Title: Schoolgirl Slut



Emily lived in a suburban neighborhood where she was very well known by all the men. She lived with her father Rick, her mother Caren, and her two older brothers Mike and Tim. Rick, her father was quite the popular guy on the block. He held weekly poker games, block party barbaques, and football parties regularly. All the men were very fond of Ricks little girl who was shaping into quite a beautiful women. It was summer time and Emily was going to be a freshmen in highschool. She had been waiting for this moment and was very excited. She prodded her daddy to take her shopping for new clothes often, and Rick finally gave in. He realized his little baby girl had grown into an esquisite young women. Her angelic face, full lips, shoulder length golden hair, petite frame with curves in the right places. Her mother Caren was very well endowed with D cup breasts. Emily was very lucky, being the only one in her middle school to have C cup breasts. Not only did all the boys at school lust over her, but the older men in her neighbborhood did aswell. She was simply a sex kitten in all aspects of the statement. Emily carried an attitude with her that had tease written all over her face. With her new wardrobe, she was well on her way to being the potential slut she so deserved to be.



It was a typical Friday morning. Rick was sipping his coffe and reading the newspaper while his wife Caren was getting ready for work. Emily awoke from a great sleep, feeling very horny from her evenings dream. She recalled being surrounded by several older men with their cocks in hand, pointing them towards her. Emily slipped her hand down to her crotch and started to rub circles around her clit, building up a wet spot on her skin tight pink cotton shorts as her memory recalled her sucking on all of the men's cocks. She started pressing into the cloth of her shorts, pusing her middle finger inside her pussy. The wetness was starting to spread and her fingers became deeper and more intense. The cotton material felt so soft and good inside her pussy, her thoughts were suddenly scrambled as her door flung open with her older brother Tim standing there with his mouth wide open. Tim couldn't believe what he was seeing. His little 13 year old sister lieing spread eagle on her bed, finger jabbing wildly into her pussy through her shorts. Emily sat up quickly, " What the hell Tim!"


Standing there only in his boxers, all Tim could do was stand there in shock, though while coming to his senses he muttered the words, " I'm taking a shower first...so you'll have to wait." Emily jumped from her bed, " No you're not!" Tim was still in shock, while seeing her C cup tits bouncing towards him. Before he knew it, she was by him and running towards the bathroom. Tim quickly sprang towards her and just as she was entering the bathroom door, he grasped her from behind, arms tightly around her stomach just underneath her tits. Tims crotch pressed tightly into Emilys tight plump ass, and as they struggled for position of the bathroom, his cock was swelling at the constant contact from her ass. Emily bent over and then quickly jolted her ass into Tims crotch trying to free herself from his tight grasp, " I always get the bathroom first, I'm a girl!" Tim just ignored her plee's, overpowering her and moving both of them into the bathroom, kicking the door behind him to shut it. Emilys ass movements were driving Tim insane, moving her ass cheeks in position so his growing cock was pressing deep within the confines. She felt this erection pressing into her, so she decided to play a little game of moving her ass up and down his length in a more concetrating movement. After a few moments of struggle, Emily grew tired of struggling and was so flustered from not getting off this morning. Lust came over her mind with Tim's cock now fully erect pressing very hard against in between her ass crack. " Well I'm getting in the shower." And with that Emily slipped down her cotton shorts to her ankles. Tim yerned for the feeling of her soft flesh on his love tool and in one quick yank he pulled his boxers to his ankles. Lust filled the bathroom that morning as the two siblings were closer then ever. Emily turned her head to meet Tims in a passionate kiss, swirling there tongues and experiencing true feelings of lust. Tims hands ran up under her tight little white t-shirt and grasped tightly apon her breast mounds. Emily couldn't take it anymore, reaching under her crotch to direct Tims 7 inch cock towards her love hole. Tim didn't need much more direction as he found his little sisters opening, plumitting his entire length inside of her. Emily let out a breath of relief as he pussy was filled with her oldest brothers cock. Tim held her tight around her stomach as he started to push her back into his motions. Emily arched her back somewhat and grabbed ahold of the bathroom counter, making a hard push everytime Tim pushed into her. There combined fucking motion increased into a rapid fucking. The sound of sex filled the bathroom as there pace quickened, Tim held her hips tightly as he pounded his 13 year old sisters ass, fucking her with lost abandon. After what seemed an eternity of the two crashing their mid sections into eachother, Tim felt his balls churning. " I'm going to cum Emmy" Emily used the last bit of her energy to really start slamming her ass into every crushing hump her brother was dishing out. " Me too!" With that, Tim slammed his hardest into her, sending a gushing stream of his cum deep within her depths. Thick stream after stream followed eachother, showing no signs of slowing down. Emily came hard, feeling the cock in her swell and shoot warm shots of cum deep inside of her. Tim gave her his last thundering shots, filling Emilys cunt so full of cum it was leaking out around his cock. Tim collasped on her back, cock still deep inside of Emily. After a moment, of rest, the two took a shower together and went there separate ways to get ready for school that morning.


