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A Warm and Furry Surprise

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Ever since Patti had been laid off from her job, Mike started to worry about her. His wife of two years was withdrawing more from him each day. It used to be that they would do almost everything together but anymore, all she wanted to do was play around on her computer all the time. Several times Mike had tried to call home during the day only to get a busy signal, or worse no answer at all, and Patti no longer came to bed when he did. It had been weeks since they had made love. She seemed to sit up all night on the Internet and whenever he came into the room, she would quickly minimize the screen. She had even rearranged the room with the computer facing the door so he couldn’t sneak up on her.


Mike thought she was having an affair – talking to guys online and then arranging to meet them during the day while he was at work. Patti was a beautiful woman with shoulder length blond hair and huge brown eyes that could melt your heart. At only 5 feet 2 inches, she was just a little wisp of a woman with a body to die for. The thought of Patti with another man was tearing him apart. Since the day he first saw her, Patti was the love of his life and Mike wasn’t willing to throw that away without fighting for her. Before he could fight, he had to know exactly what it was he was fighting against though.


Having made up his mind that he would need to get into Patti’s email account, Mike called his sister and explained how Patti was depressed since she lost her job. Mike’s sister, Nancy, drop by the house the next day and take Patti out to lunch then maybe do some shopping. Knowing that Patti would be out of the house, Mike arranged to take the last half of the day off from work so he could try to break into his wife’s account.


That night, when he got home, Patti was waiting for Mike. “Nancy stopped by today with an offer to go out tomorrow after her kids get on the bus,” Patti said as they sat at the table eating dinner. “You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”


“I’m just worried about the way you mope around the house anymore, Baby,” Mike told her. “You never want to do anything with me anymore so I thought maybe a girls’ day out would help to pull you out of this funk. I’m really worried about you, Pat.”


The concern was clear in Mike’s eyes and although she really didn’t want to spend a day or even part of one with her sister in law, Patti called Nancy back to tell her she would go. They talked for a few minutes about where they would meet the next day before hanging up. After returning the receiver to the hook, Patti walked down the short hallway to the spare bedroom where they had set up the computer and shut the door.


The next afternoon, Mike sat in his car down the street from the home he shared with his wife waiting to see her car back out of the driveway. Nancy thought that Mike was planning to surprise Patti with a romantic dinner and had agreed to call his cell phone as soon as Patti left to start home. Once in the house, Mike rushed down the hall to the computer, unsure of how much time he would have alone in the house but determined to find some answers.


Quickly Mike searched the desk, hoping that Patti had written down her password someplace but he couldn’t find anything. First he tried the month she was born but it wasn’t right. Neither was the month he was born or the month of their anniversary. Mike racked his brain for other ideas but the password wasn’t the name of the city or state they lived in or even their last name. Mike tried the name of the street they lived on and her email account welcomed ‘Pat’ back.


Mike first searched Patti’s email but all the letters looked as if they were from family or former co-workers and Mike didn’t want to open them, knowing that the mail opened but still saved as new was no longer bold like the unopened mail. Next Mike tried searching the old mail that Patti had opened but there was nothing like. Mike was convinced she was having affairs and deleting the mail as soon as she read it so that he couldn’t find out. Even the sent mail folder was empty.


Hoping that her favorite places folder would show what chat room Pat was using to find these men, Mike opened it up. There were some links to recipe sites and the stock market but the majority of them were links to sex sites. He and Pat had often enjoyed reading some of the erotic stories posted on the Internet in the past so he wasn’t surprised to see some of those links still there but the rest were something that stunned him. There had to be at least 30 sites that dealt with bestiality!


The first one he opened popped up on the screen with pictures of women having sex with everything from dogs to snakes to horses. Mike couldn’t believe his eyes! He couldn’t believe his wife was looking at stuff like this. Clicking on the “Members Only” button, Mike checked to see if his wife had an account with the company. When the log in page opened up, Mike typed in the same information he used to get into her home page and was immediately welcomed.


Pat had another email account with this site so Mike opened up the mailbox. There were tons of letters from someone named “dog_lover” and Mike opened the first one.


