I finished work early that day , and clocked out of the office and made the drive home . Nothing really stood out much that day at all , untill I got home .  I live alone with my beautifull daughter who is a blossoming 16 year old . She stood about 5'10 weighted 120lbs a cheerleader 34 d breasts and was becoming a very attractive girl. Her mother , left me and her to go pursue a acting career only to become a drug addicted low budget porn star. If you wanna call her a star that is she had a time when I guess she was till the drugs became too much. But enough of that, it still upset me she left.

I pulled into the garage , seeing the Landscaper Juan's truck outside and figured he was probally taking a break . He was a hard worker and I went inside . I looked about and dident see Juan so I headed to my room as I passed  Becky's room I saw it was ajar some. I peeked in to make sure she had cleaned her room . And saw Juan there , before I could barge in I relized my daughter was on her knees sucking him off !

Now my first instinct was to bust in and stop this thinking he forced himself on her and what not. But I regrettably found myself becoming aroused , I watched with growing intrest as my daughter sucked the landscaper off till he then shot his load on my daughters tits !  I hurridly went to my room to change and wait till I knew Juan had gone as to not have them suspect anything. I thought how would I go about telling her ? Or would I , i decided I wouldent . I mean what would it really look like if I said "Yeah baby I saw you suck off that guy and take a load of cum all over youre fabulous tits !" I can just imagine how great that would sound. I heard the door close and my daughter taking a shower I then came on out after changing and was sitting in the front .

After about 20 minutes or so Becky came out of her room hair wet and a obviously haden't relized I was home . When she saw me she stammered a little . "Oh hi daddy . Wh..when did you get home ?" I looked over my shoulder and smiled ..."Oh about 10 minutes ago or so. Had a early day baby . What are you doing home ? You ok? " She smiled and leaned over to hug me . When she did she gave me a clear shot of her tits , I could feel my pulse rise.

"Yeah Daddy, there was a half day . I am going over to Sally's house ok? " I smiled and nodded . "Ok hun but make sure youre home before dark. For dinner ok? " She chuckled and headed out, I took a deep breath and waited till I knew she was gone. By this time I had a growing erection and I went off to my bedroom and grabbed a porn . I decided to jack off as I watched it and unloaded a large load before cleaning up and then tended to some work . Before I knew it I got a call it was Becky , she wanted to ask if Sally could spend the night .

I agreed Sally was a lovely girl dark brown hair stood 5'6 or so weighed about 130 had 34 c breasts and always wore some reaveling clothes. I made sure to prepare a extra plate for supper . The both of them came in and Sally smiled at me "Hi Mr Smith ! " She gave me a hug wich took me off gaurd a little I hugged her back and prepared dinner .

Sally was wearing a black halter top and a mini skirt that barely covered her ass . I tried not to stare but I found myself looking quite a lot, I also saw my daughter watching me as I stared . Well after dinner we were all watching tv on the couch and Becky asked if she could talk to me . I said sure and she took me into the kitchen .

"Daddy I saw you staring at Sally ! Stop it , I mean I don't want her thinking youre a pervert or somthing . Geesh !" I felt quite embarrased,now and made my way back out . After a few hours the girls decided to retire to bed. I was watching some movie and I guess I dozed off . I dont recall what time it was when I woke up but Sally was shaking me slightly . She was in a nighty I woke up and looked and saw those lovely titty's shaking in my face. I snapped out of it and relized some porno soft porn was on the tv. I felt really stupid and tried to talk myself out of it.

Seemed Sally couldent sleep and she sat on the couch with me I went to change the station and she stopped me saying in a low whisper.."no lets watch this ." Well I was shocked but I diden't say no.  She wrapped around me and smiled up at me I smiled back and felt her tits resting on my crotch .

In no time I had a raging hardon and she whispered "Do I turn you on Mr Smith?" I gulped slightly and nodded . She smiled and leaned up kissing me gently on the lips . As she did so her hand ran over my crotch and unzipped my zipper . Her warm soft hand pulled out my cock as she looked down at it and smiled . "Wow its so big ...Can I um well do you want to you know um with me ?" Her voice was so innocent as she started to stroke my cock . I nodded and let my hand cup a tit . She moaned and lifted her nighty off . Revealing those beautiful tits . Her pink panties soft and form fitting on her shapely hips as I lifted a breast to my hungry lips .

Sucking in her nipple and biting it slightly she squealed softly and pushed me back . Leaning down she took her pink tounge and flicked it over the head of my cock . I moaned and she ran it up the length , then back down then took me into her mouth . I must say she definatly knew how to suck a cock !

I felt myself growing very arroused and she then leaned up and pulled her panties off , she squated over my cock and I felt the head slip past her lips . Sinking deep into her tight furnace she started bouncing rapidly on me my hands cupped her breasts as she rode me . She whispered cum on my tits , Mr smith . I pumped her for what seemed like hours but I knew was more like 10 minutes or so. Pulling out she squeezed her tits together and I blasted my load all over her tits.

Just as I finished I heard my daughter clear her throat. I turned around and she stood looking at the both of us . Sally stammered and tried saying she was sorry my daughter she looked like she was going to kill me . The morning came and Sally went home and Becky and me sat down . She started lecturing me . Just what I needed , a 16 year old lecturing her father about the proper way to go about things.

I told her she had little room to speak. And she asked why is that, I told her I saw her and Juan and she shut up looking at me with wide eyes . I nodded and she looked down . I then told her that if she spoke of what she saw I would tell the cops on Juan . She pleaded saying she was sure there was somthing she could do to make me change my mind.

I coulden't belive I was about to blackmail my own daughter, I sank to a new low . I looked at her and nodded, "Well Becky I think we can work somthing out. I have to say you seemed to suck Juans dick off quite well . Why dont we go into my bedroom and see how well you suck daddy off ."  Did I say that out loud ? Her eyes were wide and she sighed and noded her head..."Ok daddy , but um can or is there any way mabye like can um you play a porno? I mean if you have one ? So I can um keep my mind off the fact I am sucking my daddy's dick? " I nodded and led her into my bedroom . She was in sweat shorts and a mini top about two sizes too small to hold her tits . My eyes were on her ass , I put in the DVD and started it . I pulled her over to me and slid her top off her , letting my hands cup her tits she shivered some as I ran my tounge over the nipples.

She soon was laid back on my bed her shorts off my boxers off and me running my cock between her massive juggs . She let out a moan and whispered ..."Mmmmm daddy that feels so good...." I smiled softly as she took the head of my cock into her pretty little mouth . It was a definate turn on to see my daughter sucking my own cock . My hand played with her wet pussy lips . As she sucked my cock hard I fucked her face . "Mmm you like Daddys cock huh my little slut daughter ?" She moaned around my pole and I whispered .."Can daddy fuck his little slut? Huh you want daddy to fuck you baby ?" she simply nodded as I slid my cock out of her mouth I moved to hover over her. My eyes were locked onto her as I rubbed my head over her lips . I dident think wether she was a virgin still or not . Pushing the head in she whimpered and squirmed as I pounded all of my cock deep into her .

She spread her legs wide as I thrust over and over into her tight sex . I grunted and pulled my cock out as I stroked it she leaned up and took the tip of my cock and sucked for all it was worth . I dumped a hot load down her throat and we both collapsed . Taking a long nap, we since have done it again. And even had sally join in once.

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