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Brian's Tale

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The front door crashing open brought me out of my daydream, Lois so near yet so far away. Another crash, the flash of mustard yellow and the sounds of sobs brought me back fully to reality. Fully opening my eyes I saw Meg, Lois' daughter, back from marching practice in her uniform and laying on the floor sobbing after falling over the coffee table. "You alright Meg?" I asked.
"I'm fine, just leave me alone" she sobbed.
Meg is a bit of a drama queen so this could be anything from something minor to a major crisis, I had better take it easy with her. "I can see that something is bothering you, anyone with half a brain can see that. Good thing your dad isn't home then, Hey" I replied trying to cheer her up.
"You wouldn't understand" she sobbed, "You're just a dog".
"Just a dog, yes, just a dog, and this is why I am sure I could understand" I said, sorrow tainting my voice.
"What do you mean?" Meg asked between sniffles.
"To other dogs I am just a freak and so they avoid or ignore me, to humans I am just a dog, a pet only" I replied.
"I am sorry" Meg sniffled, "I did not realise".
"Its ok Meg, I know you did not mean anything by what you said. It still stands though, tell what is bothering you" I replied.
"I can't, where is mum?" she asked.
"I am afraid the rest of the family have gone to the next town with your dad, something to do with Chris I believe. So why don't you get off the floor, sit up here next to me and tell what is upsetting you" I offer.
With that I reach down and take Meg's hand and slowly lift her up to sit her next to me on the lounge. As she is getting up off the floor I look down at her cute tear streaked face and realise just how much she looks like her mum Lois. Half way up she lets out another sob and sits back down on the floor with a thud onto her backside, nearly pulling me off the lounge as well. I look her over and can now see that she has been crying a lot with the front of her uniform damp from her tears and I could see that what ever it was that was upsetting her was something major, at least to her. Again I start pulling her up so she can sit next to me on and when she started to rise up again she spread her legs exposing her uniform bloomers. I could see from the stains on them that she had a "wee" accident also, but she did not seem to know this yet. Another drama to be unfolded at a later date. Will worry about that one when the time comes.
I manage to get Meg up onto the lounge next to me and then I preceded to pull her into me and put my arms around her to hold her tight, with my head over her shoulder and her head over my shoulder. Once in this position I preceded to rub her back and the back of her head while she just sobbed slowly and intermittently letting out illegible words and mutterings. After about 10 minutes of this I could tell that she was slowly winding down, her sobs were now sniffles and I could start to understand her mumbles.
"Why are they so cruel" she sobbed, " Why did they do that" she also sobbed.
"Who was so cruel, what did they do to you?" I asked.
Another burst of tears stopped any answer for a while again. Eventually she again calmed down and I took this opportunity to extract myself from her. Going to the kitchen I made two cups of hot milky cocoa and just as I was about to go back into the lounge a scream from Meg cut through the air. Hurriedly I went to her on the lounge where I found her with her hands pressing her uniform skirt down over her crotch. Guess she found her "wee" mistake.
"Here you go, drink this, it will make you feel better" I said offering her the cup of cocoa.
Blushing red she accepted the cup and started to sip from it. I again sat next to her on the lounge and facing her I so starting sipping my hot cocoa. Occasionally another sob would come from Meg while she finished her drink. I too finished my drink and put my cup on the coffee table. I then placed both my hands onto Meg's wrists for she was still holding her cup.
"Now tell what is wrong Meg, so I can help you" I again asked.
Looking at me with her tear streaked face and now with a milk moustache she gasped a few times before replying. "Why am I so ugly, Brian?" she asked.
"You're not ugly" I replied, "You are beautiful, just like your mother". Yes just like her mother, beautiful Lois.
"No I am not, I am just ugly, ugly, ugly" she responded getting louder with each ugly.
"Yow are absolutely beautiful Meg" I reaffirmed, "You have your mother's nose, her deep eyes, her cute pouty lips". Yes her cute lips, the ones I long to kiss.
"I'm not" Meg replied, but I could tell she liked what she heard.
Sniffing her deeply I could smell all her unique odours, her tears, even her "wee" accident, and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. I could even tell she sneaked some of her mum's perfume. "You even smell beautiful, have you been sneaking your mum's perfume?" I asked.
