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Dog's Bitch--The Park

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Dog's Bitch--The Park

When I first loved, was loved by, a dog, it was a novelty. My favorite. Then two dogs, then got my pretty neighbor involved and soon she too had a dog which I learned to enjoy. It had been weeks now and we would invite each other to our respective houses for a bit of dog fun...but then I started rating the animals. My dog was better than hers and so on. One time we had both our dogs involved, switched dogs--a kind of dog swinging--watched each other with our dogs and then, in a sea change, I went out looking for the "Great Dog." Those two dogs weren't enough for me. I never told my neighbor. What would she think! I didn't search for long though and I wasn't even trying to find another dog.

It happened unexpectedly. I was returning from our local store one afternoon, walking home with a small bag of things. There is a lake near our house and I detoured to walk beside it. Then sat on a bench and watched some geese come in for a landing. First they were dots in the sky, circling into a glide path, finally honking and landing like small planes on the surface fluttering to a stop, splashing the water with their feet. I was intent on the birds and hadn't noticed an animal had come to my bench. It had a white spash in the middle of his face and on his throat. The rest of him black. His tongue was out as he panted and looked up at me for some doggy treat. I patted his head. "Nice doggy," and he licked my hand. I gave him no thought and watched the geese paddle around but he licked my hand again letting me know he was still there. He had longing eyes so I looked through my groceries for a treat. I broke open some sandwich meat and gave him bits of ham which he gobbled and licked again.

Being a serious dog lover, its licking made my body to respond even though I wasn't interested at all. Nature and my bad habits took over my body. It was a dog and my body ached for dogs, got wet for dogs. It wasn't a conscious thing and, there in the park? Come on. In a public park! You're kidding. But my body wasn't kidding so I crossed my legs to hide my scent from this strange, hungry dog. My ears were filling though and I was instantly wet, as a dog bitch's body is wont to do. At this point in my dog lust days, I couldn't help myself. Common sense had no control. I looked down at him. He was a strapping fellow, a big dog. Being curious I checked how he was hung. I had no interest in a little mutt but this was a fine animal and his dick peeked from its sheath...dripping as he licked at my hand.

I looked around the park on this warm afternoon and saw that, except for the geese and some guy asleep under a tree some distance from me, I was alone. I patted the animal's head and chuckled his mouth. He sniffed and panted, as a dog will, and I could tell he already had me on his radar as he pushed at my hand and his dick protruded more. Dogs are all the same. Like men. They grow lusty with a start. Me, too. A couple licks and I was ready. And his dick kept growing. I reached down to play with it, encouraging it and glanced about again. Still safe.

I uncrossed my legs and the panting was intent now. His nose lifted my dress. His tongue was licking toward me and I felt hot all over. My ears were pulsing and knew I would be raped there in the park by this handsome dog. When he licked my panties I reached and pulled them aside, opening wider for the good stuff and he licked again with more force. God! I wanted to lie on my back but didn't dare. I looked around and saw the sleeping man was gone.

Where had he gone? I didn't know and didn't care. I was here with this animal. Wanted ravishing right there. But I stood up instead, gathered my groceries and walked the short distance to my house. No one was home, we could be private, I could be open and completely lusty. I walked, with the dog following, and got to my door in a few minutes. The dog was hesitant and I got another bit of ham, holding it out at the doorway and he came in and ate it. I was ready to be eaten, put down the package, went to our living room and laid back on the couch. This dog, this stupid damned dog, then sat in the kitchen, looking at me, his dick recoiling into its sleeve. I was terribly horny and the dog had lost the scent.

Now it was my turn to take charge. Patting the couch, the dog came over and we started our seduction anew. Petting his head, working at his dick-sleeve and soon we were back on track. I removed my underwear, lifted my dress and he was at me with that delicious tongue which got me hot and dripping even before the first stroke. I watched him lick my hair and cunt and spread it for him, watching his red dick come out again. I rested my head now. He didn't need to be told. This hairy animal thing was in charge of my body and I let out a groan as the first wave of sensation went through me. I lifted my hips for him. His cold nose gave me shudders and I lost it. The endless desparate licking--he wanted my juices, eating my spend with such eagerness. My breathing was panting in short gasps. A new dog. A new tongue. I was a promiscuous dog's bitch and lifting to each sensational lick.

