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 This story is about a missionary family who travel to a far away jungle tribe and become embedded in their ritual called Nite Of The Pigs. The women (Mom, and 2 daughters) are subdued, and offered as sacrifice to the wild boar hog gods, and even more than that happens for sure!!


 Nite Of The Pigs:

                               A story of jungle tradition:   

  A story about a missionary family who arrive at a jungle tribes village
and the females become the tribes offerings to the god of the pigs.

    Now Louis43, and his wife Ellen40, and 2 daughters,Sara19,and Marie18,
arrived at the tribes village after several days of solid trecking through the
jungle with thier guide Jungue who himself was a member of the tribe,and
had met them at the small town some 50 miles away after a long flight in
a small prop plane to get them where Jungue met them and using a donkey
that carried all their belongings and tent for them to live in.

   Upon arrival they were reverently greeted by the tribal elders,and some
of the older women who set out to show the females their cut out of the jungle
just slightly out of the way of the village and Jungue and other males quickly
sat about to put up the military style tent and Louis helped with getting things
settled in for the nite. After several dayz of setting up for many months of living
there and having had used several of their water canisters as make shift bathing
water being now atop trees and hose ran down to use for showering. The females
were surely ready to clean up and did so leaving Louis to haul water several times
for all this.

   All three women had finished their baths and retired to their tent to finish their
hair and dress as comfortable as they could being in the surroundings they were
exposed to now. As Louis sat himself down to figure out some sort of sermon to be
delivered to these indiginous tribal people,that truly had no aspect of any god or
gods outside their own tribal beliefs and customs,as he headed little of the 3 women
dressing and chatting to each other about what to wear in this god forsaken place
they were exposed to.

  But outside that tent the men tribal elders were themselves having a meeting of their
own and this was in fact to discuss the tribal tradition of the "nite of the pigs" that
they had for generations upon generations held every year to give to and hopefully
apease the gods so they could have good hunting for the following year. And with the
new arrivals being in their midst they certainly were discussing what and how to get
them involved as well.

  So as everyone in the village sat at the eating tent that was used for the entire tribe
to be fed because individual family meal practices to them were never even a thing
at all. And as they all sat and ate the dayz gathering and catch the 3 women seemed
to be on edge about how they were being looked at and over by not only the females of
the tribe but the males seemed to be really looking them over!!

   After a couple days of this uneasyness and the women expressing to Louis their father
and his wife Ellens telling him they felt as though the men of the tribe were lusting after
them and that he should go have a talk with the tribal leader about this, which Louis
had told her that she should go pray for redemption thinking such evil sinful thoughts
as his wife Ellen had a pure gut feeling all these horny tribal black men lusted for her
and worst of all for her daughters!! She saw how they eyed them as they were about the
camp though no advances by any of them, had been made at all, she damn well was uneasy
about it all. In fact the way Jungue had himself looked her over with that full intent of a
woman just knows when a man is looking at her with sexual intent and he was sure as the
devil eyeing her youngest daughter marie. And she was about to pack up her daughters and
herself, and flee this place and her husband to do this missionary work alone.

   At that time the tribal elders showed at their tent and Jungue being the interpretor now
had asked Louis to come with them for a meeting of only the superior tribal men when
the time warranted such,and Jungue not wanting to tell Louis as yet that this meeting
would be about the upcoming "nite of the pigs" since his knowledge of the white mans
world knew they believed in no such pilgrimage to anything outside of their Christmas
and the American Thanksgiving he had witnessed when he was in the states to set up
the coming of the missionaries to their village. So Louis left with Jungue and the elders
to attend this meeting leaving the 3 women alone in their tent now fearfull of everything
and anything to do with this village. But soon some of the tribal women had arrived and
so Ellen sat out to show them and vice versa the different clothes,styles,etc. that was for
sure much different. Ellen even herself had condemned herself for the thoughts she had
as she had seen and encountered numerous tribal women and seeing their barely clad
bodies which seemed to leave little to be seen. No bras, No panties, nothing of the sort
covered them except their leafy body coverings that barely even covered their loins and
their breast and nipples right out in the open for all to see.

  She wanted so to tell these women they could not dress like this it was a total sin in gods
eyes to be exposed so openly as this and tried to think how she was herself going to talk
to the women of the tribe about keeping their bodies concealed from the mens full open
viewing. But several older tribal women now were in her tent offering her and her daughters
a drink from a homemade looking bowl that looked to be cut out from some huge goard but
was certainly decorated with many handcarved figures on it indicating it was some sort of
a ritualistic drinking vessel.  As the tribal women had shown to her and the girls to drink the
strange looking liquid contained in the ritual bowl as they then used a cup made from some
 other strange jungle fruit or guard and offered it to Ellen who not being one to want to say
no and be unfriendly in any sort of way,so she took a sip and after shaking her head to adjust
to the strange and seemingly potent sourness flavor as the tribal women gave her a nod to drink
it all so she consumed the cup of liquid that seemingly had her taste glands in an uproar like this
was drinking a cup of pickle juice in a way but had a strange sort of calming fruity flavor, while
the tribal woman then went to her daughters and they all drank this potion as well and soon a
calming, sort of feeling came over them all, as the tribal women jestured to them to sit down and
they all sat around trying to do the best they could to relate to each other mostly using hand jestures
and such.

    Louis on the other hand was now sitting all the elders of the tribe who were dressed in what
had to be ritualistic attire their faces painted in odd patterns and their costumes were of
bird feathers and their body coverings from that of what had to be the skins of the pigs they
had often hunted for food to feed the village. As Jungue was explaning to Louis that they were
about to give offerings to the hunting gods of their cultural beliefs and that he and his wife and
daughters were invited to witness and join the tribal ritual. Explaining to Louis that there would
be an elaborate food celebration and tribal dance, and such and Louis and his family would be
sitting with him and the tribal chiefs and elders at the ritual.

The women of the village had already given the three women their potion of luv as
it could be termed. It was a mixture of many plants the villagers themselves only had the recipe for or even knew exactly what plants and what amount were needed in this highpowered elixir just given to the women. It was very potent alright and
sure made any woman want to fuck anything. In fact it was used in the tribe as a
potion to help the frigid women of the tribe become very sexually active so as to keep their tribe maintained.

And it certainly wasn't long at all until all three women were acting more squirmy and were becoming a bit tipsy from the elixir as the Mom was really now starting to
feel her oats per say something she'd seldom had any mind thought of and now it
was becoming a full blown, mind and body take over. And the girls fared no better at all. The oldest of them was now nothing more than fully thinking her pussy needed
attention and damn fast!! It was like a volcano inside her little belly building pressure and heat beyond anything she'd ever experienced in her life.

