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Dog Rape

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hi this is my true story of how my black lab named rex raped me

i am 23 years old about a year ago one day going back to my apartment from a long day at school were i was always being harrased by the college guys for being what they say fuckin fine. After what seemed to be a day of geting groped and touched constanly i needed to relax. when i got home i locked the door and immediatly undressed and not wereing any underwear just lounged around a bit and ate . after about an hour all this nakednes got to me and i was geting pritty horney so i went to the tub and started to masterbate alittle in the tub i repetedly kept attacking my clit for what seemed like forever and finaly that tingly sensation came and so did i . i must have sat in the tub for about 15 min and i started masterbating again fantasizing about having one of those colledge penises fill my virgin pussy to the brimi got out of the tub and put one leg onthe counter in front of the mirror geting turned on even more watching myself i got to it even harder and thats were it turned bad. as rex casualy walked in the open door i realy thought nothing of it till hee cought wiff of sexual aroma anwent nuts i stoped fingering myself and stoo facing him as he ran twords me he imediatly stuck his nose in my crocth and licked and thrashed at me violently, he was so much more powerful than i beebng onnly 5'3" and 90 lb he was at least 140lbshe easily got past my atempts to stop him i trie to run but made it worse he chased me into my bed room slash living roomand tackledme geting another chance to lick at my pussy. i now was crying and yelling at rex to stop and get off i started to fight i kicked and punched only to be given aquick snap at my ass not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make me stop he was now growling at me and barking . i made one last etempt to eskape i turned ovr and tried to cral to my bed when rex saw his shot and took it he immediatly jumped on me and mounted be like a bitchi could feel his dick tuching my ass and thigh as he tried to enter my tight virgin pussyafter what seem like ten or twelve misses he hit his mark and i neew it he brried all 10" of his cock in my pussy in a sec, i being a gymnast had brocken my heimen a long time ago and gave him an unabstructed target axcept the extremm thightness, i almost fainted right there but un fortunatly i didnt he kept up an exremm pace that was ripping me in half he was hitting my cervex every time i was no screaming and crying in pain but every time i tried to get away he woult snap an my dangling breasts and tighten his grip not missing a humpi finnaly gave up now i was feeling something new though an exreme pleasur was now overcoming my body and i was now geting very wet with pleasur further intensifing it. i was now humping back invoulentrilyand loving and hating it at the same time i must hav came like 4 or more time i lost count after 4  i could see the clock and he steadily kept pumpin for 30 min then finally he started to pic up paace and i could now feel somethin hittinthe entrance of my pussy his now 11" cock was geting even biggeri started  to sckreem he was now tryin to get his huge base ball/softball size knot in me i was now lying down with my ass int the air after about a dozen humps he got it in and imediatly i felt his dick start to twitch and then boom he unloade for a sraight 5 minutes of his seed into me i was now throwing up with exuastion and disgust and pain i was crying for help or trying my tvoice berly audible from the pain probably more like whimpersas i could feel him fill me al the way up and it barly started to run a little probably stoped from the softball soved in my pussyi stated to sruggel again only to no avail he snarled at me and sort of dissmounted i tried to crawl away but to my hooror we were still connecter his knot had yet to come out and he was streatched to the limit and if i tryed to run he would bite or i would be stoped ny being tied to hime by his penis i started to cry and whimper and rex started to panic he also tried to get away dranging me by my puussy around the apartment bitng me and growling as if my fault he finaly calmed down and sort of sat on me and i was almoast out when after about twenty minuses of bi=eing tied together hi finally started to shrink and tried to get away to early and forced his niw teniss bal sized knot out with one painfull pull spilling his gallon of juicces allover me and my aprtment  and i past out.i woke the next morning whith a start and plaesure as rex was licking his way to round two 



I hate to say it but, everyone is correct, this is with out a doubt the worst written and one of the poorest researched piece of writing I have seen in a very very long time. No one is perfect but seams you should get real and get into an English grammar book sweetie. Oh, watch some video on dog sex and get real about your writing.

Like I said, I hate have to say it but I'm embarrassed for you. It's past time honey…get real about your writing and have a little respect for yourself and your audience. Oh, try using a spell checker or use a WP that has one.


This is by far the worst run on sentence I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Half of the time the poor reader couldn't tell what was going on due to your lack of spelling/typing skills. I concur with everyone else when I add this: Spell check works


This is what our schools are producing now! People that can't spell and have a fantasy HOLE where their brains should have been.... BTW, Don't quit your day job to become a writer..

BTW Phang... Grammar is spelled like this with an "A" not an "E"! You sh


Ok, first of all. With a author's name like billibob, it's a little hard to believe that's a true story. Just tell us like what it really is. A terribly failed attempt at writing a story of something you probably know nothing about. LEARN TO WRITE!! This


For the love of God, LEARN TO WRITE! Seriously, this is a peice of crap! No grammer, no punctuation, no spelling(There is such a thing as spell check you know!), and it's pretty hard to read. I will say, it was a decent story, better than most, and a b

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