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A HELL of A SHOCK for ME... but damn it was fun watching her do it.....


     I had been having a fucked up night at work, so I went back home a few minutes before 9pm. I was supposed to be out of town for the next few days on a long haul, so my wife would be surprised to see me back home tonight. When I got there I saw a big moving truck parked in our backyard up close to the house, “now who the fuck is this”, I thought!
I’ve suspected my wife Angelique has been cheating on me for a while and tonight I’m gona find out for sure.
    First........  Let me first describe Angelique, she’s about 5’2”, with 36-E, 34-38 which I tell her it looks like a black girls bubble ass, she’s got waist length brown hair and she’s got that please fuck me look on her face all the time and loves to talk like a damn baby when she wants something real bad.
   **OK..... I drove down past our house and parked my truck in the woods then eased back up to the house where I couldn’t be seen. I saw the light’s were on in our basement, so I eased up to an open window where I could see inside. 2 men were standing by the bar drinking and talking. I eased up to one of the other open window’s where I could hear what they were saying. That’s when I saw Angelique standing behind the God Damn bar with another man who was fixing himself a fucking drink!
Angelique was wearing the damn little see thru teddy that I’d bought her ass just a few days ago cause she said she liked it so much, but she hadn’t wore it for me! Well I know now what the sorry ass fucking slut has been up to now while I’m away from home from the looks of all this shit! I was soon to find out a hell of a lot more shit that was gona really blow me away more than I would have ever dreamed in my fucking wildest dreams! The man behind the bar with her said,.. “Ok boys you all bout ready to watch our fat ass whore Angelique here put on another one of her special wild animal safari fuck show’s like she did last weekend?
They both said, hell fucking yea Jim, it’s about damn time one said as they both sat down in lounge chairs and relaxed.
    “That’s when I remembered where I’d seen these 3 men before, up at her brothers trucking company in Atlanta, she introduced me to them as part time shop help and part time drivers her brother used sometimes when he was really busy. I kind of wondered what they did when they weren’t working for him.........., hell looks to me like they are using her damn dumb ass for that..”
   Angelique and the 3rd man who’s name was Jim, walked out from behind the bar. Looking down at her wide ass he laughed saying, “God Damn Angelique your big oversized fat ass is almost worth looking at in that damn little outfit your old man bought ya, hell you could even pass for a real white whore wearing that damn thing”! All 3 men laughed at that comment, hell she even laughed right along with them!
He drew his hand back and sharply slaped her across her ass cheeks hard as he fucking could and it made this loud ass sound,......”POP”........ it just fuckin echoed thru the whole damn room when he hit her ass..........!
Angelique laughed out loud as hell as she said, “Oooooh hell fucking yes Big Daddy beat my fat ass harder, you know I’m your filthy ass whore, just like I’ve been from day one baby” then she smiled as she shoved her big ass out at him even further wanting him to slap it again, he only hit her 2 more times for some reason then he stopped but she wanted him to hit her even more. She said, I thought you’d like this damn little outfit my old man bought me, I’m really trying hard to please you every way I can and when I saw this I knew all yall would wana see me in it at least for a few minutes before I get stripped naked! When I got a better view of her I could see that they were all seeing everything she had to offer nothing was left to the imigination at all, and it didn’t seem to bother her parading around almost completely naked in front of these 3 men in the least damn bit either, which shocked me cause she don’t ever even want the lights on when she’s naked around the house with me!
Jim suddenly grabbed her by her hair, then he roughly shoved her out into the middle of the room in front of the others! Ok slut, get your fucking big ass cunt up on that coffee table ya sorry ass fat whore and show off your pussy while we talk to you and tell you what you’ll be doing this weekend.
 Angelique said, ok Big Daddy and did exactly as he told her to do right damn quick, which the way she was doing everything had me floored! We’re gona take more picture’s of you Angelique one of the other men said, but these are gona be extremely hard-core pics this time, and we’re gona do several more extreme video’s with you too, I mean some real fucking nasty ones!
