my name is stacy im 13 and this is a true story.  2 days ago i went to a highschool party because i was being babbysitted by my older brother steve who is sixteen but he wanted to go to this party so the only way he could go was to have me go with him.  i walked in and i was wearing a really short skirt and a tight t-shirt and because i had nobody to talk to i went and sat down on the couch and when everybody went into the pool i stayed but when i was sitting there a boy named joey came over and sat down next to me and said hi. we began talking for a while and then he started asking me if i had ever had sex before i said no he asked me if i had ever sucked dick before and i said no his answer to all this was well theres a first time for everything right.  so as soon as he said that i felt him pull me over undid his pants and pull out his dick.  he grabbed on my hair and pulled my head to hes cock he said suck it.  trust me i needed no invite i was really into it i started to go like a pro up and down his shaft licking and touging his balls feeling my tits and talking dirty telling him how much of a slut i wanted him to make me he said im cumming and before i knew it his cum was all in my mouth i swallowed it and then as soon as i did he told me i was going to become a total whore. he grabbed a couple of his friends and then pulled me into a room and told me to take off my clothes he said they were all going to take turns fucking the shit out of me.  i pulled off my clothes and stood there one boy threw me on the bed and rammed his dick in my ass at the same time another had his dick in my mouth they were rapidly pumping me full of cock untill they both got off at the same time in both of my holes and as soon as they finished two more boys steped in and were fucking the hell out o me this time in my pussy and in my mouth i was moaning so loud that my brother herd me and came in the room to see his little sister being such a big slut to see two of his friends pumping the shit out of his sister pissed him off but i couldent help it i was getting rammed in and out all the boys talking dirty calling me a slut and a whore and all of them cumming all in me i was in love with it i bounced on this boy named billys cock for the longest time he was so big and he kept pounding me faster and faster i was moaning and screaming so loud so another boy stuck his cock in my mouth to shut me up i didnt mind thogh i just sucked the hell out of himm while ridding billy when this boy jizzed in my mouth i swallowed it and then billy got off in my pussy so i was so worked out i couldent get up but my brother told me we had to go.  when we were in the car he said he was going to tell mom and dad when we they got home i said no the whole way home and begged him not to tell i said i would do anything . as soon as i said that he grinned at me and said anything i was like whatever you want just dont tell so when we got home i walked through the door and as soon as i did he threw me over the couch and lifted up my skirt he said do you want to be a slut then fine but then i will have to be his slut when im home when ever he wants me he can fuck me i sain ok and he began to pound my ass the whole time i was telling him i want to be his whore and his little fuck slut he said yea thats right untill he was going so fast that i could feel his balls slapping my ass i was his little slut whenever he wanted he could fuuck me the whole time he fucked me i was yelling yessssssssssss fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkk me fuckkkkk theeee shit out of your little whore when all of a sudden

my dad walked in.........

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[#2033] Drakesprodogy ( 603 days ago )
Drakesprodogy avatar I want to make you my little slut. Im fifteen.... Have you ever had three in you at once?

PS you gotta email me
[#5571] cajun2 ( 1588 days ago )
cajun2 avatar A very bad story. enuff said
[#35] lonewolf694u ( 1604 days ago )
lonewolf694u avatar I've read the story,and yes there is spelling errors! But reading some of the comments from other members,some of you need to use the spell checker! How can you criticise someone for misspelling words,when you make some yourself? I think it was a great story,can't wait for chapter two!
[#5571] thejoker2785 ( 1640 days ago )
thejoker2785 avatar i loved it! if that is really you and that really happened i wanna meet you!! lol...please continue i wanna read more!
[#5571] TheUsedGirl1201 ( 1640 days ago )
TheUsedGirl1201 avatar This story was about a 13 year also looks like it was WRITTEN by a 13 year old.
[#5571] Yaggles ( 1640 days ago )
Yaggles avatar "my name is stacy im 13 and this is a true story. 2 days ago i went to a highschool party"

You are thirteen and you did this two days ago!? You're a little young to be here, do you think? ;)
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[#5571] DRAGONCLAW75 ( 1640 days ago )
[#6] goofy ( 1640 days ago )
goofy avatar first of all dragon i was ok with you putting the exact same comment and score for every story that was good, but i just came back from reading "are little whore" and you put the same fucking comment on both of these atrocities, though this one was much b
[#5571] SHIT21 ( 1640 days ago )
SHIT21 avatar Loved the story but u need to go into more detail. and will u people shut the fuck up about grammar and spelling shit if the story is true and she is 13 then she is proably only in the 8th grade and i don't know about you guys but i know 8th graders dont
[#5571] bigdeacon ( 1640 days ago )
bigdeacon avatar Go back to grade school.the story was terrible.
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[#5571] DRAGONCLAW75 ( 1640 days ago )
[#5571] Rydeordie467 ( 1640 days ago )
Rydeordie467 avatar You need to work on your sentance structure. See you run on like this a lot so it kind of makes the story hard to read for everyone that visits the site and it makes them dislike the story and then you get bad reviews. Use commas, semi-colons and most imp
[#5571] abooey ( 1640 days ago )
abooey avatar Good story, but that was some of the worst use of grammar i've ever seen. You know your computer probably has a spell check too.
[#5571] Horndog2005 ( 1640 days ago )
Horndog2005 avatar good story, but try useing a spell checker
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