It was getting close the the last days of school, so Emily knew she could be quite bold in her dress attire. She thought of her history teacher, Mr. Graves getting quite anxious around her the this year. She knew he wanted her, and she thought today would be a good day to venture in that direction. She searched through her closet and pulled out her short red and green plaid skirt, white blouse, and knee high socks. She put on her strapless bra, which pushed her breasts high and gave a sexy cleavage to her already large breasts. She put on her white blouse, tieing it at the bottom showing her navel area. She made sure that it was unbuttoned enough to show the perfect amount of cleavage. For a moment, she contemplated if she should wear any panties, then she decided to grab her white cotton panties to go with her outfit. After pulling up her white knee high socks and stapping on her shoes, she check herself in the mirror and looked herself over. Her candy red lips and golden blond hair pulled back into a ponytail satisfied her finishing touches. She then wrapped a skirt that went down to her shins, and put on another, 'conservitive' blouse over sexy outfit to please her mom's view of her before she went to school.


Emily talked candidly about 'things' with her mom before she was dropped off at school. She waited until her mom drove off then darted off to the side of the building where there's not much of a view to the public eye. She stripped off her fake clothing to reveal her sexy schoolgirl outfit. After stuffing her fake outfit into a bag, she was walking sexly into the school with all eyes on her. She even turned the head of the principal, who stopped to say something to Emily, but was in too much shock to even mutter a word. Emily just kept walking, going to her locker to get the books for her history class.


Emily being a little late from this mornings 'activities' with her older brother, she is the last to walk in to the class. All the boys drop what there doing and stare in awe as Emily makes her way to her desk. The girls in the class start whispering jealous comments about her outfit, and Mr.Graves eyes down the teen beauty as she sits down in the front of the classroom. Normal class procedures followed the next hour with Emily teasingly waving her legs open and shut for Mr.Graves to get peeks at her cotton covered snatch. As the bell rings, Emily purposely readys herself for leaving the classroom very slowly. After being the last student left in the classroom, she stands at her desk. Mr.Graves eyes the teen sex kitten standing at her desk with the hem of her tiny skirt being just slightly higher than the desktop itself. Emily makes her way to Mr.Graves desk, putting her hands on the adjasent side of the desk and leaning forward, giving the teacher an eyeful of cleavage. "Mr.Graves..." Emily innocently asks in her sexiest voice, "I know my grade in this class isn't the best, and I was really wanting to get an A. I was wondering if I could do some extra credit work." She smiled sexily, licking her lips and glancing towards Mr.Graves rising crotch. Mr.Graves smiled, "Why ofcourse Emily, but you're going to have to hurry, class starts in 5 minutes." With that Emily walks towards the door, shutting and locking it.


