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I was born in one of the many breeding farms in the States, apparently my father and his family wanted a son so I was given to the slave orphanage. Growing up in an orphanage was hard at times but we were taught a lot and shown how to serve.

We were woken up in the mornings before the sun came up, our diapers were taken off and we were run for 5 miles and told to do our vaginal and anal exercises. Then we were cleaned and brought to work in one of the many fields or farmhouses. At night we were taught the important things; Leather craft, sewing, speaking and how to walk in heels. We were encouraged to walk on our feet only for work, inside we always were led around on all fours. We were taught that we had no choices or will. The women who raised us were strict and nobody ever really went against them. The slaves that did went away and never came back. Some of my fellow slaves would be sold to families to be servants in some capacity but the lucky few of us that were whore-stock would be sold as untrained slaves on our 16 th birthday. Whore-stock was rare. The Masters and Mistresses who would buy us had to be registered with the federal government to train new slaves, it was even rare for them to come across whore-stock. They were highly paid and well respected people in society and whatever money they made from selling us they got to split with the state, so needless to say they trained us well.

It was the morning of my 16 th birthday, the day I would be sold. I was taken to a large exam room and my diaper was taken off. I was bathed and made to wear the thick leather collar I had made in leather craft. Another diaper was put on along with a leash and I was led into a small wooden crate with air holes drilled into it and locked in. I was loaded onto the truck and driven to town.

It was my first time off the grounds of the orphanage so I looked out of the holes in my crate in awe of the changing landscape. The truck stopped after about a half a day and the crate was unloaded and opened and I was led inside a large building and told that I was the only one today. There were four men and one woman watching me and others looked on as I was lifted onto a steel table and my diaper came off. I was cleaned off and told to raise my rump high. The four men and woman looked at all my holes and squeezed my tits, inspecting me and writing things down separately. I felt my cheeks get separated and I jumped slightly when my holes were touched lightly. Nothing was said.

A clean diaper was put on me and then I was led out into the town square where it seemed like everyone in the town was there to watch the auction. I was held off to the side and watched as breeding slaves, servants and older whores were sold. I was last and when I was brought up there was a hush over the crowd. The four men and one woman were sitting in the front row and I realized they must be the Federal Masters. I was turned and talked about, as rare virgin whore-stock and the crowd seemed like they were in awe. The men were looking at me with lust and the women seemingly with hate as the bidding started. I was sold to a large handsome man for 50,000 credits and I was put into the crate and loaded into the back of his truck.

I looked out of one of the air holes as hours later we drove up to a huge farmhouse on what seemed like many acres. I watched as some of his servants carried me down into the cellar and opened the crate. I peaked out slowly and waited for instruction. The big man leaned down and looked at me and told me it was ok to come out. I crawled out tentatively and he pulled on my leash telling me it was ok and not to be scared. He asked me if I needed a diaper change and I instantly came out of the crate and lay on the floor on my back and raised my legs for him. He said, "Good whore," and he changed my diaper and cleaned me up. He said, "I'm your new Daddy, can you say Daddy, whore?" He was rubbing cream into my holes as I nodded my head and said, "Daddy." "Good whore," he said, "Daddy is going to show you how to go in the potty." I was confused but my new Daddy was so nice so I said, "Ok Daddy," and I smiled. He continued rubbing the cream in and he sat back on his heels and just looked at me and said, "You're a very pretty whore," and he reached down and rubbed my breast. I squeaked and said, "That tickles Daddy and he pinched my nipple until I flinched. "Do you like it, whore?" he said. "Yes Daddy, but it makes me feel like I have to pee, Daddy." "That's because you're a whore and the only thing your good for, is to have your holes filled," as he put his finger slowly into my cunt hole and felt for my hymen. He smiled and said "I think I need to fill your ass hole, whore, maybe I'll sell your cunt's virginity to the highest bidder." I didn't really understand him so I smiled and said, "OK Daddy." He tickled my clit and said, "The next time you have to pee you tell me ok, whore?" "Yes Daddy," I replied and he unhooked my leash and told me to follow him.

I followed him upstairs to a huge modern kitchen with a large island counter in the middle of the room. There were pots hanging on a rack above the marble-topped island and all the appliances were steel. The back wall of the kitchen was all windows and French doors out to a deck leading to a pool. I could see a barn and a couple of buildings leading back to woods all around to the distance.

He told me to hop up onto the island part of the counter onto my stomach with my legs dangling over the side. He smacked my ass and took my arms and placed them behind my back. He put a bowl of water under my face and said, "It's time to feed that mouth hole of yours. Don't use your hands, whore," and I watched him prepare to cook as I lapped at the water. He chopped onions and garlic and made us an omelet. While it was cooking he said, "Do you have to pee, whore?" I said, "No Daddy." He said, "Good," and I saw him reach for the olive oil and I felt him pour some on my ass. He rubbed it into me and said, "I'm going to enjoy this, whore." I smiled and said, "OK Daddy," and he reached over and took a wooden spoon and inserted the long smooth handle into my ass hole. I squealed and moaned and he said, "Keep drinking your water, whore. You shouldn't concern yourself with how I treat your holes." I took a deep breath and tried to ignore his probing but I was confused, it felt good and I didn't understand why. He was looking at me from different angles and he laughed and said, "You are so brainless," as he slid his hands over my ass. He fucked my hole with the stick for a while and then washed his hands and put the omelet in front of my face and told me to eat. He sat at the table and ate properly as I stuck my face into the meal and devoured it like an animal. He laughed at me and told me I was a good whore.