The middle of them was beside herself as well feeling exactly what her sister, and Mom were feeling as all seemed to look at each other full of absolute unadulterated
desire to have something put out the burning,mysteriously bubbling lust overcoming
them all now.

The tribal women now grabbed them saying in their language how the drink was now fully working as they grabbed the women up and helped them out of the tent
and led them down a small pathway to a spot that had 3 large rounded out tree trunks made into what appeared to be a very primitive form of a bathtub. The three
women's minds were foggy with all their bubbling mind consuming lust as they were all undressed and placed into the very scented water tubs as the tribal women now
began to wash each of them with different scented oils even making sure their hair
was covered by it all. Standing them up in the primitive tubs and rubbing the rest of
their bodies down with it as well. As even their hands brushed along the women's
inner thighs they shuddered and all but lost their balance as the intensity of the pleasure from just that overcame their minds trying to say oh what are you doing to us!!! What is this for but that was awashed with the complete desire each felt!!

The women to far gone to now even care were taken now from the tubs and once
again now led down another pathway back into the middle of the village and now rite up to some strangely shaped stumps of sorts and each lay over it just on their elbows and shoulders and placed there in total and complete doggy style. As the tribal women moved their bodies and asses this way and that and placed mats under
their knees cushioning them from the hard ground; Then a much elder woman who was painted in many elusterous colors and odd shapes now walked behind the three
and made a pointing motion as she mumbled some strange song chanting as if now
the ritual was actually starting, as the other tribal women kneeled beside each woman and reached rite out and grabbed their asses and spread them apart making
their most secretive part fully shown as their pussies were swollen with unbelievable
puffiness as if becoming like some animal now in full blown female heat!!

As the priestess now squatted behind the Mom and using some strange looking primitive straw like piece of what had to be bamboo or some hollowed out wood like plant and shoved the straw deep into the Moms vagina as her head flailed up and she gave a gruntal screaming sound out and her entire body shook like an earth quake of huge magnitude as the elder woman fumbled with the long straw like strange instrument and then shoved it even deeper making the Mom go totally bezerk now her head slinging about as her whole body shook even greater as the
elder priestess now leaned her head down and blew into the planted straw sending
no one knows what substance up into the very end depths of the Moms pussy as she
suddenly gave a wailing almost painfull scream out and suddenly just fell very limply
onto the carved stump. Now only her body shuddered as her once well exclaimed words were no more than animal like gruntal sounds of total and complete lust.

Then and only then did the priestess remove the long straw and now went rite to
the eldest daughter and as her pussy was exposed before her the woman gave a
smile of joy as she saw how this young womans pussy was so fully swollen out the
now huge lips pouting almost and dripping with total wetness but what really caught her eye was the very tightness of her pussy. Almost virginal in looks as she took yet another long straw and shoved it into the womans pussy having much more difficulty
getting it deeper and deeper as the oldest daughter really was screaming out and her young very tight body shuddered all over even her muscles seemed to spasm as the priestess planted the straw as deep as she could then maneuvered it about as
best she could and inserted it deeper then as the young womans head flung up as she screamed out and the priestess paid her no mind at all and blew into the straw delivering whatever it was in it as the oldest daughter to just fell onto the stump in a total complete knocked out sort of way.

The priestess then stood and motioned with her hand and the other youngest daughter was helped up and taken away to a nearby hut.

Ellen and poor Marie are now fully abound by the affects of the so called Breedin' Juice the natives termed it. Both now totally succumb to it's affects and even more
so the fact of the priestess who had planted yet something else deep within their
vaginas making them have lost total consciousness as now many tribal men
dressed in their ritualistic costumes of nothing more than the skins they had saved
from past hunts of the wild boars their village so needed as food to survive.

The men dressed in these pig costumes began encircling both women and pranced
around them in dancing fashion as now Jungue and another tribal elder emerged
from another hut with Louis the Woman's Husband and Marie's own father who now
saw his wife and his oldest daughter naked and laid onto these strange carved out
stumps and Jungue looked at him as the fear set in that Louis had no doubt his
beautiful wife and daughter were about to be sexually pleasured by lord only
knows what as he was led to a spot just feet from his wife and daughter and tried
in vain to fight against the tribal men who held him at bay easily as one of the
other elders walked in front of him and stood then pulled out yet another straw and
blew a strange blue green substance into his face as suddenly Louis was succumb
to a strange feeling as he had breathed the dust in, and became almost sedentary
still as he was sat down just behind and nearly beside his beautiful wife who
was knocked out as he pleaded and said do not continue, you cannot do this only
then to have Jungue take a plant leaf of sorts and used it as a gag on Louis as he
fought his captors and now tried to chew the leaf into only to find it made him ever
more drunken and stranger even feeling as he himself began to feel the affects of
his own sexual stirring begin to take hold of him.

As suddenly the dancing men in the pig costumes stopped their chanting dance ritual
and now danced randomly about in different directions and fashions as the drum beats from the drums of the camp began to fill the air with their strong loud beats as
the Priestess knelt back back behind Ellen the Wife and Mom and took a thick woven
blanket of leather like skin and threw it over Ellens back adjusting it to where it covered all of her back but left her ass fully exposed and reached under her and tied
it tightly to just below her shoulders and below her hanging breast now heaving as her breathing was labored and deep and once again tied it around both her inner thighs tightly securing it over her back and then went to Marie and did the same now
leaving both covered with this thick skinned blanket as Maries small but firm and nicely rounded ass jiggled and shook about from the affects of all the potions given
her and her Mom who's own womanly ass quivered and shook about as now
the Priestess took and pulled their legs apart spreading them widely open and then
departing as she made jestures to the heavens with her hands and chanted in her
native language.

And now silence seemed to fill the village all except the constant beating of the drums sounding more like thunderous heart beats as anything of rhythm and sound.

Then from afar came several women in two different groups as if leading the way
for whatever was behind them now starting to dance and chant themselves stopping
every so many feet to shake and jiggle their beautiful bodies up towards the heavens
and chanting a ritualistic song as they made their way before the sitting tribal elders
and Louis who now was sitting in a full trance like state, seeing it all unfold before his
eyes as behind them were two hugely enormous wild boars who themselves were
painted in many e lustrous colors as two women with leashes on each side led them
into the arena like setting stopping just behind both Ellen and Marie and unleashed
their boars who were now snorting and sniffing the air with their noses and began almost themselves a dance behind the two women as now two elder women went and sat each one beside both Ellen and Marie sitting rite beside their head and shoulders and each laid a hand on their back and began messaging them and singing and chanting up to the heavens as the boars danced and both elixered and
potioned womens asses began shaking and quivering and then suddenly both huge
boars pranced up and then jumped up and mounted each of their pleasure partners
as Ellen and Marie alike gave out loud gruntal moans as the huge weight of each boar was bestowed upon their backs to hold up causing their entire body to give way
and forced their head and shoulders ever sturdier into the carved logs.