She turns back to see Mr.Graves pulling his almost fully erect 8 inch cock from his pants. Emily gets on her knees infront of her teacher and engulfs the engorged cock into her sweet little mouth. Mr.Graves moans as he watches the wanton sluts full, Angelina Jolie lips wrap around his wide cock. Emily expertly drops her mouth to his base, making this tip of his cock puncture her throat. She slides her mouth all the way to the tip, her lips wrapped around the head of his cock, then quickly drops back to the base of his cock. Mr.Graves grasps her head and helps her motion quicken. He watches the clock noticing a minute had already passed, so he stands up, pushing his cock hard against the back of her throat. He grabs tightly around both sides of her head and starts ramming the 13 year olds head, fucking it without any thought of her well being. Emily struggles at this sudden abrupt change, but adapts quickly as Mr.Graves face fucks her. Slamming inside her throat harder than ever before, Mr.Graves feels his balls churning, getting ready to release a weeks worth of semen. Just as the last 10 seconds are approaching, he pulls Emilys head off his dick and starts whacking off his soon approaching orgasm. Emily sticks out her tongue and opens wide with Mr.Graves cock tip positioned centimeters away from her open mouth. Mr.Graves roars as the first thick stream of cum gushes out and lands in the back of Emilys throat, soon followed by another equally large depost of cum. Emily feels her mouth start to fill full of semen as Mr.Graves continues to release stream after stream of hot semen into her mouth. With the last jerks of his cock, he manages to shoot cum all over her lips, mouth, and nose. The young teenagers face was covered in cum, not to mention filled to the max in her mouth where it was flowing down her chin. Before too much could escape her mouth, Emily quickly swallowed what seemed like a pint of cum in three gulps. She sucked on his tip to get the rest of his seed, sucking as if it were a milkshake. Just then Mr.Graves had noticed it was time and told her to hurry and unlock the door. Emily did so, not even thinking about the cum that was covered all over her nose, lips, and chin. As she did so, the door flung open and Principal Hawkins was standing there, astounded by the amount of cum all over Emilys face, dripping from her chin. Emily just stood there in shock, knowing she was busted. So she did what any slut would do, she lapped up as much of the cum off her face and sucked it down from her fingers. Principal Hawkins grabbed her by the arm, "You're in big trouble Missy!"


As they get to the principals office, he shuts and locks the door behind them. "Sit down young lady. Now what on earth do you think you're doing?" Emily stares into his eyes, hoping to get an ounce of lust from them. "I was, um...doing extra credit." Principal Hawkins looked down at Emily, "Extra credit? You mean to tell me that it was your idea suck suck Mr.Graves dick, having him cum in your mouth for extra credit." Emily innocently looked deep into his eyes, "Yes Principal Hawkins, I didn't mean for anything bad to happen, and I really needed to swallow some cum. I mean I love cock, and I really love swallowing cum. I just can't go a day without it." Principal Hawkins looked at this young girl in a new light after hearing those words 'cum' out of her mouth. "Well Emily, you are quite the slut aren't you. You know, since you are such a little slut, why don't you come over here and give me a blowjob. That way we can keep this between you, me, and Mr.Graves." Emilys eyes lit up with excitement, "Really, Yes Sir!"