When he was done eating and he was satisfied that I had enough he told me to get down off the counter and clean up the dishes. He showed me how to scrape the food off and rinse them and put them into a machine. He sat back and watched me work with the spoon sticking out of my hole and the food all over my face. He showed me how to wipe down the counters and to put all the food away and he pulled at my nipples from behind me and told me to keep working. He watched me wipe the crumbs off of the counter into my hand and noticed some dropping on the floor. He grabbed my hands and head and pushed me to the ground and stuck my face onto the floor and leaned his knee into my back. He said firmly, "You stupid little bitch. Lick it up, cunt," as he pushed my head down. I stuck my tongue out and licked the floor willingly. "Do you want to please your Daddy, whore?" He asked. "Yes Daddy," I squeaked out and he got up and told me to scrub the crumbs off the floor as he slowly pushed the spoon deeper into my hole. He fucked me with it while I scrubbed and I felt that feeling again, like it felt good when he hurt me. "You crave to be humiliated and used, don't you, whore?" He said as I felt the long stick go deeper into my body.

He asked me if I had to piss and I told him yes as he worked me upstairs into a lavish bathroom, steering me by the stick in my ass. He told me to hold it in and when we got there I saw a small child's chair in the corner. He told me to stop and then said, "You sit on that potty and you relieve yourself, whore." He pulled the stick out fast and threw it in the garbage. He watched me relieve myself and laughed at me when I pissed. He said, "Look at the whore, pissing for the first time in a little potty." It took me a long time and my legs were numb as he cleaned me off and turned on the bath. He scrubbed me while on my hands and knees and slowly cleaned my ass hole with his soapy finger. I got confused again and I decided to ask, "Daddy?" "Yes, whore?" He replied as I felt another finger fuck me. "Why do I tingle when you touch me there?" I asked, breathing heavy. "Because, you are a whore and your sole duty in life is to be used. When you just breathe into it and take your abuse, you will feel release. Just breathe, never make a sound, whore." He answered and I breathed through his cleaning.

He wrapped me up in a towel and carried me into a huge red bedroom. There was fabric everywhere and he laid me back onto the bed and spread my legs back. He left and came back with a diaper and a bottle of cream and he pulled open my pussy and poured the cream onto my open pussy. His hand went right to my clit and he rubbed the cream into me and I felt like I was sliding off the earth. I instantly grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard, holding them up and I let out a moan. He laughed and said, "Maybe I should train you to be a cum whore. Yes, I am…I love it, a virgin cum whore!" He stopped rubbing me and put my diaper on. He had me step into a harness that strapped all the way from my neck to my knees and he placed me on the bed so my head was down and my ass was up. He strapped me in to straps that had been attached to the mattress so I couldn't move. He hooked my arms comfortably by my sides and covered me with the blankets. "I'm proud of your first day whore, but lets hope tomorrow is even better. Sleep."










The next morning I was woken up by the clicks of the hooks, unhooking the harness. I was told to stand and he took the harness off of me. He told me to get down and follow and I did. I crawled behind him and he said, "Did you dirty your diaper, hole? Or did you behave and wait like a good hole?" "I was a good hole, Daddy," I replied and he laughed as he bent down and took the diaper off of me. He told me to sit on the potty and I did as he watched and told me what a good whore I was. He bathed me and put a collar and leash on my neck while I was on all fours. He held something up and explained that it was a small butt plug and that I just needed to breathe. He put cream on my ass and worked the plug in while I breathed through it. It wasn't that bad so I smiled when he asked if I was OK.

He led me down to a beautiful living room and he posed me on all fours on a chair in the corner where he unhooked my leash. A servant brought him food as he read the paper and watched the TV news. The servant was instructed to feed me and I was told to get down and eat out of the bowls set on the floor in the corner. I ate sloppily and when I was done he wiped my face with a napkin and he grabbed my collar and posed me on the coffee table with my ass up. He sat behind me and told me to reach around and spread my ass cheeks and I obeyed quickly. I felt him turn the plug and he asked, "How does it feel, hole?" "It feels good, Daddy," I answered. "Good," He said and he pulled the plug out a little and shoved it back in. I breathed through it and got that tingling feeling again as he fucked my ass with the plug hard. I tried not to scream and moan with my true lustful feelings and he asked, "I bet you want to cum, whore." I was breathing heavy and I asked, "Cum, Daddy?" "That's right, I haven't explained cum," and he laughed. He told me not to worry about it for now and he kept fucking my ass as I heard a buzzing sound. He laughed and I felt him touch my clit with a vibrating ball and he told me to relax and let go. I shook and quivered as I let out a scream as I felt a quaking inside me, confused as to what it was. He rubbed my clit with the ball and shook the plug in my ass as I bucked and screamed and squirted all over his hand. He laughed as he wiped it on my ass and said, "You like that, whore? That is cum," and he let me lick his hand and he continued, "If you're a good girl and beg for it properly, I'll let you do that a lot, OK whore?" "Yes, Daddy I will beg you," I managed to get out as I recovered from the cum.