A shy smile slowly made it's form on her lips, she was finally coming out of her hysteria. Getting a tissue I wiped her tear streaks away. "You have a cute milk moustache too" I said as I dabbed at her lips to wipe it away also. "Now tell me what happened to you, I won't judge you or mock you. I like you too much to do anything like that" I said. "Now take a deep breathe and tell all, take your time, I will listen" I said while again holding her wrists and looking deeply into her sad eyes.
"Why are people so cruel?" she again sobbed, "Why are they so mean?"
"Tell me all that happened" I asked.
"It all happened at marching practice" she replied.
Now that didn't surprise me I thought. "Go on" I coaxed.
"When I arrived the other girls and I were talking about boys we liked and they got out of me the name of the boy I had a crush on" she continued.
"I see" I said agreeing with her, "go on".
"One of the girls, Lucy, went away for awhile and then came back. She said she had a surprise for me that I would like and that I would get it after practice" Meg said.
"I am following it so far, continue on" I again coaxed.
"During the break Tom, the boy I had a crush on, came up to me and said that he had a surprise for me after practice and to meet him at the store room" Meg continued but with a sniff.
"I am beginning to get the picture" I replied, "Go on Meg I am still listening".
"After practice I went to the store room, Tom wasn't there but Lucy was and she said that Tom was waiting for me in the store room for me and for me to go in. Then I heard Tom call me to come into the store room and he would show me just how much he liked me and how much I turned him on" Meg continued on but breaking down towards the end of her story.
"Did he assault you?" I asked.
"After going into the store room the door was closed behind me and in the dark I heard Tom ask if he could kiss me. I then bumped into who I thought was Tom and started kissing him. Suddenly the lights came on and there was all the other kids, including Tom, standing in a circle around me. I had been kissing a Pig!" Meg screamed. After that she started sobbing again, deep pain filled sobs.
I could only hold to her wrists, but after a short while I gently pulled her towards me. Letting go of her wrists I put one arm around her back again and the other arm I pulled her head into my shoulder. "What those kids did to you was cruel, it betrayed your trust. I would never do that to you or anyone" I comforted "but what you have to remember is that not all of them are really that cruel, they are just pack followers afraid of been the victim".
"But I did not deserve it, Brian" she sobbed.
"I know sweetheart, but just remember this; you are not ugly, you are beautiful and anyone who really wants to can see that for themselves" I said.
"How can I face them at school again?" Meg asked.
"You have to be brave, go up to Tom and Lucy and say to them; What you did to me was cruel and if your so called friends realised this then they would also realise that you would turn on them to without any qualms. Make sure their friends can hear too" I replied trying to get my point across.
Looking me in the eyes now, Meg just stared at me. "Do you really think I am beautiful?" she asked.
"Yes Meg, I really do think that you are beautiful" I replied.
"Then why don't any of the boys like me?" she questioned.
"Its because they are idiots who are still trying to impress their mates, that's why Meg" I responded.
"But all the boys that I like don't even know I exist" she replied.
"I know all about having some I like not even knowing that I care for them" I answered.
"Really?" Meg asked, excitement on her voice, "who was it, anyone I know?".
"I can't really tell you, I don't think it would be right" I replied.
"Oh come on Brian, I told you all about me. So tell who was it? I am dying to know" Meg coaxed turning the tables on me.
"Promise not to betray me?" I asked, "Promise you won't hold it against me".
"I promise, now tell me" Meg said with excitement raising in her voice.
"Very well, but you promised remember" I reminded her, " Its your mother, Lois. I have feelings for her that she will never return. Satisfied?" I asked.
"Mum!" Meg gasped, "really, its mum. Oh my, I never would have thought it. But it makes sense now. Oh Brian, I am sorry. I know now that you can understand my feelings. Mum, who would have thought it" Meg replied, a smirk in her voice.
"You're not upset that I have a crush on your mum?" I asked.
"No, not really but I do think its a bit odd though" she responded.
"Why, the dog thing?" I questioned.
"I guess so" Meg replied, "it would seem wrong".
"Why would it be wrong, I am loyal, trustworthy, and I wouldn't betray the one I loved" I retorted.
"So what have you done about it?" Meg asks.
"When I realised that nothing will ever come from it, I made up my mind to move on. That is what you should do about what happened to you today, forget about those false friends and move on to find someone more kind and loving to you" I respond.
