Short story by Carolyn Matthews.

My daughter "Amy" and I are laying naked on the couch while we
watch television. I am behind her with my head propped up on a
pillow. She loves it when I kiss the nape of her neck while I
run my left hand up and down her slender young body. After a
while she sits up, then turns around and lays back down so she
is facing me. We begin tongue kissing each other while I gently
fondle her firm little ass cheeks. About a half hour later, I
look up at the clock and notice it is past Amy's bedtime. She
has to get up early in the morning to attend college, so I give
her one last kiss and tell her to go to bed. Besides, she has
made me horny as hell, and I don't like having sex with her dog
in front of her. I have done it on occasion, but she she is real
possessive of him.

Amy's huge "great dane" dog named "Damien" is pacing back and
forth with his gigantic pink penis sticking out waiting for me
to play with him again. I get up from the couch and go to the
kitchen to get a jar of peanut butter from the cabinet. Damien
follows behind me and keeps running his tongue up and down
between my naked ass cheeks. I walk back to the middle of the
living room floor, then open the jar and stick two of my fingers
in to get a good size portion. I put the lid back on, then throw
the peanut butter jar over on the couch.

I reach between my legs and push all the peanut butter inside my
pussy, then lick my fingers. Damien immediately pushes his nose
up against my lower stomach and shoots his tongue inside me. Oh
my God his tongue is fucking big and long! I spread my legs
further apart and put my hands on my hips while Damien keeps
ratcheting his tongue inside me. Jesus Christ I am in heaven! I
start moaning softly and thrust my hips forward so Damien's
tongue will penetrate me even further. After a few minutes I
push Damien away from me, then make him get down on his back
with his paws up in the air.

I quickly grab the peanut butter jar and put a bunch of it
inside my mouth. Then, I quickly climb over the top of Damien
and look down at him. He starts licking my face, then I open my
mouth. Oh my God, he shoots his tongue all the way inside me and
starts going down my throat! I start gagging and pull my head
back to take a couple of deep breaths. After a few seconds, I
lean forward again and let him continue sticking his tongue
inside my mouth to get the rest of the peanut butter. I close my
lips around his rough tongue, and the feeling of it sliding back
and forth against them is incredibly sensual.

While Damien and I have been tongue kissing, has been trying to
get his huge pink penis inside my pussy without any luck. I
better hurry up and help him get it inside me, or he may decide
to get angry with me! I reach between my legs to position his
massive penis at my pussy entrance, then raise up a little bit
and sit down on it. Oh my God, his penis is bigger than my
husbands! I lean forward and begin raising and lowering my hips
while I look between my legs to watch the dog's cock going in
and out. What a beautiful depraved sexual experience this is!

After about five minutes of slowly fucking Damien and sucking on
his long tongue, I slowly raise up and let his cock pop out of
me. I don't want Damien to get angry with me, so I quickly get
to my feet and move the chair "foot stool" to the middle of the
living room. I sit down on it then lean back and reach down to
the floor to support myself. Damien immediately mounts me and
his cock slides inside my slippery pussy the first time! Oh,
what a talented dog he is! Damien starts fucking the hell out of
me and the stool starts sliding along the carpet with each of
his powerful thrusts. All of a sudden, the shoves his hips
forward harder than usual, and it makes me tumble off the stool.

Damien's cock pops out of me, and he is really pissed! He starts
growling so I quickly get on my hands and knees. Damien
immediately gets on top of me and starts shoving his hard penis
against my ass cheeks. I reach down between me legs to guide
him, and he shoves the full length of it inside my pussy! Oh my

God is cock is fucking big! He begins to put all his strength in
quick powerful thrusts, so I have to try and push back with my
hands so I don't fall on my stomach and make him mad again.
Waves of pleasure keep sweeping through my body as my
daughter's dog gives me a fantastic fucking. I am enjoying myself
so much that I can't help myself and start moaning loudly even
though it may wake up Amy.

After about four or five minutes, Damien suddenly stops and I
can feel his warm sperm gushing inside me. I wait for a few
moments, then try to crawl forward to get out from underneath
him. Oh my God, his cock is stuck inside me! Damien starts
growling at me again, so I guess I had better just wait until he
is finished with me. After a few minutes pass, Damien dismounts
me then walks around in front of me and begins licking my face.
Oh God, I think I am in love with my daughter's dog! Please
forgive me!
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