 Most of ‘em are gona be with animal’s again like most of the other video’s, but these will go a hell of a lot further than we ever went with the first few! The people at the sex shops want to see some extremely perverted shit with your big fat ass this time if they are gona buy all the damn tapes again!
    Angelique smiled and said, well hell I’ve always done exactly as I was told to do by yall since we started doing this, and things have went fine as far as I’m concerned and if yall were happy with me then I’m happy doing whatever yall want me to do for you, no matter what.
Jim said, you know Angelique I’ll bet your old man don’t know a god damn thing about how you really love animal’s, does he bitch?
She laughed saying, Oh hell fucking NO he don’t and he ain’t ever gona know cause he’d divorce my fat ass or fuckin kill me! Jim and the other two men laughed as he said, I didn’t think so. I just wonder how he’d react if he were to see one of these videos we’re gona do with you this weekend, hell he might like watching what you love doing with these damn animals. She said, hell baby we can’t take that chance cause I might have to get him to pay for another abortion just like the last two. Jim said, yea you got a fuckin point there bitch because I ain’t ever seen a whore as damn easy to knock up as you are!
Bo walked up beside Angelique took out a long switch blade and flicked it open! She didn’t even flinch as he grabbed the thin little shoulder straps of her teddy and cut them both right above her huge and now fully exposed 38-DDD tit’s, then he violently ripped it off of her body and threw it in the fuckin trash can as he laughed, Angelique just stood there giggling like the stupid ass bitch she is and said, “Well hay there Bo Bo... God Damn it baby I’ve missed that big black monster cock of your’s oh my fucking God you filled my damn big pussy up further than any man in my whole fucking life with than big black snake of yours!
Ok she’s naked Jim, he said laughing at what she’d just said to him! Jim said, ok yall give her some room.
He looked at Angelique and said, ok fat ass you got 2 minutes to get ready to fuck so get with it slut! I wana see that big fat pussy of yours soaking ass wet when they bring Buster in here! Angelique smiled and got this excited look on her face and she said, I knew yall would bring Buster back to play with me again God Damn I had fun with him last time, hell I think he’s one of the best dog’s we’ve used so far. Jim laughed and said, yea you seemed to enjoy everything he did to you so much last time we brought him back, I figured he would perk you up.
 She stood right there not saying another damn word, she’s never acted this damn submissive or obeyed any damn thing I’ve ever told her to do like she was doing with these fuckin men! Hell she was thriving on all the fucking attention they were giving her, I couldn’t believe my God Damn eye’s and ear’s and to think I thought she was shy about being naked in front of me, huh! God Damn was I wrong!
It looked like Angelique changed into a different person right then, she half way closed her eyes making her look fucked up, then began massaging her massive tit’s pulling her big thick nipples like hell and moaning out loud where nobody could mistake what she was getting ready to do. She started grabbing each of her huge light brown nipples and started pulling and stretching each one further and further each time she’d pull on ‘em! Hell she must have stretched her nipples at least 3 or 4 inches then she held them there for a few seconds before releasing ‘em, and with her other hand she was rubbing the hell out of her huge clit, I mean she was working on that big piece of meat hard which made her moaning get even louder! I could tell she was having her first orgasm right then and there for all of them to see it too!
 Hell I wanted to see what was gona happen next, I had done got horny as fuck watching all this shit, hell I wasn’t even mad anymore!
That’s when I noticed one of the men quietly leave the room and go upstairs, the other man went to the bar and got a video camera walked over to Angelique and started recording everything she was doing, he was getting some damn good close up shots of her wide open pussy!
    A few seconds later the other guy came back back down stairs and brought this fucking huge Great Dane over to where Angelique was now laying with her legs spread wide fuckin open.
 He let him off of his leash and the huge dog quickly began to sniff then lick the hell out of Angelique’s pussy, I mean that damn dog was licking her pussy like a man would, just like he knew what she was laying there like that for! “I couldn’t believe what I was fucking seeing, I was completely floored now, but it was hot as hell too!”