He led me into the dining room and posed me on my knees on the table at the head, face down and covered with a cloth napkin, ass up. He hooked my leash around through my legs back up to my neck. The feel of the chain digging into the plug made me instantly drip. He looked at me and laughed and he left the room. Later, while one of the servants was setting two places at the other end of the table the doorbell rang. Another servant answered the door and I peaked a look at a very tall man wearing a dark hat and long cloak. The servant showed him into the dining room to wait for Daddy and she offered him a drink as she took his coat and hat. He asked for a bloody Mary and she went to retrieve it. I watched him wander into the room and come around behind me. He laughed and the girl came back with his drink. Daddy came in and asked, "So are you hungry, Julian?" They exchanged handshakes and greetings as another servant came in and served two salads at the table. The two men sat down and discussed the price of my virginal holes. They spoke of other business and some other prospects in the area, they seemed to ignore me as they ate. Bowls of food and water were set before me and I was told to eat by Daddy.

The men ate and watched me eat with my filled ass high in the air. They were served another course as Daddy said, "So you want her virgin hole, huh? You know that plug is the biggest thing that's been in the ass." "I just want to help you work it open. I don't want the cunt, I just want that tight ass," Julian said as he ate his lunch. Daddy laughed, "I'll let you work it for 20,000 credits." "That's it? Sold." Julian said as they raised their glasses and took a drink. Daddy said, "You're already making me money, whore," and I lifted my food-covered face, napkin and all and smiled, "Thank you, Daddy." They laughed and Julian said, "How big can I go?" Daddy smiled and said, "Let's see what's in my closet," and they got up and left the room.

They came back and I was led to the living room where I was bent over a small-upholstered stool and my hands and feet were bound. Daddy told me that I was to be quiet during this training session and he put a ball gag in my mouth and hooked it so my head was kept up high. He turned the TV on right in front of me and put the porn channel on. He made me watch the breeding farms with slaves getting milked in the machines and always kept pregnant. I felt the plug come out and Daddy asked if I had to piss. I told him no and I felt cream get rubbed into my ass hole. I watched the screen: I saw the cheap whores getting fucked by huge animals in slave zoos as I felt something get pushed into my ass and it felt so good. I heard Daddy say, "Just relax, whore," and I watched the federal whores getting fucked with bats at the pre-show at National Baseball games. He made me look at the slaves in the prison camps getting punished with federal examinations and medical testing as I felt my ass get stretched wide with the object. I wanted to cum but Daddy said no voice as I just breathed hard through the pushing. I watched the lowly freak farms. There they would make the slaves work the fields and then do the freak shows in town at night for food and water. He told me if I behaved I would always be taken care of and that's why he was training me. They both laughed as the object got worked in deep and just stayed there. I heard pictures snapping as I got used to the object and kept watching the other slaves.

Daddy said, "I want her at 10 X 3 by the weekend." "You can do it, she's got 8X1 ½ in there now and it's a willing hole. Lets do it now," Julian replied. He held up a fat cock, he swung it in front of my face teasing me and I got scared at the size. I breathed hard and Daddy told me to relax and just be good. I felt the object come out of my ass slow and the next one starting to get worked in. This one went in easy because of my wet hole and I blocked out the TV and felt the giant cock in my ass. It felt so good and I tried to beg through the gag. Daddy laughed, "I forgot about that whore-stock just loves the fat cock, it's been a while since I've trained one." Julian laughed, "Its why I wanted this one, I like what you can put into them." Daddy laughed and said, "Well you can use her ass anytime Julian." "Thanks, he replied and I felt him finally pull it back out and shove it in hard.

He fucked me with it hard and slow as Daddy just laughed at my slobbering mouth and said, "If you want to cum then squeal like the pig you are, whore." I snorted and squealed as they laughed and Julian fucked my hole so hard. I felt my knees weak and shaking as I got pummeled and I begged for more. Daddy reached down and wrapped something around my leg then placed a ball on my clit and wrapped it around my other leg. I moaned and squealed as he turned the vibration on the ball. It was low and I needed more as I squealed and snorted louder and Julian just fucked me harder. I choked on the ball and they laughed as Daddy turned the ball up and I felt the whole cock get shoved in my ass. I screamed in ecstasy through the gag as I shook instantly and came so hard. It kept going and going as they kept fucking my ass and vibrating my clit. I begged for them to stop and I thought I would pee, as Julian wouldn't let up on fucking my ass hard. I snorted and squealed thinking that would let them know but it seemed to egg them on. This went on for hours as I was filled with more lube over and over and continuously milked to cum.

When they finally got tired I was untied and told to reach around and pull the fat dildo out of my ass. I did and I held it as Daddy slowly undid the ball gag and he told me to wash the dildo in the sink and then to relieve my holes. He took my face and kissed my forehead and told me I was a good whore. I washed my shit off the dildo and then sat on the little potty and relieved both holes. When I was finally done I yelled for Daddy and he came in and wiped me and washed me off. He led me back out to the living room and he had me lie back on the bed with my feet back by my ears. He rubbed my cunt and ass with cream and he rubbed it into my ass hole. He told me what a good girl I had been today and he put a diaper on me and had me step into my harness. He hooked me in, ass up and said, "Sleep."
























