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Animal Farm Chap2

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Chapter 2


I heard the clip of hooves on concrete before I opened my eyes. The sound of it made my heart stutter in my chest. Surely, they didn’t expect something else to fuck me again so soon?
I felt the hands slide out of my two orifices and breathed a sigh of relief. Then came the slow dribble of dog semen and male cum.
When something sniffed at me, I gathered up the energy to turn my head and look behind me. I think my eyes popped wide, nearly bugging out of my head, if the laughter was anything to go by.
Benjamin stood over me, a long thick pole in one hand (literally, not metaphorically) and a chunk of rope in the other. On the end of the rope was a very large, very aroused boar.
“Holy shit!” The sight of that gaping mouth and the sharp incisors fuelled my energy levels from zero to rocket. I scrambled to my feet and leaped toward Ryan, trusting him to protect me from the beast.
Rhianna laughed her tinkle laugh and leaned down to stroke her hands over the wiry hair of the boar’s sides. He hunched his hips as she crouched and began to stroke his sheath firmly. “I’d like you to meet Dojo. He’s very friendly, and harmless unless you try to get between him and his sow during mating.”
 I took another step back, just in case. “Does he bite during…when he…”
Ben looked at me quietly, with those beautiful eyes that had held me fast even as he fucked me, and smiled. “We fasten a ‘bit’ in his mouth when he’s covering. It stops him from being able to close his mouth fully. But he isn’t for you today.”
I blinked. “He’s not?” Oh, thank God!
“No.” Something of the relief on my face must have shown through, because he grinned and cast those eyes on Ryan. “Ready to have your anal passage explored, Ry?”
My lover’s face blanched so quickly I thought he was about to pass out. I grabbed hold of his arm, ready to steady him if he went down. His eyes locked on the boar, and the long cock Rhianna was busy manhandling.
It was an interesting cock, I thought. About eighteen inches long, a deep pink in colour, and although the tip was as curly as the proverbial pig’s tail, it thickened considerably in the middle from the width of a finger to the width of several fingers.
This, I mused, could be very interesting.
“You want that…you want that to…to stick its cock up my ass?” Ryan’s voice was far from steady, and he was slowly turning a very nice shade of green.
“That’s the general idea.” Ben smirked.
Rhianna left the boar’s penis alone and moved to Ryan. “Benjamin, stop it. You’re scaring the poor boy. Now, Ryan, why don’t you come with us three girls, and we’ll get you ready for your server.”
He looked positively shell-shocked when Donna took his other arm and we led him back to where I’d been ‘prepared’ with Rhianna leading the way.
“He needs to be on his stomach,” Rhianna said smartly and moved away to glove up.
Donna and I helped Ryan lay down on the chair with little effort; it seemed coming face to face with the boar had stunned him into sheer complacency.
 “Now let’s have a look here.” Rhianna pulled the stool to where she wanted, angled the light down. “Rebecca, has Ryan had anything up his ass before?”
I couldn’t help it; I smirked. “Oh, plenty.”
“Good, that will make things a lot easier.” She lubed up her index finger on her right hand, and worked it into Ryan’s rectum. There was a low, delighted moan from the man himself. “There, that’s made you feel better, hasn’t it? Donna, why don’t you flip the catch under the table – I’m sure Ryan would like a nice wet blowjob while I finish up here.”
I watched avidly as Rhianna painted Ryan’s asshole with a clear liquid, and then tested her syringe. My insides clenched at the thought of where that needle was going to go, but an interested moan from Ryan drew my attention to Donna.
She was crouched under the chair, and she was stroking Ryan’s cock as she pulled it through a gap in the chair. He was hard, the foreskin sliding easily over the violent purple head before Donna’s waiting mouth enveloped it, and took his length down her throat.
A bit taken aback, my eyebrows shot up. It was very rare that I could take his cock deepthroat without gagging, but she did it the first time without so much as flinching.
I could only stare, transfixed at the slight bulge in her throat steadily working itself toward her stomach. “Wow.”
“Just relax, Ryan. This will hurt a little.”
There was a harsh scream muffled against the chair, and then I saw Ryan’s testicles tighten viciously. His cock swelled visibly in Donna’s throat, almost choking her as he ejaculated abruptly and sent a pint of cum straight into the bowels of her belly.
Donna began to choke, and pulled the jerking cock from her mouth as the last streams of thick white juice spurted. “Jesus, what brought that on?” She asked, hooking her fingers under the ropes of cum hanging from her hair and guiding them to her mouth. She looked entirely too pleased with herself.
“All done.”
I straightened as Rhianna dabbed at the blood trickling from Ryan’s tight ring. My lover, bless him, had gone quiet after shooting his load into Donna’s eager mouth, and for a moment I wondered if he had passed out.
Then he lifted his head as Rhianna gave him a light pat on the ass and we pulled him off the chair backwards and got his feet back under him. “Wha?”
“This way, big fella.” Rhianna gave his arm a soothing stroke. “You’re going to love this, trust me.”
