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(2)Ten years of K9 & marriage

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Ten years had elapsed and our anniversary was upon us. Dutifully I done the honours and now back home with a suitable amount of liquid beverage inside us we relaxed in reminiscence. - "Remember the first time you let me watch it and I've been in the shit ever since" - "Yeah! Well that was your fault,you tried... her voice trailed off - well you know what you tried" - "Yeah! Sorry, but it was right,he couldn't have made you pregnant" - "I know that now,but we were young,how was I too know then?"

Tempted to say, - 'So now you know you'll do it for me' - I decided by experience to say nothing. - "That was a lovely present,but I didn't get you one only that card!" - Again I stayed stum, although I knew exactly what she could give me as a present. - As if reading my mind she said - "Dirty old bastard, I know exactly what you're thinking. Go on then,get him in!"

Shock surprise! - I did and she started to let him have her pussy. Less excited she said, - "He's not as good at licking,I can't slow him enough and he makes me cum to quick" - She was sat forward on her seat trying I assume to make it last by not letting him get a clear lick at her vagina. She seemed to have overcome me watching as her eyed went into the top of her head and she covered her cunt some to steady him.

Bending forward more she reached under him and started feeling his cock. It was already showing plenty of pink hardon. - "He's fucking big mind,bigger than yours,take a feel of it!" - Willingly I moved closer and felt his knob. - "Its fucking hot as hell don't you reckon! Especially... - As though realising the implication - no I haven't, really I HAVE NOT! - well only once I tried it but it scared me,so I stopped him" - Smiling I hoped - "Well you can feel what I mean,feel that big part,what if that got stuck,what could I do? its hugh,especially when I've wanked him till it comes right out of the hairy bit"

I looked and could see what she meant,there's no way her cunt could take a knot that size! The excitement of his licking overtook her. She flopped back and let him have his head on her vagina having now discarded her knicker's. - Her orgasm now came quickly and in total wild abandon she loosed off the most amount of vagina love juice I'd ever seen come out of her. Far more than when I licked her off.

I wanted to help him up across her to watched his cock go up her. As I moved - "NO! WAIT! Let me steady a bit and I'll let you see it!" - After a bit,she moved as the dog tried to go-a-licking again. - "NO! Wait,let me get over for you" - Now she stripped off from the waist down. - "Won't he scratch you? You know on the belly and that" - "Don't matter its such a thrill I don't ever notice till after" - I'm sure she finally realised she had been letting each of our dogs have her. But now so excited she clearly didn't care.

Her still lovely round ass cheeks were there before us as our dog knew exactly what was expected of him and wasted no time in mounting my wife's wide hips. Cum came from my own orgasm as his now red going on dark blue pointed end poked trying to find her entrance. Before she could get her hand down thro' her thighs the extra tilt of her hips trying to reach it lined his knob up exactly and in an instant I watched at least nine inches of dog cock vanish into her dripping slit. - "Fuck that's hot" - As he humped at her I watched as the fucking great knot,now out of its sheath got even bigger as it thumped against her sexily soaked cunt lips. Each time it seemed to force them a bit white as he pressed so hard trying to get the fucking huge lump inside.

I clenched my fist and realised his knot was at least as round as my fist was wide. As I watched my wife's quim seemed to stretch even more as with each thrust her cunt seemed to be enticing this huge part of dog cock to go inside her. Her hips girated up and down as she responded to the pounding his cock was giving her. - "My womb,I can feel,he's got into it,fuck its heaven what he's doing now" - In the moment of distraction as she gulped and responded to her wombs demands. Her pressure on his cock had happened,the knot was no more - well outside it wasn't - from the hugeness of the swelling below her asshole I knew he'd or she'd taken that fucking great knot inside. He was pulling back then pushing and pulling back again but now there was no movement between them other than my wife's cunt showing as though a babies head was about to pop out of her.

Her sexual gurgling was all the sounds she made in orgasm,the dogs tongue hung from his panting mouth and his asshole was throbbing below his stumpy tail. - "He's cumming!" - "I know,yes its as hot as hell,fuck he's tight up there its squirting right into my womb by the feel... her voice trailed off as she again orgasmed - this time she rocked on his cock for ages then stopped and waited as he tried in vain to dislodge the hugeness from her vagina. - "Fuck He's stuck! It wont come out of me" - "You're alright, I'll hold him, he'll let go of you in a minute" - Looking at the scratches on her thigh tops and belly,he truly had fucked her good.

He released his grip now and climbed across her hips putting some red wheals on her as he struggled to turn round intent on pulling until his knot let go. - "OW! FUCK! He's twisting my pussy,it wont let that fucking big part slide round in it!" - I grabbed hold of the dogs scruff and held him part turned over her back. - "PHEW! Its okay now it must have shrunk a bit then, my pussy let it turn let him get off me now but do it steady in case it wont slide round inside there" - I eased his torso off her back as she responded - "Fuck! That was a strange but nice sensation, you know as his cock turned in me. It plopped inside as his knob came back out my womb,but my fanny's aching a bit now where the big part turned. I bet it'll hurt for ages,when he's out have a look and see if I'm bruised up there!"

Out his cock eventually came and as it flopped between his legs a lot of cum still dripped out the end. Walking slightly strangely he led down on the carpet and licked his cock uninterested in my wife's cunt now. - She cocked her legs over the chair arms as I pulled the hole open sonewhat and peered in. There was a dark bruising in it but nothing split. - "Its alright,a bit bruised but not split" - "Fuck did you see how big it felt,it felt like I had a grapefruit up me" - Smiling - "You done for me,you made me cum off without my cock being touched" - "I was going to suck you off,but as its cum already I wont need too"

"NO! NO! Its ready,you can,but its covered in cum" - She bent and pulling my sticky cock out, her head disappeared into my lap as she sucked me to a ferocious orgasm. - "There! How was that for an anniversary present?" - "Yes please! Can I have an anniversary again next week?" - "We'll have to see about that! Mind that's the first time I've had the fat part inside me" - "How's that?" - "Well I put my hand with my fingers spread to stop it bashing against my quim. But it isn't as good as that was,I could feel him gradually making my pussy open for him until I just wanted all of him up there!" - She looked over at the dog,then stood with her legs spread. The dog cum spilled down - thinner than mine - on the floor and ran onto her inner thighs. - "He's fucked look at him,I must have really gave him the fucking of his life... That'll learn you, to think you could fuck me and not get drained dry of your sperm - I've been draining this old husband of mines balls for years before you came along - you dog you!"

His tail wagged but he was almost asleep. A clear understanding that she could take all he could give her and still be standing ready for more. It made me really proud of my horny sexy wife. - "I chipped in laughingly. - "See dog,now you know why I need a hand to satify this horny bitch!" - "Hey you! Less of the bitch! I'm just your horny anniversary housewife. Now get your ass up those stairs and prepare yourself for a night of satifying this horny housewife. You're not off the sex list by a long chalk. I don't know what his cock done inside me but I want cock and I want it NOW!"

8am. now...This is a hollow husk of a husband signing off for now. I need to sleep zzzz! That fucking dog left me to sort her! zzzz!


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