He was so delicate but his words were so harsh as he told me he was going to put a diaper on me the next morning and I instantly lifted my legs for him. He was going to powder me and said that my holes were too dry and instead he grabbed for the cream and said, "Your holes need to be worked well, whore. I'm going to make you crave it like a good little slut." He rubbed the cream into my holes slowly and it started to feel good. He put more on and he rubbed it into my clit and made me moan. I grabbed my knees and pulled them back for him, relaxed into the pleasure and said, "Thank you Daddy." He grabbed my ankles and held them up and rubbed the cream into my clit. He rubbed it slow and hard and my body started to shake uncontrollably. He told me to reach down and spread my ass and I did. While he lifted me by my ankles, I slowly reached down and pulled my cheeks apart for him, as I felt my orgasm close. He stopped and wrapped my hands and tied them to the bed, he put a pillow over my face and said, "I prefer the face hidden, whore." He poured more cream onto me and rubbed it into my swollen clit hard and fast making me shudder and said, "Do you want to cum whore?" "Please, Daddy, let me cum?" I moaned. He laughed and shoved some fingers into my slippery ass hole and fucked me hard as he rubbed my clit. I yelped and moaned and felt the orgasm work its way out of my body. I came so hard I squealed like a pig as he laughed at me and shoved his cock into my ass. He fucked me until he came inside it and then wrapped me into the diaper. He tied my arms up over my head and had me lie with my legs spread.

He put porn on and I watched as he showed me all these pictures of men fucking their slaves with everything but the kitchen sink. He showed me the pictures of me on his new slave site. There was the one of my ass with the spoon sticking out and then another of my ass with the fat dildo in it. You can see that my legs were bound and there was a caption under it that read: Virgin Pussy Hole-50,000 credits, whore-stock, ass 20,000 by 3-20-03 Dial Daddy. He was pleased. He was going to sell my holes and I was proud to be his, I knew I needed to please him. He said, "I like showing you off, showing the world your training. I'm going to take these pictures of you throughout your training, and make some money with your whore holes." He kept showing me pictures of other slaves and their masters beating them and shoving them into holes in the ground and fucking them with sticks. He told me that I had better behave if I don't want pain. He said, "If you just do what I say, I wont hurt you. Just be smart and listen."

Much later I felt like I had to pee and Daddy told me to just go in the diaper. I did and I sat in it for a while until he came and changed me. He wiped me off and asked if I had to shit. I told him I did and he untied me and led me to the bathroom. He pointed to the little potty and I squatted over it and did my business as he watched me. He said, "You're a dirty whore and I can't wait to see you getting your cherry popped." I finished and he had me bend over as he wiped me and told me to crawl out to the bed. I did and the whole way there he smacked my ass and told me I was getting too thin. He had me get on the bed in diaper position. He spread cream on my holes again, inside and out and told me that we were having a guest for dinner tonight. He dressed me in the diaper and a small girlie nightgown barely covering the diaper. He put my hair up in pigtails and told me to be a very good girl tonight and I wouldn't be punished. He grabbed my nipple and pinched it hard and said, "You will behave tonight and answer every question correctly and do whatever is asked of you, aren't you whore?" "Yes Daddy," I answered.

He took me downstairs and he put me in a playpen on all fours in an enormous living room. He put the Internet TV on and stopped on his favorite porn site. He made me watch as a woman was getting it in the ass, on the screen, by a fist. He went to the kitchen and I smelled food cooking and later the doorbell rang. I heard another male voice as they spoke in the kitchen and then came into the living room. They had wine glasses and Daddy said, "Here she is, my little whore." The man laughed and said, "Not even potty trained yet, I see. She's precious, I'd love to feed her." Daddy lifted me and carried me to the kitchen where he put me into a high chair and strapped me in. I watched as Daddy set the table and slide me next to the man who dipped his little finger into his wine and put it in my mouth. He said, "Wine is good for little sluts, you like it, Whore?" I shyly said, "Yes," and Daddy told me to call him Uncle Ronnie. "Yes Uncle Ronnie," I corrected and he gave me more wine on his finger. He rubbed it onto my lips and said, "She's got a pretty mouth." Daddy laughed and said, "Wait until you see her ass hole," and he served food onto their two plates. Uncle Ronnie fed me sloppily, blaming me for making myself a mess and Daddy kept laughing at how dirty I was.

When they were done Daddy said, "You can give her a bath while I clean up if you want, she's a fucking mess." Uncle Ronnie unstrapped me and carried me upstairs, tickling my tits. He carried me to the huge bedroom with my bed and put me down and told me to stay. He left the room and I heard him turn on the bath. He came back into the room with a washcloth and he wiped my face and hands. He took my diaper off and he pushed my legs back and looked at my holes. He laughed and said, "Your Daddy was right, whore, your holes are all pretty." He stood me up and took the top off me and told me to follow him. He had me get into the tub on all fours and he scrubbed me down and tickled me everywhere. He kept making me giggle, he told me he likes to tickle and he dried me off and carried me back downstairs. Daddy was in the living room and I was told to crawl around on the carpet. They smoked and drank as they watched some porn and kept telling me how they were going to tickle my holes tonight.