As the women who had been massaging their backs now cleared the way and then
leaned down each woman's body and was looking directly between where their
upturned ass was in the air and where the huge beast was planted over and on top
of them and now each reached in and grasp their sheaths tugging and pulling it
as if adjusting it for aim rite at the two women's swollen and quivering vaginas as
suddenly out came a strange screw looking tip that screwed widly and about in all
directions like some screw gone wild from being drilled as it screwed out and then
back into its sheath before finally screwing out and getting further and further out
now nearly touching both women's swollen and ready to breed pussies the screwing
action of their wild looking corkscrew cocks seem to tell the story of just what it was
going to do inside each of their pussies as suddenly and with careful aim of the helping
tribal women the cocks screwed slightly up into each woman as loud gruntal sounds
came from them and their bodies rocked with feeling the affects of the beastial cocks now about to pleasure them as there can be no man do.

And as each tip sunk into their pussies the women backed away leaving beast and
their pleasure victims to do unto each as the other would do unto them. As Louis now
saw his wife now start to shake her azz as his oldest daughters own azz began to
rock about as the huge boars gave out a gruntal beastial sound and screwed their
cocks up into their pussies further causing both Mom and Daughter to raise their heads up and give out loud gruntal sounds as Jungue leaned over to Louis and said
in broken english "Your woman and daughter gonna' get boared out tonite"!! As now
their bodies shuddered and quivered all over beneath their huge mounted boars as
they screwed ever more cock deeper and deeper into their pussies as suddenly the
cocks seemed to stop as if they'd gone as far as they could go as both Ellen and Marie gave out an even louder moaning sound and then it was like their cocks spun
in their swollen out and now quivering and clutching cunts and seemed to go ever
deeper into them.

The tribal women sitting beside Ellen and Marie now reached out and began rubbing
their open palms over each woman's belly as this made them both shudder all over
and grunt out even louder as now the huge boars began to thrust their huge hips and
began fucking each woman ever increasing their driving speed as each of their pussies
began to absolutely pour juices from them as their heads tossed about and their
gruntal sounds were broken by the huge boars thrusting, as each screamed out a loud
ahhhh sounding scream as the boars huge ball sacks began to swing up and pounded
right up into their lower abdomens just above their mound hair line as Louis stared in
total awe of the size of their sack of balls as his wife Ellen and daughter Marie were
lost in their world of being fucked beyond belief as the tribal women rubbed and massaged their bellies being cork screwed by huge boar cocks the smacking sound
of their balls filling the air more and more as suddenly each boars head shot up and
each gave out a loud squeal as both Ellen and Marie alike slung their heads up and
screamed out a gruntal nnnhhhmmmmgh sound as Jungue now leaned to Louis and
said: 'Yer women are being seeded now' as no doubt from how their huge ball sacks
jerked and swung that they were both coming inside his wife and daughters bellies.

As it became more evident as the tribal women had been rubbing their quivering and spasming bellies now were rubbing bellies becoming swollen out more and more as the two women seemed to loose all consciousness again and just seemed to lay under their breeding partners succumb to all it's state of pleasure as their bellies swelled out ever greater and greater no doubt their wombs were full of their beasts
hot boar cum.

And as suddenly as it all had began it was over time and actual length were of no
matter now as the huge beast had fullfilled their ritual and filled their breeding partners
wombs to beyond capability to handle as it seemed boar cum and woman juice cum
poured from their quivering and spasming pussies as now the boars content on their
mission to have bred both these women now pulled their long cocks from within them
as if feet of cock were pulling out as both Ellen and Marie gave out gruntal sounding
ahhhh ooooh ahhhhs as the cocks seemed to now screw out of their bellies and pussies
but left them both well swollen and pooching out from the pent up hot cum in them.

As the tribal women with the leashes came back and now led the beast away leaving
the Mom and daughter laying there grunting and shivering as their beastial hog cum
did its deed inside their swollen full wombs. Both their pussies were gaped open now
as continual flows of juices and boar hog cum poured from them as they lay grunting
out sounds of uhhhmmmphhh and their bodies would shudder from head to foot every
few seconds as if all the hot cum in their wombs was causing a rather disturbing
disturbance in their swollen out bellies.

Jungue then said we should leave the pleasured women to enjoy their bellies full of
cum and come with me now for I have yet another surprise awaiting you Louis.

As it seemed his wife Ellen and daughter Marie were completely out of it and as
Jungue had said succumbing to their bellies full of molten hot boar cum that still
had their bellies swollen out from it all.

While now Jungue led Louis away only briefly hearing his wife and daughters sounds and becoming ever more further away as he was led by Jungue half in arms with him
and half trying to walk on his own as they headed towards a hut just yards and yards away from his wife and daughters breeding.

And he was led into a dark yet glowingly fire lighted hut that had scents that hit his
nose and overtook his senses as they walked up to a grass and banana leaf covered
bed of sorts only to be face to face now with his youngest daughter who was nakedly
spread out on it and tied at her wrist and ankles as several women were now rubbing
a strongly scented clear yet a bit of green syrup like substance all over her body
paying most attention to her firm but small breast as her nipples were swollen out like hard marbles as she was shuddering and moaning as the women attended her rub down as Jungue leaned over and said your youngest daughter is our best ever
sacrifice to the gods. she is being prepared for a very special breeding since she could not take the boar beast cock.

As she now half saw her father before her yet her state of foggy headedness made
it seem more like a dream and a fog filled seeing it all before her thing. But unlike his wife and oldest daughter who's language was totally eradicated by their being
drugged by lord only knows what his young daughter was able to at least look at him and with pleading lust filled eyes she said: "Ohhhhh dddaaaddddy tthhheirrr
mmmaking mmmeeee feeeelll sssoooo hooot inside meeeeee!!!"" He knew his
youngest daughter now just over 18 had started developing into a full woman but
to see her laid out like this and being prepared like some offering at a sacrifice had
him beside himself with anger for bringing them here to this god forsaken place.

All he could hear was his daughter telling him how the women were rubbing her
down with whatever it was that was making her body succumb to desires it had never felt before. As Jungue now himself said:"Your beautiful young woman daughter is beside herself with lust she talk out of head do not heed what she say
or it will engulf you with terrible feeling!!"