We escorted him back to the ‘playpen’, where Dojo, Toby, and Ben waited somewhat impatiently. It took several minutes to get Ryan in position on his hands and knees, but when he was in the ‘accepting’ position, Dojo decided he wanted his sow, and he wanted his sow now.
With a chorus of deep snorts, he battled for control against Benjamin, who wisely kept him on a short leash. His vocals became high and insistent, almost keening.
“Let him go, Ben.” Rhianna knelt in front of Ryan, whispered something in his ear, then stood back out of the way as the boar bulled forward, his snout shoving between Ryan’s ass cheeks.
If the metal bit in his mouth hadn’t been there holding his jaws apart, he would have closed his mouth, teeth and all, over that delicate hole.
Instead, he grunted, using his nose to push Ryan forward violently. When his arms gave out, Ryan simply lay on the mat, ass up in the air, as Dojo gave Ryan’s cock a good fondling.
That intriguing cock was now out to its full length; it began thrusting before Dojo mounted my boyfriend. Then the boar was up, hooves scrabbling on Ryan’s back before the pig was firmly in place.
I watched Rhianna crouch next to the pair, watched her hand slide under the boar and direct the corkscrew-like tip of the cock at Ryan’s asshole.
In one deep thrust, the cock speared into Ryan’s ass like fury. The pig grunted, over and over, his big head tossed back in almost orgasmic pleasure with each violent thrust.
Ryan shouted out as the cock drilled deeper into his intestines. His hands fisted on the padding. Drool from the pig’s mouth coated his neck and shoulders, and anyone watching him would have thought he was undergoing an ancient torture.
Unless you took a quick glance at his cock, spewing precum liberally onto the floor beneath him. It was amusing to see Toby take that thick arousal in his hands; wrap a piece of rope around the base and balls.
“God, get him off! Get him off me! He’s going to-” Ryan’s sentence cut off short as the boar rammed so hard that the base of Dojo’s cock was forced out of its sheath like a knot, and shoved through Ryan’s tender sphincter.
Helplessly I watched Ryan struggle, and cast an imploring look toward Ben. Toby moved behind me, settled his mouth against my ear as his hands slid down my waist, his long fingers delving into where I was incredibly wet.
“Don’t panic. He’ll be fine once…ah.” He bit my earlobe as my hips bucked into his hand. In front of us, Ryan tried to pull away from the boar as Dojo’s hips mimicked the action I was making.
“He’s coming. Jesus, get him out of me!” Ryan shouted it, but no one moved to do anything. Precum spurted out of his blue-steel cock.
Dojo’s grunts turned into a piggy bellow, and Ryan’s flat abdomen began to bloat. And without warning, Ben yanked the rope around Ryan’s genitals, eliciting a high-pitched roar from my boyfriend. A second later, Ben knelt beside the copulating ‘couple’ and wrenched the rope free.
The minute the rope loosened, a look of pure relief crossed Ryan’s sweating face. Cum jetted from his pisshole like creamy white streamers, shooting onto the padded matting for a good four minutes before the violent streams ebbed and cum simply bubbled from the tip of his swollen cock.
Exhausted, he tried to collapse, but Dojo hadn’t managed to yank himself free. Benjamin leaned over the pig’s back, pushed down on the hindquarters, and hauled the boar backwards.
There was a hoarse yelp from Ryan, and a disgruntled snarl from Dojo, but the minute Dojo’s cock left Ryan’s asshole completely, Benjamin was squatting behind my boyfriend and inserting his thick cock into that bloody, semen-filled hole.
Donna was on her back beneath the boar, licking and sucking the pig’s glistening cock for all she was worth, closing her mouth over the twisted end and literally vacuuming the last remnants of pig sperm from Dojo’s rather large balls.
Toby lifted me, one arm around my waist, the other grasping my thigh as he dropped me unceremoniously onto his cock. It felt very weird, as he missed my dripping pussy and sank up to the testicles in my ass.
I discovered that my anal passage hadn’t quite recovered from its thorough fucking and fisting, but the sensations still managed to be arousing.
Rhianna was on her back in front of Ryan, urging him to finger her as Benjamin drove his dick into semen-filled bowels. Cum surged out around Ben’s cock with each sharp, short thrust.
“Put it in me, Ryan. Put that big hand into my tight pussy. Feel those muscles squeezing your hand. Oh. Oh god, yes. Yes!” Her head thrown back in ecstasy, Rhianna grabbed Ryan’s wrist and encouraged him to move his hand in and out of her exposed cunt.
I was shocked to see that, while Dojo had ejaculated copious amounts of baby pig batter into Ryan’s rectum, his cock was still as thick as my arm, a hue of fiery red, with savage looking veins popping up along it.
Toby’s fingers had closed over my clitoris and he was rubbing it between his fingertips. My entire body was jerking helplessly like a puppet on a string, and it seemed Benjamin was having the same effect on Ryan on the floor.
Benjamin had wrapped the section of rope around his throat, and was pulling the ends, garrotte-style, as he thrust his dick further and further into Ryan’s stuffed intestines, displacing more and more cum.
His face was an unhealthy red as he kept the ends of the rope in one hand, and gripped Ry’s hip in the other, knuckles white, as his thrusts became brutal. Then his eyes rolled back as his hips slammed flush to Ryan’s buttocks and began to jerk.

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