Emma Lou woke up on Monday morning hot and wet from a horny dream: She was being pounded in both holes by huge cocks, but she didn't know who they were. She smiled once again remembering how wet she got from it. Her bare cunt was still soaking wet, and she started rubbing it gently, as if to relieve it. Her mom's shrill call that she has to get ready for school. Emma felt slutty for some reason, probably from the dream and decided she would look the same way as she felt. She put on the most revealing top she had with no bra, the tightest, shortest skirt, which barely covered her crotch, and sexy black knee socks. To top it off, she also decided to put on her hottest heels. She also considered putting on panties and decided to resort to her best thong. Her slutty ensemble finished, Emma Lou looked at herself in the mirror and gasped at what she saw. She looked exactly like a 14 year-old slut should. She indeed had the body for it, 5' 4" 90lb. long blond hair, nicely tanned body, perfectly long legs, bare cunt, perfect ass. She thought about what the guys at school had said about her being "born to be a slut," and chuckled. Sure, she looked like one, but she was sure she wasn't one.

 Emma quickly left the house for school before anyone could notice her. She knew that if her mother saw her own daughter in the outfit she was wearing, she would shit enough bricks to build a whole new mansion! Emma got to school in perfect time and was ready to finish her final week of school. Everyone in the school seemed to stare at her, stunned by this freshman's choice of apparal. All the guys started getting hardons watching her, and some girls got wet, revealing their longing for females. Emma just gave a sly smile at everybody and went to her first class. Everyone stared at the young freshman girl as she took her seat in the front of the class, including, as Emma noticed, her teacher, Mr. McCain. Mr. McCain was a single man, who had just started teaching that year, and was indeed a guy that all girls in the school fell in love with, including Emma. Emma had fantasized about him, and, hopefully, his big cock. The first hour and every hour went by with nothing special, except some of the guys gave Emma little slaps on the ass as she walked the hallways. She was a little offended, but she realized she was getting wet from it. She tried to control herself by saying to herself, "I'm not a slut, I'm not a slut." But the more she said it, the less she felt it was true. She went to lunch and had her usual meal of a salad, and went to the bathroom. As she primped and did all her usual teen girl stuff, she got ready to leave, and suddenly, in came two guys that Emma recognized as juniors. One was Karl Peters, a football player. He was tall, broad and had wavy brown hair that made him irresistable to girls, he was the starting linebacker in the varsity team. The other boy was Karl's best friend, George Franklin. He was also tall, but not was thinner than Karl.