Now the tribal priestess came into the hut with yet another woman whom Louis had known could speak at least some bit of English though not much in fully understandable fashion but you could make out her meaning. As he continued to hear his daughters out of head talking like she was filled with demon spirits and they
had taken over her body and mind, as he heard her saying: "Daddddy theeeyyy ppput sssomething in meee and it bburned ssomething aaawfull and I'm not a virgin
anymore I ffffelt it melt awwway and ittt madddee meee cummmm so good!"

As suddenly now he heard her gasp and saw her whole body writhe and she said:" Ohhh itttss dddoinnnng ittt againn in meee oh it's so hhhot and feels ssoo baaadddd!"
While Jungue seemed to step back and the tribal woman speaker stepped up and now beside Louis as his writhing churning daughter was greatly saying what was happening inside her pussy and belly as the woman now said:"She was injected like your wife and other daughter with the bel-bel-belly opening potion we use to help oour women stay fertile that is why your wi-wife and daught daughter were able to
get their wombs filled by the baarraccas your language is hhhog I thhink. She be fine
for bree-breeding soon just as the priestess knealt between her wide apart legs and
glared at his daughters pussy a moment then stepped back and gave a nodd of some sort of yes as if whatever she was waiting for was finally happening. As she now pointed at the interpreter and gave a motion as if saying tell him by her hand gestures as the woman now said: "Your beautiful daughter is n-now ready to be
pleasured as she will soon be!! Pointing down directly at her pussy now itself swollen lipped like his wife's and oldest daughters were and it was clutching out and in as if it had become some fish sucking water through its mouth and closing as the woman now said: "Seee ssshee clut clutches and m m mouths open now so she is ready!"

Had it not been for whatever to hell had been blown in his face and not for the damn leaf gag he had tried to chew but only had gotten even more euphoric with
whatever to hell it was that had made him not only watch but he almost enjoyed
seeing his wife and oldest daughter get fucked by godamned hogs. And now his
youngest was succumb to the damn stuff to and him to his because he was now in
the state of mind that he was wanting to see her fucked to!!

As now he was pushed back by the woman as several painted and costume dressed tribal women now came to his youngest daughters side and began untying her as she
lay there moaning and writhing in what had to be complete and total ecstasy as they helped her up from the bed like table and now helped her stay upright and now led her slowly from the hut as the woman nudged Louis and said:"Come we must watch
her b breed for hher fffirst time!"

Louis and the tribal interpreter followed behind his daughter Amie being led and helped by the other tribal women as Louis could help but admonish how beautiful Amie's nice rounded firm butt moved as they walked.

As back into the midst of where his Wife Ellen and oldest
daughter Marie were still laid out over their carved logs
and their moans of both pleasure and pain became louder
as both Louis and his youngest daughter Amie were led to
the seemingly breeding arena. Amie so lost in her world of the affects of the potions rendered her was saying:"Oh mmy bbelly is dddoing something,wwhat is it,oh what's happening to meee?" As she moved her hands on her belly and was holding it as if she was having pains but these were not pains of stomach but pains of her pussy being rendered for her breeding ritual.

As soon she was led back to her own carved log as now
the Priestess was awaiting her and grabbed her by the arm and pushed her onto the log as Amie now cried out
"Oh III cccannnottt dddo this!!" But the Priestess headed her pleadings with no avail and simply forced her head and shoulders onto the carved log and made her get on her knees onto the pad placed under them and stepped
behind her now and spread her long legs out and pulled at her hips raising her ass up into the air higher and now
comfortable with how she had her one of the other tribal
women knelt beside her and opened her butt cheeks widely as the Priestess now had knelt between her legs and had the same sort of straw used on Ellen and Marie and now shoved it as deeply as possible into Amie's virgin pussy and blew into it as Amie let out a squeeling and painfull echo as her head flung back as she said:
"OOhhhhhh mmmyyy pppussssy oh my pussssy is opp oppening up innside meeeee!" "Ohhh II cccan't tttake it annymorreee!!" as her whole body quivered and shook as her pussy was clutching and becoming ever more swollen out as the Priestess removed the straw from her
depths and now made a motion with her hand and began
once again chanting into the heavens above as the drums began to pound and beat loudly as Louis was now being seated only feet from his daughter, his eyes glued to the site before him as Amie's head slumped into the log and she was now making loud gruntal sounds and her breathing becoming deeper and much more labored.

As the Priestess once again tossed a thick skin like garmet over her small lean back and tied it tightly as she had with her mom and sister leaving Amie there shuddering and shaking from head to foot as the woman
who had knelt beside Louis now said: "Do not fear for your daughter for she is in the full throes of woman heat
the substance the priestess blew into her makes her womb willing to accept the cum of her chosen breeding partner".

Louis had no answer he had not qualms, he had no desire to stop anything now, and hated himself for being
drugged as he was and not staying in control of all this.

Amie seemed to be coming around ever more now as her once garbled screams and cries were becoming slightly more almost understandable as she was grunting and groaning out through labored breaths of air: "My belly isss hhottt its bbburning up in me,and i'm ffeeeling lllike i neeed tooo peeee!!" Only she didn't pee but what she did do was have huge gushing orgasm then and there!! As now the tribal woman sitting beside her began
to massage her back and was chanting up at the heavens as Amie lay quivering and shuddering beneath her massaging hands still crying out her pussy and belly were on fire inside!!

Now from afar of the village came the two women who had led her Moms breeding partner to mate with her were now dancing and chanting about as they paraded up to the log altar where Amie was now ritually prepared
for her own breeding. As behind the dancing and chanting women was led a huge dog of the tribe. Louis had wondered about this damn animal because the tribe had almost treated him as some supreme being almost like a living god, the women had bathed him daily, and sat combing his coat and singing to him and now he was being led into the ritual arena to bred with his daughter Amie!!

As the huge very much mixed breed of dog was led to Amie awaiting
her first breeding, another woman ritually painted and garbed sat at her
head now and took Amie's head and turned her face to look back as she
now bestowed the huge dog being led to her alter for her sacrifice in the
ritual as her dad Louis could see her glassy eyes, though faintly from the
lite of the firepits that surrounded the village and saw as Amie's mind and
eyes captured the huge beast being led to her as she let out a cry of:
"Ohh nnnnooo nnnnottt annnn animall oh no it can't be my first!!"

