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Hi my name is pete. I am 17 years old 6ft and orite looking i geuss. I wanna tell you what happen to me last summer.

 I needed some poket money and my mum kept nagging me to get a job. Couple of days went by and i farted bout the house not really helping out much. My mum came in one day and sed "Mr Pearson up the road has a job for you go and see him now lazy child." I was really bored so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ive never really met Mr Pearson b4 and was slightly nervous. Anyways i ran up to his big house and rang the doorbell. When he opened the door a great big german shepard leaped out and scared the fuck outta me. It was barking like crazy. Pearson just laughed then said "here boy" i wasnt too sure who he was talking too. But the dog calmed down a bit and sat next to Pearson wagging his tail. "Your Alice's boy ey sorry bout Max hes been a little energetic lately if you no what i mean." I replied cauitosly "emm its ok sir im here about a job? Yeah my mum sent me." P "yes she told me come in boy" I followed him into his bloody antique house loads of crap looked real old. felt like id stepped back in time. I followed him down the hallway and into the kitchen the first thing i noticed was the big Cage in the corner with a padlock it seemed almost scary.

Pearson "well you see boy i need you to give this place a bit of a tidy up and throw some of the junk out and look after Max while im away this weekend. Now dont you dare throw a party or have any funny ideas theres lots of valuble items in this house and besides Max wont like it." It seemed very strange the way Max the fucking dog had his own opion? wtf crazy old timer. "Course sir, how much will i get paid?" Pearson "ahh you cheeky bugger well ill pay u well ill talk to your mother if u do a good job ill pay u more. you hear?" quickly replied "Yes Sir" i thought to my self this will b a doddle.

 That weekend i headed over to the Pearson house with my best friend Lucy who i had a mad crush on at the time. She ran about the house laughing at all the junk while i got to tidy up crap. When id finished dusting the kliving room i went into the Kitchen to get some polish. To my amazement Max was in the scary cage eyes peircing at me with huge concentration it freaked me out a little. i thought he must want outta the cage well i didt have the key to the padlock so i just polised away. Lucy left after she got bored and i was left to feed Max. The phone rang it was Pearson he told me the key to the cage was in the knife draw. So i got some food and water and let max out. He walked around as if he owned the place and laped up his food and water like a king. I left him to it and crashed out in the living room watching bloody black and white TV i could hardly belveive it.

I woke to the most perculier sensation my cock felt all hot and sweaty something was moving round it silthering and ozzing onto it. It felt quite good and i started to think of Lucy Stripping her perfect perky tits and such a flat chest. I have this image of her in her swimming costume from last summer when i saw her then i had the biggest erection in my shorts i had to hide in the pool to cool off. After a while of enjoying the feel of an almost tentecle moving up and down my shaft i look down to see MAX looking back up at me with that weird concentration i freaked and fell onto the floor. "how the fuck did u get in my pants u mut!" He didnt like being called mut i could tell by the way he growled and slowly moved towards me as i was fumbling to pull my shorts and boxers up. I was so scared i froze and as he came forward i fell back he stood over me as if i was his bitch prize or something and just starred me in the eyes. i was so scared i thought he was gonna maul my face off. i layed there with my shorts around my knees and my boxers up around my now limp cock. Max opened his mouth i thought he was gonna bite me then he licked my face quite atentively my heart went from racing to a fast jog i just lay the for a sec unsure of wat to do this crazy dog licking my face. he layed down ontop of me he was very hot and began gently nipping my neck. it hurt a bit and i tried to make him stop. THEN i he started thrusting his hips. I cudnt belive i realised he wanted to fuck me. the thought actually got me slightly aroused but i cudnt belive i turned around onto my side trying to get up. but bloody german shepards are quite heavy and he started to growl and bite me harder. i ended up on my chest in the press up position trying to get up but as i tried harder he would bite harder so i gave up. i was laying there shorts around my knees with a dog trying to hump me. the thought started to get me hard but i cudnt. as i lay there for a sec i hopded he would get bored. Then i heard a knock at the door i didnt no wether to scream for help or just lay there to save my embarrasement. then i heard a voice saying hello it was Lucy omg fuck fuck fuck what do i do. As i tried in one more last attempt to do a big press up and role the fucking dog up just before i went to try i think max realised and he bite so hard into my neck i just stopped my attempt and screamed in pain. Lucy heard me and ran round the back. i heard her coming down the hall way i was so embaraased. I cudnt hear anything for a while. then i heard something. Lucy said oh my god are you ok.