I was still holding Meg with my arms around her when I again noticed that she was just staring at me intently. It occurred to me then that for a long time now I have been looking out for her, protecting her as best as I could and for an instant I felt the overwhelming urge to kiss her. Thinking that this is the right moment I looked her in the eyes. "You still have a bit of that milk moustache, let me clean it off for you". With that I slowly licked across her lips. It felt good and she tasted nice too. Meg's eyes opened up wide. This is it I thought, I went too far. Meg then grabbed me around the back of my head, pulling me into her. Then she brought her lips to mine and deeply kissed me as she closed her eyes. After a short while she released me with a sigh and again just stared into my eyes. I too stared back into her eyes feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions about this being so wrong but so right. "Meg I um" I stuttered.
"Shh, quiet" Meg said. Then she kissed me again. This felt so good, so exciting as I kissed her back. I could feel an erection slowly protruding from my sheath. I started to kiss and lick her face all the while running my hands up and down her back, feeling her bra strap beneath her uniform. I would then move my hands up to cup the back of her head holding her firmly against my exploring tongue. She to was doing the same to me but she even ran her hands down my back to my sides and back up again. Even more of my erection protruded now and I could feel my hips thrusting forwards towards her, as if they had a mind of their own. Breaking to come up for air we parted faces, both of us breathing deeply. Looking up and down my body, Meg noticed my erection.
"You are excited about me?" Meg asked.
"Well you are an exciting young lady" I answer her, "You excite me greatly".
"Can I touch it?" Meg asked again.
"If you are gentle, you can do what you like with it" I pant.
With that Meg slowly reaches down and gently grips my erection between her thumb and fingers. She then slowly rubs her fingers up and down, causing even more erection to become exposed.
"Its so big, Brian, it feels hot and hard" Meg pants.
I can see that she has spread her legs a bit more and her stained bloomers are now peeping out from under her short uniform skirt. I can also see fresh stains, meaning she too is excited out what we are doing. I reach under her skirt and run my fingers up the length of her slit, spreading the dampness the length of her crotch. Suddenly she closed her legs fast, trapping my hand. "What wrong Meg?" I ask.
"Its, I, um, its just that, um, I um, err" Meg stumbles.
"You don't like me touching you there?" I ask.
"No it feels great. Its just that I, um, well, um, err, um, had, um, a, um, well, you know, um" Meg mumbles.
"You are worried about your 'wee' accident?" I ask.
"You knew!" Meg exclaimed, "Why didn't you say something?"
"And embarrass you unnecessarily? I wouldn't do that to you" I reply, "Besides I think its kinky, I like it, I like you".
"You like me?" Meg asked, "you really like me?".
"I really like you Meg, I have always really liked you. Even when you didn't notice I really liked you!" I exclaimed.
At that Meg slowly spread her legs for me, again exposing her stained bloomer crotch for my eyes to see.
"Kiss me again!" Meg demands, pulling me on top of her.
Again I start kissing and licking her beautiful face, again running my hands over her back and her head. She too is doing similar to me, then she opens her legs just that little bit more, allowing me to settle into her crotch. Again my hips start thrusting, with its own mind it seems. This time I could feel Megs hand slide in between her legs to grip my erection rubbing up and down her now saturated crotch. Moaning noises were all that could be heard as we slid tongues in and out of each others mouths, each tongue trying to entwine the other's. Megs hand was now rubbing my erection as fast as she could go and I could feel the tip trying to burrow through her bloomers. "Oh Meg" I moaned.
"Oh Brian" Meg moaned back "Don't stop, don't ever stop".
With that I could feel Meg use her thumb to push her bloomer crotch to one side, then with her hand guide my erection into her gates of paradise.
Pushing in and out with slow thrusts my erection worked its way deeper into her tight velvet glove, eventually stopping when I bottomed out. Meg now used both her legs to wrap around my waist and with each thrust I gave she thrust back, ending each one with a grunt. Picking up speed, the trusts and the grunts came quicker and quicker. Deep gasps also punctuated our rhythm with the occasional yes and oh yes thrown in. I could feel Meg's moistness turning to a river and I could feel my erection swelling even larger as I felt my orgasm approaching. "I'm coming Meg, I'm coming" I gasped.
"Don't stop" Meg gasped in reply, "Don't stop. It feels too good. I'm going to have another accident! Oh, Oh, Oh".
