When I got married to Kelly, we had just had sex with each other. We were childhood sweathearts and we really never experienced anyone else. We did, however, have a GREAT sex life. She was and still is the best Blow Job giver that I have ever had. She absolutely loved giving me blow jobs.

I joined the Navy and she stayed back home while I was overseas. While I was overseas, I was really pretty good. Had a few minor incidents, but nothing to write home about. Kelly, on the other hand, decided to let her desires take control of her. She had a couple of affairs, but it really boiled down to her just wanting to fuck someone. When I got back, I knew something was wrong and we discussed it and she told me everything. I was amazed that I did not get upset, I just got turned on. We had the wildest sex we had ever had once she shared everything with me. We decided that we wanted to try swinging.

Kelly was excited but very nervous. We found out about a club via a swingers magazine. Once we decided to go, she went out and got some very sexy clothing and off we went. Once we got there, things were going pretty slow. We did not know how to meet people, so they had a "Spoon Dance". This is where you start on the dance floor together and someone brings a spoon on the dance floor and taps you with it. You change dance partners and when the music stops, you have to put in a quarter in the pot. It is a great ice breaker. I began to notice that Kelly was enjoying dancing with as many guys and she could. She was a little drunk so she was grinding her crotch into theirs. After the dance was over with a number of couples invited us back to their table. We went back to the table and we talked more. One of the ladies suggested that we all get into the hot tub. We all got undressed and I noticed Kelly staring at the cocks of all of these guys. We got in (naked of course) and she was on the other side of the hot tub sitting between two guys. Their wives were sitting on either side of me. We were all talking and laughing when I looked over at Kelly and her eyes were closed. She was breathing heavy and I noticed her hands were under the water in each guys crotch. One of the guys was fingering her. She opened her eyes and looked at me and I told her to enjoy herself. One of the guys sat up on the edge of the hot tub with his cock standing straight up facing her mouth. She grabbed his cock and began sucking on it. She is such a good cock sucker that he had to tell her to slow down or he was going to cum. The other guy lifted her up so her ass was facing him and he put his cock in her pussy from behind. The two women went over and began sucking on her tits and playing with her ass. After a few minutes we all were getting to hot so we decided to go to the orgy room. We dryed off and almost ran to the room. Kelly could not get enough of the guys cock. She almost knocked him down and starting sucking on him again. This time, the other guy came up beside her and put his cock next to her mouth. She took turns sucking both cocks. I did not realize how many people were in the room, but I noticed another guy come up from behind her and put his cock in her. He fucked her until she came and he shot his load inside her. One of the women got behind her and sucked the cum out of her pussy. This was too much for one of the guys and he shot his load into her mouth. She loves cum and could not get enough of it. The other guy saw this happening and could not hold back. He shot his load all over her face and tongue. Kelly was now on fire. She wanted to fuck and suck anyone near her. She grabbed one of the women sitting beside her and went down on her. I did not know she was bi, but man am I glad she is. She licked and sucked and kissed this woman until she exploded at least three times. Once she was done we all got into a sucking/fucking circle. We began sucking and fucking everyone in the room. We would go for a few minutes and someone would yell "Switch" and that is what we did. It was unbelievable. In all Kelly either sucked or fucked 5 guys and 4 women. When we were done, we all went and took showers. Kelly was still really horny and she said she was not ready to go. We walked into the back hallway and noticed a lot of people watching two couples fucking. She sat at the edge of the bed and watched. I stood back and watched her. As she was sitting there, a guy in just a towel came up to her and I noticed she stuck her hand up under the towel. He dropped his towel and she began sucking him. It did not take him long and he shot his load deep into her throat. I had not noticed, but another guy had slid under her and was fucking her laying on his back and she was sitting on him while she sucked off this guy. When she was done sucking, she went to town fucking the other guy. She pumped his cock with her hot pussy until he exploded in her. She leaned down and kissed the guy and then walked over to me. She said while she was getting fucked by this guy another guys said he had some friends that wanted to meet her. I said lets go and we followed them back to another room. There was 6 guys in there. Kelly eyes got so big. She jumped on the bed and said "Who's First". It took no time for one of the guys to jump on and start pounding the shit out of her. She was screaming and he got ready to cum and she looked up at him and said "Cum on my Tits". He pulled out and shot a huge load on her belly and tits. She went nuts. The next guy came up and said he wanted to fuck her from behind. She got on her knees and he began to fuck her. She looked over at another guy and motioned for him to put his dick in her mouth. She was getting fucked from behind and in her mouth. She is so good that she got both guys to cum at the same time. She opened her mouth a little and let some of the cum drip out of her mouth for my enjoyment. The next guy came up and said he wanted to know if he and his friend could both put their cocks in her pussy at the sametime. She was so wet and horny that she jumped at the chance. One of the guys laid on his back and she climbed on. She leaned forward so the other guy could get his cock in her as well. She had never done this and I think this was the most excited she had ever been. She was screaming and yelling in excitement. It did not take long for these guys and they both shot their loads into Kelly. She rolled off of them and layed down looking exhausted. Each guy gave her a kiss by and thanked me and walked out. Kelly looked at me and said, you know, there is one man I have not fucked tonight. She grabbed me and we had one of the greatest fuck sessions we ever had. I came so hard she almost hit the bed post. Kelly said it was the wildest sex night of her life but she was willing to try and top it sometime at a later date. She does try and I will share with you at a later time. This is true story. Please comment on it. Thanks

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[#5571] ivo13 ( 1648 days ago )
ivo13 avatar i'm glad you let your wife's wild side lead her through out the night. i commend you for ability to realize sex is sex and love is love. keep writing, i would love to follow the birth of a new slut wife.
[#5571] sirgawain ( 1648 days ago )
sirgawain avatar It wasa good quick story that got right to the details that i wanted to read. Post more. Have pictuers? Send some sr_gawain@yahoo.com
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