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joe25116 on Animal Stories

I gripped my steering wheel tighter, as my penis tingled again. I had been dying to fuck for ages, but due to my recent break-up, I hadn\'t been able to. I had even bought a rubber fake pussy toy, but I didn\'t get a perk from that. Since I was too timid around prostitutes, I visited my usual pron web page and found an ad that said "ANIMAL SEX. CLICK HERE."

So I clicked the link and became a member of the site. They sent me an e-mail one day inviting me to their animal farm. I was very excited, so I set off the next day.

So here I am, driving deep in rural New York, my cock itching to fuck a pussy. Then, I saw the sign that said "Johnson\'s Deluxe Farm," and turned into the parking lot. It was a pretty deluxe farm; a large farmer\'s house, a snack bar, several stables, three barns, and a very large, open shed. I was relieved to see other cars parked in the lot, so I wouldn\'t be alone. After turning off my car, I took a deep breath, smoothed my hair down, and opened the door. The air was fresh with smells of hay and someting sweet, maybe honey. I walked towards the snack bar, which I noticed also said PAYMENTS.

The counter was bustling with employees making hot dogs, burgers and fries. A shortish, blonde woman with sky blue eyes, a white sexy smile, and very full breasts came up the the counter and smiled. "Hi," she said to him. "You must be Joe. I\'m Kayla, and this is my husband Clark." she gripped a tall, black haired man\'s arm tightly. Clark had a mild face that was soft and knowing. "Welcome," he said.

"You must be getting pretty hard-on, so let me take you on the tour. We also have 4 others waiting." Kayla said, leading him off to the open shed. A couple and a man and a woman stood waiting by the entrance, talking. "Hi yall, this is Joe. Joe, this is Mark and Dana, Rob, and Lisa." Kalya introduced us. "Now, follow me into Barn 1." Barn 1 was a huge barn with barking, bleating, and nieghing sounds filling the air. "Alright, this is our dog section," she pointed to a set of gates where dogs lay on fluffy pillows, lapping up crystal clear water and chasing one another. "These dogs are trained to fit your personal needs. The smaller ones are usually taken by Virgins, and the larger for the more experienced." she winked. "Over here is our selection of goats, also very popular. The females are in the cages opposite to them, both dog and goats. Now, into barn 2," and they followed Kayla into a barn right next to the dog/goat barn. Horses were visible, some short little ponies, others huge bulging stallions. "These are top-class horses, and they really can take or give a beating. You must be careful around them, they get very horny. Ok, so where would y\'all like to go? Joe?" She nodded at me. "barn one, females and males," I said. "Ooh, double fun," she said, and laughed. "Mica will get you set up. have a good time!"

Mica was an averaged sized brunette, and smiling, led me into Barn 1, where the single woman on the tour was already waited instructions from her assitant. "Ok," Mica told me. "Female area right over here." It was a large area full of jumping dogs, all excited and horny. "I\'m going to put a little male dog testosterone on your thighs, so they\'ll get more attracted. Will you please remove your shorts?" and I did, exposing my 8 inch tool. her soft tan hand rubbed some clear goo on my legs, and I almost hardened. "Ok, I think Tess would be enjoyable for you," she pointed to a german Shepard that was running around the pen. "First, caress and calm the dog, you should have no problem thanks to the hormones. then mount her, then begin your buisness meeting." she winked. "if she bucks down or is yelling a lot, slowly pull out. have fun!"

I walked over to Tess and began to pet her. She turned her head and sniffed around my crotch and licked it. I began to get turned on, so I mounted her and gripped her hind-quarters. She didn\'t protest, so I placed my now 9 inch cock\'s head on the tip of her ass. slowly, I pushed in the head, then took it out. tess seemed to be enjoying it. I went in inch by inch, and at 5 inches, she howled and began pumping her hips. I started to go faster and faster, her ass hugging my cock gently. I soon was pumping full 9 inches into her ass, and I began to moan with pleasure. her furry pussy looked so swollen, that I stopped doing her doggy style and turned so my cock lightly touched her pussy. Then, I pushed in, her warm pussy expanding to let me slide in. I pumped her pussy, unbelieving that I was fucking a dog. I wrapped my arms around her and sucked one of her 8 nipples. I went faster and faster, deeper and deeper, untill she becked and laid down, legs apart. I banged her harder, untill my cock seemed to explode, cum filling her sweet pussy up with sticky semen.



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