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I would not believe a dog could seduced me.

davidj on Animal Stories

I was doing some work at my computer and from my first floor office I noticed my neighbour sunning herself naked by her pool. She often sunbakes naked either alone or whith her husband. I have often joined them and done it with them myself. Unbeknown to her I have even let her husband try my honeypot a couple of times when she has been away. He is great and while my husband is overseas I need a little bit of real manhood pleasure apart from using my fingers.

This day I notice she had her dog with her and it is a big alsation. They keep it more as a guard dog than a pet. It always bothered me as it is looks quite viscious when strangers are about. The dog was sniffing about her and before my eyes she started to play with its cock and actually masturbated it which it obviously enjoyed as it just lay on its back and let her do it to it until it came and its cum went all over her hand and it stomach.  

Then they both jumped into the pool and she washed it clean.

I couldnt believe that it would let that be done to it but afterwards when they got out she let it lick her pussy and I could tell she loved it. Then she put booties on its forelegs and she bent over and the dog actually had sex with her. I couldnt tell if it was vaginal or anal.She had to insert its penis into her by hand but only as far as the knot or bulge in it. It was obviously experienced and it knew exactly what to do and waved its head about as I do when I am enjoying being fucked. Eventually it came again and her bum was covered in its cum.

Then she hopped into the pool again and washed herself and the dog before going indoors again. Later I heard her drive out.

I was still thinking about what had happened and my sex drive was almost in top gear. I was myself curious as to what it would be like with a dog. This one was experienced and I thought why not try and see if it will go with me. I guessed she had gone to work she would be away for at least 4 hours.

I went over to their place and the dog came at me before realising who I was, then just wagged its tail as to say you wouldnt guess what I have just done. I had left my pants off and I was so wet from watching so I just sat on a chair, lifted my skirt up up and let it sniff me. It went right to my slit and I could feel its cold wet nose rubbing into me. Then it began to lick and its tongue was far rougher than anything I have ever had down there and it was a bit uncomfortable at first.

Once I got used to it licking me, it was fine but it only removed all my juice and went no further and left me once it had dried me up.

Then I thought well that was that, but I will see what happens if I get down like a bitch. I took all my clothes off and immediately he came back and sniffed my crutch and then my ass which he seemed most interested in.

I found the booties she had left to dry and put them on it and immediately the dog realised what was in store for him and he got quite excited, wagging his tail and rubbing against me and his cock came out and hung down ready for action. 

I got down on all fours and he jumped up on my back with his front paws and his chest on my backside then he pushed himself up against me until I could feel his cock against the cheeks of my ass.I thought then which hole will I use, I had done anal quite few times and had no problems getting a guys cock into me but I thought to hell with it I will try for the jackpot and have it fuck me. It was then I realised it was waiting for me to insert its cock into me, as he couldnt manage it himself, so I put my hand down and took hold of him. This felt strange as it didnt feel like a guys cock, it had a feeling quite unique. It was all wet and although quite firm, not as hard as a guy, but he was longer than both my husband and hers. I then opened myself as wide as I could took the top of its cock between my fingers and proceeded to tuck the head of it into my now soaking wet cunt. Once I had got the head in he did the rest himself pawing my back and pushing his legs against me until he was in right up to the knot. I was glad he had the booties on as I could still feel his claws grabbing onto me. Then he started to fuck me like he would a bitch and the sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before even doing doggy with my husband felt nothing like this.

I began to actually enjoy the sensation and thought this is disgusting having sex with a dog but the more he did it the better I enjoyed it. I began to cooperate with him working together as he lunged, my tits were swinging in unison with his thrusting which also felt nice. I pushed and I could feel his fur against my ass as he pushed to get it into me. Again it was a strange feeling having a furry animal up against my ass and his actions were much different to my husband. I began to take mental notes so I could get my husband to do it to me like this dog. I dont know how I was going to replicate the hairy cock and balls as my husband was almost shaved clean.

The dog was obviously having a good time and I heard him sort of growl a couple of times as if he was telling me I was a good fuck. I suppose he was fucking me for well over five minutes and I was thinking this is really good, but I was glad nobody was watching me as they would think I was a real depraved bitch myself. I certainly was behaving like one. I put my hand down onto his cock and thought can I get the knot in as well but he wasnt going to have any of that and growled like he was telling me he didnt want me doing that. I held his balls for a moment and he seemed to enjoy that and stoppd fucking me while I played with them for a few moments. I had changed position to get at him and now my hand was all slimy with his juice mixed with mine. I got back to the position he semed to be better at fucking me in and then his actions told me he was about to cum.It was so much like my husband.  I have to admit I was a bit concerned about having dog cum in me but I sliped my finger down and began to stimulate my clit and it only took a few seconds for me to get to the stage where I was ready to cum myself and I could feel he had blown his load into me. He had filled me with his cum and I could feel it all sloppy and wet where he had ejaculated. Fortunately for me he held on long enough for me to have a fairly mild but enjoyable orgasm as well.

He pulled out and stood there with his cock hanging down and covered in the frothy mix of his cum and my juice. I stood up and the mess he had made was running down my legs which had a strange odour unlike a man, and it looked at me with its head on its side as to say did you enjoy it. I patted him and rubbed his neck to show I had enjoyed it and I could then see he wanted the booties off so I did that and I couldnt believe it when I was doing that he licked my neck as if to kiss me. When I stood up I offered him my cunt again as it was soaking wet and he sniffed but then walked away. Obviously he wasnt keen on licking out his own cum it seems.

I hopped into the pool to wash the mess off me that I was covered in and he followed as much as to say I want to be cleaned up too. I wont be licking myself clean with that mixture all over my balls and stomach. As I washed around his penis and balls his cock came down again and I stropped him a few times as she had done when she masturbated him. He seemed more than happy, climbed out of the pool, shook himself and then lay in the sun to dry off. His cock was back in wherever he keeps it. I thought if its good enough for him then it is for me too.

I lay on a poolside lounge with him beside me on the ground and my hand rubbing behind his ears.and unconsciously dozed off. The next thing I knew was my neighbour had come home and she was standing there looking down at my naked body, that she had seen many,many times, and the dog who actually hadnt moved. Something triggered me and I woke up and there she was. She said by golly I didnt know Ben (the dog) was so comfortable with you around, he is becoming quite a wuss. You look nice and comfortable and content there if I didnt know better I would say you have been having a bit of sex. Pity our men are away or we could make a foursome. Now there was an offer I wasnt going to refuse and I replied, I cant wait. Then she said well maybe we could have a practice run a bit later with just the two of us. I thought this could be a wild party if she decides to introduce Ben into our party. If she only knew her dog has no favourites either.

Seems things are even going to get more interesting and Ben and I may try something new.

Maybe thats my next story, the four of us (and maybe 5) together would be good fun.



You've the part that many good writers lack in..the story line part.. and ideas.. well, fairly ok anyways..better than your writing skills. You really should pick up a few good books and compare real sentences and descriptions to yours. Or maybe you just


It was a good story, but you've got to work on details, sentence structure, grammar, and fixing up minor spelling errors. You also must remember that when a person talks, you have to "", and when another person starts to talk you have to start another pa

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