After what my friends and I had done last weekend at my sister’s slumber party. What we thought had been an evil assault on my sister Jazmin and her friends, drugging them then raping them all repeatedly. Had now turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Jazmin had learned of our plan eves dropping on us one day, we learned later that she use to do a lot spying on us fucking Julie and the other girls we would take turns with. She told us all that night that she would watch us and play with her pussy getting all hot and wet as we would toss Julie around all taking turns pleasing ourselves with her however we pleased. We asked her if she liked that. Oh yes, she moaned then begged me not to tell mom and dad about what she did to her friends and to please let her hang out with us. So of course taking advantage of a good thing I told her, on one condition when ever we are together you have to be my slave. Okay she early said, “Now understand that means you do whatever I say when I say, no questions asked.” She took a moment to register it then, “I understand my brother, my master.” When she said that a big grin came across my face and I knew I was going to have a lot of fun.

            Come here Jazmin, I said as my sister entered the living room. She had just gotten home from gymnastics practice and was still in her tight little spandex suit they wear. She walked towards me, did see mom or dad on the way in? There both in the office. Good there going to be in there for hours. I pulled out my cock, come suck me off before there done. She had learned quickly this first week and did not hesitate kneeling right between my legs and taking my whole cock in her mouth as I sat there on the couch and watched sports center. She being really nasty with it to which surprised me knowing that mom and dad were just a couple rooms down the hallway. I don’t know where she learned it but my sister gives great head, probably all her spying on us watching Julie. Oh shit Jaz…….I’m going to cum in your mouth. It felt so good as she moaned and took the length of my cock in deep strokes down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock in all the way holding her there as I shot my load down Jazmin’s waiting throat. Swallowing my cum as fast as she could trying not to gauge, tears started running down her checks turning me on even more and I started fucking her throat hard now. “Oh, god I love you Jazmin you’re such a good little slut a good little slave.” She really started to cry as I rammed my cock deep down her throat again and dumped another load into her stomach. When it was all done I pulled my dick out of her mouth and she collapsed on the floor in tears. I helped her off the floor. “That was a very good girl you did exactly what master wanted you deserve a reward tonight. Really did I do good master, did I please you? Oh yes, you most certainly did that was by far the best oral sex I have ever had not even Julie has made me cum twice like that!” A big smile came across her face, and she planted a sweet little kiss on my lips. “Now you go wash up, put on one of your oversized night shirts when you get out. Ok, said Jazmin. But I want you to be completely naked under it, I said with a big evil grin. Yes master”, my sister said as she turned away looking a little worried knowing she would get in trouble by mom and dad if she got caught like that. I loved it.

            About thirty minutes later I heard the door bell ring. Then mom and dad announced that it was dinner time and that the pizza was here. “Mom, Dad can we all eat at the table tonight like a family please. Well sure Don I guess if you really want to yeah thanks, Jazmin to though. Alright Jazmin to”, said mom. Just then Jazmin came around the corner dressed exactly as I had ordered her. “Hey baby you already take a shower? Yeah mom I was really sweaty after gym practice. Okay well your brother has suggested that we all eat at the table together tonight so go have a seat and grab some pizza.” Jazmin looked really worried about getting caught being almost naked. As it was the shirt only went past her ass by like 3 or 4 inches. I just watched with an evil little smile as Jazmin walked past me towards the table, it was unbelievable how naughty she had become for me in only one week. I watch as her shirt raised and her ass hit of the chair when she sat. Quickly tucking it underneath her so nobody would notice, given me a dirty look the whole time. The glass table top made Jazmin scared to move at the dinner table as we all sat there and ate our pizza and I was enjoying every minute of it knowing I had complete control over my slut sister now.

            After dinner I told Jazmin to meet the rest of the gang and me out in the garage at and that I would give her the reward that I had promised her. Okay she replied and I headed out to meet up with my friends. I found Jack, Andy, Julie, and Josh out back in the shed. “What’s up guys? Were just waiting on Julio to show up with some weed.” Julio is Andy’s older friend the one that got the booze and the night night shot for us. Every once in awhile he would come over and just hang out with us, not because he thought it was cool to hang out with a bunch of teenagers but because we would order Julie to suck and fuck him to his hearts content. Julio was a big black man probable about 6’ 4” and at least 260 lbs. kind of scary, but Julie loved to suck his huge horse cock she could only fit about an inch our two in her mouth and three or four in her pussy but she loved every minute of it. Finally at about Julio knocked on the door and when he came in he wasn’t alone two other black men followed him, both about the same size as he is. “Hey Julio what’s up man who are your friends? These are my brothers I told them they had to come meet you guys especially Julie here,” said Julio as he grouped Julie through her shirt. “Yeah well that’s cool nice to meet you guys lets smoke a blunt go ahead and sit down you guys.” Right as they sat down Julie lay down across there laps. They three men began rubbing her body from head to toe like it didn’t even matter that they were grown men and she was only a thirteen year old girl, they were just enjoying themselves. Julie was completely naked and we were all half way through a blunt when the door swung open and Jazmin came into the room with a look of shock a fright on her face as she shut the door behind her. “Who the fuck is that, shouted Julio looking nervous. This is my sister Jazmin don’t worry guys come here slave. Good girl now take off this stupid shirt and show these guys how sexy you are.” The three men stared in amazement as my sister reluctantly took off her shirt to reveal that she was completely naked under it. “Wow Don can I have a go with her, Julio asked me. Jazmin go over to Julio and do as he says.” She didn’t move at first I could see fear in her eyes I knew she had never even seen a black man naked before and now she was being ordered to go pleasure him. “Don’t hesitate bitch, I said as I smacked her across the face. Quickly she moved over to Julio and then the show was on.