“Hey,” Mike read, “I’m glad you answered me back. I wasn’t sure you were going to! Yes, I have my own dog that I personally trained with the help of an old boyfriend. It’s really not that hard to do if you really want to and I would love to tell you how I did it. I got Rex when he was just a puppy and it wasn’t until he was about two years old that we began to play. I had really never thought of him in that way until my boyfriend at the time introduced me to the idea. He loved getting oral sex but wasn’t too keen on the idea of giving it so one night while we were arguing about it, he said he bet Rex would do it and probably better than he ever could. I had no idea how right he was!”


“He called Rex over to the bed and coaxed him to jump up with us. Once he was on the bed, my boyfriend grabbed his collar and moved him until he was between my thighs. I tried to push him away but Rex started sniffing and must have decided he liked what he smelled because the next thing I knew, his long tongue ran over my pussy lips and across my clit! What had sounded so gross felt so good and I couldn’t stop him as he dug his tongue deep into my pussy. Rex’s nose was pressed up tight against my clit as he tried pushing his tongue deeper to get at the source of my cum. I wish I could describe what it felt like to have that long, hot tongue swirling inside my pussy! Girl, you have got to try it for yourself!”


Mike was shocked as he finished reading that letter! Not only did his wife apparently enjoy reading about women having sex with animals – she wanted to know how to do it herself! Mike leaned back in the chair, trying to come to grips with what he had just learned about his wife. He stared at the computer screen and noticed a heart icon at the top of the page. When he clicked on it, a list of his wife’s favorite videos from this site opened up. Mike clicked on a name randomly and a video screen popped up.


Suddenly the face of a gorgeous brunette filled the screen, in the background was a king sized bed. “Hi, my name is Becky and my husband, Alan, is filming this for me. We have been members of our local “Kennel Club” for just about 4 months now. One of the other members helped us pick out and train our Bouvier, Bear. I’m going to show you now just how well trained he is as part of being a member in the Kennel Club is that we purchase, train and film our own dog within 6 months of joining.”


With that, the woman got up and walked over to the bed behind her. Once she reached the edge of the bed facing the camera, she turned around and dropped her robe. Although she was a little heavier than he liked, Mike felt his cock stirring in his pants. When she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, Mike could see her smooth, hairless pussy. He could hear her whistle coming from the speakers and was amazed to see a large black dog prance into the room. The dog was covered in thick black hair that covered his face in what looked like a beard and mustache. His eyes were invisible until he moved to sniff the camera and even then the brown eyes were hard to see under all that fur. For at least a minute, there was a close up of the dog’s face as he sniffed every inch of the camera.


When Becky whistled again, the dog whirled around to face her and a rag was quickly wiped over the lens of the camera to remove any nose prints the dog left behind. As the rag left the lens, Mike could see the dog sniffing the woman’s thigh before moving up to her exposed crotch. Becky’s hands came down to either side of her vulva and spread her pussy open. The dog seemed almost shy as he first stuck his tongue out to taste her but once he got that first taste, he dug in with gusto!


The camera wobbled a bit as the camera walked over to the bed for a close up. Mike could hear this woman moaning in obvious pleasure, the dog licking her as her hands rubbed his head. The camera zoomed in, catching the dog’s tongue as it slipped from her ass up to disappear inside that sensitive cave. Becky’s hands were no longer stroking the dog’s head but seemed to be holding him firmly in place, her hips rocking against his snout; grinding her clit against his nose.


Mike was memorized by the scene unfolding in front of him and hardly even realized his hand had slipped into his lap to squeeze his cock through his pants. The moans and pants of this woman being pleasured by that large black dog was more exciting than Mike would have ever imagined. When her feet came to rest on the dog’s back just as she screamed out her pleasure, Mike unzipped his pants and took his throbbing cock out.


The dog seemed to be frantically licking his mistress’ pussy as she flooded his mouth with her cum and Mike could see his cock stretching out of its sheath under his body. It was incredible to watch the pink tip sliding out against the black fur of his stomach. Mike wasn’t sure if it was just the brightness of its skin making it look larger against the black fur but it looked as if it could easily be 9 inches long and over an inch thick at the base.


