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Sitting on my bed watching the TV, I watched as Ben wandered into my room and dropped himself down in front of my bed. Ben was my lovable large family mongrel that had been like a faithful companion since the age of ten.



“Hey boy, what you up to?” I asked watching him jump to his feet as his tail started its usual dance.



Playing with him for five minutes I eventually decided that I was missing enough of my programme and stretched out down the bed watching my daily dose of soap opera’s.



I had hardly stretched out before Ben was back down below my head and started licking himself.



Trying to ignore him I lifted my eyes to the TV again watching my soap opera. Not that I was shy by any manner of means, but watching a dog lick his own balls wasn’t something that I added to my “want to do” list in life.



Yet the more I lay there trying to concentrate the more I had this impulse to look down, having fought it for about 30 seconds I finally let my eyes drift down watching in shock as Ben lay licking his now large cock that was poking out of his sheath.



“Shit, he’s bigger than I expected” I thought watching his tongue run along five inches of cock.



“Okay I’ve seen it now, just watch the programme” I thought lifting my eyes back to the screen for a few seconds as I felt the urge build to look down again.



As my eyes dropped I watched Ben continue to lick himself, his cock hadn’t got any larger, but for some obscure reason I was fascinated.



Yet as quickly as he had started he suddenly stopped then dropped his head down onto the floor and quickly fell asleep as I watched his cock slip back into its sheath.



Then suddenly it hit me, I had only been watching Ben for a matter of minutes. But my panties were absolutely soaking.



Lifting myself off the bed I headed through to the living room trying to forget the whole sorry affair. Okay so I had watched my dog groom and maybe it had turned me on slightly, but I was 15, I had plenty of guys in my class that would, given the chance appease my desires.



The following morning I sat talking to my best friend, then happened to casually mention about Ben washing himself.



“I mean like it was huge” I gave a dirty laugh listening to her laugh with me.



“Now you can understand why some people like to make video’s about that sort of thing” Melanie added then burst out laughing



“Eh!” I said watching her laugh. “You mean you’ve never seen one of those videos” Melanie asked as I shook my head watching her smile.



“Leave it to me, I’ll see what my brother has got” Melanie said with a dirty grin.



The following day Melanie appeared into school then handed me a tape explaining that from what she understood, that video should give me all the information I needed.



By lunch time I was desperate to see what all the fuss was about, my afternoon classes weren’t important so I decided to head home and watch the video instead.



Pressing play on the machine, I sat on my bed watching as a woman sat on the floor watching a video, within minutes she was rubbing her dog’s stomach gently.



It only seemed to take a few seconds, but lo and behold the large dog started to enjoy her rubbing a little too much.



Before I had time to draw breath the woman had her hand rubbing gently against this beast’s warm cock, as the beast lay on its back enjoying her touch.



Ever so slowly the camera panned in giving a close up view of this hard red cock bobbing gently to her touch.



I sat watching unable to believe that just watching this was starting to create fluids between my legs; my mind raced wondering when she would finally let the dog have her. Little did I realise that what she was about to do was to make me feel exceptionally horny.



I sat watching as without warning the woman turned onto her hands and knees then thrust her mouth down between the dog’s legs, before parting her lips allowing this large dog cock to slip easily into her mouth.



Suddenly like lightning my pussy started to pulse with pleasure watching her mouth slip up and down this dog. It seemed so wrong and disgusting yet it seemed so erotic at the same time.



Slipping my hand under my skirt, it took no time at all until I was playing with my hard clit watching my first blow job given to a dog. Yet she had hardly started before the dog had rolled over onto his feet and was sniffing and licking wildly.



The woman remained on her hands and knees as the dog continued to run his firm tongue between her lips as she knelt moaning enjoying every delicate brush of his tongue.



“Oh good boy” I hissed watching the dog continue to use it’s tongue to such beautiful effect. Suddenly from the corner of my eye, the bedroom door opened as I jumped with fright trying to grab the remote for the video.



Much to my relief it was Ben, I sat watching as he curled up and lay down at the foot of my bed as I looked back at the screen just in time to see this magnificent beast rear up and try to mount his bitch.



“Oh shit” I groaned increasing the intensity of my finger as I watched the dog start to hump air then drop back to his feet again then start licking her again.



By now I was burning, I didn’t care what happened, as long as it led me to an orgasm. A few seconds later the dog reared up again, and much to the delight of the woman finally found his mark. I sat watching what must have been at least 8 inches of prime dog cock slip easily inside her.



