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Her First Time

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My Wife’s First K-9


These are true occurrences and our introduction to this taboo world.  Let me start by describing my wife. She is Russian born, blond shoulder length hair, green eyes. She is about 5’8” and weighs about 125 pounds. She has a great body, nice small round titties and an even hotter ass.  We got Max when he was a puppy. He lived in the house as part of the family for awhile until we determined he was old enough to move outside with our other dog. It was a fight but I managed to convince my wife to leave Max intact rather then neuter him like we did Shrek. This was mostly because he was a registered full blood black Labrador.


Max loves the whole family and is very protective when it comes to the women in the family. Both our dogs are. They are always there to greet us when we come home and love to play with the kids and each other. True family pets.


I have shown my wife many pictures and movies of bestiality and although intrigued she has never had the desire to experiment with any of it.  Once or twice Max would move up behind her and take a sniff and stick his nose where she did not want it. I told her this was his natural male instinct and to just tell him no. As he grew he became more curious about what was under that skirt. He especially liked to do this when she would come out of the shower in only her bath towel. We always laughed about it and she would shoo him away. She was always concerned he would do this with one of her female friends but he never did and still doesn’t.


One night we were laying on the floor in the living room. We had just finished having some hot passionate sex. My wife got up and walked to the kitchen naked to get a drink. Max saw her and moved to follow her. When she bent over at the fridge he moved in quickly and took a long lick at her exposed cum filled pussy. She was still very wet from our round. She immediately jumped and yelled at him quietly so as not to wake our daughter. She then came back into the living room and told me what he did.


I looked over at Max who had moved back over near the fireplace sulking. Our other dog was lying next to him. My wife calmed down and she lie down beside me on the floor. I was soon petting her and fingering her wet pussy again. I was lying on my side and she had one leg thrown over me and the other spread so as to give me plenty of access to her exposed clit. I had hit her button several times and her juices were really flowing giving off that sex aura across the room.


Max and his partner, Shrek, watched from across the room. It was Max who got curious first.  I saw out of the corner of my eye him crawl across the floor towards where we were. My wife did not see him as she had her head back as I administered my fingering to her clit. Once he got over to us and had not been yelled at yet, he stood and walked over stopping between her spread legs. I switched from watching him and watching my wife. Wondering if she would truly freak out if he did anything. Before I could answer myself, Max answered it for me.


He slowly lowered his head down towards where my hand was and cautiously sniffed at her dripping pussy. He then reached out with his tongue and took a hesitant lick, stopping, expecting her to jump. Instead my wife opened her eyes and looked down at him and then me, laying her head back again as if to give in to his persistence. By this time I had her very horny and I believe that is the only reason she let him continue. When my wife is horny her inhibitions go out the window.


Max, seeing her allowing him this taste, continued with another lick and then another. Soon I had removed my fingering of her clit and Max was literally cleaning out her pussy as if he could not get enough. His long tongue was going in her hole and flicking up zapping her clit. My wife several times grabbed his head petting him as he cleaned her out. She moaned as his tongue flicked her exposed clit and drove her to an orgasm. This continued for almost 10 minutes of his non stop licking. I would have had lock jaw by this time. My wife in the meantime had cum several times which was obvious by the juices still being devoured by Max, not to mention her moans of ecstasy when she did cum.


Feeling a little neglected at this point I rolled my wife off of me and helped her onto her hands and knees. She was kneeling between my spread legs. I guided her head down to my rock hard cock and she immediately started to suck on it with a new enthusiasm unlike any other time. Her administrations were unbelievable and I am still amazed I did not lose my load within the first minute. While she was giving me one of the best blowjobs ever, Max moved back behind her and started attacking her dripping hole from a new angle. This time he was also able to lick her from her clit to her anus. Each time he took a good slurp of his tongue she would suck a little harder on my cock in her mouth.


The site was more than I could handle. Watching our family pet gorge himself on my wife’s pussy while she was giving me a blowjob was too much. Grabbing her by the side of the head I moaned out as I shot my load into her mouth. She continued sucking swallowing my seed with each gulp. It was at that moment that I looked down at my wife and saw it. Max’s fully exposed red dog cock sticking out. It wasn’t as large as I thought it would be, but impressive still. A little thinner than mine and about the same length. It was dripping fluid from the end as he licked away at her pussy.


Max jumped up on my wife’s back and started to hump her. This freaked her out a bit and she tried to sit back but the weight of him on her back was too much and she had to use her hands to support her from falling on her face. He was humping at her madly trying to get his red prick inside her but with little success. I moved from under her with the intention of getting him off of her back. Once I had moved she dropped to her elbows because she could not support his weight any longer. This put her wet pussy in a very exposed position. Before I could get to him she had inadvertently spread her legs more dropping her butt. With one final hop and hump Max achieved his goal and I heard my wife scream out as he plunged his slimy red cock into her pussy.


She yelled out “shit, he’s fucking me”. Once he was in her he locked his front legs around her hips and there was no pulling him off no matter how hard I tried. He continued humping her savagely and I saw the knot of his cock pushing into her pussy. She moaned out and screamed with an orgasm as he achieved his tie with his mate. He suddenly slowed his fucking to mild humps and she told me how she could feel him squirting his seed into her. For the next 5 minutes they stayed like this until he eventually popped out of her. Once he climbed off her back he walked away and sat in the corner and my wife collapsed forward onto her stomach, her legs still spread open.


When Max’s knot and cock “popped” out, a gush of dog cum followed it pouring out onto the floor. Our other dog quickly moved over and started to lick the spent juices up and then started licking it out of my wife’s pussy bringing her to yet another orgasm.  Once he was done and she was as well, I carried her into the bathroom and ran a hot tub for her. When she was finished she lie on the bed and I lie there beside her silently waiting for her to say something. She rolled over and cuddled with me and I started to say something but she shushed me. She fell asleep on my shoulder and I eventually dozed off as well.


Since that first time we have had a few other rendezvous with Max and even had one of her friends get involved. If you like to hear more, please give me your feedback.



Great story and even better...your writing is superior! Many times I stop reading stories from authors because they are terrible at spelling, grammar, and structuring with proper paragraphs. Keep the stories cumming! :)


Loved this one. A wife doing her dog while hubby watches -- WOW !!!

I take the liberty of editing & adding to the parts of the story that I like the most.

Please continue with this story line. I like the idea of her doing all this in front of him.

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