But first ever it was going to be as no one paid any head to her pleading
cries as the animal was now pranced right behind her and then sat as if
he knew all this from heart somehow and awaited as the tribal women
now took the leashes off his neck as his huge black colored tongue
hung from his snout like a tree clings to the side of a cliff and dangles
from it's perch there. As Amie's young womanly body shuddered all over
as she pleaded for this to not happen all the while no one paying one bit
of attention to her at all. As the Priestess stood beside the huge dog and
then gave a motion with her hand and immediately the huge dog pranced
right up to Amie's upturned beautiful ass and lowered his huge head and
then and there gave her small unused pussy a swipe with his tongue as
Amie's head tried to throw itself up but the tribal woman held it in place
as she screamed out: "Ohhh nnnooo ooohh I cccan't taake that!!" As the huge dogs tongue licked out over and over capturing her entire swollen
vagina and right over her engorged exposed clit and even up onto her
sparse mound of pubic hair even reaching above there and licking her
lower abdomen showing just how powerfully long and big his huge tongue
was as now the Priestess chanted something to him and he seemed to
back his head back just a bit and then and there tried to force his huge
black curled up tongue to enter Amie's once virginal cunt but her tightness
was that where only the tip of his huge tongue seemed to enter her as he
now began shooting his tongue out over and over again as Amie was now
crying out: "It's ttoo big ohhh shyyytttt it's to damn big!!" " He'lll rrruin me
ffforevvver!!" But the dog nor Priestess nor even her own damn dad sitting
rite there watching it all seemed to give one damn about her pussy being
so damn tight and unused it would all tear her apart if this animal worked
that damn huge tongue up into her pussy but work it he did forcing her to take it as further and further it seemed to plow up into her cunt.

And after numerous tongue lashings her whole body defied her mind
and shuddered all over as her beautiful tight pussy now began to cum
and cum again as the huge dog lapped her every drop of juice right up
into his mouth.

Deeper and Deeper it sank into her now spasming and quivering swollen pussy it went and even her tight little belly quivered and moved as he dug her pussy out good and proper with his huge tongue of pleasure. As Amie's once pleading cries now became more gruntal moans of pleasure as her body began to rock back and forth as the animal plowed he tongue deep and fast now taking every drop of her
emitted cum straight into his mouth almost savoring each full curled tongue lap of it. He licked her out until she just all but seemed limply
uncaring to anything her body to far gone from such pleasure to care
at all now as the dog gave her a few last laps then sat back on his
hunches as all could see her pussy was now opened a whole lot more
and ready now to be fucked and fucked senselessly good by their choosing as again the Priestess made a motion with her hand forward
and the huge dog leaped up and landed onto the whole of young Amie's
small back his entire body seemed to shadow her totally as his front legs
now grasp and wrapped around her slender but nicely curved waist just at her hip line and now seemed to easily make her ass move up as if
himself adjusting her for proper angle to now feel something she'd never
forget if she could remember this nite at all.

Amie's head was trying to thrash about as all that came from her were gruntal cries of mmmhhpphh as the huge animal towered over her like
some huge prey over it's tiny meal as now out from his sheath emerged
a very pointy but very red hot looking tip dripping with wetness as it
showed it's evil self to all as if torturing their minds with the thought of
just what that was going to feel like in Amie's pussy!!

As more and more emerged as the huge animal pranced his hind legs
about between her outstretched legs and suddenly the tip of it touched
her pussy lips and Amie's head shot up like a cannon ball as she screamed out a gruntal crying moan of: "Hhhhottttt oh hhhottt" as it seemed to hold there teasing her pussy with it's heated pointy dripping tip then the huge animal gave a lunge with his flanks and the prick sank
deeply up into Amie's tender pussy as her head thrashed wildly about that even the woman trying to hold it could not contain her any longer as
her entire body shuddered and shook all over as she just gave out a loud gruntal moan almost as if all the wind had been knocked out of her
sail but it wasn't her sail it was her pussy!! As no doubt it was easy to see and tell that the huge dogs cock had landed squarely right to bottom
in her pussy as he seemed to just stay there and savor the moment and feel of such a fine tight pussy he was about to breed with fully and wholly. As Amie's head still thrashed about and random scream outs of "hhottt tooo hhhottt" "to bbbiggg too bbig" seemed to almost understood-able from her almost evil sounding moans as now the huge
dog pulled almost half his cock from her depths making her pussy drag out against it as the wetness between them was dripping like a leaking
faucet of a sink and he plunged all the way back into her making her tiny
body shoot forward but his huge front legs grasp at her hips tighter and held her from becoming unlodged and unimpaled from his huge size
as he now set out to slowly fuck the young woman with his red hot dog
cock as she was all but loosing her senses as her pussy began to
pull and drag with each stroke of his cock the juices getting wetter and
much wetter between them as now the dogs huge knot seemed to emerge from his sheath and as he sank further into her pussy it now
began to pound those swollen and soaking wet lips of hers making them
flower open and out as it suddenly sank into her and she instantly shook
from head to foot her head shot up again and she tried to scream out but
nothing but garbled evil sounding animalistic sounds came from her as
now the woman beside her reached her hand under and began to massage her belly that was going absolutely crazy with it's writhing and spasming as a small almost knot could be seen just above her hair mound line as it seemed to grow outwards and poor Amie's head gave one last lunge upwards and fell down onto the carved alter log and then and there heavy sounding labored breathing came from her as her mouth was wide open and gasping wildly for air as her body shuddered
and quivered from head to toe as if she was freezing to death but that sure wasn't the case at all, it was her very most powerful orgasm she
was feeling as her little belly began to extend outwards just as her own Moms and other sisters had when their wombs had been overfilled and overstuffed with hot pig cum but she was being filled with red hot doggy cum!!

Jungue now appeared and stood beside the sitting
Louis and said We men must go now for it is our
custom that the women in breeding be left alone
until daybreak. As he ushered Louis away and back to his tent as all the rest of the nite he so wanted to go back and check on his family. But men guards were posted outside his hut.

somewhere the rest of the nite Louis had fallen asleep having terrible dreams his wife and 2 daughters had left him and assumed rolls as being the mere bitches for the tribes animals. But stirringinside his tent awoke him to find his wife Ellen, and 19 year old daughter Marie, and just over 18 daughter Amie all back in the hut their bellies still swollen out from the nites rituals. All three still were euphoric from the potions given them as he tried to hug his wife and daughters only to be pushed away and each seemed far to interested in holding their swollen bellies and giving anguished cries out
as they each lay in their beds still naked and leaking cum from their well fucked pussies.

It took the whole rest of the day and into the nite before at last his wife came around and cried out oh myyyy gggdddd oh gdddd oh it's gggoingggg to burst innnside me and suddenly
she stood and spread her legs and a huge gush
of jelly like cum came out of her as her belly now went down and next was Marie who did about the same thing and at last Amie really let loose as the pent up cum in her finally released.

The three women would not even talk to Louis or anyone else for that matter and stayed in the tent for dayz as Louis was just devastated by the rituals happenings.

It now had been nearly a week since the Nite Of The Pigs had been held and Ellen,Marie and Amie had all been bred by wild boar hogs! And as yet none of them could talk about it and they
were still traumatized in their way by it all.