            We all sat there and just watched as these three huge black men completely exploited every party of these underage teenage girls. Julie was being fucked from behind by one of the guys while another was guiding his cock down her throat and not being to careful about it. I could tell that Julie didn’t like this man at all, but she still tried to comply with his demands chocking his cock down her throat. Julio had Jazmin on her knees in front of him much like I had her do earlier today. He was holding the back of her head making her bob up and down, then pulls her off and rubs his wet cock all over her innocent fifteen year old face. Julie was panting loudly as the guy fucking her pussy, now making much deeper strokes into Julie’s young pussy, was about to cum. He made sure the whole room knew “I’m going to fucking cum so hard in this sluts pussy!” he said as his eyes rolled back and he dumped his load deep into Julie, which brought her to orgasm that made her twitch for a couple minutes. I noticed a little bit of blood mixed with the cum that was pouring out of her abused pussy. Not giving her much time to rest the man that had been fucking Julie’s mouth now put her body over the arm of the couch. He used the cum and blood from her pussy and lubed up his cock and Julie’s ass. I saw Julie cringe as she realized what was about to happen. Then without hesitation the man pressed the head of his cock into Julie’s ass causing her to scream in pain and the man let her adjust for a moment. Julio just laughed as he continued guide Jazmin’s head up and down his shaft and pushing her face into his balls. Finally after about ten minutes of her giving him head he told her to get on his lap and ride his cock. Thankful that she didn’t have to suck on his cock anymore for now Jazmin jumped up on Julio’s lad and positioned herself over his cock. Slowly she started working it in after a couple bounces it was about half way in. Jazmin was moaning loudly and Julio’s face was that of pure concentration enjoying every second of her young tight pussy. Right before he came he pulled her off his lap and put her back on the floor. “Open your mouth bitch and don’t let my cum hit the floor.” Not two seconds after Julio made that statement ropes of cum started cumin out of his dick aimed right at Jazmin's open mouth. The first couple caught her off guard and made her jump, they landed across her face and on her chest and throat. By the fourth squirt she had put his cock back in her mouth and held waiting until he had finished depositing his seed in her mouth, and when she had collected the last drop she let his dick fall out of her mouth. Then the naughty little slut opened her mouth and to my surprise there was still quite a bit of cum in her mouth despite the three lost shots. After she played with it for a second she tilted her head back and her throat bulged as she swallowed the massive load down her throat. Julie now having nearly passed out from the pain that was being giving to her, as the two men brutally fucked her ass filling her it up with there cum. The men both stood up wiped them selves down with Julie’s shirt started putting there close back on followed by Julio who thanked Jazmin for her pleasure, stood up dressed and motioned his brothers to the door. As the three men left the poor girls curled up together both dripping cum and blood from every hole. Andy started talking first, “That was a bit more than I expected are you girls okay?” “Yeah were fine, stated the girls in unison. My but hurts though those men really fucked me hard like I was a grown women, did they know how mold I was? Probable not, I don’t think Julio even knows how old you are,” said Andy. “You guys want to watch the video” asked Jack. Jazmin sat up and looked surprised,”You taped that,” she asked. “Of course I did, got every second. Hell yeah lets watch it I said.”

The girls just curled up and fell asleep as we watched the tape jerking off figuring we would give them a break for the show we just got from them. When we came we got up and shot our loads over Julie and Jazmin’s limp bodies. They didn’t even wake up when Josh hit them both in the eye with one skilled shot of cum that he had flung at them. Needless to say the girls were done and so were we leaving them there we all went off to our beds ant home.


If you like this story check out “My Sisters Slumber Party” it was the prequel to this story if you would like to hear more of these adventures please make comments and let me know if you like them our if I should start something new. This is only my second story so the more feedback the better I can make the stories.




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