Emily quickly got on her knees infront of the principal and noticed he was already hard from the conversation. She wrapped her lips around his 7 inch cock and started sucking with vigor. Principal Hawkins grabbed her ponytail, yanking it up and down his length. He wasn't surprised how good she was at taking his cock and after a good couple of minutes, he decided he wanted more than a blowjob. "You know what Emily, why don't you stand up for me." Emily obeyed his command, wondering why he wanted her to stop. He then ran his hands on both of her legs all the way up to her panties. With a quick yank, the panties were down at her ankles. Emily stepped out of them, then staddled the principals legs in his big chair. Principal Hawkins guided his prick to her enterence and had no resistence pushing his cock head into her wet hole. Emily dropped her weight and sank her pelvis to the base of his cock. She started riding her principal like a wild child, bringing the tip at the enterence and diving back down to the base all in a matter of miliseconds. Principal Hawkins just held her by the waste as to not let her 'fly' off of him as she wickedly rode the living hell out of him. Everytime she came crashing down hard sent the chair back a few inches until it was pressing against the wall, where it started to bang loudly. Principal Hawkins was too into sucking on her cleavage to notice the loud banging of the chair, though came to his senses as he realized this girl that was fucking the living daylights out of him was only 13 years old and a student of his. He quickly stood up, Emily still madly fucking him, and pulls her off of him, standing her up and spinning her around. Emily felt his strong hand grab her by the shoulder and pushing her down face first into his desk. His right hand then lifted the short hem of her skirt and inserted his cock back into her snatch. Rapid fucking resumed as principal Hawkins drilled the sexy schoolgirl from behind. Emily just loved getting fucked from behind, and made it known by pushing hard into every thrust Principal Hawkins had to offer. The thrill of this young slut pushing into every thing he had was sending him over the edge. He felt his balls begin to tighten, and a good two weeks of cum was flowing through his dick. He slammed into her so hard, so fast, and then he was shooting his seed into her cunt before he knew it. Load after load of cum gushed it's way into her sweet sex hole, filling her to the max. Thoughts of impregnating this little girl swam through his head a little late, and he instinctivly pulled his dick out while still cumming. Emily felt cum splashing agasint her open slit and now all over her ass. Principal Hawkins emptied the last reminents of his seed onto Emilys little pink anus. He watched it drip down her crack, cum spilling from her cunt. Emily reached her hand down inbetween her legs and cupped it to retrieve the large amount of cum escaping her pussy. All the while, principal Hawkins couldn't resist sticking his middle finger through the cum into her asshole. Emily kind of jumped slightly, but was taken aback by the slick feeling of being entered in her anus. He pumped her ass deep, past his knuckles while Emily got the last of the cum dripping from her cunt. Principal Hawkens then turned her around, sticking the cum covered finger into her mouth to suck on. After she cleaned his finger, she started to drink the handful of cum she collected from her cunt. "That's a good girl. Now Emily, to keep this our little secret, you're going to have to come and fuck me whenever I call. You got that?" Emily smiled with her satisfied cum covered lips, "Yes Principal Hawkins." Hawkins took her panties in hand, "And I'm keeping these as a souveneer of our sex filled adventure today." Emily smiled and straightened her pleated skirt, swaying her hips back and forth as she exited the office.