"What the hell are you guys doing in here?!" Emma snapped at the two guys. Karl walked to her and put his arms around her, his hands groping her ass under her skirt. "Did you really think you could get away with wearing this outfit and not get fucked like the slut you are?" Karl asked, grinning with lust. Emma was stunned by what this guy had just said and tryed to back out of his grip, but she suddenly got embraced from behind by George. Emma could feel his hardon on her ass and she knew that it was probably a big one. She suddenly got gagged by something she couldn't readily identify, and she felt her thong get removed. She continued struggling, but George was much stronger than she thought. George was the varsity baseball team's pitching ace, and he had naturally strong but thin arms. Karl lifted Emmas legs up and pulled her skirt up so he could see her cunt. "Holy fuck George, she's shaved!!" "You're shitting me! Fuckin' serious?" "Hell yeah! Shaved like the slut she is!" Karl suddenly jammed 2 fingers into Emma's tight cunt. She jerked and let out a muffled shout as she felt herself get violated. "Oh fuckin' shit! She's a virg too!" Karl widened her legs and started licking her cunt lips. Emma letted out what she thought was a scream, but it sounded like a moan. What was happening to her? Her own body was betraying her!! She was getting wetter and hotter. Karl kept licking her and started rubbing her clit. Emma moaned more as pleasure filled her body. Her body needed to cum, but her mind knew this was wrong. Wrong, but it felt soooo goooood. More moans came from her as she got closer to cumming. While Karl was eating her, George was necking her, giving her hickies and groping her breasts. Too much pleasure was coming from this, Emma knew she was going to explode in orgasm when it happened. It would get even bigger when Karl covered her cunt lips with his mouth, put her clit between 2 fingers and jacked it off like a tiny cock. Emma's eyes rolled back and she started humping his face, muffled screams coming out of her gagged mouth. Karl felt her cunt juices flooding out of her cunt and into his mouth. So much came out that he had to swallow twice or his mouth would overflow. He smiled as he looked at Emma as he let her legs down and licked his lips. She looked like she was about to pass out. Clearly she never came like that before. "Now THAT'S cumming!" he said with a laugh. Emma felt so horny now. Her orgasm had erased all of her commen sense. Now all she needed was to feel good. She somehow got the gag off her mouth and spoke, "I need to be fucked. Badly!" Karl had a look of delight, like a kid on Christmas morning. "What you ask, thou shall recieve!" George let her go and Karl embraced her and layed her on the tiled bathroom floor. He was a hard as a brass rod and pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his cock. Emma moaned at it. It was a monster: 11" long and prob 3-4" wide. Karl didn't hesitate and pulled Emmas shapely legs apart and decided that to hell with being gentle. This freshman was a slut! And she deserved to get the fucking a slut deserves, even if she was a virgin. He positioned himself and jammed it all in in one thrust. He pushed so hard that he didn't even feel her break. He knew she did by the way she screamed," FUUUAAACCCCKKK!!!" Karl didn't even let her catch her breath as he started pounding the tight cunt that he was the first to break. George knew that everything was going to plan and got his own hardon ready to give the teen slut his best. Emma was stunned. She had been broken and was being fucked like a slut! She...she LIKED it!! She loved the feeling of this big cock in her cunt. Fucking felt great!! Why didn't she think of doing it before? Her lust for more was overpowering her common sense. She kept begging for more from the junior stud. "Come on you stud! Fuck me! Fuck me like a slut!!" Karl kept pounding her like there was no tomorrow. They were going to accomplish it.. they were going to turn this freshman into the school slut, free for everyone to use. George gave Karl a little tap on the shoulder to tell him that it was his turn. Karl nodded and pulled his cock out with a loud pop. Emma knew that George was next and she saw that this cock was going to be even better! It was even bigger than Karl's: 13" long and 6" around. George didn't even think that he was going to tear this tight cunt. All he cared about was getting his rocks off and get some pussy to add.  He pounded Emma the same way Karl did, but he didn't have Karl's endurance and came within a minute, filling Emma's cunt with tons of cum. Emma realized what happened and was glad that her mother had her on the pill to regulate her periods. She knew that the hour and the day was young, and she knew that both these studs were going to give her alot of cock in all her holes. Suddenly two girls entered the door and saw the fuck show on the bathroom floor. Based on the look on their faces, Emma knew that the fuckin had just begun....

To be continued....

The story of Emma Lou becoming a slut has many parts, covering a whole week. To make these better, I ask that you readers give me advice on how to make these upcoming stories better. You can email me at pdiddypeters@hotmail.com to give me more tips on how to make better stories. Danke schon!! (Thank You in German) ;-)

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[#5571] Grumble ( 1642 days ago )
Grumble avatar the unbelievable size of the cocks really took away from the story.

13" long and 6" girth is not realistic. it would not be pleasant to have something like that in a first timer, probably cause damage.

Did you know that the average size of of an ere
[#5571] DRAGONCLAW75 ( 1642 days ago )
DRAGONCLAW75 avatar dang!!! sure enjoy the story and would like to hear more about it and pls do write more about it since it blow my mind away and wonder what happen next and hope that story contiune :D and hope u will contiune write and can't wait to hear part 2 and more a
[#5571] TheUsedGirl1201 ( 1642 days ago )
TheUsedGirl1201 avatar ok it wasn't bad except the unbelivable size of the cocks. sry totally didnt buy that to 11 graders and that big of dicks. Sry
[#5571] ______ ( 1642 days ago )
______ avatar Awesome story, more, more more! (possibly longer next time)
[#5571] The Storyteller 2006 ( 1642 days ago )
The Storyteller 2006 avatar You were doing good until the size of the cocks. Have you even seen a porno site the biggest cocks that ive seen is 10 inches and thats freekishly long. anything over 10 inches is kinda weird. i mean if i were a girl and i saw a 13 inch 6 inch wide cock i
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