They were drunk by the time they picked me up and positioned me over the coffee table looking at the TV, while my ass was up and my legs were tucked under the couch. They spread my cheeks and I felt something wet getting rubbed in to my holes. Uncle Ronnie told me he wanted to tickle me inside and I felt his fingers spread my ass and enter it. Daddy told me that I could moan and I instantly did. I felt more fingers inside and he just kept pushing. I moaned louder and raised my ass high as they laughed and Daddy said, "She knows her place." I felt the fingers come out of my ass and Daddy leave the room.

Uncle Ronnie started fucking my hole again with his fingers and tickling my clit. Daddy came back with a big leather bag and plopped it down between them. I felt the fingers come out of me as I heard Uncle Ronnie gasp at the contents. I felt more lube get rubbed into me and then something smooth getting worked into my ass. I held on to the table and breathed steadily as I felt the thin object go in deep and slow. It felt good and I moaned lightly as they laughed and worked something else into my ass. It was bigger and it felt so good I moaned louder. This stretched me open more and it hurt as I held on to the table and squealed. They laughed as the thing got worked in deep and I took it all. I was going crazy; my hips started bucking as I was fucked hard and I was told to stop moving. Daddy asked, "Do you want her tied Ron?" He laughed and asked, "Only if I can tie her." "Its your money," Daddy answered and I was picked up and carried upstairs back to the huge bedroom. The things were still in my holes and my hands were tied above my head and Uncle Ronnie shoved me face up under the bed to my waist. He grabbed my legs and hooked them under the bed as well so I was a faceless set of holes for them. Daddy laughed and said, " I like this position." Daddy told him to have fun and I think he left the room. He didn't say anything to me at all I just felt him fuck me with different things and made me cum over and over as he rubbed my clit hard and fucked me deep and steady. I felt him release on me many times and by the end of the night I was left there, filled with some toys, to sleep.





























I woke the next morning cramped into the same position and the objects were finally coming out of me. I was released from the position and told to crawl to the bath. I got in and Daddy cleaned me inside and out. He told me I was a good girl and that I was going to be rewarded with a special treat. He dried me off and carried me back to bed and brought me a tray of food and told me to eat with my hands. It was delicious and I ate the whole thing very fast. He cleared the tray and took the covers off of me He looked at my holes and reached for the cream. He poured it over my cunt and spread my legs and rubbed it all into me. He rubbed it inside my holes and I moaned and threw my head back between the pillows and arched my back throwing my tits out. The pillows were over my face and Daddy said, "That's it, whore, you keep your slut face covered, while I use your holes." His hateful words seemed to make me hotter as I felt the heat rise with my orgasm. I gripped the wooden bed as my body jerked and he laughed as he punched into my holes harder. I felt my body drain as I begged him to stop and he just kept rubbing my clit. I brought my hands down and put them on his and he stopped and said, "I wasn't going to tie you today, whore. Are you going to make me tie you?" I thought about his expert binds and I didn't say anything, I was confused. "I'm confused, Daddy," I finally said. He laughed and said, "You want me to tie you, it's ok whore, it just means your training is working." He took my hands and pulled me down off the bed and told me to follow on my hands and knees. He bent down and said, "Tell me how bad you need me to play with you all day and night, whore?"

"I need you to play with my holes, Daddy, they hurt and you make them feel better."

"Good, whore, now keep saying it," he said as he led me into an ornate office and he told me to bend over his desk. I noticed bolts in the floor as I said my mantra over and over. He bent down and cuffed my hands together and strapped them to a bolt, and he came around behind me. I'm glad you want to be tied, whore, maybe I'll be able to get some work done today." He put his keyboard on my ass and he told me to keep my ass high and he went to work on his computer. He kept putting me down and telling me that he had booked my hole up for the night and that he was going to have some fun. He told me that he needed new pictures and this photographer was going to help him out. He posted some new pictures, telling me that he was going to dress me up for tonight. He teased my hole with a pencil eraser for a while until he said, "I'm bored slut, lets get your picture taken." He laughed and unhooked my hands and told me to follow him. He led me to the bathroom where he bathed my holes again and rubbed cream into my ass while I stood bent over grabbing my ankles.

He patted my ass when he was done and he put a diaper on me. He dressed me in a short tight t-shirt dress with cute little white socks and sneakers. He redid my hair in the pigtails and told me to follow him. He led me downstairs where he put a big coat on me and put a hat on my head and carried me to the car. It was a dark cold night and he strapped me into the backseat and took me to a house far away. I had no idea where I was. It was very dark as we pulled up to a big house in the woods. Only a few lights were lit in the massive home and we went to the door and he had me ring the bell. A man Daddy called Uncle Martin answered the door and he smiled at me and told us to come in. Daddy took my coat and hat off and said, "Show the nice man your belly, Jessie." I lifted my dress shyly and smiled at him and he just beamed, "What a big girl you are Jessie, Do you want to show me more?" He reached out his hand to mine. I smiled and took his hand and he took me into his studio. He told me to stand on the 'X' and show him, my belly again. I smiled and did it. I felt naughty and I took the dress off and squatted down and threw my head back and giggled. Daddy said, "You're being such a good girl," as the camera clicked over and over catching every moment.