The rest of the day, Emily just couldn't get it out of her head that she had finally got Mr.Graves, and on top of that she fucked her Principal. She had almost forgot she even fucked her brother earlier this morning in the bathroom. Sitting in English class, the days exploits ran through her head. The transe she was in was cut short as Mr.Graves walked into the classroom. He went up to Mr.Newman and quietly started chatting with him. Emily noticed his glance, and Mr.Newmans smirk towards her direction. She knew they had to be talking about her. Emily started to get all hot and horny, knowing they were probally planning on how they were going to fuck her. It was lunch after this period and Emily knew there would be adiquet time. Just then the bell rang and again, Emily was the last in the classroom. She acted as if nothing was on the older mens minds as she made her way to the door. Mr.Graves stepped infront of the door, shutting and locking it before Emily could leave. "I know what you and Principal Hawkins did young lady. Now it's our turn," he said with a wicked smile. Emily was getting really wet now and couldn't wait any longer. She dropped her bag and made her way to Mr.Newman who was standing there still in disbelief. Emily stood close to him, looking up at the tall man with lustful eyes. She ran her hand up his leg and to her surprise felt a bulge rather low in his briefs. "Ooo, aren't we well equiped." Mr.Newman smiled, knowing he was well endowed. "Well why don't you find out for yourself Emily, you little whore." Emily unziped his pants, pulling them down to see a huge impression in his boxers. Emily couldn't wait and quickly removed his boxers to reveal a limp 7 inches. Emily knew he wasn't even hard and could only imagine the size at full erection. She dropped to her knees and grabbed the thick shaft in her soft hands and lifts the heavy cock to her mouth. She sucks it into her mouth, letting it fall with a plop, then again doing this until it begins to swell. As it hardens, Emily starts to quicken her pace and sucks hard on his huge cock. A minute later, she looks back at Mr.Graves to see himself preparing himself. As she turns back, she see's Mr.Newmans cock had grown to it's full 11 inches. Emily opens wide and tries her hardest to deep throat the huge member, Mr.Newman smiles at the 13 year olds attempt to take his huge manhood fully in her mouth. Just then Mr.Graves lifts her skirt up and shoves his cock into her soaking wet pussy. "Mmmmm!" Emily moans around the huge cock in her mouth as Mr.Graves starts pumping her pussy full of his shaft. Mr.Newman takes advantage of the pistoning jolts Emily is receiving from behind and starts pushing his dick deeper into the cock sluts throat. Emily nearly chokes as Mr.Newman starts fucking her face. The two much larger bodies on each side of Emilys tiny frame look almost unbelievable as the three commence serious fucking. After what seems like a good ten minutes, the two men roughly increase there pounding of the little slut, sending their cum flying in both ends of her. Emily can't believe the amount of cum she is swallowing, flooding from her mouth and down her chin. Mr.Graves unloads his cum and pulls out to release the rest onto her anus. As the two men finish emptying there loads, Emily turns to suck Mr.Graves cock clean of the cum, then back to Mr.Newman. She goes back and forth between the two like an expert cock hungry slut, bring both men to full hardness again. Mr.Graves then grabs her hips and swings her midsection towards his cock. Emily is caught off balance, then regains balance as she plants her knees on both sides of Mr.Graves legs. Mr.Graves then sticks his thumb in the cum covered anus, preparing her for what's to come. "You're gonna take my cock up your ass you little slut." Before Emily could say anything, Mr.Graves positions his cock at the enterence of her anus, pressing it hard and thrusting his shaft half way up her ass. "Uggghh!!!" Emily moans out in both pain and pleasure as Mr.Graves leans back, making Emily drop the remaing length of her ass down to the base of his cock. Emily spreads her legs wide while being pulled back by her ponytail. Mr.Newman positions himself inbetween her legs, pressing his huge 11 inch cock inside the well fucked cum filled pussy. He pushes deep until he is fully inside of her. Emily moans loudly as she is filled to the max with cock in her ass and pussy. The two teachers start a rocking motion, see-sawing their cocks into her holes. They start out slow, then pick up speed as the seconds pass by. Before she knew it, she was receiving a total fuck from both her teachers. Mr.Newman and Mr.Graves both mauled Emilys plump tits as they fucked her intensly. Out of nowhere, Mr.Newman had gone mad. He started barking out who knows what while grabbing very tightly onto Emilys waste, fucking her so hard, so fast. Mr.Graves even wondered what the hell got into Mr.Newman, he was slamming down so hard, Emily almost went from dick base deep in her ass all the way to his tip with every intense thrust Mr.Newman had deliverd. Emily saw the lustful crazy look in Mr.Newmans eyes as he mindlessly collided into her crotch with what seemed a 1000 pounds of pressure. Mr.Graves had to adjust himself everytime to keep his dick from plopping out of her ass as Mr.Newman sent Emily almost flying