Oh but it had an effect on them alright, they were just to damned afraid to come out and admit it openly about how it had
and would change them forever now!! Ellen the mom and wife to Louis was having vivid dreams about sneaking out of the village and going to a secret place where she met up with a handsomely groomed huge boar hog as she would immediately
drop to her knees and let him breed her. Oh she damn well secretly luved it. Oh his cock felt so damn good corkscrewing around inside her pussy and then when he drilled that damn thing into her womb she lost it all. Even just a thought about it now nearly made her knees wobble and she would almost then and there loose balance that was the way she still felt about it.

And Marie the 19yr. old daughter of Louis and Ellen fared no damn better in her mind as she continually now took the chance at nite when she knew everyone was asleep and her mom over there giving loud ass moanfull sleeping cries out that she fingered her pussy and fingered it good having fantasies of being hog raped again. And this time she wanted no potions, she wanted no damn fertility shit shot into her womb oh hell now she wanted it rough and abrasive and him to force that damn screwing cock through her womb.

It was poor Amie that fared the worst of the three because her pussy and belly still hurt even dayz after being bred in the ritual and she felt ruint inside herself felt as if all of it had been trashed and torn totally apart and would never heal again. But yet she found a fleeting moment or two that she just could not help but becoming wildly erotic feeling about it and her pussy would tingle and twinge as she had thoughts what it would be like a second time!!

So the three ladies were totally encapsulated by it and poor Louis was the one suffering the worst as he dealt with how could he have let this all happen would his family ever forgive him!!

Well nearly 2 weeks had gone by and things seemed to be at least on the surface getting back to normal though Ellen Louis's wife did not even seem to want or even like Louis even touching her or trying anything with her as he passed it off as her still being traumatized by it all but Ellen knew different he just could not even come close at all nor any man for that matter now to even begin to make her feel like that boar hog cock made her feel! Oh she wanted more and damn she was starting to think of it every fleeting moment, it was driving her crazy with lust for it!! She couldn't take it anymore and knowing the one woman she could talk to was the one that was beside her husband as he sat and watched all three of his women get boar hog fucked!! She threw caution to the wind and sat out around the village to find her and finally did and then ask her to meet her somewhere secretive away from all hearing ears and seeing eyes and there seemed many of those in this damn village they were stuck in.

As Ellen tromped around like a skiddish monkey in the jungle as she made it to her rondavoo point and sat there on a old tree that ran along the ground perfect as she looked it over to be laid over on all fours and having a boar hog fuck her senseless again!! As now the village woman appeared and sat down beside her on the tree and Ellen twiddling her thumbs and looking at the ground to embarrased and to ashamed to even look at her at all and said: "Ccccan you hhhelppp me?" The woman just broken english replied: "help you what do I need to help you with?" As Ellen said: "tthat wwhattt wweee dddid the other nite!" and the village woman replied how do you want help with that it's all over our ritual has been completed!
Ellen just then threw her face in her hands and was crying as the village woman now grasp and comforted her as she said:
"Oh don't cry hell it ain't that bad and didn't you like it?"
That only made Ellen break out sobbing even more as she said:
"I I I lllik I llliked ittt ttto mmmuch!!" As now the village woman had full knowings of what just what this white woman was going through and damn well what she wanted to!! As she just hugged her up and now said: "So what your wanting is somehow see if you can get it again?" Well Ellen just shook her head yes in her sobbing hands as the woman gave a chuckle out and said:"Oh you's ain't the first woman arounds here to want it!!" And we gets it when we wants to all you gotta' do is just sneak off with one out here in the jungle and just be damn careful causin' there are wild beast out here and some have even come up missing and never found!! As Ellen dried her sobbing up and said: "Will youuu hhelp me?" "Oh please don't tell anyone we even talked about this it would ruin me if it got out!!" The village woman just laughed and said you gots no problems with me and yes I's gonna' help you ifn's you to scared to do it all alone, I surs was when my first ritual came and I had an old woman sneak me and him out and helped me get it rite proper to!! Well Ellen now said: "So soooo whhhhen cccan wwwee meet annnd dddo ittt?" The woman then still hugging and comforting her said: "Huney anytimes you be wantin' it's alright with me!" Besides I's luvs to be the one to help him gets it in and luvs watchin' it to!! Well she and Ellen had an instant complete pact now and Ellen said how about tomorrow afternoon Louis is usually out with the men till sometime late hunting with them so let's do it tomorrow! The lady just hugged her up and said:
"Tomorrow it is and you gonna' luvs it huney and I's gonna's gets you one that will make you scream at the clouds whil's he's a screwin' you up goods and propers!" This made Ellen shudder all over with instant lustfull thoughts as the woman said: "Damns ifn's you ain't just a churnin' in yer' belly for it!"
As they arose and Ellen went one way the other woman the other after they decided they would meet right here at this spot on the same tree and she get boar fucked again!!

The entire rest of the afternoon and nite Ellens blood was boiling over about her being satisfied by this beast boar and she just went through the motions with the family not really hearing nor understanding anything they had said or even done.

That morning of course Louis has arose early and gotten dressed in his hiking clothes, and out the door he went not even now bothering to kiss Ellen, or even telling his daughters to have a good day as their lives had gone total separate ways. He only wished there was some way possible he could make all the amends he needed to so this family would be together as they once were. Or was it that they were so tied up with each other they just thought it all meant happiness maybe he needed a new spark in the ol' plug there to get it all back again!

All he knew was it sure wasn't nothing now his wife would not even allow him to touch her or even caress her and she acted as if his mere touch made her sick like he had a plague or something. But he knew he had to seek hard and a find a solution or this family was headed for the toilet!!

Now Ellen on the other hand had waited seemingly forever for him to leave and get out of her site, she had something to do today, something that she knew was as wrong as wrong could be, the immortal sin of it all.. She was going to get fucked and not only fucked she was going to get fucked bestiality style and worse than that it going to be a random wild hog boar doin' the honors in her pussy today as just the thoughts of it made her pussy twitch, her guilts of it far laid to rest now!! She wanted Dick and not her husbands puny thing either she wanted a boar hog dick!! As just about as fast as he'd gone she was up now and thinking nothing more than what to wear to her personal breeding party a bra and panties would be that much more she'd have to worry about so she chose to merely grab a sundress and go without any bra and panties at all!! As she hurriedly left before her girls could see her knowing those two sleepy heads would sleep all damn day if no one awoke them or kept a fire under them. As she flung the sundress on and headed right out seeing the men now go trancing into the woods from afar knowing her husband Louis would be gone for hours and hours on end! She just paraded about the village as she awaited the time to go meet the woman who would have her luvr with her and she'd get her belly full of cock then. Oh that was so wonderful feeling how it screwed in and out of her pussy and that drilling into the very core of her was like fourth of july going off inside her as her pussy churned and twitched and itched to be fucked like this once again.