The picture suddenly went out of focus again as the camera was sat down and the cameraman walked naked over to the bed where his wife lay with the family pet wrapped in her legs. Firmly he commanded, “Heel, Bear!” and stood over the dog until finally, he dropped down on his haunches, whimpering. Bear apparently wasn’t just Becky’s friend either because his tongue darted over the head of Alan’s cock twice before he moved down to lick his own cock and balls.


Becky moved completely onto the bed as Alan slipped socks over Bear’s front paws to prevent the dog from scratching her back as he mounted her. After securing the socks in place with duct tape, Alan patted the top of the bed and commanded, “Up, Bear!” Bear quickly jumped onto the bed and walked around behind the female laying open in front of him. His nose bumped against her asshole when he returned to licking her pussy and her entire body quivered before settling into a rhythm with his tongue. Mike couldn’t believe his eyes – a woman on her hands and knees allowing a dog to lick her while her husband fucked her mouth!


Bear had pleased this bitch enough and was ready to mount her. He jumped up, placing his front legs around her waist and walking in closer with his back legs. A couple of times it seemed he would fall walking on the soft mattress but soon the head of his cock bumped against the warm tunnel he has been licking. Mike could see the muscles in his haunches straining forward and he must have found his mark. Becky moaned and Alan slipped his cock from her mouth to grab the camera for some close ups.


Kneeling on the floor next to the bed, Alan aimed the camera up between his wife’s legs but it was too dark to see anything. Then Alan must have laid the camera on the floor because the next thing Mike could see was what appeared to be the carpet. “What the fuck is this guy doing,” Mike thought to himself as he eagerly watched for more. The sounds of the woman moaning, softly saying “Oh, God!” over and over was driving him nuts.


Suddenly the camera climbed crazily up the side of the bed as it was picked up again. This time when the camera was zoomed between the woman’s legs, everything was bathed in a harsh bright light. Alan must have set up a lamp to catch the action. Mike could see the dog’s thick cock glistening with his human lover’s cum as it pounded in and out of her, the dog’s furry foreskin rubbing against her pussy.


Mike was stroking his cock faster as he watched the dog’s knot pushing out of the sheath to nestle against Becky’s pussy lips. It had to be at least 2 – 3 inches thick and Mike could see that Bear was trying hard to force it inside Becky but there was no way it would ever fit, Mike thought.


Mike could hear Becky in the background chanting “I’m gonna cum” over and over as the dog fucked her hard and fast. Her hips slammed back against the dog as he rocked into her and Becky screamed as the knot pushed past her swollen pussy lips and lodged inside her. Alan backed away from the bed so that Mike could see the dog’s front legs squeezing Becky’s waist, Bear’s tongue hanging out almost to touch Becky’s back as he kept fucking her. With his knot lodged inside her so tightly, he wasn’t able to pull out very far but his hips still rocked back and forth. So did Becky’s, her tits bouncing back and forth, her nipples dragging across the bedspread as she fucked back at the dog buried inside her.


Suddenly, Bear’s hips jerked forward hard and fast only this time he held himself in place with a growl. Becky moaned as the hot dog cum splashed deep inside her pussy, triggering her own orgasm. Alan must have been stroking his own cock as he watched because he approached the bed and his cum spurted over his wife’s back. Bear sniffed the white liquid pooled just in front of his face before he licked it up. Trying to reach the spots near Becky’s hair, he pushed himself deeper inside her and she cried out that she was cumming again. Mike felt his own balls growing tighter and he shot his cum across the monitor as the movie ended, Becky and Bear still tied together by the dog’s knot in the middle of the bed.


Mike waited until his legs were no longer trembling before he attempted to walk to the bathroom to clean up. He stood up and dropped his pants on the floor by the desk and went to the bathroom for a washcloth. After he wiped the cum off his softening cock, he returned to the office to clean off the monitor, desk and floor. He cleaned up and had just shut down the computer when his cell phone rang. It was his sister telling him that his wife was on her way home.


Now Mike knew what Patti was doing on the computer all the time and after having watched that video, the idea of helping his wife get fucked by a dog turned him on too. He was tossing the used washcloth in the dirty clothes when Patti came in the house. He walked over, kissed her cheek and asked about her day, having decided to keep his knowledge to himself for now.



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