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Dog's Bitch in Heat

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Dog's Bitch in Heat

 I was a stay-at-home wife. That's the only way he would have it. My husband was a bastard and controlling of everything I did. My only friends were the ones that came to the door and would talk about things like God and all. You know the ones. Coats and ties and the ever-present briefcase. They were all about obedience and the husband was the boss. They didn't know mine. I WAS obedient, God knows, and resentful. The more he neglected me the worse it got. I pushed my feelings down, real deep. When we had sex, which wasn't often, I made all the "oohs" and "aahs" of fake orgasm. He was dumb, as well as mean, and I fooled him.

Meanwhile, when he was at work and there were no door people, I played with myself with hands, carrots, cucumbers. I wouldn't wash them when I made his salad. When I thought he wanted sex I put on lots of cold cream to gross him out...Maybe I got what I deserved. Then one night, I was in for a surprise, when he came home from work and I saw a twinkle in his eye. I was headed for slicing an unwashed used cucumber--you know what I mean--and the cold cream jar.

He had this dog on a leash. "I got it at the pound," he said. Too cheap to buy a real dog. I felt sorry for the dog as he would feed it nothing but scraps. We laid in bed a few nights later and he called the dog to jump up on the covers. I turned over on my side and pretended to be sleeping when he lifted the covers and the dog started started sniffing around. It was my turn to be grossed-out! God! that dog's nose was cold. He must have gotten a scent. I had gotten the cucumber ready for the salad just before dinner and the dog knew it. He was going at it and my husband was encouraging it. Then I felt a long tongue licking at me from behind. I pretended sleep but couldn't pretend for long. My resentment got the better of me, as did that tongue.

I would teach my husband a lesson about orgasm that night. Real orgasm. I forgot about oohing and aahing and let that dog have his way with me. Giving me one hell of a good licking and my husband petting its ears; urging him on to me. I was soon on all fours on the floor. "He's better than you," I was thinking without daring to say it out loud. I was imagining a real stud of a man rogering me; making me really come hard against every thrust. Then that dog let me have it and I was wet all over from myself and the dog and he was licking it all up. Then my husband took a turn and I had to pretend again. That dog wasn't tired and went at me for fuck number three that night...which was the best I'd had--no compliments to my husband who was lying there watching and calling me a "bitch-in-heat." One thing. I slept good that night.

He was off to work the next morning. I washed and vaccuumed and put on the telly and the dog was asleep. I stared at him there on the living room rug. Dog's sure love to sleep. I went to my bedroom and brushed my hair; looking in the mirror and wondering what kind of woman I was...I brushed and thought of the night before thinking about it with every stroke; feeling my resentment and how to get even; cucumbers and carrots for salad that night and feelings about that damned dog fucking me. I was getting wet again just watching myself. I dropped the brush, stepped out of my housecoat and put on my nighty.

Resentment, hell! I was going to seduce that dog and have a real fuck without my husband knowing. I was going to get even and enjoy it for once. I had no idea how bad I would feel. My nighty came to my waist and I went to the couch and called for the dog. Nothing doing. No interest. I got some dog food and anointed my pussy. Still nothing from my canine lover. I kneeled down and put some food on his nose which he licked. I put some more food on my finger and he licked that. I put some on my fanny and he took the hint and started licking the food. I put some more. He got a taste of me and his ears lifted.

I watched as just the tip of his dick came out of its little pouch and then more of the dick. It was very long and stiff and dripping. I was scared. I hadn't seen it while on all fours. It was a funny dripping thing. I wasn't sure now but the dog was getting frantic for my taste and that tongue was hot on me. I couldn't stop either and opened my legs wider. My husband would be pissed if he knew. It made me feel warm deep inside. I felt his hairy legs at my waist. He wanted fucking. Me, too. I edged my butt toward him and felt his dick poking around trying to find my hole.

God it was a funny thing. Made my hand wet. I'd clean the cucumbers with my hands later on for a really good salad. Right now I guided his dick against my lips. I was ready for that dog to make me come again, like last night. I jolted on the couch as it found me. It hurt going in but the dog had to have me now. His tongue was at my neck and his legs and dick were jumping around. I got off the couch and on to my hands and knees. It was easier for him that way. He pushed and pushed and fucked me hard. I leaned down a little, opening myself. It really hurt now but in a good way.

I felt the tip of his dick---deep. And again and now he had me locked into him. I was his bitch. He owned my cunt. My lips were spread and hurting and then I let loose. I was an animal. He was grunting and so was I. I couldn't help coming. Not like last night, under control. I lost control and wanted fucking. He gave me everything I wanted. Right there on the floor. I couldn't stop it. It worked me up. We were an instrument. A single knotted machine, responding to each thrust of that piston, churning every part of me into a frenzy of "oohs" and more "oohs." Real ones.

It was my ultimate in getting even. There on the floor, next to the couch where my husband and I would sit. I let that dog fuck my cunt making me come and come, spending on that glorious dog dick until he was done. I sure was done. His knot eventually calmed and left me there, wide spread, exhausted on the floor.

"Hi! Have a nice day?" I looked at my husband and smiled, cutting the cucumber for his salad. I was still hot and wet as I had been all that day.


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