Again i frooze and cudnt even manage to say anything. she came round to my face and said omg agen louder for fuck sake. she started laughing "your gettin humped by a dog ha ha ha." i told her to shut up and fucking get him off. but instead she gave me a look i had never seen before "lust" she took advantage of the situation i was later to learn she was into torture! she disspeared behind me and next thing i no she pulled down my boxers real quick. i gasped "wtf". i could feel maxs huge cock bouncing off my but cheeks as he kept thrusting away. "Lucy plzz stop fuck sake help me" she came round to me and sed "Pete i know uve allwas liked me" pulling her finger along my face "but im a very naughty girl "she giggled "i like to play with boys u c" at this point she put her hand down her pants i cudnt belive it it got me so hard. i found it hard to watch her rbbing herself as Max tried to move me into position. she slowly pulled down her shorts and was wearing some sexy red laced lingerie. she turned to me with a cheeky grin and lift and leg either side of my face. Right in front of my face she rubbed her pussy through her knickers. "do u want this Pete, well? if u do u got to be my bitch!" she turned from cute innocent sexy to strict mistress in that sentence i cudnt belive it this sint Lucy "while u lick me out Max here is gonna fuck you and your gona b mine and Max's little bitch."she got up and dissapeared behind me. I cudnt say much i cud hardly breathe with max ontop of me. But i could feel his cock gettin dangerously close to my but hole i realised Lucy was linnig it up. Then it hit the bulls eye just the tip it was moist and felt kinda nice and there was a milisecond pause then Max for the first time did a huge thrust his cock dived deep into me i gasped up for air and squeled a little. he continued to slowly fuck me. Then lucy came round and resumed her positong with her pussy millimeters from my face. "now my bitch i want you to anwser to me as Miss lusty as u lust for me so much" she giggled at her nastyness "now repeat after me 'i am Miss Lusty bitch and will do watever she says'" i stared at her for a second and the thought of being her bitch sent m e crazy my cock was pumping and the feel of an ouzy rod poking me was driving me crazy. I anwsered defeated "i am miss Lusty bitch and will do wat ever she says" She was took over by ectasy her pussy ran wet with desire it srated to drip down onto the floor infront of me she shimmed closer and pushed her pssy into my face and sed"now eat this bitch" i was so out of breathe it was hard but i licked it like a cat to milk i loved the taste and wanted more its wat i ahve wanted for well over 5 years.

Then all of a sudden i felt something bigger hit my bum hole it was Maxs ball it knocked against my hole looking fo entry i thought it wuold never fit or go in so i had no need to worry. Oh how wrong was i Max started to pant faster and it seemed he was comming very close to comming. this made lucy breathe faster and rub her delisousy pussy into my face. Then MAX really went for it and his ball burts into my ass i screamed but it was muffled by Lucys pussy as she seen the pain i was in she began to cum and scream in ectasy she started to shake vigoursly and juice squited violently into me face. Then i felt some hot cream start to enter my ass Max was cumming it was causing pain the was so much squirtin into me. I staarted to cum as i realised I WAS A BITCH.

I layed there for a moment then max walked off without a care as if i was a common slut. Then Lucy got up and put her shorts on and walked to the door and said see you tommotow bitch. I laided there echausted catching my breathe face dripping ass ozzing and cock still treackling. I was a hotty sticky bitch left to recover for tommorow.



I like the differentness of it..Puts a new spin on my favorite subject. I'd still like to read a story about a guy doing a female dog.. But this was also a nice twist of something I've never read before. Thanks for sharing with us!

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