"Don't stop Meg" I strain out, "keep going, have your accident. It feels fantastic the wetness of you. Keep going!" With that I could feel my semen start its long journey as my orgasm flooded over me. Each pulse sending myriads of sperm into Meg's waiting body.
As my throbs filled Meg's tunnel of love, I could feel her start to contract as her orgasm washed over her. I could feel her moisture squirting out of her entrance as deep inside the pressure built up as both my semen and Meg's dampness filled her to the brim. Her contractions now easing off as my pulses eased too, allowing both of us to breathe again in short gasps. "That was fantastic" Meg exclaimed.
"Yes it was fantastic" I replied.
"Does this mean that I am your bitch? Meg questioned.
"My bitch, my bitch! No, it does not mean you are my bitch!" I exclaim with indignation.
"What does it mean then?" Meg asks, "Am I just a quickie, a 3 f girl to you?"
"What? No it doesn't mean that you are just quickie" I retort, "Nor does it mean that you're just a 3f girl".
"What does it mean then?" Meg asked, her lips starting to quiver and tears forming in her eyes.
"It means that bitch sounds so demeaning, so not what you are to me" I explain.
"Then what am I to you?" Meg queried, "What am I to you?"
"You are my friend, my pal, my one, my only" I respond, "You are my girl, you are my love, the one I will always love, the one I want".
"Oh Brian!" Meg exclaimed, reaching around the back of my head to pull me into again, deeply kissing me again. Returning her kiss with passion we were suddenly interrupted by the harsh sound of the phone ringing.
Reaching over to it, while still staying connected intimately with Meg, I answer it. "Brian here" I announce. "Lois, how are you? How are things?" I reply to Lois on the phone. Strange, but for once I didn't feel the pain associated with talking to Lois. "You want to talk to Meg, OK Lois. I think she is around here somewhere, I'll call her".
Pretending to call out for Meg in another part of the house, I look down at her to see a worried look on her face. "Phone for you Meg!" I sing out, "Its your mother, she wants to talk to you". I hand Meg the phone then precede to slowly thrust in her again while she talked to her mother on the phone.
"What's the matter mum?" Meg asked, "Dad did what! Now you are stuck for the weekend! But mum I am a big girl now" Meg says, "I can look after my self. Well Brian is here too you know, he can look after me if you want. Yes mum, yes mum, ok mum, alright mum". While this conversation was going on, my thrusts were beginning to work on Meg again as I could feel her getting wetter again. Reaching down I then start to undo the buttons on her jacket, all the while she was yesing and noing to her mother on the phone. Finally I had all the buttons undone, exposing her pert breasts covered by a cute pastel bra. Seeing it was front fastening, I undid it to expose Meg's luscious mounds to my probing tongue. A gasp and soft moan escaped from Meg, showing that she appreciated my efforts on her. I could hear her breathing getting coarser now and I thought that I had better ease up before I got both of us into deep trouble when Meg handed the phone back to me. Lois wanted to talk to me again.
"What's that Lois? Look after Meg. I can do that for you" I reply as Meg started thrusting back up at me, "Keep her safe and comfortable, I can do that. Don't worry about a thing Lois, I would let nothing hurt her. You know that. So what did Peter do this time". Lois then preceded to tell all the stupid things that Peter did on the trip to get them stuck there for the weekend. What she sees in him I'll never know but now I have my own to care about. Speaking of who, Meg was now reaching around to cup my love apples and I could feel another orgasm rising. "Have to go now Lois" I say into the phone, "See you after the  weekend and don't worry about Meg, I will look after her the best that I can". Hanging up the phone I then kiss Meg deeply while she kissed me back.
Breaking off for a second in our passion I could feel Meg getting closer to her next orgasm also. "Lick my nipples, Brian" Meg pants, "Suck on my breasts".
Taking first her right breast, I sucked it wholly within my mouth, I then started swirling my tongue over and around her nipple. All the while Meg was panting and moaning, thrusting to meet my thrusts. The sounds, combining with the squelching of our joining, bring pleasure to my ears as I too could again feel an orgasm approaching. Changing from one pert breast to the other, Meg was finally orgasming again with her glazed eyes staring off into the distance, she started thrusting her sweetness as hard as she could against my iron hard red carrot erection. Reaching her crescendo she let out a long low moan as she peaked and I could feel her juices joining our previous pleasure. It was too much for as I stiffened and called out her name while my semen made their long journey to into Meg's Eden. Pulse after pulse flooded into her, filling her now to such an extent that each thrust created a 'pussy fart' that erupted our love juices, to flow down Meg's valley of delight, to be retained by the now totally saturated bloomers, pooling at the bottom of her great divide.
