Anal Fisting, by Fyre

It was one of those cold, lazy days where there was nothing to do. Neither got up and dressed; there was nowhere to go. No place they had to be. No one they had to account to. In other words, the perfect day for those who refuse to get bored.

They sat at the computer to surf the net. They’d been experimenting in the bedroom lately, and she was trying to figure out the best way to clean her asshole so it would stay fairly sanitary while he pounded away at her from behind. He typed in Anal Cleanliness and they started cruising the sites. Some of them were fairly amusing, like "10 ways to get her to NOT have anal sex." (#8 Tell her her pussy’s so sloppy, you’re looking for a tighter fit.) Other anal sites were obviously for gay boys, but she put a lot of stock into what a gay man would say about getting properly fucked in the ass.

They read for awhile, laughed at a few, even looked at a couple of pictures. No great information that they hadn’t already thought of on their own, but then, they both considered themselves to be fairly literate when it came to sexual tricks and techniques, and sanitary precautions were always taken because no one wanted to get that infection; it would close The Playground for a week.

He went back to Yahoo! to type in one more phrase: Anal Fisting. Oh my! This was freaky, an interesting turn of events. She wasn’t sure she needed to have his whole hand inside of her, but she was game to just about anything. They browsed some more, discussed a couple of the pictures. They didn’t look too hazardous, well except for the one over-achiever who let both sex partners shove their hands in together. They kicked through the pictures, decided to not link into alternative fetish sites. One woman raved about fisting, said it rocked her world, and be sure to use KY.

Enough already. He stood up, said, "I’m in the mood for some fisting." He pumped out his chest and trekked off to the bedroom.

"Hmm," she thought, following him. She felt so naive. Until this point in her life she had remained unaware that there could be a mood for fisting. "Go ahead. But you have to use a lubricant." She fished in a drawer and came up with the suggested tube of KY. They’d used it on a couple of other recent adventures, but it was heavy and scented compared to the lubricant she preferred. But it would be the best application for this, she was sure. She wanted him greased.

She peeled off her clothes and lay on the bed, always willing to start something. "Where you going first?" she asked.

"Wherever I want."

He circled the bed, all sprung, deciding which hole to put it in first.

She loved his sense of adventure. Since starting up with him, she’d definitely had the best sex in her life, no question. There were times they watched porn. They could keep up. And they were both hitting thirty, old folk.

Since meeting her, he’d been playing with some of the ideas for fun that he’d always had, but never had a partner interested in participating. This one was a keeper. She didn’t say no, she was willing to try anything. They started off with some regular stuff, then skipped quickly to anal sex, and the other night, he bought her a vibrator. He picked it up off the bedsheets and stepped into the bathroom. He was ready. His penis lurched in front of him like a water witch. The pictures had stoked him up. "I’m going to rinse this thing off." She was pretty sure he was talking about the toy, but he soaped himself down and rinsed off in the sink. Scrubbed the vibrator.

He squirted KY all over the dildo. She spread herself out and he eased the slippery rubber inside her ass. She balked after the initial thrust, then relaxed into it. He started the C battery powered motor. He stroked her once. She was wet, as usual, and he slipped his own dick inside of her vagina. He hadn’t done this before. Double penetration. He rocked her pelvis from the side, where he had positioned her so he could watch things slide inside, onto her back so he could shove inside. The wall of her rectum muffled the pulse of the humming vibrator. When she rocked back, her whole pussy shook from the small motor and he sighed as sank in deeper-- a deep, gratified sigh, like he was home.

She loved taking him, however he wanted it. Once, she ended up with her back and shoulders over the edge of the bed, almost landing on her head, as her knees rocked up to accommodate his experimental position. His dick filled her to capacity. He told her he wanted to get naked in her soul. It was times like this that she wanted to make him realize he was there.

She held the vibrator tight in her asshole, using her hand to press it inside, the motor pulsing. Her whole pelvis was alight. He settled in, finding a pace he liked, keeping her rocking back and forth to match his motion, keeping her sighing against him. She liked watching him thrust his cock between her legs where her pussy was all shaved. He watched as well. Sometimes they sat there breathless, both watching the angle of his body sinking all the way inside. He tweaked her nipple with his teeth and mouth and she quickly came. She was easy that way.

He ground against her, then pulled out. His cock glistened from being inside of her, and she wanted him warm inside her mouth. She loved giving head. She loved having cock inside her face. All of her senses were in her face, and she could see, hear, feel, smell and taste him there. She would suck cock anytime. Anyplace. They usually started that way, but this time it was hardly necessary. He was a black man. His skin was a satisfying light brown. One time he put his hands on her lily white tits and squeezed, her boobs mooshed through his fingers like white bread dough. She teased him that his dick was all white before he started sticking it inside her ass, what did he expect? He retorted that if that was all it took to turn chocolate, then he was more than ready to do it again. She started sucking him, the contrast of their skin was a huge turn-on.

He straddled her face and sank his cock inside her mouth, at least as far as it would go. She’d never been able to swallow him all the way, and they didn’t force it because when it hit the back of her mouth, there were bones that she couldn’t quite reposition to take him down her throat. She contented herself with filling her face with him and sucking all the flavor from her cunt off his body.

He leaned forward between her legs and started to dart his tongue against her clit. Usually he pressed all her buttons real quick and she started writhing on the bed to get away from the intensity. Sometimes he lapped at it nice and slow. She kind of liked him to mix it up a little, nice and slow, then a little intensity, nothing too earth shattering, work up to it. He settled on a particularly nice spot and she had to take his dick out of her mouth so that she could catch her breath. He twitched in front of her face, anticipating her warm mouth stroking his skin again. She knew he was going for the intense "you are at my mercy" approach he sometimes took to oral sex. She gulped his cock down her mouth again and when he lapped lapped lapped that one critical spot again, she couldn’t help it. She cried out, but it was muffled from having his cock in her face and she squirted all over the bed. He jerked back to avoid having it hit him in the face and started to laugh. She couldn’t help it. She needed to talk to him about that. Mix it up a little, James.

