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 Caught by my wife.

 She just unexpectedly appeared.


 I'd not had the slightest thought of what I'm about to tell here. The wife had gone on a shopping trip and me and our dog were at home lazing around as dogs and husbands do. The day was hot and sultery,Zach just lay as I lounged in the chair with just shorts and sweat shirt. I'd given him a cool bowl of water,which he'd lapped at while his tail wagged slowly when I'd put it in front of him. I then sat with an equally cool drink which I sipped at as I felt fit to. Idly,I mused how the hell any woman would want to swan around shops having a retail fix on a day like this.

 'Mad Zach,they're all mad you know' As if he understood,on wagging his tail again he lazily stood,turned in a circle as though to lay back down,thought better of it and came over to where I slouched. 'We're not that daft,you and me' I fondled behind his ear, 'No we just lie around enjoying doing nothing' My ass hanging over the edge of the seat and with legs spread apart,Zach knuzzled his head between my legs enjoying the attention I was giving him.

 His tongue licked at my hand and at the skin between my shorts and my sweat shirt. I smoothed him some more and like all dogs he clambered up across my hips. 'No Zach,you're to heavy and its too hot to muck about,good dog,just go and lay down again' Of course,he took no notice whatsoever and pressing his huge head down on my stomach,he looked me in the eyes as his tail gently flipped from side to side. He then moved his chest up my body some,making his tail flip at my naked thighs and calves. 'Oh,just a bit more smoothing then,down you'll have to go'

 Smooth him I did,then as he slightly moved even more up my body. I had an unmistakable sensation. A very hard pointed sensation that is,hit me right on my sphincter. Yeah,the thin material of my shorts was between,but there was no mistaking a bone hard dog cock when pressed against your body. The fucker was getting horny. Trouble was,with no boxers,just shorts on it almost felt as though he was against my skin and the point pressing at my ring was extremely exciting.

 I stayed like this for a while,he wasn't dry fucking or nothing,it was just the position he stood at had brought the thin hard bone out about 4" and it happened to hit my asshole. 'Get down you horny bastard,you need her not me' I realised what my mind had just said and started to wonder if he'd ever pressed against my wife's pussy in this manner. She'd never hinted that he had. All at the same time being alone I had the thought, "What his cock would feel like up there"

 Guiltily I moved slightly more down the seat to make sure my bum was well clear and still smoothing his head I reached between our bodies and pulled the crotch of my shorts to one side,you know just to feel what his dick would feel like against my naked skin. I took the opportunity to feel what sort of cock was down there. It was just the thin very hard part that always shows when a dog starts getting randy,about three quarters thick and as hard as iron with a point.

 Looking at me as though he knew what I was thinking,I again wondered if he'd had this sort of thing done by my wife. As soon as he felt his dick against my flesh he shifted about a bit and thrust at my limp cock and scrotum. I could feel the slipperyness and heat in his cock and the thrusting was pushing my cock and slack ball sack all over the place. By now I could feel he'd got my cock and balls slopping around his cock and he must have felt he was getting near to pussy by the dumb look on his face.

 He had total concentration on what his cock was feeling. I was getting horny myself and this made me harden up which spoilt the moment. I had to try more. Pushing at his belly above his knob, 'Wait,let me help you' I pushed him back enough to let his cock slip down to where my asshole was. Pulling the shorts away from one side of my ass cheek, he prodded and the effect on my sphincters ring was amazing. Each prod missed my hole but only just and the feeling on my ring had precum trickling from my cocks head by now.

 His constant prodding had me going now,I had to try it in me. 'Wait,let me up a minute' he didn't want too but I pushed him off and quickly removed my shorts. 'Come on,try me now' He climbed back on my belly and soon started prodding at my ring again,this feeling was such that I wanted it to last for ages but after about another six jabs I felt the heat go in me. Only a small amount,about three inches it felt like. My sphincter was okay with this and I wondered how much I was about to get up me.

