushed brian on all fours stewie then licked his ass for a few minutes then stood up and pushed his cock deep into brains ass and began to thrused in and out brian started to pant harder and harder then stewie shot a second load into brians ass then pulled out and when back to bed, brian stumbled into peters bed and licked him ass clean and lapped up all of stewies cum and then went to sleep.

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[#5571] kyrocketscientist ( 1640 days ago )
kyrocketscientist avatar I could NOT undeerstand what you were talking about. Im sure some one got fucked but I don't know who or what. Jane
[#2216] ready2plezu ( 1640 days ago )
ready2plezu avatar shitty story man
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