It was the middle of summer but i had the weekend off from work because of the weather, so I phoned my mate steve to see what he was upto, he said come over for a while my gf's coming over later but she wont mind. I arrived there about an hour later, we had a few beers and chatted about stuff, then the doorbell rang, my mate said thatll be kelly (his gf) he got up to let her in , when he got to the door i heard kelly say "I'm sorry but ive had to bring my little sis aswell" "oh well come in then" he replied , as they walked into the room I looked up and said hi to kelly then her sis followed her in and my god she was maybe young but bludy hot aswell, she was wearing a tiny little pair of shorts and a tight top which showed off her small but perfectly formed breasts "eh mate this is laura, kellys sister" steve said I think he had caught me checking her out.

 we all sat down and chatted, me and steve had another couple of beers kelly declined as she was driving and laura said she was to young. After a while steve jumped up and said to kelly "theres something i need to show you upstairs" as they disapeared i thought you lucky swine getting away to fuck his gf and me left looking after laura.

when her sis was gone she asked if she could have a beer i felt there was no harm so i opened one and passed it to her. Barely a mouthful later she asked "are they away to have sex " I dont no if it was the beer or something else but i just said "yeah i would think so" "oh well, have you got a gf" she asked "no im young free and single" i replied " I bet youre spoken for though " i asked playfully " no im young free and single aswell" "christ your bludy gorgeous " i blurted out, it was definatly the beer talking now. "Do you think so" she smiled, i sort of wished i hadnt said it but i had, so i old her yeah she was indeed hot. "thanks youre not to bad yourself", as she said this she climbed up onto my chair "oh well its a pity im twenty and youre eh" "thirteen" she whispered. that gave me a real wake up, christ here i was chatting up a 13 year old, but god what a 13 year old, I thought what the hell i may aswell have some fun so i asked her " you ever had sex then" "no"she imediatly responded " ive not even saw a boys cock yet" she added

 i offered to help her with that by offering to show her my 9 inch member "cool will you" she said, bye this point i was getting quite drunk, so i pulled it out "oh " was all she said so i asked her "do you want to touch it" she didnt even reply but placed her fingers on it and asked " how can you get that in to me " " its not hard yet" i told her "what gets it hard "she enquired " different things " "like what " she sais " feeling a nice pair of tits usually gets me hard" laura didnt even reply she just leant back and pulled her top over her head and there they were her absolutely perfectly formed firm little tits" well go on then " she told me i reached over and started to stroke her soft and tender little nipples, i could feel my cock getting rock hard but said nothing "i need more " i told her "go on then i want you hard" she said, i leant over and started to kiss her breasts and lick her stiffening nipples just as i was getting going she asked " are you hard now" i leant back to show her my throbbing cock standing to attention " christ theres no way il get something like that in me " she squelled "shh im sure you could " " no way 2 fingers is tight in me " she said, bye now iwas desperate to fuck her and the thought of her fingering herself just made me worse " we could try" i told her " how " she asked " ill lie down and then you climb onto me and push youre pussy onto me " " will i still be a virgin" she asked " yeah of course we wont actually have sex" i lied to her " ok then" she said, i immediatly lay down and helped her on top of me , she pulled her little shorts off and i caught a glimpse of her pussy , there was just a few wisps of hair starting to shoe. This was when it hit me how young she was , but i couldnt stop now . laura held herself up and i guided her hips to the right place as she lowered herself i could feel the excitment grow in me , just then my tip touched her pussy so i used one hand to guide it into her , she came down a little bit further and hesitated " its getting sore " she seemed surprized " itll get better" i told her "you sure" she asked i nodded i gently pulled her down onto me  and was amazed when i saw she had all of my cock in her." god that was sore" she said as she went to lift her body up, I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight back onto my cock " what are you doing" she seemed worried " im going to fuck you sensless" i told her " are you sure" she said " yeah " I rolled her onto her back and started to fuck her tight little pussy she was almost crying but that seemed to make me go harder anyway when i was almost ready to cum i pulled out and rolled her over to see her tiny little ass it was too much for me so i pulled her cheeks apart and just rammed in, i came insantly showering her ass with shot after shot of my cum. when i was dry i sat down and got dressed laura just lay there panting, I told her "you better get tidied up" without a word she stood up and got dressed and sat down we started chatting and just then steve and kelly arrived back. i maded my excuses and left. The next day there was a knock at my door when i answered it was kelly she marched in and demanded "what did you do to laura yesterday" " what do you mean" i asked "whatever it was she is desperate to see you again" cool i thought then i had a thought "I could show you" i laughed " fine then" kelly said    

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