forward with every slamming hump. Mr.Graves couldn't take it anymore, "I'm cumming!!" He sent his seed deep into the depths of Emilys bowels. Mr.Newman realizing she was all his now lifted her up, almost just by his dick, and layed her across the desk. He grabbed Emilys ankles and spread them wide while lifting them to her ears. Mr.Graves watched in awe as Mr.Newman went back to his phsycho drilling of his 11 inch cock into this 5 foot 3 inch 100lb. 13 year old girl. He was fucking her so hard, his desk would jolt forward with every thrust. Emily was in complete submission as this older man was ravaging her young cunt. She had never experienced such a huge cock before and man was she experienceing one. "Oh my god! Ohhh!" Is all she could mutter through her pants and quick intakes of breath. Mr.Newman wouldn't stop the furocious act, he pounded and pounded the tiny girl for what seemed forever to Emily. Mr.Graves had left, came back 45 mintues later, and was in complete shock that Mr.Newman was still fucking the living daylights out of Emily. The desk had moved from one side of the room to the other. The desk chairs were all pushed out of the way by the desk and it was now jammed against the wall, making a loud banging noise. Emily looked over at Mr.Graves with glazed over eyes, almost a 'help me' look. He walked up to the two fuck mates, "Wow, you are really putting it to her, can I cut in?" Mr.Newman looked over at Mr.Graves with an evil look, then smiled devilishly. He pulled his huge over swollen cock out of Emilys pussy with a loud plop. Mr.Graves caught eye of the over fucked pussy and was amazed at how fucked it was. With a smile, Mr.Newman helped Emily to her shaky feet, sat down on the desk, then lifted her tiny frame above his massive cock. Emily, with legs spread wide, planted her feet on each side of Mr.Newman and waited for him to guide his cock inside of her ass. She lowered inch by inch until Mr.Newman found her anus and pulled her down hard. Emily shrieked loudly, then adjusted her body to give access to Mr.Graves. He moved between her legs and inserted his rigid cock inside her used pussy. Emily wrapped her arms around Mr.Graves neck as she tried her best to go up and down onto their cocks. She used her legs to almost jump up, and her weight to fall back down as the two men jolted upwards into each of her drops. Mr.Graves knew that lunch would soon be over and that they needed to hurry, so he grabbed Emily by her tiny waste and helped her in her motions. The tight anal passage was too much for Mr.Newman, he knew he would be cumming soon. He too grabbed Emily by the waste and pratically took over both Emilys and Mr.Graves attempt to quicken the pace. Both men were now jabbing hard into Emilys love holes, slamming into her body with strength beyond Emilys wildest dreams. She was cumming, and her moans sent the two teachers on edge. After Emily went limp from her intense orgasm, she was brought to her knees, her two teachers cocks pointing at her mouth. They both roared at the same time, releasing gobs of cum into her mouth, splashing also in her eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin. The teen sluts face was covered with there ongoing streams of cum. Emily swallowed what she had in her mouth and they made sure the rest followed.


Emily tried her best to compose herself for the rest of the school day, but after getting fucked so hard, it was easily noticed by all the boys. They made remarks about how she was a slut and if they could get a blowjob too. Emily just ignored them and went home flustered. Little did she know that her big brother had told his brother about there fling in the bathroom and that they were expecting her when she got home for school.


To be continued...

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salami12345 avatar nice
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bob4u22 avatar Great story. Keep them coming....I had 3 brothers, I wish one of them was a girl.
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santdhai avatar I read the second part of this story 5 or six years ago and it was still going on. Please complete the story and let us see.
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commenter avatar Complete and utter crap. Extremely unrealistic.
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commenter avatar ridiculously unrealistic, and bad grammer and spelling
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[Atomic.Moose] avatar Best stroy I have read so far! wow this was just to great! I needed to change my pants after this story!
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MaleNympho1986 avatar had to change my clothes after this one
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Fyre avatar Jeff, the idea of this is obviously popular, but you need to improve your writing style. You have a lot of spelling errors and your paragraphs are too long to be easy to read. Your slutty girl is obviously what people want to read about. Hope to see mo
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Alexaa avatar yeah it really is you need to make another one!
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breastgirl34c avatar good story, but hard to read with the big paragraphs, try breaking it up next time.
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