She finally noted the suns angle in the sky and now paraded off down a almost made out path though not
as yet a full one but by damn if she had anything to do with it, there would a be a little trail through here soon and yet her mind had not gathered that already someone had been through it, markings of it were everywhere to a good trained eye bushman or jungle man or woman for that matter as she hurriedly made her way through the
sparse jungle and at last found her tree oh there it was!!
The very place of her fantasy from the nite before as she now walked up to it and sat not even aware there may have been wandering eyes hidden in the jungle as she awaited the village woman to show up as she finally did but she had no boar with her only a long clothed like bag as she came and sat beside her and said: "I couldn't get one away this morning to many eyes watching and so
I came alone! This totally took the wind out of Ellens sail
her pussy deflated, her strong needed wanton desires, were crushed. As suddenly before Ellen could move or know anything hands reached up from behind the tree
and grasp her throwing her against the tree pulling her tightly over the top of it as long leafed green ropes now tied her wrist to the tree she was half over it her ass on
the edge her back and head flailing back over the back end of it as her wrist were tied and she tried to scream out only then to have a wad of some jungle leaf stuffed in her mouth like a primal gag ball. As the very woman she'd entrusted to bring her the boar hog now pulled her
long leaf jungle skirt up and reached into the bag she carried as the same hands that grabbed Ellen had now grabbed her legs pulling them widely apart and tying them back under the log securing her solidly around the huge tree. Ellen was trying to scream out let me go, oh whwwhat aaarrrree you dddoing to meee, as she then saw the village woman tying what looked like some wild and strangely carved wooden wooden thing then it hit her as her eyes adjusted to it and it was shaped and made just like a damn boar hog cock. It was a wooden boar hog cock dildo, oh she could never let another woman fucckkk her lllike thiss oh no oh she'd never forgive herself, as whatever leaf it was stuffed in her mouth had made her chew it as it's juices seemed to make her float in a whole new world as she knew once again they had drugged her ass with these damn jungle weeds and potions as she saw the huge long appendage being placed and securely attached to the village woman's mound area it looked horrid, it looked wicked, it looked damn evil, as the village woman strode up to her now and said: "Yes that's right my little white slut you gonna' get a dose of my dick today!" And you have been given to me to pleasure!!

Ellen could only watch in utter horror as she saw that damn wooden cock up close oh hell it was twisted around and around itself all damn natural and the tip oh the damn tip of it hadd been
ccarved sooo realistic!! but it had an upturn at the end of it totally different than the actual boar hog cock she'd fucked and this thing was bigger way bigger around nearly wrist sized bigger. As her whole body began shake and shiver from the affects whatever to hell plant this damn thing was in her mouth now starting to make her belly twinge and bubble up with heat like bubbling hot mud.

The damn woman could speak perfect ass english now as she looked at the churning and wide eyed fearing pastors wife knowing the sight of this cock made her mind go ape shit and soon she'd be doin' more than as she stood over her the long huge wooden replica cock dangling and swinging about as she made a motion with her hands and soon two other village women appeared from
behind the tree she was bent over backwards on and tied like an offering at a sacrificial ritual!! As they both now came beside each of her stretched wide apart legs tied back up into the tree and lifted
her mere sundress up exposing her pussy easily as they just folded it up until above her hips and pulled her up a bit and made the back of it join her there. As she was thrashing her head about trying to plead for them not to do this only now the damn plants drugg was having an affect on her insides as she felt her pussy starting to throb and damn it was throbbing bad now!!

That was nothing as yet just a warm up for what was about to happen to her as the two women one on each side of her taughtly spread out legs curled back up under the damn tree and tied like everything, now just reached into 2 small wooden boxes carved into a very illustrious looking nearly jewelry box looking state and opened the lids and reached into each one and pulled out what looked like two strange but huge looking bumble bee like creatures with their tail ends swollen out like tiny balloons on the ends of their upper bodies as the woman standing between her legs and that damn huge ass pussy ruining hog replica dildo swinging about as she said: "You gonna' feel an awfull sting in bit, and they gonna' git yer' titties ripe and ready for me!!" The instant that was said the woman reached up and yanked her sundress down exposing her beautiful full womanly tits as the women reached up carefully with the bee like creatures and then pushed the very stinger ends of them right at her nipples as suddenly a terrible and horrific sting hit each nipple and burning fire poison like fluid made them swell out as thought they would totally just blow up and explode from it!! Oh it hurt oh shit it burned, oh hell she was now being taken into a whole new euphoric world as if the poison of these damn things had that affect on someone and it surely did as her whole body was shaking and quivering in her pent back over the tree body as the woman said: "Oh yeah that's it my little luvely's give her a good dose of that titty medicine as suddenly Ellen seemed to float back to earth her brain now being able to see and understand her surroundings as she saw the women put the two bee like creatures back into their individual boxes as she could see her nippled were puffed out like balloons overfilled with water and they throbbed and burned and it spread throughout her whole tit flesh making Ellen sling her head back against the tree and try and scream out!

As she came back to earth once again the damn poison or whatever to hell it was contained in the stingers were doing it's bidding in her breast and it spread outwards as she began to feel like her whole body was on fire. Like a fever of terrible proportions was setting in on her as the two women now reached again and took yet 2 other boxes of the same nearly identical carved nature but a different color darker ever even darker they were and out came what looked like some strange creature of many many colors
yet it was nearly like a bee or wasp but it was different it was way larger and ever more evil and monstrous looking, As Ellen saw it was even huger behind it's body a big tail looking part and had an appearance like that of a tarantula or something like that, as now the woman said: "Gonna' gives that clit of yourns' a bit of fever to and your pussy gonna' absolutely go crazy!! As now one woman lowered the evil looking creature down as the other reached out and used her fingers to carefully pull back Ellens clit exposing it as the creatures tail was placed there and suddenly a needle like sting hit her clit and imediately her whole body shot up from the tree what wasn't tied down and she flung her head like a wild woman possessed as the fire made her absolutely then and there gush and she gushed a good one to as her clit swelled out twice almost three times it's size and her labia did the same as the throbbing of it all became unbearable, oh she was being heated from head to foot now her belly churning and twitching and spasming from the three creatures stings making her loose it all. As she slumped down onto the log limply now attached there her head just hanging barely over it As she could only try and make out the movements around her as her mind drifted back to the real world but damn her nipples were on fucking fire and throbbing crazily as her clit felt it had a hammer hitting against it her labia even seemed to be throbbing as her gushing orgasm subsided.