Coming down from my peak I again started using my tongue on Meg's pert breasts, licking thoroughly both of them before starting to lick my way up to her face where I carefully covered every corner before eventually setting on a deep tongue entwining kiss. Meg's breathing slowly returned to something resembling normal, all the while cooing and rubbing me along my back and head. After a while we broke off our kiss. "Brian, do you really love me?" Meg asked, "Am I really someone special to you".
"Meg you are very special to me" I affirmed for her, "Someone I care for deeply, and yes, even love".
A small giggle escaped from Meg. "If the other girls could see me now" Meg giggled.
"They would all be extremely jealous of you" I ventured, "And the boys would realise that they lost out on someone wonderful".
Another giggle escaped from Meg. "Brian, you are still deep inside of me" Meg smiled, "Don't you ever go down. Are you always so big. I feel so stretched and tight, aren't you sore?"
Thinking about it I realised that the side of my penis has been rubbing against the side of Meg's bloomers and was feeling a bit sore. "Only where I've been rubbing against your bloomer crotch" I replied, "Do you want me to extract myself from you?".
"No, stay inside of me, I like the fullness that you are giving to me" Meg replied, "Stay in me for as long as you want".
"I will stay in you Meg" I responded, "until things part by themselves".
Again kissing her face, I wondered for how long this relationship would last. For many a long year I hoped. After a few more minutes my erection receded enough for it to slip back out of Megs gates to paradise. A long sigh escaped Meg when this happened, also her bloomers moved partially back into place slowing down the slow seepage of our love making. Looking down at her crotch I could see the whole area was stained with our mixed juices. "Do you want to slip out of your clothes into something more comfortable?" I asked.
"I want to get out of these clothes" Meg replied, "but the only thing I want slipped on is you".
Both of us getting up now, I helped Meg remove her now very stain marching uniform. Off came the jacket and her bra, fully exposing her nubile breasts. Next came off her short skirt, fully revealing the extent of our love potions. Finally she slipped off her stained bloomers, standing before me in all her teen glory, showing her reddened camel toe with it's dusting of fine downy hair. "What do think?" Meg asked, "Do you like what you see?".
"Love what I see" I replied, "The view from here is fantastic. Now I think we should put your dirty uniform into the washing machine, then I think we should get something to eat".
Agreeing with me, Meg and I took her soiled uniform to the laundry where we preceded to drop each item into the machine. Getting to her well stained bloomers, I held them up in the air for inspection. "I would like to keep these as they are, as a memento of our first time together" I said.
"Mum will kill me if I loose them" Meg responded, "She will kill me if she found them stained like that too". Meg then preceded to drop them into the machine, much to my disappointment.
After setting the machine to wash we moved to the kitchen for a bite to eat, funny how love making increases the appetite. Eating some reheated leftovers I watch cute Meg, still naked, nibble away at her food. Looking down at her legs I could see a stream of snail tracks glistening down her legs to her ankles. I thought more would have leaked out of her for I am sure I pumped a gallon or two into her. Guess her standing with her legs together is holding it in.
"What are you thinking?" Meg asked.
"Just that you look good enough to eat" I replied while looked her up and down, "good enough to be my dessert".
"Oh you" Meg smiled, "I am too dirty to be eaten".
"Well you have some food around your lips anyway" I respond, "let me clean that off for you". Where then I preceded to lick her face again. Stepping back I thought "what the hell" and started to lick her from face slowly down her body, spreading much time with each breast again before continuing on down to her dessert tray.
"I'm too yucky down there" Meg said, "I can't let you do that!".
"That's what I am doing" I responded, "I am cleaning you". With that I slipped my long tongue between her legs, giving her valley a long slow wipe before licking past her pleasure button, causing Meg to moan with desire.
"Do you want to make love in the kitchen here?" Meg asked.
"I want to make love to you in every room" I panted, "I want to make love to you in every nook and corner, everywhere".