I was jolted because I heard something else, not the dog or me, there was a loud knocking on our front door. Not now!! Please! Please!! Not just now when I was so close...but another demanding knock and I had to collect myself, push down the dog, push down the dress, calm myself for the fucking door.

I opened it. It was the man in the park! He had that look on his face. Like he knew. My face was flush and he saw it. There was no hiding. No denial. "I saw you and 'him' walking away," he said. I was a dog's bitch in heat and my face told a story. He took my hand, pushing me back, closing the door, leading me into the living room where he, dog and I were now a threesome. He picked my underwear from the floor, tossed it on the couch and smiled. He held me close and kissed my lips. His hands were busy on my wet parts. I was shocked and hot and hadn't come yet because of this...his...loud interruption as his tongue was in my mouth, milking my tongue and his hands were at my body, milking me with long fingers, and his long stiff finger was stroking my clit and dipping into me. I was ready and couldn't stand the tease. Held on his neck to stay upright.

I slippped from his grip to the couch and he was down at my knees, spreading me. The air made me cold where I was dripping wet. I waited for him to take me. "Come on boy," he said. And I felt hairy paws on my hips and a huge stiff dog cock poking at me. "I know what you're about," he said to me. "You're a dog's bitch. One cock's like another to some. Am I right?" he asked. I just nodded. "Except there are cocks and then there are really long, knotted dog cocks. Tell me it's so!" I just nodded again. I was too hot to say anything, wanting more. I needed fucking now and looked at the man with glassy eyes, feeling the tip of dog's cock poking at me, missing, poking again. Then the man took charge, directing that cock into my hole. It was a surging thing, entering me with his guidance, retreating and surging again. Then it kind of stopped and I was spread wide by this slick hot cock as the huge knot tore at me, stretching and it was too big to enter. He took my shoulder, saying: "Hold on!" I grabbed his leg and he held me tight. The knot was too much but the dog and his bitch were both dripping, lubricated and suddenly it forced itself inside. I cried out. Some gutteral, animal-like sound. The man was petting my head, wiping my tears, soothing me .

Momentarily all was still, suspended, me stretched to the breaking, tears on my cheeks and in my mouth, his hand guided the monster, pushing me on it, petting me and my legs. Then my tormented cunt surrendered and relaxed, embraced this thing lodged inside and I felt hairy legs clutch at my sides and the stroking began again. I was wide open, controlled and I could feel the tip of the cock inside, teasing me. Nothing had teased me there before, and the dog rocked and pushed. I released myself completely, crying out again with that animal sound, this time in an ecstacy of pleasure. An aching, arching sound from my mouth as though my whole being was responding to sensations. The man held my shoulder and I reached and grabbed his cock. The dog became frantic. It was his moment and he would take me. I gripped the man's cock hard, holding on. I could feel his warm come on my wrist while the dog fucked me and I stroked the man's cock. We three frantic things. Arching my butt to receive every push and thrust. Legs pawing at my waist to secure the whole cock and knot. Until it was done and I was done.

Then we were not moving. I only a throbbing thing, man and dog cocks throbbing. The tears ran down my cheeks and along my neck. The man was petting my thigh, kissing my salty lips. I moved my mouth aside for air. The dog was panting on my chest. He had worked hard and worked me hard. We all rested there on the couch as I felt the wet on my face and juices oozing from me, down my cheeks. Now I was more cool than hot. Finally his knot released. More fluids down my cheeks with the dog licking up our spend. His tongue on my legs and cunt but I was exhausted and his tongue was only soothing and cleansing. My arousal in decline. I couldn't open my eyes as they both lifted from the couch. The man put a blanket over me. I heard the front door close.

I rembered the geese landing on the waters of our lake, bobbing on the surface, and my own fluids cooling, my body becalmed. I wondered of my next walk home from the market, planning another detour along the lake edge and if there might again be that man resting and the dog. I was dreamy and relaxed now. Surely it had been a dream. Surely. I opened my eyes and there was no dog, no man, but I saw my underwear on the arm of the couch and some green beneath--green?--$100 bill in green! I went and locked the door, leaned against it, smiled to myself, felt warm all over again. And I had a few dollars for more shopping.


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