She pulled back long enough to say, "Put your hand inside." Then she went back to sucking and stroking at his dick. He took the tube of lubricant and slid the grease all over his hand. She spread her legs apart, used her hands to pull the hole open. He started with a couple, then three fingers. "Do your hand," she urged, pulling off him long enough to sputter out the words. He didn’t need any more encouragement. He straighted his hand into as narrow a size as he could get and reached inside her body cavity. It was warm and slippery. He sank up to his wrist.

Oh my.

She struggled to accommodate him, his hand inside her cunt, his dick inside her mouth.

"Wow!" he marveled. "You should see this."

She thought, "I’m kinda busy right now." She smiled. He filled her spirit. She liked when he filled her so literally. He made her feel full, full of life and vitality. She hoped he understood how starved she had been all her life, waiting to find him.

She let him go as deep as she could let him, but it was a tight fit. She wriggled under him, and he eased back, then forced his hand inside of her again. It was awesome--something she’d never tried before. Certainly never thought she could enjoy. This was intense, a little too intense, and she had to motion for him to stop. He was always careful to not hurt her. She trusted that he would never push it. That was part of what made her so willing to try everything he thought of to do.

"Let me rinse."

Grateful for the break, she lay on the bed, panting. He would come back, moosh her into another position and she would go with the flow, slide him into home, feel his pace quicken as he sighed up inside her. He angled the vibrator into her pussy and slipped his way inside her ass. The pulse was fabulous. In time, they pushed the vibrator out of the way and she eased into the rhythm as he bopped in and out. His job was moving people from one apartment to the next. Hard work. He was in fantastic shape. It was a good thing, because he was slave to the desires of his dick and it never went down. He slammed against her ass for a good fifteen minutes, mopping sweat off his brow, when finally something loosened inside of her. In the passion of the moment, she was afraid she was going to clench muscles and push something unmentionable into his lap.

"Can we move it to the shower?"

They got up and took it into the bathtub where curtains were pulled, everything was soaped and rinsed. She bent over and he slid it back inside of her, ramming her until she climaxed under the warm jets of water hitting her butt. She hadn’t climaxed before while he was in her ass, and she was just as glad to be inside the shower, where she could push against him and spray pee from the force of her orgasm. He rocked in deep, feeling her sphincter muscles clench around his hard cock. The rush of the hot water made everything surreal.

He slipped out and she knelt to pick up soap from the bottom of the tub. "Stay down there," he said and she took him into her mouth again, the water hitting his pelvis, her hair getting soaked, streaming down. Fuck my face, she thought, trying to swallow him whole. No deal. He hit the back of her throat, and she didn’t want to force him.

"Enough," he announced, stepping out. He led her to the bed, his huge erection pointing the way. Sopping wet, she knelt so he could slam inside of her asshole, doggy-style. Water ran off her and she gradually got cooler and cooler, the heat from his body covering her from behind. He stopped stroking his cock inside of her. When he pulled it out, he smeared lubricant all over his hand again, this time shoving it up to the thumb inside her ass. He wriggled it inside for a bit, then took his hand out and kept slamming her with his big dick. He stopped, stuck his hand in again, then replaced it again with the rhythm of his dick. His enthusiasm for all of this was so playful, it delighted her. He was like a little kid in a carnival with a bracelet for free rides. He didn’t know what to do next and he wanted to try everything.

She loved how long he took, she loved his energy. She would match his pace as long as he could keep it going. Beads of water and sweat rained down on her, and he kept it up, relentless, like the Energizer Bunny. In shape or not, they had been going for over an hour and a half. They would both pay for it tomorrow.

"You gonna cum?" she finally asked. Sometimes it seemed like she needed to ask James if he was going to finish, it gave him permission to do so. He was always willing to stay rigid hard, slamming and pumping until she was done with her orgasm.

He had only come inside of her twice. She didn’t remember how that happened; it had been months ago. Most of the time he came with some sucking and stroking and he liked the jets of white to hit her face. She was a little reluctant to put her mouth on him after he had been in her ass for so long, but he glistened with lubricant that mostly tasted sweet. She paused, and he snaked his hand into position, jerking the loose skin up and down, trying to release the pressure he had held back for almost two hours. She offered her mouth and her own stroke, but it wasn’t keeping pace with the one inside his head. He jammed on it, moving it in circles, much rougher than she would have dared attempt on her own. (James, it’s Sensitive . How are you wailing on it like that?) She watched, wondering if she was going to get to a point where she could master that stroke too. It probably didn’t matter, but she liked watching him, lost in that place where no one quite touches, eyes closed. The muscles in his legs tensed into sinews, hard as rock as he cried out, finally releasing it, finding her mouth. He pushed the tip past her teeth and jism started jetting out, cascading down his dark skin like powder sugar glaze on chocolate cake. She lapped it up and took him deep in her mouth, stroking fingers up and down the way he seemed to want it at the end. She loved the taste of his cum.

"That was too much damn work." He said, sweat streaming. Grinning ear to ear.

They collapsed on the bed, listless, satisfied. Mumbling pillowtalk and thank you until he got up for one final shower and she walked into the kitchen to make dinner. She felt the echo from the slam of his fingers inside her asshole in every step, in every ounce of her being. Yes, she was going to pay for it tomorrow. But ooh--at least there was something to feel.

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