With that Meg spread her legs a bit more, allowing me to gain access to her dripping honey pot. "Doesn't that smell and taste yucky?" Meg asked.
"I can smell you and I can smell me" I replied, "but unfortunately I have a poor sense of taste, but its not yucky to me". By now my erection was fully extended again, and Meg now leaned against the bench, resting on her elbows while facing me with her legs spread. Running my tongue in and out of her and up and down her brought moans and sighs from her sweet lips. Our previous juices began to seep from her love tunnel as fresh nectar developed to remoisten her. "I can't take much more of your fantastic tongue" panted Meg, "its too good, I'm coming again, oh I'm coming again, don't stop, don't stop".
With that a few more licks, sucks, and nibbles Meg again orgasmed, washing my face with her nectar as she pushed my head against her femininity and then closing her legs again as it became too intense, forcing me to stop my tongue lashing. As Meg's orgasm receded she pushed my head back away from her sweetness and slowly sank to the floor. Squatting there she looked straight at my rigid rod, staring at it for a few seconds. "I'm sorry Brian" Meg gasped, "I didn't let you orgasm. Here let me get into position for you". With that she got down onto all fours and rotated to point her oyster at me. Looking over her shoulder to me she said, "Here you go Brian, I'll be your bitch".
"Not my bitch" I replied while sinking my hardness into her garden of Eden, "My girl, my woman, my love!". Slowly thrusting into her, I reached around to fondle her breasts. Now picking up speed my grunts and moans were being matched by Meg. As deeply as I could I thrust into her, thinking that surely I must be damaging her, but Meg only continued to thrust back at me while muttering for me to go faster, to go harder. Too soon I could feel my orgasm approaching, building up deep inside me. Panting and moaning I warned Meg of my impending eruption but Meg was again approaching her own climax, god I wish I was multi-orgasmic. Too late I could feel my seed make its headlong rush to fill Meg's void, too soon I couldn't help but stiffen as an orgasm engulfed my body forcing my erection to go as deep as possible. Meg too was bracing for her orgasm as it sent her velvetness into pulsations, milking me of my man milk. After a long sigh of release I could again concentrate on the world again. I did not think I could still have such an intense orgasm so soon after having the previous ones, young love I guess. By now Meg's breathing was approaching normal, though she still gasped deeply with her head near the floor and her tail held high with me still in it. "I don't think I can do this too much more" Meg gasped between breaths, "I am exhausted, I need to sleep, and I feel sore now".
"I second that" I agreed, "lets have a bath and go to bed, there is still tomorrow to think about".
With that I withdrew from Meg with another slurp, Meg sighing as I exited. Waiting a minute or two we both made our way to the bathroom to rinse off our love scents, Meg walking a bit on the tender side and me feeling like I could do with an ice pack. It was strange but just a few moments before I didn't feel that way, guess the exertion was finally catching up.
In a steaming hot bath relaxing our aches away I couldn't help but adore the adorable Meg in the bath with me. "You know Meg" I started, "its been said that dogs smell badly after a bath".
Meg peered through half shut eyes, "My sense of smell isn't so good" Meg replied, "but I am sure that you smell just like Brian".
With that Meg let out a long sigh and slipped deeper into the water, her nipples poking through the thin layer of suds like two small islands. Once again I could feel my erection forming but the rest of me just wanted to sleep. "We better get out soon or we will fall asleep in here" I said, "What will be the sleeping arrangements for the night?".
"We can both sleep in my bed tonight" Meg answered, "that is where we can sleep. That way you can say you were there to protect me through the night and be there for me in the morning".
"Sounds like a plan" I responded, "a good plan at that".
Both getting out of the bath I dried Meg off with my towel, spending the appropriate amount of time on each of her places of interest, buffing her skin to rosy red and all her hair to fluffy fullness. A quick and thorough wipe down for me and we were off to Meg's single bed. Slipping in together we lay face to face, Meg squinting at me as she had already put her glasses on the bedside table. "This is too comfortable" I said to Meg, but she had already nodded off. She too was exhausted by all our exertions. Smiling at her relaxed form I whispered my goodnights and gave her face a long lingering lick. She just smiled in her sleep, already dreaming I would guess.
Drifting off to sleep myself, I wondered what the future will hold for us, but for now its just the two of together forever.
The End, for now.

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