Uncle Martin told me to take my diaper off and I lay down and raised my legs and Daddy laughed and said, "She doesn't know how," and he came over and took it off. Martin told him to stay and play with my holes as he kept snapping pictures. Martin threw, a dildo, lube, a bottle, a candle and a can of whipped cream at Daddy and they laughed as Daddy spread my folds with his thumb played with my clit and said, "Ever see a virgin pussy with a worked ass Martin?" I kept my arms up and Martin put down the camera, as Daddy stretched my ass hole with some fingers. Martin bent down to tie my wrists together and said, "Nice, maybe something really big in there then." Daddy laughed as Martin picked up the camera and got in close on my arms, moaning face, flushed tits and filled ass. Daddy held my legs back as I moaned and writhed for him. Martin said, "We need to tie her more," and the look on his face was like a light turned on above his head. He grabbed Daddy and they left the room and I heard laughter and screaming as they ran around the house and came back with rope and other assorted tools.

Daddy bound my legs at my knees so they were bent and my feet were tied around my hips. It was like I had no legs. Martin kept snapping pictures as I was carried upstairs to a bedroom with a low four-poster bed and set me on it. He tied my hands around my bound legs so I was like a wrapped ball. He laughed and rolled me onto my face and spread my holes wide. He said that I should be a good girl for Martin's brilliant picture idea, while the camera didn't stop snapping. I felt Daddy rub cream into my holes and work his fingers into my ass deep. I felt them come out and then his cock went in and he fucked me hard as I moaned and squealed. He came in my hole and I felt it drip as he picked me up and held me high above one of the large ball-ended posts on the bed. Martin laughed as he took more pictures. I was scared at the size as Daddy said, "Beg for me to fill your whore ass, slut." "Please Daddy, please fuck my empty ass," I begged. "I didn't hear you, whore," he said as I felt the ball pressing on my wide-open empty hole.

I felt him lower me, and the post slowly popped in as I held my breath and threw my head back and came instantly. "This is going to make some great pictures, whore," he said as I closed my eyes and shook uncontrollably just hearing the camera clicking and feeling my ass spread-open, wide. I moaned and breathed silently as I lost all will and control, I felt the shaft in my ass, pressing deep into my body. I felt his hands let me go. I heard the camera snap the pictures. I heard his voice. I opened my eyes and threw my head forward, so I just looked like another ball on top of the post. I felt myself spin and slide onto the pole more. I heard laughter and the constant clicking. I felt Daddy lift me off and set me back down onto it, all the while, pictures. Martin said, "Let me get the video," and he ran out of the room while Daddy impaled me and made me beg him for more. He let go and I just felt the room drift away as I heard Daddy sell me to the video, "This ass with a virgin cunt hole, gentlemen, 50,000 dollars to fuck a whore." They both laughed as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

I woke up bent over tied on all fours in a wooden box. I waited and waited and finally the box opened and Daddy smiled and said, "Oh good, you're awake." He lifted me out and carried me outside to the patio. There was a big party going on and he threw me into the pool. I was tied and struggling to swim as I felt hands grab me and lift my face above the water. I felt fingers find my ass hole as I was carried to the edge of the pool and told by someone behind me to hold on. I grabbed the ladder and the man drove his cock into my ass and fucked my hole deep. I moaned and threw my head back to arch my back and he reached around my body and drove it deeper and I felt him cum. He lifted me and swam over to the shallow end and set me down. He smacked my ass and swam away.

A woman swam over to me and looked at my mouth. She kissed me long and wet as I felt her hand, work its way behind me to my clit. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and pinched my clit hard. She rubbed it as she tickled my mouth with her dripping tongue. She licked my shoulder and kissed me again and laid down in the shallow water in front of my face and spread her legs open wide. She told me to lick her and I saw Daddy come over to me. He grabbed my head and shoved it into the woman's pussy. She moaned and writhed under me as I found her clit and sucked it hard. I felt hands spreading my cheeks and wetness as something was worked into my ass. I moaned into her cunt as she grabbed my head and held me sucking her clit like a cock. I felt the object push in all the way and start to fuck me hard and with long strokes. It made me crazy and I wanted to cum so bad. I sucked her until she came on my face and got up and fixed herself a drink.

My ass kept getting reamed as another woman lied down in front of me and shoved her cunt into my face. I sucked her clit for cum as the strokes in my ass continued with no breaks. I moaned and tried to back into it and I got a smack on my ass. I made the second woman cum and looked behind me to see a man fucking me with a large dildo, it must have been 10 inches long and 3" wide. Daddy laughed and said, "I love stretching her hole." The man agreed and pushed it in faster and faster and he reached down and pushed his fingers into my wet clit. I cried out and came so hard that I hid my head and Daddy laughed and told them how he had been hiding my head. They all laughed as I was pumped and drained and Daddy untied me and told me to swim.