Ellen was so far gone as that damn thing hit something right atop the entrance of her pussy that she didn't realize until it happened that bucking her ass up trying to dispell the damn dildo only made her pussy try and take it deep she felt like her pussy was being tore apart, stretched to the breaking point yet what she really felt was that damn tip forcing against her
pussy walls making them mold and pry out even more as it spun up into her as the woman was amazed she fit it inside so easily. Her swollen labia gripped and clasp around the twisted screw like veins as Ellen's head thrashed madly about!

The woman really wanted to almost rush this since according to their time frame she needed to get this beauty fucked and back in her tent so everything would happen together!! As she grasp her hips and said damn I hates to do this bytch and I so's wanted to see you take it slowly and make you feel it like I normally gives it to em' but we gots plans so here it goes!

As she held Ellens hips and the other ladies helping right along to as she
drew the cock back making Ellen scream out as that damn tip spun backwards twisting and rubbing and stretching a whole new area of her pussy and then and there the woman gave a shove of her hips and she made Ellen take that dick made her pussy succumb to it being torn apart as Ellen had slung her head back and screamed out her whole body shuddering and shaking trying to move her ass and belly but held in perfect place by the woman and the others as she implanted and impaled Ellen on this huge hog cock replica it spinning up into her pussy even her cunt lips twisted and tugged as they had a firm grip against the huge phallus as she felt her insides being pushed out and that tip go spinning around and around as it plundered and ravaged her pussy!! Then she felt it oh she felt it good to as that damn tip hit right at the top of the end of her pussy pushing against it like it was trying to pry her apart as the woman said oh yea's you gots' all u can takes Oh I hits it didn't I!! As Ellen was thrashing around as best she could as she felt that damn thing stretching her oh she was stretched like she'd never been before oh her pussy was so hot and throbbing as she gave out a scream of Ahhhhh of course no one could hear anything but muffled sounds and her pussy came then and there all over the nearly fully buried cock the woman seeing that saying oh yeah that's it bytch cum on my big hog cock I knowed you's gonna's like it and gettin' that pussy tore apart is even better ain't it!!

Well the woman seemed now to move and twist that damn thing against her furthest walls pushing hard at the end of her pussy tunnel and twisting
about as she seemed to pull and adjust Ellens hips forcing her this way and that until she at last heard her and felt her whole body shake and shudder like hell and her head throw back again and she knew she had it oh she had it just where she wanted it right at the point of this bible thumpin' bitches cervix this time she gonna' feel it liken' she didn't the other nite when it had been opened for just such a thing but now she's gonna' force it open make it spread out and once that tip shot through it was gonna' stretch that bitch like she's not felt it yet as suddenly the cock spun and then and there twisted and sunk up into Ellens pussy further as she lost everything then and there complete and total darkness hit her like a hammer. But her pussy gushed juices from it even harder now the woman taking full pride in knowing she'd busted this bytch wide open!!

From that point on the woman proceeded to absolutely fuck the shyt out of Ellen making her body take her homemade cock forcing her pussy and womb to feel it as she didn't long stroke this bytch she wanted her womb to be battered and bruised from hell and back and that swinging tip was doing just the trick banging and hitting her womb walls hard and mighty as Ellen was thrashing and screaming and the whole time her orgasms never once subsided!!

Then when Ellen was to far gone to cum out to care anymore and had slumped limply against the tree the woman knew she'd had enough and time to get this bytch back so the next plan could be fully implemented.

As she withdrew the juice covered cock making it spin backwards coming out and it finally withdrew through her clutching and now sretched wide open lips as her pussy was a fully deep gaping hole now ruint by this damn cock replica. As the woman disattached the dildo from her and put it back
away in the bag knowing it was going to come back out to play soon oh really soon as the women untied Ellens limp body and picked her up under
the arms and carried her back to the village as they removed her gag now knowing she wouldn't utter a word now since it would be three against one that they had indeed raped her ass with the huge hog cock dildo. And there were members of the tribe already in full cohunce with them in their plan for this family!!

Ellen finally coming to and grunting and groaning in painful sounds as she tried to reach her arms down to hold and cup her belly still feeling like it was ripped apart inside a wide open void all through her seemed to be felt as even their helping her walk made it all hurt like hell. As they carried her under arms to the tent where her daughters were still asleep Ellens cries of painful grunts seemed to fill the tent, as the daughters now were trying to wake up hearing all this grunting, thinking someone was fucking in their tent only to awaken to see their Mom being half carried to her bed and laid upon it as she flung her arms to her belly giving out painful cries of agony as both the girls said what's wrong with Mom?

As the leader of the three women now said her bellies a bit out of place at the moment and she'll be alright, and the girls turned in their beds and sat up only then to be grabbed and captured as leaf balls of guana guana were stuffed in their mouths as they were stood up and the woman looked each one over smilling inside that this was going to be one hell of a delite to have each one of these morsels!!

The women quickly had both Marie and Allie's hands tied behind them now as their Mom lay there in belly pain from being fucked
with that damn humongous ass dildo and cringing in pain yet seeing
all this happen she screamed out: "Whhattt arrre you ddoing wwith
mmmy daughters!" "Leeeave my dddaughters alone!!"

All the woman did was walk back over to Ellen leaned over and said:
"What do u think we're going to do with them!" As now both Marie and Amie were crying out to their mom what are they going to do to us Momma, what's happening?

All that made the woman do was leave from Ellen walk back over
to the trying to fight girls who were subdued by the other tribal women and looked at Marie and said do you really want to know what we're going to do to you? As Marie said: "Ohhh ppplease ddon't hhhurt us oh pleease let us go!!" As the woman laughed and said:
"Oh I ain't gonna' hurt you but you gonna' know I been there!!"

She now just turned towards Ellen and said you rest there while I take care of these two, and think about what their gettin!

Ellen was screaming and crying out leave my girls alone, they don't want this!! As it seemed to fall on deaf ears the woman motioned and women pushed the girls toward the door their fighting every bit of the way as the woman then said o.k. enough you bitches: "I'll take the fight out of your asses!" As the women held each totally subdued arms locked through each girls tied back arms as the woman just stood there and said: "Oh we'll just wait a bit you'll stop all this shortly that's for sure!"

As each girl fought and their muffled screams only meant it wouldn't long at all now. As Amie was actually the first to start changing from
totally trying to fight away from this to now having her eyes wide open and her whole body shook and she all but was limp now as just a bit longer Marie did the same thing,except she seemed to be almost moaning through her mouth gag.

The were whisk now from the tent the Mom tried to get up but her belly so sore and hurting from the fucking she got that fight was gone from her as curled up in bed crying and sobbing about how this had all turned out.


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