   Angelique just laid there with this big ass God Damn smile on her face and then she started moaning like she had several men down there eating her pussy out, the sounds she was making seemed to excite the hell out of the huge dog and made him lick and nibble on her huge pussy even harder!
Then she started talking real sexy, giving him encouragement to keep him licking and eating her pussy out! Jim spoke up and said, hay cunt listen to me for a minute! Angelique looked up to Jim and said, yes baby?
 He said, I want you to let Buster completely knot all the way inside your pussy this time, you might have to move around once he gets going to get your pussy in the right position for him, so tell us when you feel his cock starting to swell up I want his damn knot completely up inside your pussy this time from the begining! Angelique smiled and said, whatever you want baby just tell me what and when to do it.
   Buster moved where she could reach under him, she started jacking his huge cock pulling it out of it’s thick hairy sheath getting him hard!
Jim said, hell Angelique you might have to suck his cock for a little while like you had to do last time to get him all the way hard where he can get it all up inside your pussy. That was what gave him trouble last time, his damn big old cock wasn’t all the way hard when he started pushing it up in your damn big pussy so he kept pulling it back out then it took Bo and Mike so fucking long to finally get all of his long cock shoved up in you. She smiled and said, oh hell yea I remember that shit. Ok baby I’ll suck him up real damn good this time first as she slid herself up under the dog and raised her head up just as the dog’s huge red slimey vein covered cock came way the hell out of it’s sheath.... As soon as it came out of the sheath Angelique popped that damn dog’s huge cock right into her mouth and started sucking the hell out of it like she was sucking a god damn lollypop! While she sucked the dog’s cock like it was gona be her last, 2 of the men placed something like socks on each of his paws and fastened them with velcro up around his legs to keep them from coming off.
I watched as that dogs big cock just kept on getting bigger and wider and longer right there in her damn mouth! God Damn I never knew a dog had a cock that damn big son of a bitch he was hung like a damn horse and Angelique really seemed to enjoy what she was doing for him way too damn much! Angelique took his cock out of her mouth and said, baby he’s done started squirting a lot of his pre-cum in my mouth, if yall wana video tape that too I’ll hold it out here where his cum will squirt into my mouth and all over my face, then I’ll swallow a mouthful or two of his sperm real slow with my mouth wide open. Jim said, ok yea do that and one of the men got in a position to where he could video tape it all. The cameraman said, ok Angelique whenever you’re ready, I’m already recording you.
Angelique smiled at the cameraman then took that dog cock and deep throated the fuckin hell out of it just like it was a fuckin human cock! Hell I could see her damn throat expanding cause it was being forced open wider as the dog’s massive cock went down in it! Jim stood up and came over beside her a few minutes later and said, damn it Angelique Buster’s ready hell he’s trying to hump your damn face ya stupid fuckin fat ass cunt!
Get your fuckin fat ass up and bend the fuck over the damn coffee table where he can mount your pussy before his knot starts to expand like it did last fuckin time ya dumb fat ass whore! He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and snatched her head up as he yelled in her ear, “bitch are you really as fuckin stupid as everybody around town says you are”? Get your damn legs spread apart so Buster can mount your big fuckin fat pussy! I told you to begin with I wanted his whole damn cock knot included all the way up inside your God Damn big pussy hole before it expands this fuckin time! You’re gona do this the fuckin way I want it done ya fat ass slut even if I have to beat the fuckin hell out of you just like I had to do a few times last weekend! He screamed as he threw her across the coffee table and he kicked her damn fat legs open as damn wide as he could with his feet when she was laying on her stomach across it! After Buster has had a full knot in your pussy and he has emptied a full load of his sperm inside your pussy I want you to get your sorry fat ass up slowly.