I swam around and the man that had fucked me with the dildo pulled me back onto him and guided my hips over his rock hard cock. He told me that whores make him the horniest and he sat my ass hole onto his cock. I instantly spread my legs for him and moaned like a good whore. He whispered into my ear that he wanted to buy my virgin cunt and show himself a good time. He told me that I had a good ass as he pumped his cum into me and let me go. I watched him go right to Daddy as this guy who was sitting on the edge of the pool told me to come to him. I did and he told me to lie back in the water and put my feet, spread over the edge of the pool. I did and as I floated there he explored my ass with his foot. He probed my ass hole with his big toe as Daddy walked over and told the man that I had been sold for the night and that I had to go now. The man took his toe out of me and I followed Daddy out of the pool and inside to the bathroom.

He washed me in the shower and he said, "You get to wear adult whore clothes tonight since you've been such a good girl." He dressed me in thigh high stockings and black high-heeled shoes. He put a short skirt on me that barely covered my ass and a corset, tied tight. He left the room and came back in with a brush and he did my hair in one ponytail on top of my head. He reached over and grabbed a hood and he just unzipped the eyes and mouth and he said, "I like it when your slut face is kept covered whore." He fed my hair through the hole in the top and slid the hood over my head. He zipped it up and strapped the collar around my neck on the tight side. He handed me a leash and said, "I want you to walk outside and find the man that told you he would buy you tonight. Call him Master when you find him and hand him your leash." I held my covered head high and realized what I had to do to please Daddy. He watched me as everyone did as I walked through the party by the pool and right up to the now dressed man who wanted me earlier. I got down on my knees in front of him and lifted my leash and put my head down in respect and said, "I submit to you Master." I heard Daddy laugh and people clap as Master zipped the mouth shut and hooked the leash onto my collar and led me to his car. He lifted me into the trunk and told me to be a good girl.

We drove for a long time and I was starving by the time we got to his house. He lifted me out of his car and led me by the leash on all fours into his basement. The walls were unfinished stone with all kinds of chairs with straps and torture devices and racks. There was a gynecological table and a rack against one wall with huge phalluses sticking out of it lined up in a row. There were all kinds of TV screens and cameras set up everywhere. The place was a mess and he looked down and he told me to call him Uncle Teddy. Ted looked at me longingly and told me he liked them dirtier and he reached down and grabbed my tit and squeezed my nipple. He said, "I can't wait to fuck your new pink hole whore," and he squeezed my nipple hard until I squealed.

He grabbed me by my collar and led me over to the gynecological table and he pushed me back. He put my legs into the stirrups and tied my knees back. He rubbed my holes with oil telling me to just relax into it and he fixed a camera on the tip of his fat cock and told me to stay still and watch the TV. I looked up and saw a close up of my open holes on the screen. He told me to relax and he opened a cabinet next to him and took out some things and put them out of my sight. He snapped gloves on his hands and he put lube on them and spread it all over my ass hole. He spread my cheeks and probed both of my holes playing with them as I realized he was getting my pussy wet. He fingered my ass hole as I watched it on the screen and it felt almost surreal to feel and see it in front of me at the same time and I started to get very hot. He told me that my pussy was amazingly wet and he kept probing my ass hole with his fingers and he slipped his thumbs into my ass and pulled out and stretched me. I yelped as he kept saying just be a good little girl and breathe through it. I screamed through the amazing feeling as he laughed and told me to be a good girl and I just whimpered and tried to breathe and be good. He pulled it open wide as I screamed and at one point he told me how much this video would make him. Tears were streaming down my face as I realized I was moaning more and more. He got into a rhythm with it and proceeded to stretch me open like that until I felt myself cum like nothing I had ever felt. I just started bucking and drooling and he kept doing it laughing at me and egging me on. "Come on, good girl, cum for your Uncle Teddy, make your hole please your Uncle Teddy you little pig." I relaxed my body and he kept playing with me until I started to beg him to let me be and then he stopped and took his gloves off. He came around to look at me and asked, "Do you think I'm anywhere near done" and I shook my head and he laughed and told me he was going to pop my cherry now.

He untied my legs and bent me over a table in the corner. He tied me so my ass was high and my legs were off the ground. I felt dizzy being bent in half and I felt him rub my clit. He told me it should hurt and he shoved a fat dildo in my ass and said, "Get ready to feel the pop and he worked his cock into my pussy. He pulled my hair back as I screamed from the pain and made me watch the TV screen. He laughed and said watch this and he shoved his cock in and I watched and felt myself bleed. I cried and moaned as I felt the dildo get worked in from his hips pumping my cunt. I begged for him to stop and he kept laughing as he fucked me harder.