 I was surprised it didn't hurt or anything,in fact it just felt hot. I now felt the knot press against my butt and putting my hand down to feel,I was happy that this part was acting like a stop and I was only going to get cock not knot. Feeling between us and in front of his knot,I could feel the thickness had started to get bigger. It was now about an inch and a half thick. To this feeling I had done,touching his cock,he responded by thrusting at my asshole. Then as I lay back enjoying the hot sensation of getting fucked up the ass,I had the feeling of my sphincter being stretched. I quickly felt. Okay,the knot was still outside,but now his cock had grown to at least two to three inches thick. Fuck! my sphincter was now feeling stretched to its limit. Boy was that a lot of cock. Not only was it thick,but it was a lot farther in my rectum. It had gradually pushed up my bowel and I could feel I must have had eight or nine inches up there.

 I had my eyes shut enjoying this wonderful new sensation,then in an instant he hit a nerve in my rectum that sent me into the most vital orgasm I had ever experienced. Shot after nerve shattering shot of cum shot from my soft cock,it stuck between his heaving hairy chest and my soft belly. Each further ram of his cock into me made me squeal for him to stop,having had my orgasm I was spent and the sensations he was pumping through my body made me want to plead for mercy.

 Shocked!!! "He wont stop till he's cum now" FUCKING HELL! As my eyes shot open,my wife stood watching us fucking. All at the same moment I felt the first burst of dog cum hit my insides. It was scolding hot compared to man cum and the exquisite sensations of being fucked beyond my orgasm was almost sending me mad. Another thrust and burst of cum shot up me,then several more. Zach stopped pumping his super cock up me and with tongue lolloping out of one side of his mouth,he turned across my knee and his enormous cock plopped out of my body.

 I saw just what a large cock I had had up me,fuck! No wonder my sphincter had felt on the limit. "God! That's the most erotic view I could ever expect to see. His fucking great cock dangling with his spunk dripping from your asshole. What a fucking he gave you,I want more of the same" I looked at my wife,she looked at me. "I suppose you're not ready to watch him have me at the moment" I couldn't believe my ears,she had had him and was prepared not only to admit it but show me her doing it.

 'He'll need a rest I expect and as you can see,he's licking it ready for another go' Having taken time to lick himself he took a long cool drink then wagged his tail as my wife now knickerless,knelt and patting her ass cheeks. "Come on Zach,lick mummy like you do,show daddy what you give his wife in the afternoon each day" By the time Zach had got under and at her pussy,my wife had love juice trickling from her pussy. "I love this part,you listen to his mouth as he sucks at my juices" She was horny alright,no sooner had he started sucking at her and she was into an orgasm. Before she had come out of it Zach was up and in her. He was fucking her harder than he had me only an hour earlier.

 I knew how hard he gripped my waist to fuck me but it was nothing compared to how tight he was gripping my wife. Then I realised the difference as I saw his knot disappear up her quim. "Fuck! He really got me now,he's knotting with me" I watched as my wife's pussy bulged from the size of his knot. "Fuck! You wouldn't believe the feeling that knot gives a woman" She now just went into orbit,fucking and swearing how much he needed to fuck her until he started shooting spunk up her. "More Zach,More I want more spunk,come on baby,fill me up,let daddy see how much mummy makes you cum up her"

 This talk was all new to me,but I was enjoying it,as did I enjoy watching him turn ass to ass with her and watch as he tried to pull her across the room trying to separate his knot from my wife's swollen pussy. "Wait you dumb dog,you're still to big for my cunt you hound and stop shooting spunk in me or you'll never go soft. He's still shooting up me!" That was a quarter of an hour he was pumping puppy juice up her. When they eventually separated I got her to sit back with her quim open and let me watch all his spunk draining from her body. Cheeky cow,she said I was a dirty bastard for that. She also admitted she'd only ever had him up her cunt. But the cock up my ass looked worth a try.



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