   Buster was ready to fuck now and when Jim moved out of his way Buster quickly jumped up on her back and mounted Angelique from behind he slammed his giant dog cock all the fucking way up inside her so damn hard till she fuckin screamed when it bottomed out against her cervix! Jim said, Bo get down there and make damn sure Buster’s cock is deep enough in her damn pussy so when his knot expands it’ll stay inside her damn pussy this time! I don’t want this first knot of his wasted cause this stupid ass fat cunt he’s fucking don’t know how to tell if he’s deep enough in her to keep his knot in her! Bo got down on the floor and roughly shoved Angelique’s legs open even wider as he inspected how they were connected he spread Angelique’s big pussy lips open where he could clearly see Buster’s massive cock deep inside her pussy.
   Bo said, oh hell yea Jim he’s got his damn big dog cock plenty deep enough in her big pussy hole this time, and it’s already swelling up like a mother fucker in her pussy i can see the knot swelling and pushing out on Angelique’s lower belly up near her damn belly button! Buster must have understood me when i told her what i wanted to video tape tonight, huh. Then Mike said, Angelique this damn dog that’s got his cock in your big fat pussy has got more fucking common sence than you do, ya dumb cunt!
    Angelique suddenly started squeeling like a pig, then she went to screaming! “Buster’s cock is swelling up too fuckin big inside me, he’s gona rip my pussy apart please make him pull out of me, please for God sake please make him pull out of my pussy just a little bit!” All the men busted out laughing at her when she said that. Jim said, bitch a fuckin Mack truck couldn’t rip your damn big pussy apart now shut the fuck up and make that dog feel loved! Jim started picking at Buster to piss him off because he knew it would automatically cause Buster’s huge dog cock to swell up even more than it already was inside Angelique’s pussy and also make Buster turn around and his knot would completely lock them together! Jim said, ok he’s turning so hold your fat ass still ya whore! Mike was helping Buster stay mounted on her back with his front legs wrapped around Angelique’s upper body and the other guy was video taping every damn thing that was happening to her, he also had one video camera on a tripod focused right on her face to capture all the expressions she was going thru during this. Buster turned where he was now ass to ass with Angelique and she really went to yelling louder when he locked his huge dog knot into her pussy like that! Jim just sat back and watched while the other two men were busy video taping and taking pictures of every damn move she or the dog made for the next 45 minutes. After 10 minutes or so Angelique finally stopped yelling, she settled down a little bit and seemed like she was enjoying this big dog fucking her like this from the big grin on her face now. Jim said, now that’s much better bitch, i told you it wouldn’t take your pussy as long this time as it did last weekend to stretch open big enough that Buster’s cock don’t make you scream all the way thru beginning to end like you did last weekend! Angelique smiled saying, ok you were right as usual, and i was wrong again i just figured it would have kept on hurting me up inside my pussy like it did last time when i cried for over 30 fuckin minutes in pain before one of the other guy’s finally checked to see what was hurting me so damn bad. Jim said, yea i know, but that wont happen again those 2 men wont ever be back down here to work you, it’ll just be me and whoever else i bring with me from now on. Angelique kept rocking back and forwards pushing that huge dog cock up in her as much as she could and she kept telling Jim how she could feel Buster’s cum shooting all up inside her womb where his big cock was at this went on for about 40 minutes. Angelique had 13 really good hard orgasm’s while his knot was swelled up in her like that, finally Buster’s cock started to loosen up in her and he suddenly pulled it out of her pussy making a really loud “POP” sound as it all came out! Angelique quickly fell to the floor as she yelled out in pain, dog cum was fuckin pouring out of her extremely over stretched pussy hole! Jim only allowed her to lay there for a few seconds before he made her get up and lay face down on the pool table with her legs spread wide open while all the men in there took turns fucking her in her asshole for the next hour and twenty minutes, each one of them came in her asshole too. After they were done with her Jim said, ok now bitch I want you to be ready tomorrow night cause we’re bringing Bo’s snake back for you to insert up in your pussy again like you did a few weeks ago. She smiled and said, baby you know I’m always ready to fuck.
The End….    

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