He fucked my cunt for a long time and even after he came on me he wouldn't stop fucking it. He picked me up and bent me over the pool table and laughed as he pulled the dildo out of my ass and aimed the cameras at my holes. I saw that he was putting lube on something and then he held it up for me so I could see it in the screen. It was a pool cue and he poked at my ass with the bigger end. "I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight your Daddy won't be able to fuck you for a week." He smacked my ass hard a couple of times and teased me with the cue. He said, "Whore in the corner pocket." I saw him grab another cue and dip them both in the jar of lube and work them into my holes. I screamed as he fucked me hard and I watched myself getting it on the screen. I screamed and breathed hard and pulled against the binds as he laughed at me and just kept going. When I was dry he dipped them back in the lube and shoved them back in hard. It felt so good and I couldn't stop screaming and all he did was fuck me harder and laugh at me. He said, " You look like a piece of meat, whore." He stopped fucking me. The sticks came out quick and he set up another camera and turned on another TV. In this shot I saw the full view of me with the cues leaning against the wall behind me. He reached into the cabinet and took out a fat long double dildo and held it up to the camera. I moaned and he told me to beg for it and he told me he was going to work me open for my Daddy and he dipped the dildos into the lube and held it up. "Please Master use my holes more, please" He laughed and spanked my ass a couple of times and pinched my nipple until I looked over and saw him start to work the obviously too big dildos into my holes. I was so exited to please him and he laughed and kept pushing until they popped into each hole. I screamed and begged to cum as I felt him rip me open and he just laughed and I watched as he push it harder until it was in to the hilt. I moaned and I realized they were locked in and he came over to my face. He climbed onto me and shoved his cock into my mouth and humped my face all the time filming, still shoving the cocks in and out of my holes. I opened my throat and took it all as I came over and over, seemingly drifting off out of body.














I woke up in my bed wrapped with rope from neck to ankles and my body ached with the massive fucking my holes had received. I lied there quietly thinking I had never been in this room and I didn't even hear Daddy until he said, "If your good I'll let him play with you again." He rolled me over and I realized my holes were uncovered. I felt him rub cream into them as I lifted my hips and he drenched my holes. He told me it was nice to get to use my cunt as he worked the cream inside my holes and let me cum. He left and came back and rolled me back over. He fed me and told me that I had been very good and today was going to be fun. He untied me and bathed me and dressed me in a short girlie nightgown and gave me the bottle of cream to hold. I was led to a giant red bedroom with a sitting room on one side. The ceilings were high and the room itself was cozy yet at the same time menacing. I saw wooden hooks built into the huge wooden four-poster bed which also had giant carved phalluses sticking out of it in various places. There was a TV screen across from a huge chair and an ottoman. I was told to kneel and bend over the ottoman in front of the chair.

I did and Daddy came in finally and sat behind me and said, "We are going to watch your movie whore." He reached over and took the cream and rubbed my holes with it and put me on the screen from the night before. I was mortified as he laughed at me and I watched my cunt get popped then fucked with the pool cues and the double dildo. It just kept going I realized even after I was obviously passed out. Daddy was rubbing the cold, slippery cream inside my holes gently with his fingers and it felt so good as I watched myself getting fucked over and over by Ted. After the dildos he fucked my pussy hole with his cock again then my ass hole. He kept smacking me and getting my ass really red. After that he had poured olive oil on my holes and held up a fat wobbly sausage. Daddy laughed as we watched, on the screen, Ted fuck my cunt with the oil-slathered piece of meat. I was embarrased as I realized Daddy's fingers in my holes were getting me wet and he realized it too and he said, "I love how you crave it now, whore." He told me to relax and that he was going to put a plug in my ass and I felt it enter me and he left me like that for the rest of the movie.

Ted had fucked me with various objects all through the night including; the pool cues again, various other oddly shaped dildos and even made me cum (still passed out) when he was fucking my ass with a beer bottle and holding a vibrating ball on my clit. I saw myself shake uncontrollably watching my orgasm that I didn't feel and it got me even wetter and I clenched my legs together. Daddy saw me suffering and I watched as Ted wrapped me in the rope and threw me in the trunk and dropped me off at Daddy's doorstep. Daddy laughed and said, "You made a good movie whore, lets see how many hits you got on your website." He flipped on the Internet TV and got to the page and I saw the pictures of me impaled on the bed-post. He said we needed to put the movie on here and he did and laughed at how many 'dates' I had this weekend. I smiled and said, "Thank you Daddy," and he made me cum.

"I have a special treat for you, whore." He said as he smacked my ass. I found a man to pay a lot of money to buy you this weekend. He was very specific in his needs. He prefers whore-stock for their obvious need to be pummeled. I was confused and I wiggle my ass and said, "Yes Daddy." He laughed and rubbed my head, "I think you'll like it. He's a bit of a clean freak but that never hurt anybody. He wants a prisoner so it might be a little rough whore, but you'll be fine. I led me into the bathroom and pulled the plug out and had me wash it. I was told to empty my holes and then I got in the bath. He scrubbed me harder this time and fingered my holes well. I was dried and a large plug was locked into my ass. I was dressed in a white button down with a gray sweater. A short, gray skirt, knee-highs and shoes topped off the uniform, a red tie as the cherry on the cake. My arms were handcuffed behind my back and a hood was tied over my head. I was lifted and carried to a van and strapped into the seat with my legs spread. "Just do as your told, and listen carefully. He'll try to trick you, he loves to punish," Daddy said as he drove the car for hours.

We stopped and I was lifted out and put down and led by the neck through a gate and down into some kind of cellar.



I"m not sure how this surfaced after so many days, but it was a good story. I was compelled by it, and yes at times, aroused by it. As Frye said, very demoralizing and I too, didn't like the story line. The sex though, the wanting and the rest made it sexually interesting.


I rated you high because this is fairly well written. I find it demoralizing and degrading, which is what you intended. So it is an effective story, but I didn't like any of it, wouldn't want it to happen, wouldn't like to see any of it, it would be lik

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