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Horse love

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For years I have seen stallions taken to mares to impregnate them. More often than not the stable boys have to masturbate the stallion to get him hard to mate with the mare. Quite often the stallion is just not interested and the stable boy has his work cut out getting him hard.

Last week I was riding my young colt down by the river. It was hot and I decided to have a swim and as is my way I stripped off and swam naked in the river. There is nobody around to see me so i have no problem doing it.

When I got out of the water I normally dry off without toweling down, mainly because I dont have a towel with me and the warmth of the sun usually dries me off pretty quickly.This time I noticed my horse Sandy had a hard on and it was dangling down almost touching the ground. It must have been almost a metre long. I was fascinated as I had never been alone with a horse with an erection and been able to study its penis. I was fascinated and I touched it and held it and generally played with it which I could tell Sandy enjoyed even though I am not another horse. I stroked it with both hands like the stable boys do and thought why dont I masturbate him. I was horny myself and naked and nobody other than Sandy and I would know.

I got both hands around him and pulled him up and down like I had see boys doing it. With a few stable hands both male and female on the property I see more than I should and its not only the horses that fuck on our property. The stable hands frequently have gang bangs on one of the girls and it is expected that they participate and never complain. Its the nature of all stables evidently. The jockeys ride more than horses beleive me. There would not be a girl working at our place that is not sexually promiscuous. Very rarely one will marry one of the boys (who can be men) and everybody knows she has been sexually used and possibly abused for a few years regularly.

I dont normally associate with them apart from stable work I do when I am in the stable area with sandy. I am friends with them all and they all talk to me, in particular some of the girls. None of the stable hands would touch me or even make a suggestion or comment being the bosses daughter.

This doesnt mean I am a goody goody, I associate with all the surrounding property owners families and all their sons. Most are at high school boarding for months at a time and when holidays come around its party time.

They are not much better than the stable boys and I lost my virginity at 14 to one and have had casual affairs with a few of them. On one occasion I believed I had been impregnated by one and we were shitting blue lights for a month until my period arrived on time a month later.

Anyhow I was masturbating Sandy and I was actually enjoying having his long thick cock in my hands. I had often masturbated a guy but this was highly unusual and strangly different.  He was obviously enjoying his special attention as I could tell from his behaviour he was enjoying it. I hadnt been going more than a few minutes when he began to really get excited and I thought my god he is going to cum and sure enough his cock lifted up and out of it shot all this white stuff and the first ejaculation went all over me. I was covered in it and I dropped his cock and he continued to ejaculate it onto the ground. I was flabbergasted at the speed with which it happened and the fact I was covered in it from neck to feet. Actually it felt quite pleasant as it was warm and lots of it had run down my breasts and stomach and was dripping off both my breasts and from my pubic hair and down my legs. I began to rub it off my body with my hands and it began to slither it down my body. The effect of this was to get me highly aroused and I spread my legs and began to masturbate myself with Sandys cum all over me. His cock was still extended and I got hold of it and began to rub it betwen my legs. I have had good cocks in me but nothing as large as this and I wasnt going to try and get it into me either, it was far too big for comfort. I enjoyed the sensation of it between my legs and I rubbed my clit and very soon had this great orgasm, with a horses cock betwen my legs and his cum all over me and quite a bit carried into me by my fingers.

I wondered how many girls had had horse cum in them.

Now I was a bit disgusted with myself for being so depraved and hopped back into the river to wash myself clean. Funnily enough a lot of small fish came up and began to nibble at the cum and suck it off my flesh, where I had not yet cleaned it off me. That was erotic, feeling little fish feeding off me particularly my crutch area where it was far heavier than anywhere else. I was fascinated and stood still to let them have their fill. Gradually some larger fish about 6 inches long arrived and they too began to nibble at me and i opened my legs to give them access to my vagina as it was most erotic having this sensation of fish eating off me. It sort of tickled but was an amazing feeling and every now and again one would touch my clit as I was holding my vagina open to let them fed off it because of the sensation.

After a while I stopped and finished wiping and washing Sandy cum off me. Then I got back on the bank to comple my masturbation as I was now really aroused. It was a good session I had on myself, rubbing and fingering myself laying back in the hot sun and naked and giving myself this erotic stimulation. Then I came and it felt marvellous. My hand went wild on my clit and suddenly I couldnt move it was like I was paraliszed. One fantastic spasm of orgasmic pleasure. I looked down at my cunt and it was sparkling with the wetness of the river water, my sweat and my cunt syrup. I lay ther for ages coming down off my high, naked in the sun. Sandy came over and sniffed and licked my crutch a coupe of times and his rough tongue was like a rasp on me. I hopped up and back into the river to wash my cunt clean again. Then I picked up my clothes and decided I was going to ride him naked for a while until I got close to the homestead. As I rode my breasts bounced and I had to slow down because they were bouncing so violently they were hurting, but stimulating my sex drive. My cunt was rubbing on the pommel of the saddle and got me hot again, i was a real sex rat. I hopped down and masturbated again, this time it took a while longer but it was still a very enjoyable orgasm and my nipples and clit gave me a great deal of pleasure as I stimulated them more with my fingers.

Having reached my climax once more, this was a bit unusual, two masturbation sessions and two orgasms in less than an hour, that was some record for me. This time I had nothing to clean up with, so I wiped my cunt with my pants and got dressed and rode back to the yard.

I unsaddled Sandy hosed him down and took him back into the stables.

As I was putting him away I noticed hay falling from the loft and looked up. Sure enough there were two of the stable hands having sex doggy style in the loft. They were trying to be silent and had stopped the action so as not to attract my attention but the falling hay had given them away. They were not sure what to do knowing the bosses daughter had caught them in action. I smiled and waved and said enjoy. The guy was one of our horse breakers, and much older than his younger mare he was breaking in so to speak. I dont know what they thought of the  bosses daughter catching them and seeing her getting it from behind and her tits hanging down as she knelt on all fours.

As I left I sang out I hope I didnt spoil it for you two and that you are being safe Jane. Then left them to it.

I then watched them from outside through a window at the other end of the stables. I could see her tits swinging in the rythm of his fucking her, and that got me going agaian, never having actually seen anybody having sex that way before. He finished himself off and I wasnt sure about her. which only took a minute or so. About 5 minutes later he left, and she followed some minutes after him.

I surprised her when she came around the end of the building and I quickly said its ok I am not going to do anything. She was shocked at being confronted and having been seen. I said its ok Jane dont worry, I know what its like i have been found in the middle of it as well. Tell me how is it like that, I have never done it that way. She looked at me increduously and said you are not mad and I said no way. I wouldnt have minded changing places with you but I dont think the boss (my father) would approve of me getting broken in that way. She laughed and said thank you for being understanding, and it was my first time like that too, its his favourite evidently and I was curious, but it was good.

I said I hope you were being safe and she said yes he was using a condom for me.. I still have it to get rid of and showed me the cum filled condom in her hand. Good girl I said and see you later.

From then on I was always given a smile by both the breaker and Jane. I suspected that wasnt the last time they had been having sex togehther. They knew I knew, and I hadnt said a word to anybody, and they appreciated it. 

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