Suddenly like a jack hammer the dog started using her pussy for it’s own gratification. The dog’s hips moved quicker than any man could ever have managed as he continued to pound her as she lay moaning with the intense pleasure.



“Oh fuck, I need that” I hissed looking down at Ben as he slept at the foot of my bed.



Slipping off the bed and quickly discarding my skirt and panties, I dropped to my knees in front of the screen hoping that Ben would take the hint and fill me the same way this woman was being filled.



A few seconds later I knelt watching something appear that I hadn’t seen before, it was the dog’s knot and it was huge compared to the rest of his cock.



By now the woman was gasping heavily having already experienced her first orgasm. Yet undeterred the beast continued to pound away as I watched his red cock plunge mercilessly into her as she started to enjoy a second round of pleasure.



Yet without warning, I felt a gust of air at my bum then turned to watch Ben sniff gently before pushing out his tongue catching me flush between my lips. Just the thought of what he had done sent shivers through me.



“Good boy” I groaned feeling his tongue continue to lick my pussy, feeling the roughness of his tongue more and more stimulating.



“Oh Ben please for me” I groaned turning my head back to the screen allowing Ben to continue licking my desperate pussy.



I had hardly turned back to the screen when I watched the dog with one good thrust, push his giant knot inside this woman as she let out a long groan as the dog continued to ram himself inside her then stop.



I didn’t need explaining as I watched the dog start to move his legs uncontrollably bouncing about as if he was standing on hot tiles.



This beast had finally filled his bitch with love seed and stood for a few seconds, before I looked round just at the right time to watch Ben finally take the bull by the horns and finally mount my pale skin grabbing at my hips with his sharp paws.



“oh man” I groaned feeling Ben find his mark, as his large cock slipped into my petite body, yet what surprised me the most was the fact that once he was in, it felt like his cock started to grow inside me, stretching my little pussy.



“Oh shit” I hissed grabbing the carpet and holding on for dear life as Ben started his hips moving as he plunged deep into my now drenched pussy.



“Oh good boy” I groaned feeling my pussy finally try to clamp round his large cock before sending waves of ecstasy through my body as my orgasm finally hit as I let out a major groan.



It was now my turn to feel what this woman had felt earlier, Ben continued to rapidly pound his large cock deep inside me trying to invade my womb as I lay trying to work out why after an orgasm I still felt as horny as hell.



Ben’s cock continued to surge inside me as my pussy instantly responded to his cock sending pulses of pleasure through my body with each thrust of his cock.



Suddenly my breathing was laboured as my orgasm started to build again.



“Good boy” I hissed, suddenly my joy turned to overwhelming pain as Ben pushed the last remaining part in. his knot seemed to stretch me to breaking point, as the pain shot through my pussy for a few seconds then subsided.



I hissed heavily then relaxed feeling my pussy now respond to the extra length, it felt like he had pushed through my womb and was now trying to fill my stomach with his large cock.



Suddenly my pussy was now contracting tightly enjoying every inch being pumped into me.



“Fffffuuucckkk” I groaned feeling my pussy contract one last time clamping around him before firing a heavy orgasm through my body again.



Whether it was my orgasm or just amazing timing I knelt on the floor enjoying the final throws of my orgasm then suddenly felt Ben finally reach his own climax then pump what seemed like gallons of his warm seed deep inside me as I knelt enjoying the hot fluid rushing into me.



Ben stopped his advances then stood for what seemed like ages as I tried to move then realised through pain that Ben and I were tied together.



Suddenly fear coursed through my body as I wondered how long I would be tied to my rampant master. Would I be caught? How would I explain this away?



Yet a couple of minutes later Ben gave a final twist then pull as my pussy responded with intense pain as I heard a popping noise. Ben had finally freed himself and wandered away happily as I felt his fluids gush down my thin legs.



I knelt on the floor finally coming to terms with what I had done and the immense pleasure that my faithful companion had given me. Before heading to the shower trying to wash away any trace of what had happened.



The rest of the day I spent trying to clean the stains off my carpet where some of his fluids had dripped as I packed the video back into my bag then returned it to Melanie.



It didn’t take long for me to pluck up the courage to entice Ben back into my room to use his bitch again. Yet the greatest surprise was to come. A chance discussion with Melanie told me that I wasn’t the only person to act out what I had seen.



Within weeks Melanie and I had taken our friendship to a whole new level.




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